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  1. Awesome! Do they have replays of previous broadcasts?
  2. It's hard to know without looking if NBA Action '95 is anything like NHL'94, but here are some thoughts you can explore (I have a basic understanding of how graphics work in Genesis, but I'm not an expert): Each team should have a pointer to the palette location so the CPU knows which palette to use. The pointer will usually be a hex offset. If you can identify/confirm that each of the 13 teams points to the same palette, then you can try to set the pointer to a different palette. Confirm if that works. For example, take a Hall of Fame Heroes team and change the pointer to the Knicks, and see if that works. I am assuming there was not enough room on the ROM for 13 more palettes, which is why they all used the same palette. You can try to expand the ROM, and try to add another palette in the additional space. If it's 2MB, make it 4MB. Then try to change the pointer to the new palette. That's all I got for now. Good luck!
  3. Okay, here's an actual example, using the Atlanta Thrashers logo from the GDL 16 ROM. I pulled up the jerseys in NOSE and the logo in TM. Notice that the palette for the jerseys is the same for the logo: This is why you need to know the home jersey offset to find the palette for the center ice logos. In this case it's "01952334". So the breakdown of the Atlanta ice logo is a 48 x 32 pixel grid, with each pixel representing one of the colors of that palette: If you use the palette on the first picture, you will end up with the logo in the first picture. So what happens when you change a color on the jersey? You alter one palette color, but the center ice logo information doesn't change. Just the color: In this example, I changed the 10th palette color from orange to green. You'll see that every pixel with a #10 changed to that new green color. That's because the CPU is instructed to place the #10 color in this pixel, looks up the color in the palette, and places whatever the #10 color is in the palette in the pixel. Again, the jerseys and the home ice logo use the same palette. If you notice, the Atlanta logo is only using colors 1,2,6,9,10,15 &16. So any changes to those colors in NOSE will change the logo accordingly. EDIT: A few of those colors you shouldn't edit -- like 01 (transparent/ice), 15 (stick color), etc. for different reasons, but I hope this clears things up about the jersey/home ice logo relationship.
  4. Think of the center ice logos and jersey colors (and really every picture in '94) as a paint-by-number template, where each pixel represents a number from 1-16. Here is an example of the penguins center ice logo: Now, imagine every ice color square is instead an empty box labeled "1" (I started to do this in red, but that will take forever). Then the light gray squares (pixels) as "2". Darker gray "3", Black "4", etc. If you follow this logic, you will eventually have a 48 x 32 grid, where each box contains a number from 1-16. That's how the picture is stored in the game. Where do the colors come from? The palette! So each picture is linked to a palette and there will be up to 16 colors on that palette. So in our penguins example, every "2" pixel will be filled in with the 2nd color on the corresponding palette. It's the light grey. If you go to the palette and change the 2nd color from grey to purple, every #2 pixel on the penguins logo will turn purple. Now, due to memory or other kind of restrictions at the time, the center ice logo and the home team jerseys SHARE the same palette. Changing a jersey color in NOSE is simply changing the palette color.(Unfortunately I can't get NOSE running right now to show an example). So if you change the yellow stripe on the Penguins home jersey to black, that is as simple as changing palette color #9 from yellow to black. Now in our logo above, imagine #9 was yellow, so now every #9 pixel becomes black because you are sharing the same palette. To FIX this, you have to set the jerseys first to the way you would like. That will give you the 16-color palette that you can use for your center ice logo. The cool thing that Tile Molester does is figure out a new "paint-by-number" scheme that best fits your palette. Again, in our example, if you had the logo ready after your changes and you pasted it into TM, TM would recognize that yellow is now palette color #12 (making this up), so it will change all of the previous #9's (which is now black) to #12's and the logo will look much better. TM will "best fit" your picture to the available 16 colors in the palette. I hope that makes a little more sense. If I had some more time, I'd show you a more concrete example using the jerseys and logo w/ real numbers, but that's all I got for now!
  5. You don't need a "fast" connection for '94, just a clean one (no packet loss, spikes, wifi interference, etc). 2.5MB upload is lightning fast for this game...we're only sending button presses.
  6. Oooh, fun, I'm down.
  7. The speedrun community, from my limited understanding,encourages savestates and TAS (tool assisted speedruns). It's about maximizing the possibility of a game down to the millisecond. I guess they also have non TAS records. I've done 10 goals at the 2 minute mark a few times, but it's very rare. Nothing is impossible, but I agree 1:40 would be extremely difficult without savestates.
  8. Lol, wtf. Lucky your neighbor doesn't have an issue with power lines.
  9. Excellent! I love the picture of them playing with the crowd in the back. Doesn't get better!
  10. It won't be the goalie 10 times in a row. 5 seconds happens when you win the faceoff to a fast winger, zip around and do a straight pass shot to the post. I've done that plenty of times. I've seen the 3 second Plabax example once or twice, but it wouldn't work 10 times in a row.
  11. Fastest consistent score you can do is 7 seconds, 6 max. I've seen 5 seconds rarely, but not sure how you can do 2-3 seconds.
  12. If you can use savestates, that record should be closer to 1:40.
  13. Awesome! It'll be a lot easier to log savestates and scores in one place. This is great.
  14. I was thinking embed in the survivor league it's one place people can upload games and submit their series win. PM me if you need access to the form/sheet.
  15. Does it make sense to embed the form and google doc standings to that site?
  16. Just a test above -- you can submit your series results as winner/opponent and it will update the standings. Once official, we can move this to the original post. I moved the submission form and standings link to the original post. All you have to do is submit the winner and opponent in the form. The standings will update automatically. Might take a few minutes to refresh. Only one person has to submit!
  17. I didn't think my response was hostile? I literally laughed at your statement, and I'm pretty sure you know why. The community has always been free to run any league it wants, your post/poll read more like you were starting a 24/7 league. I'm still not sure of its purpose. Just a poll?
  18. Are you proposing to run this 24/7 league, or just posting for fun?
  19. All good coach, I'm just a stickler about details. I appreciate the work you put into the ROM and looking forward to the season. My favorite ROM was my GDL 15 ROM. Probably because I put the most work into that one myself, but I loved the way the graphics came out.
  20. I haven't dug far enough, but assumption is we can expand the ROM, copy the team data to a new place to include 32+ teams, change the pointers, decompress the graphics to a new location and change the graphic pointers. Not sure how season data, trades and stuff works because that is unique to '95 vs '94. And while I made it sound straightforward, this will require quite a bit of work. Good thing is people have expanded '93 and '94, so some good resources we can pick their brains on.
  21. Logos and jerseys are different for a lot of teams too. Also, Y Check goalie is enabled here, which should not be.
  22. That Hull/Yzerman splash screen is a thing of beauty.
  23. I'd give this a 10% chance, but I'm willing to start working on a '95 ROM with decompressed graphics and 32 teams if possible. This would likely take a long time, so perhaps a 2018 ROM?
  24. The following patch will add the Pro Set logo from NHLPA'93 to the Scoreboard and 3 Stars screen to any wboy 30 team ROM: The patch mainly moves around some graphic tile locations to make an editable 6x4 logo for the scoreboard and the 3 stars. The logos are two separate logos, so you can have 2 separate logos if you like, but they share the same palette. The scoreboard logo can be found in TM offset BC906, palette 366884, 2nd palette. 6x4 grid. The 3 stars logo can be found in TM offset 59364, palette 366884, 2nd palette. 6x4 grid. Enjoy!