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  1. NHL 94- 2018 edition

    it'll be cool if the 32nd team you can edit it on NOSE
  2. nose on linux?

    is there a way to install nose editor on ubuntu linux? anyone?
  3. Habs vs Bruins...i'm scared

  4. Ah!... I See says the blind man to his deaf dog...

  5. 4-0 Habs Bitches! Yeah!

  6. New Roms?

    is there anyone planing on creating an trade deadline update on nhl '14? is there anyone planing on creating an sochi olympics rom on gens? thank you...
  7. NHL'14 by Clockwise ROM

    really really good job buddy! clockwise has done it again!
  8. hello! i'm back again with another updated rom... NHLPA Hockey '94 is the update for the original NHL '94 onto the NHLPA Hockey '93 rom. The game menu for picking teams has Los Angeles vs Montreal. All uniforms are all up to date (like Hartford's away uniform from green to dark blue) Ottawa and Tampa Bay roster are all updated with new players.All player rosters are exact as per NHL '94 and also,and even the all-star teams. The rink is slightly changed as well with a darker touch as the original blue rink. on another note there is no Mighty Ducks and Panthers. I might edit the All-Star teams into Anaheim and Florida at another date.'s the update...NHLPA '94.bin If you have any comments...Please be free to do so. Enjoy!!!
  9. Clockwise releases his NHL '13 Patch

    how do you apply this patch? i don't remember how
  10. I have an iso of NHL 96 PC

    you still have that iso of nhl 96 pc?...i'm interested. do you want to send it to me on nhl94 or my hotmail? let me know...thanks
  11. this hockey game looks pretty cool. i don't have an ipod/iphone or android...but for who has one should check this app out. here is a link i found that would be a good way to get the info needed and a youtube vid that would give you an idea about the app as well
  12. RayGun's NHLPA '13

    i just tried RayGun's version of NHLPA '13 and it is i decided to add the link on where to get it, or the rom that's posted. good job RAYGUN!!!! NHLPA2013.bin please comment to RayGun's genius creation!!
  13. NHL 94 In 96

    this is the 1st update of this hack. i've added some players and tweeked a few attributes. Mario Lemieux, Raymond Bourque and Ed Belfour are now all at 100 overall I've added the following.... Matthew Barnaby - BUF Tom Draper - BUF Jason Arnott - EDM Chris Pronger - HFD Mario Gosselin - HFD Rick Knickle - LAK Martin Brodeur - NJD Alexei Yashin - OTT Alexandre Daigle - OTT Mikael Reneberg - PHI Stephane Beaureguard - PHI Brian Hayward - SJS Chris Gratton -TBY J.C. Bergeron - TBY enjoy this update NHL '94-96.bin
  14. is back and looking cool