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  1. JeffBC


    King of 94 is coming Sunday, October 28, 2018 to Richmond, BC Canada! Skytrain is only 10 mins away. Cheaper plane flights fly home on a Monday. Come Sunday world and play through The Vancouver SNES NHL’94 Wolf Pack Gauntlet and lose to Jammer The Champion of SNES NHL’94, Kevin, Casey and I (Jeff). I’d like to see someone beat us all on a SNES NHL’94 side game. On this side game you can play as any team you want. I’m bringing 2 TVs , 2 SNES systems, 4 SNES NHL’94 games and 4 SNES NHL’94 controllers. Who’s coming Adam?
  2. JeffBC


    Thx you better be there Adam! I look forward to battling you at table hockey and SNES NHL’94! If I bring the table hockey it will not be for money. It’s just for fun. Darrell did love the idea when I talked to him before. I’ll probably now only bring 1 table hockey I will leave this to Darrell Halifax at the last min. Great to see Jammer vs you again. So many great players we can get playing on this side SNES NHL’94 $5.00 to play and win $5.00. I want to make sure we keep records of wins and loses on a big board. It could be winner goes on. See if someone can win 10 in a row! You can play as any team you want including All-Star Teams. 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 4 vs 1 I beat a friend 4-0. The 4th goal with 1 minute to go I flipped it to Geoff Courtnall for the goal!
  3. JeffBC

    NHL 94 SUPER NINTENDO HIGHLIGHTS Who’s coming to Vancouver in October? Casey and I will be there. I’m bring my 2 bubble table hockeys to the Vancouver NHL’94 October tournament so I look forward to someone trying to beat me. Table hockey like SNES NHL’94 is great because you have complete control of your team with last second goalie control. $5 to play. Winner get’s $5. Winner goes on. It’s first to 10 wins. Bring it on! The side SNES NHL ‘94 tournament is happening also for the players that get eliminated so they can still play games. $5 to play as any team. Winner wins $5. Winner plays on. I’ll try and keep track of wins and loses and see if a player can win 10 in a row. I look forward to seeing the rematch Adam vs Jammer. Adam Giles (Bob Kudelski) Hi bud can you come out to Vancouver in October? The day after King of ‘94 Las Vegas Case and I were with Mikey McBryan (The NHL’94 movie maker) and Arda Ocal (works for the MSG network) We hung out at the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey game and after the game a few hours later we were drinking beers beside the Mandalay Bay. I heard the gun shots and saw everybody running for their lives. No wonder the Vegas Golden Knights are playing so well coming together as a group after that tragic event.
  4. JeffBC


    SNES NHL '94 Jeresy Hall of fame! Nice Darrell! It has the L and R buttons on the shoulders! Wow! I have this multitap so I can get 5 players to play at the same time. I'd like to see in a SNES NHL'94 side tournament have the best players like Jammer vs 4 other players and keep track of points for the team that has the 4 players. See who wins! See if the Champ ever loses. Video tape it. Great goals, great saves and great games would happen.
  5. JeffBC


    I went to Jamil's house in Vancouver and I had a great time so much fun! I played good but not great like Jammer! I didn't even win 1 game but I took him to OT in 1 game. He proved to me that he is the best SNES NHL'94 player in the world! The best player I've ever played! Congrats bud I look forward to one day in my life beating you in a series but right now that is in my dreams! Jamil you are a class act and on your game that I can't imagine anybody in the world beating you right now or ever in a series! It was great in the Las Vegas 2017 SNES NHL'94 tournament that I got to hang out and talk with Dangler for 30 mins. Dangler I thought was the greatest for awhile at this game like me :)! Dangler didn't make it to the end in the Las Vegas tournament but I was a fan of his and cheering for him! Jamil's friend Kris came in 3rd in the Las Vegas 2017 SNES NHL'94 tournament and his friend Kevin and Rick are great players also! Come to Vancouver and run through the gauntlet against Andrew, Casey, Jeff, Rick, Kevin, Kris and Jamil and see if you can beat us all! WE ARE THE BAR! I want Adam Giles (Bob Kudelski) to one day maybe years from now come down to Vancouver for a few days and we can do the rematch right! I'm proud to call Jammer my bud and he's from Vancouver! If you want to be the best SNES NHL'94 player you have to beat the best and that is Jamil!
  6. JeffBC


    I'm going to Jamil's house tomorrow for some SNES NHL'94! Jamil is the Las Vegas 2017 SNES NHL'94 World Champion! It should be a great battle! Too bad my buddy Adam Giles (Bob Kudelski) isn't part of this. We could have played winner plays until he gets beat. Bring it on bud! It should be a great time! Jamil and I (Jeff) in Las Vegas 2017
  7. JeffBC


    Hi bud's in future SNES NHL'94 tournaments I would like to see a side tournament that starts around 3:00 pm the day of the tournament so players eliminated can still play some SNES NHL'94. We keep a record of wins and loses on a big board for everybody to see. It's a one game winner goes on. You can play as any team except AllStar teams. $5 to play. So the winner get's $5 each game he wins! See how many wins a player can get. Have this tournament on the side of the main tournament. We could even do 2 vs 2. What does Halifax and the SNES NHL'94 community think of this? It would have been fun in Las Vegas to have played on the same team or against Casey, Halifax, Dangler, Adam and Annatar and others... I finally put my cell phone video on YouTube. Congrats Jamil! What a moment! Great Celebration! SNES NHL'94 Las Vegas 2017 World Championship goal video by Jamil Karimani from Vancouver beating Adam Giles (Bob Kudelski) from Ottawa in game 7 Overtime!
  8. Let's make a list. What is the greatest goal ever scored in SNES NHL'94? Is it one of the first three videos I posted? Here are some goals that could make the list what does the SNES NHL'94 community think?
  9. JeffBC


    Case great picture of Jamil and Adam! Yeah rematch! Adam Giles (Bob Kudelski) I did get a dicount on that skull purse for the wife thx Bud! Case and I would have preferred the SNES NHL'94 tournament in Las Vegas to have different rules that you can play as any team you want except the two Allstar teams and if you want to be Pittsburgh Penguins (The best team in SNES NHL'94) the other player of course can play as Pittsburgh Penguins with Mario Lemieux one timers that can go in from almost anywhere. I don't like playing as other teams, I hate most of the teams lol! Both players can play as the same team. It sounds great so fair. Adam (Bob Kudelski) probably never played much as Montreal Canadians what do you think Adam? When I play vs Jamil in a few week at his buddys house. I'm playing as Vancouver Canucks because I want to have fun and win with my team. Jamil will hopefully play as Vancouver Canucks also so fair or let's go Pittsburgh Penguins vs Pittsburgh Penguins. Let's get it on bud! Of course the final championship series looks cheesy having two of the same teams playing but it is home and away colors. It might not happen with two players maybe having a favorite team each to play with like Detroit Red Wings vs Vancouver Canucks. So what if it is Pitts vs Pitts it's so fair. This is a Championship to prove you are the best SNES NHL'94 player that can play the best with a team and make the best plays not can you play with an okay team and try and win. In the Vegas tournament the away player picks the teams and the other player picks what team he wants. You couldn't pick the same match up twice by the same player just frustrating to figure out future match ups when I just want to have some fun and play with my home town team that I like playing with. Jammer and rest of the '94 community what do you think?
  10. JeffBC

    NHL 94 SUPER NINTENDO HIGHLIGHTS That is Casey wearing the V jersey! Congrats to the SNES NHL'94 Champion in Las Vegas Jamil Karimani! Jamil is from Vancouver B.C. Canada! I'm so proud! He beat Adam Giles (Bob Kudelski) in the final Championship game in overtime! Adam Giles (Bob Kudelski) played great and had a great comeback on Jamil! Adam hit the post in overtime so close bud! What a great weekend hanging out with Jamil and his 4 friends from Vancouver. They invited me over for some beers and '94! I hope with enough beers in Jamil I'll beat him lol. Great meeting Evan the NHL' site creator, Halifax (Darrell Sampson), Adam Giles, Dangler, Arda Ocal and Mike McBryan the man that made the documentary about NHL '94! So many great guys! '94! Jamil the SNES NHL'94 Champion and Jeff Jeff and Darrell Sampson (Halifax)
  11. JeffBC

    King of 94 II - Who's going?

    I'm In with my buddy Casey. SNES NHL'94! Vegas Baby!
  12. JeffBC


    Classic SNES NHL'94 tournament in Vegas on Saturday September 30, 2017. I was invited and I'll be there with my buddy Casey! If you worked on this great game almost 25 years ago come to Vegas. So thanks to SNES NHL94 Producer and Designer: Michael Brook NHL'94 Developer: Mark Lesser SNES NHL94 Executive Producer: Scott Orr SNES NHL94 Development: Hanno Lemke SNES NHL94 Technical Director: Rob Harris SNES NHL94 Assistant Producer: Scott Probin SNES NHL94 Assistant Producer: Ken Sayler SNES NHL94 Programming: Amory Wong SNES NHL94 Programming: Robert White SNES NHL94 Programgoming: Rod Reddekopp SNES NHL94 Programming: Erik Kiss SNES NHL94 Programming: Bill Fowler SNES NHL94 Programming: David Galloway SNES NHL94 Graphics: Athena Baxevanakis SNES NHL94 Graphics: Laura Parr SNES NHL94 Graphics: Mike Smith Thank you to the lead programmer of the Super Nintendo version of NHL'94 Amory Wong. What a hero! I hope he will be there. I wish Amory Wong wasn't such a busy guy back then working on other games when he could have kept that great SNES NHL'94 engine going with great deking control, ultimate control of your team with last second goalie control (To dive back). I wish he had stayed with the SNES NHL francise to make SNES NHL'95. SNES NHL'95 should have been like SNES NHL'94 with that same great engine going with updated roster, add dropp pass that stops the puck behind you to leave for a teammate, add fake pass, block pass, block shot and fake shot. Amory Wong interview: It should be a lot of fun in Vegas that day because we all love this game and I'm happy I'll see my bud Halifax (Darrell Sampson) on that Saturday. Will Fenty, Dangler, Masterof94, Tony Twist, Hokkeefan, TheVal, Mark, Metzgerism, Prodigyof94, Dethrox, Pondhcky1, C4outlaws, Logan, Bob Kudelski, Trudatman, Shaftman, Addisonbr, Clockwise, Evan, Oilers442, Xot82 and Xstioph be there? I hope! SNES NHL'94! Vegas Baby!
  13. JeffBC

    The SNES cartridge birthday cake

    Happy birthday Bro! Nice cake!
  14. JeffBC


    Happy Birthday SNES NHL'94! Wow 20 years! SNES NHL'94 Trevor Linden deke goal
  15. Happy Birthday SNES NHL'94! 20 years!! Release date Sep 4,1993 Says by this website It might not be today but didn't want to miss it. A lot of websites say October1993 but no exact date in October.