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  1. Roster update 2013-14

    Fixed now. Also team ratings were obviously broken.. 110.zip lineups.txt
  2. Roster update 2013-14

    And then some.. 109.zip lineups.txt
  3. Roster update 2013-14

    More updates. 108.zip lineups.txt
  4. Roster update 2013-14

    No, but that should work..
  5. Roster update 2013-14

    Updates. 106.zip lineups.txt
  6. Roster update 2013-14

    Fresh updates. New ratings. 105.zip lineups.txt
  7. Roster update 2013-14

    New week. Fresh updates. Gets slowly more accurate. lineups.txt 104.zip
  8. Roster update 2013-14

    Fresh updates. 102.zip lineups.txt
  9. Roster update 2013-14

    Another update after first few rounds. Fixes: - some players were still in the old teams 101.zip lineups.txt
  10. Roster update 2013-14

    When Winnipeg came back into the league, I reverted that WPG was replaced with PHX.
  11. Roster update 2013-14

    Note: most-recent (and most-accurate) updates are at the bottom of this post. 100.zip lineups.txt
  12. Roster update 2011-2012

    I think the all star team is empty. I've never bothered to fix it. So here are my updates for the end of the season! 084.zip lineups.txt
  13. Roster update 2011-2012

    Now season stats should be more sensible in scoring.. and here is a fresh update reflecting the latest state. 083.zip lineups.txt
  14. Roster update 2011-2012

    Actually, try these. I downgraded the team ratings a bit. It should now be around 5 on average with peaks at 0 and 10. 082.zip
  15. Roster update 2011-2012

    The ratings have an average of 60-65 (like original NHL95) line-ups, so that should not be the problem. I think it is because stats are based on both career and ratings which are both high, as well as team ratings. I am not even sure stats are used for finding scores, but I am sure that team ratings are.