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  1. Ok, This is right, with my actual connection or CPU conflict ?? I should not be allowed to battle for the final win. The thing is that I asked early in the season to Brutus if I should withdraw from the season. He allowed me to play, and I'm kicked out from the final with a 2-1 lead. And I confirm that my 4 season games with Skip was playable, he mentioned that our series was one of the best from the season. So ? This gives me some frustration feeling, but I admit this is unfair to play this way, and I don't want to win this way. In conclusion, I accept Brutus decision. And I will comeback in the Future to Kick your Ass
  2. You can add me if you will, I used a Logitech gamepad in the past, but the quality is not so good, after one year you need to change. When the pad is new the feeling is close to the original gens pad. I have a Saturn pad too, but I think It's not an original, a simple copy made by the asian market. So I don't use it, the cross don't response so well. Actually I use a xbox360 gamepad. It do the job.
  3. My opponents talking always about abnormal speed, the games runs always at a normal speed for me. For the missing frames maybe, I play often against NA people, so maybe I haven't play the game in the normal way since the beginning When I play Darko, or Depch, the game is better, but I don't see a huge difference. The problem I have often is laser pass, and the shoot button who don't response quickly enough., specially on One Timer I will keep attention on missing Frames in the Future
  4. Ok, I read all of this later, Interesting for me, because I want to find a solution. What I'm sure : I had an optique fibre connexion in 2014, and the gameplay was very good. The second point is that I don't feel lag on my screen actually, the lag is always for my opponent. Strange No ?
  5. This is fantastic, you are doing a real great job !
  6. I love this, you are on a project ?
  7. I have a special request, I want to draft Jaromir Jarg for what he represent. My team is actually compleat, I won't use him on my first line. If everyone is ok, this could be very cool. Please ^^ Or Mitchell Marner if the law is the Law ^^
  8. Alexander Oveshkin Ok, sorry, I didn't know the exact rules. Dmen P.K. Subban
  9. I take Los Angeles
  10. I'm in. Just a question about the Rom, what about the CB check ?
  11. I love this video, very interesting. Nice work Raph. Depch was not lucky on this one What is exactly the "Home crowd" theory ?
  12. LA Kings Line 1: C: Linden LW: Shanahan RW: LaFontaine LD: Chiasson RD: Brown X: Sanderson G: Belfour Line 2: C: Lafontaine LW: Kvartalnov RW: Dahlen LD: Kravchuk RD: Kravchuk X2: Sanderson G2: Stauber Here we go !
  13. When do we choice the name of the Team ?
  14. Do you need someone to play with Quebec ? I think I can play all the 32 games until the 6th February. I have time actually