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  1. Open NHL'94

    If you can read carefully, the tittle here is "Open NHL'94", not Plabax League, or Brutus league, VHL, or what ever you want. Open a new topic if you want to debate for something else. And if you have something constructive to say about the open project, you are welcome.
  2. Open NHL'94

    This was just an answer to McMickey, who wishes an emulator in a browser.
  3. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Great, what do you think about add a version number on the rom ? So we can know the evolution of them
  4. Open NHL'94

    I just discovered this already exist You can play a multiplayer online, use a joypad, and download your saves too We need to contact an admin from this site
  5. Open NHL'94

    I love this I think recreate a near perfect clone is a good start, in pixel art with the HD in mind. + support for online play. And then the enchantments. Here some links : How to start (French) Python seems to be a good choice for the language A list of possible engine Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games ; Unity 3D by Unity Technologies ; CryENGINE SDK by Crytek ; Godot by OKAM Studio ; Construct 2 by Scirra ; Game Maker: Studio by YoYo Games. Other tools : For 2D SDL SFML Allegro For sound and music : OpenAL Physics : Box2D Bullet Newton Online : HawkNL RakNet GNE Engine : Cocos2d Crystal Space id Tech PlayCanvas
  6. Open NHL'94

    The reason why NHL '95 sucks, is because they change the engine of the game, and the feeling of play was lost. The idea here is to keep the alchemy of the original NHL '94 with some enchantment.
  7. Open NHL'94

    OK, let's do a Mega Brainstorming. Step by step, I presume we need to find an Engine for the development. I do know some (I need to refresh my memory, and post the suggestions later) And then we see what code we need to use. First questions, do we keep the Pixel Art ? 2D or 3D, or a mix ? Do we do a perfect clone or something similar to Old Time Hockey, with the NHL'94 gameplay ? What do we want in this game ? Suggestion : A perfect Online play, with automatize result upload. Editing possibility, for teams, players, leagues, Arenas... Commentary Gameplay improvement (Original gameplay + addition from 95-98 versions) Possibility to edit the strategy for teams A better AI (specially for the goalies) That's a good start, I'm waiting for your suggestions
  8. Open NHL'94

    Hey ! Why don't we create a clone of NHL'94 ? I know we don't have the source code, but we can try to create our own NHL'94 game. With all the editors and tools of the modern Age, it won't be so difficult. Let's dream ! An improved IA who can beat top players. Arena for every team, commentary, etcetera
  9. Making offline solo play challenging

    I've played a couple of games against the CPU with the NHL 2017 rom for training before the Brutus League last years . I think the rom was edited by CoachMac if I remember. I played with LA against PIT, I lose my first game if I remember 4-5 or something like that. The IA is very good in this Rom.
  10. Here it is : I remember now, when I put the All-Star level at the first time, I was waiting for a great challenge. Like it was mentioned in the manual. We all know the next...
  11. I've played a league with some friends on 96 at the time. If I remember it affect the goalie reactions, and the IA for the players in the Team when you don't have the control of them, offensive and defensive placement. No proof for that, but it's logical. We always played on all-star level, like everyone I presume. Try to find the genesis manual for the game, maybe there is a line about the level.
  12. Is it possible to have a different palette for each team ? Or do we use one palette for the entire game ?
  13. The only active modding I know is on NHL 2004 Here is the link NHL 04 Rebuilt
  14. B Finals are Over

    Ok, This is right, with my actual connection or CPU conflict ?? I should not be allowed to battle for the final win. The thing is that I asked early in the season to Brutus if I should withdraw from the season. He allowed me to play, and I'm kicked out from the final with a 2-1 lead. And I confirm that my 4 season games with Skip was playable, he mentioned that our series was one of the best from the season. So ? This gives me some frustration feeling, but I admit this is unfair to play this way, and I don't want to win this way. In conclusion, I accept Brutus decision. And I will comeback in the Future to Kick your Ass
  15. Controllers of the Stars

    You can add me if you will, I used a Logitech gamepad in the past, but the quality is not so good, after one year you need to change. When the pad is new the feeling is close to the original gens pad. I have a Saturn pad too, but I think It's not an original, a simple copy made by the asian market. So I don't use it, the cross don't response so well. Actually I use a xbox360 gamepad. It do the job.