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  1. My opponents talking always about abnormal speed, the games runs always at a normal speed for me. For the missing frames maybe, I play often against NA people, so maybe I haven't play the game in the normal way since the beginning When I play Darko, or Depch, the game is better, but I don't see a huge difference. The problem I have often is laser pass, and the shoot button who don't response quickly enough., specially on One Timer I will keep attention on missing Frames in the Future
  2. Ok, I read all of this later, Interesting for me, because I want to find a solution. What I'm sure : I had an optique fibre connexion in 2014, and the gameplay was very good. The second point is that I don't feel lag on my screen actually, the lag is always for my opponent. Strange No ?
  3. This is fantastic, you are doing a real great job !
  4. I love this, you are on a project ?
  5. I have a special request, I want to draft Jaromir Jarg for what he represent. My team is actually compleat, I won't use him on my first line. If everyone is ok, this could be very cool. Please ^^ Or Mitchell Marner if the law is the Law ^^
  6. Alexander Oveshkin Ok, sorry, I didn't know the exact rules. Dmen P.K. Subban
  7. I take Los Angeles
  8. I'm in. Just a question about the Rom, what about the CB check ?
  9. I love this video, very interesting. Nice work Raph. Depch was not lucky on this one What is exactly the "Home crowd" theory ?
  10. LA Kings Line 1: C: Linden LW: Shanahan RW: LaFontaine LD: Chiasson RD: Brown X: Sanderson G: Belfour Line 2: C: Lafontaine LW: Kvartalnov RW: Dahlen LD: Kravchuk RD: Kravchuk X2: Sanderson G2: Stauber Here we go !
  11. When do we choice the name of the Team ?
  12. Do you need someone to play with Quebec ? I think I can play all the 32 games until the 6th February. I have time actually
  13. Here the result from my online experience (I play from Europe) : I recommend a Smoothing + 1 for the netplay setting. And I had a lot of crash too. I resolved this problem since I have deleted the config file in gens folder, and recreated a new one. This file can be corrupted with the time for unknowns reasons and may be the cause of the abnormal number of crash.