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  1. I'm in. Just a question about the Rom, what about the CB check ?
  2. I love this video, very interesting. Nice work Raph. Depch was not lucky on this one What is exactly the "Home crowd" theory ?
  3. LA Kings Line 1: C: Linden LW: Shanahan RW: LaFontaine LD: Chiasson RD: Brown X: Sanderson G: Belfour Line 2: C: Lafontaine LW: Kvartalnov RW: Dahlen LD: Kravchuk RD: Kravchuk X2: Sanderson G2: Stauber Here we go !
  4. When do we choice the name of the Team ?
  5. Do you need someone to play with Quebec ? I think I can play all the 32 games until the 6th February. I have time actually
  6. This is really great Mac !
  7. Here the result from my online experience (I play from Europe) : I recommend a Smoothing + 1 for the netplay setting. And I had a lot of crash too. I resolved this problem since I have deleted the config file in gens folder, and recreated a new one. This file can be corrupted with the time for unknowns reasons and may be the cause of the abnormal number of crash.
  8. Sorry for Dangleisious and Texas who are waiting. We try to play since more than 1 week, but haven't find a window. We will play this series later Sunday. Can you confirm CBK ? I have a window tomorrow between 9am and 1pm EST. And Sunday between 9am and 7pm EST, I can try to stay awake a part of the night, if you can't play before 7pm (+6 in France) What is the best for you ?
  9. Haha. Hard to read all the text... I didn't even know that there was a Game Gear rom. Just tested . Not so bad. You need to have good eyes to play. I don't thing there is an interest to edit this rom. I tested All Stars Hockey too. It's a plagia from the EA game. Impossible to play. Anyway, we are waiting to see your roms.
  10. Wrong Tree in B... CBK has won against Atomic
  11. Nice ! I have just seen your messages (Internet is down at home due to some maintenance). Good luck for the Final.
  12. I have read this rules before my first season in 2010. I have completely forgot that they exist...
  13. - 2 point for a DNP, I thought it was - 1, ok, I never paid attention. But the refund of 3 point is curious, why not just delete all games from Donny ? Isn't it more equitable ? By the way, where can we find the Rules for the Classic ? I'm surprised, because every season, it seems that the number of playoffs spot are chosen near to the end of the regular season. And the rules seems to be adapted every season and change without any announcement. I think it can be good for everyone to have clear rules at the beginning of the season.
  14. Yes Raph, can we have the result for the A and the B, Hockeyfan and Plabax are close to enter in the Playoffs.