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  1. DSgamby

    95 the year 2020

  2. DSgamby

    Rock the Rink (ps1)

    This an awesome game.
  3. DSgamby

    94 Memes

    Awesome memes. Can anyone post the missing memes from the first 2 pages? Would love to see them. Thanks
  4. DSgamby

    How to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo

    If that is the case. You are SOL until you get the Windows version.
  5. DSgamby

    How to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo

    So, that's the first screen when you start NHL Info? Not after you select the game.
  6. DSgamby

    How to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo

    Strange. Post the pic of when you click to start NHL Info
  7. DSgamby

    How to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo

    Instead of pressing a game to load. Press the View all kinds of images which is the first option.
  8. DSgamby

    NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    Cut and paste all the files from where you put in NHL Info to where you put the NHL Hockey 95 files.
  9. DSgamby

    The 1910s

  10. DSgamby

    The 1910s

    I know hence the I still think that he deserves a higher rating than 60 such great player.
  11. DSgamby

    The 1910s

    Better be. 44 goals in 20 games and a 7 goal game, should not be a 60 rating. I already fixed the ratings for me.
  12. DSgamby

    The 1910s

    Great Rom. I think the Phantom Joe Malone needs his ratings increased though.
  13. DSgamby


    In June 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications. In June 2017, Verizon combined AOL and Yahoo into its subsidiary, Oath. The company discontinued AIM as a service on December 15, 2017. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIM_(software)
  14. DSgamby

    Eliteserien 95 & 96

    I found them both on eBay a couple teams but every time, the bids were too much for me so I didn't buy them.
  15. DSgamby

    Best NHL Season

    And guess who won the Cup that year.