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  1. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    Awesome. Thanks. Just a little error. Michal Neuvirth #30 Regarding the Maple Leafs. Just edit in NHL Info. If you don't have it. You can get it here. Put the files in the game folder. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2HAAT4ognPFQndKRVZ4am1NUk0 As it is part of my Roster Tutorial Page. http://www.dsgambelluri.ignitiondomain.com/nhlrostertutorial.html
  2. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    This is awesome. Few little errors. In NHL Info, The Short Team Name for the Toronto Maple Leafs says Maple Leafs when it should be Toronto like the other teams. Shea Weber is right handed. Dylan Larkin is missing. A strange name is in his place.
  3. Don't know if I can limit myself to 10 but I can list my fav sports game per console. 2600 Ice Hockey Basketball Pole Position NES Blades of Steel Ice Hockey RBI Baseball C64 Superstar Ice Hockey Micro League Baseball Tag Team Wrestling Genesis NHL Hockey NHLPA Hockey 93 NHL 94 NHL 95 Mutant League Hockey FIFA International Soccer Joe Montana Sports Talk Football 2 Lakers vs Celtics & The NBA Playoffs NBA Jam PGA European Tour Golf Road Rash II World Series Baseball WWF Royal Rumble GBA F1 Race Tennis Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf PS1 NHL 99 NHL 2000 NHL Open Ice NHL Powerplay 96 NHL Powerplay 98 NHL Rock The Rink PC NHL Hockey PC NHL Hockey 95 NHL 99 NHL 2000 NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL 09 MVP Baseball 2005 PS2 NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL09 NHL 2k5 NHL Hitz Pro Xbox NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL 2k5 NHL Hitz Pro PS3 NHL09 NHL Legacy PS3 Download 3 on 3 NHL Arcade 360 NHL09 NHL Legacy 360 Arcade/Downloaded 3 on 3 NHL Arcade PS4 NHL 18 Gamecube/Wii NHL 2004 NHL Hitz Pro NHL Slapshot Arcade Blades of Steel Hit The Ice NHL Open Ice WWF Wrestletfest
  4. Cool. I have the Electronic Arts one obviously. Both the EASN and EA Sports ones are on eBay about the same amount. They are about 30 bucks or so including shipping.
  5. I have all the EA Hockey games including EA Hockey minus the Elisterien games. (NHLPA 93, EASN, EA Sports and Euro cover, 95 EA Sports and Euro cover)
  6. I never heard of the NHL Hockey EA Sports version. Post a pics of the covers and carts and any screen shots if you can. The same for NHL 94 that isn't the first edition.
  7. The Fierce Fish Win the Cup!

    The Sharks were the only team to get a message because the Sharks were an expansion team.
  8. Inside NHL '94 -book

    I have the book. I bought it in Minny in 1993 or 94. When I bought NHL 95. There was supposed to be a version for that but I never found it.
  9. NHL 94 Figurines

  10. Worst player in this game.

    NHLPA 93 has the best ratings Shawn Chambers (TB) 1 overall Ken Baumgartner (TOR) 2 overall Jeff Bloemberg (TB) 4 overall Tony Twist (QUE) 5 overall Shayne Stevenson (TB) 7 overall Paul Cyr (HAR) 9 overall Team Sens Rob Murphy 4 overall Darcy Loewen 4 overall Kent Paynter 2 overall Darren Rumble 2 overall Dominic Lavoie 2 overall Goalies John Tanner (QUE) 15 overall Guy Hebert (STL) 15 overall Quebec's best goalie is a 27 overall (Cloutier)
  11. Worst player in this game.

    Wamsley is on TorontoAccording to Inside NHL 94 book, Smyth's rating is 47, however, loading the game both the Genesis and SNES version and Smyth's rating is 29 on the Genesis and 28 on the SNES but the SNES ratings change.
  12. Worst player in this game.

    In the Genesis/SNES versions Myles O'Connor on the Devils is rated 30 overall by EA. Tony Twist of the Nords and Rene Chapdelaine of LA rated 31 overall by EA. For the netminders, Steph Beauregard of Philly with 35, followed by Rick Wamsley with 36 overall. SJ's Bryan Hayward had 37 overall.
  13. The secret to beating Kgman!!

    I paid the 13 buck US price for it way back when
  14. Small Montreal Errors

    Huet is 39 Aebischer is 30 Plekanec is 35 Murray is 57 Sundstrom signed overseas otherwise it is awesome This was meant for Mack's Hacks for his NHL 94 Updated With 2006 Playoffs.