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  1. Hi, is there possibility to trade players? Are GMs going to set lineups to games?
  2. NHL95PC Jersey Compendium

    Just one request, would you do current NHL-jerseys and logos first? (including Vegas Golden Knights)
  3. KOHL 10th season

    Let the hunt begin...
  4. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    Hi, goodbyeccha's NHL15 coversion includes rinks in RINKS-folder. You got to have this on your NHL95-folder. You have to run rinkselect.bat for each individual game.
  5. KOHL 10th season

    You can find us from Ircnet-channel #KOHL and fromDiscord:
  6. KOHL 10th season

    12 teams still available, join us!
  7. KOHL 10th season

    KOHL10 starts soon, last day for apply to league is 5.6.2017 15:00 UTC+3 (Finland). KOHL is GM/coach league, games are simmed by NHL95PC. All games are proacasted by a video stream. If you have interest to join, send email to and I send you further info if you will get "license" to our league Please be sure that you have enough time and effort to coach your team during next 4-8 weeks from 6.6.2017 before you apply. Rules: Team selection: Some goals from season 7:
  8. More rosters to NHL95PC

    smozoma did guide you already, just wondering what do you mean by "when I copy and past it into a text file, there are no commas"? What did you copy and from where?
  9. ROSTER 2016-2017 NHL95PC

    I am just guessing here, because I do not have skills to do proper jersey editing, but maybe shirt and logo are having shared palette. So, your logo shows somehow wrong because it does not have right palette in it? Maybe someone who actually do jersey editing can help you. Also, have you red JED editor info-file? Maybe these things are mentioned in there...
  10. ROSTER 2016-2017 NHL95PC

    Your hex editor should show text on other panel, like here on XVI32 shows text next to hex values: Do your search for teams like QUE, from text, not from hex values:
  11. ROSTER 2016-2017 NHL95PC

    You have to edit hockey.exe with a hex editor.
  12. ROSTER 2016-2017 NHL95PC

    I do not have tutorial for playing NHL95PC on a Mac, but Dosbox is available for Mac OS X: Then here are instructions for running NHL95PC on Dosbox: Mounting instructions are for Windows users, but I guess you can figure it out.
  13. ROSTER 2016-2017 NHL95PC

    Probably that info is on HOCKEY.EXE. Here is some talk about it: goodbyeccha might know more, he did change some of this info on his conversions.
  14. Well, I do not make roster updates. I do not have time for it and other people here like to do it and very likely they are doing better rosters that I would manage to make. Have you checked Koppe's update yet? You can find those updates here: What it comes to make new rosters and update game graphics of NHL95PC, we do not have very large "community" here. Only few people are interested to do this kind of stuff, mainly because most of the people are focusing more to NHL94. Learning the tools and do the actual work for rosters, graphics and conversions will take lot of time and effort. You are not dumb. You can be lazy like me, but you are not dumb. This is not something you will learn in one day if you starting without experience. Take time for it, if you can and you will make it eventually. You can try to ask someone to do rosters for you, but I think eventually you have to do your own work.
  15. Roster update 2013-14

    petrmaly13, did you try to select all-stars from conferences/divisions? So, if you have players listed on NHLinfo, select "All Stars" from 5th column, it shows by default "All" which does not include All-star teams. Also you can press F5 from keyboard when you have players listed on NHLinfo. That will open a menu for you where you can select "All Stars".