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  1. Kiba

    NHL95PC audio editing

    I played with EA Graphics Editor and I noticed that VIV-files are actually TAR (the Unix designation for Tape Archive) files. In XBRUCE2.VIV file there is a lot of audio in it, for example all announcer voice files. I did extract these files and noticed that if I change the audio speed in Audacity (Free, open source, cross-platform audio software), I can to get out somewhat recognizable audio. Maybe there is a way to edit audio in NHL95PC? I do not have time (or skills) to examine this further now, but I just wanted to bring this out if someone is interested about this in future. EA Graphics Editor can exctract audio from VIV-files and SNDVIEW can extract/import audio from/to VIV-files. I include here EA Graphics Editor and SNDVIEW if someone wants to investigate this.
  2. Kiba

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    Here is my blue rink. It is not exactly same color as in NHL Hockey. If I remember correctly, I could not get palettes match or something like that. Anyhow here it is. RINK.QFS
  3. Kiba

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    I did adjust rink little bit, also adding trapezoid while ago: I have also somewhere rink where I changed rink color as blue ice like in the PC hockey version. I will post that here too when I found it.
  4. Kiba


    Update: 15 teams in, still 11 teams available. Join us!
  5. Kiba


    KOHL11 starts on june, last day to apply for league is 4.6.2018 15:00 UTC+3 (Finland). KOHL is GM/coach league, games are simmed by NHL95PC. All games are proacasted by a video stream. If you have interest to join, send email to and I send you further info if you will get "license" to our league Please be sure that you have enough time and effort to coach your team during about next 4 weeks from 6.4.2018 before you apply. Rules: Team selection: You can find us from Ircnet-channel #KOHL and from Discord: Some goals from season 7:
  6. Kiba

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

  7. Kiba

    NHL94 Pc

    I did not knew that this is possible, always thought programmers left "time out" text on game, but they never implemented it. Would be nice to know how to call it.
  8. Might be a good idea, I wrote import tool to NHL95PC and never tested how it would behave with NHL Hockey. I have source code with it here, so if you find it useful you can alter it for NHL Hockey: Also, I did not include free agents on importing. Happy hacking!
  9. Kiba

    NHL94 Pc

    Seems that there is no right answer to this... carry on!
  10. Lines are stored in TEAMS.DB.
  11. Kiba

    NHL94 Pc

    It is just NHL Hockey
  12. Kiba

    NHL94 Pc
  13. Nice to see that someone is paying an attention to NHL Hockey also! I would like to see this when you got it ready.
  14. Kiba

    Hamachi relayed connection

    Would this help? It is Hamachi client for linux. Although there is limitations like there is said: "the Linux client uses the command line and offers a relatively limited set of features." I quess you have installed this already and searched for command line options...
  15. Kiba

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    Look from CTLOGO.QFS