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  1. NHL '94 Sim League

    If you need GMs for this I can advertise this on KOHL channel. I would like to also participate, but I have to first figure out if I have time for this.
  2. KOHL11

    We are looking for a one more GM and season can start. Send me email to if you want to join our league.
  3. Have you also tried Waybackmachine?
  4. KOHL11

    Two more teams available now:
  5. I Need Help!!!

    Hello! You have NHL96 iso-file. Place that iso file somewhere on your hard drive. In my case I have it in e: drive in "images" folder. Then make a folder for your nhl96 game, for example "e:\games\nhl96". Then change your dosbox.conf file. In Dosbox version 0.74, you just doubleclick "DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat" on Dosbox folder and it will open configuration file for you. Add following lines at the end of the file: mount c c:\ mount e e:\ imgmount n "e:\images\NHL96.iso" -t iso n: then save Dosbox config file. Start Dosbox and you will be in n: drive. Start installation by running "setup" from Dosbox command line. On installation, give folder you made for a game when installation asks for it. After installation, game places you on game folder on Dosbox command line, in my case "e:\games\nhl96". Just run "hockey" from Dosbox command line and game starts. For next time you want to play, change Dosbox configuration file to look like this: mount c c:\ mount e e:\ imgmount n "e:\images\NHL96.iso" -t iso e: cd e:\games\nhl96 then you just command "hockey" and game starts. NOTE! I do not know why I have to mount c: drive so this game will work. If you are worried about mounting c: drive, do not do it and find other way to make NHL96 to work in Dosbox
  6. KOHL11

    #1 This from our KOHL league where we do not actually play but only coaching. Game is NHL95PC and that is of course playable if you want #2 You can set NHL95PC to show all player numbers by pressing a tabulator from keyboard. There is no support for that in NHL94, but maybe it is possible to hex edit / code in it? #3 I just got some midi/8-bit music form net, you can find lot of 8-bit version music for example from Youtube. Have a good day!
  7. KOHL11

    Potvin saves on KOHL10 finals:
  8. MS-DOS NHL Hockey & NHL Hockey 95

    I had Intel 486/66Mhz processor on my PC when NHLPA Hockey and NHL95 came out for PC. Then NHL96 released for PC and Finnish game magazine wrote something like this: "NHL96 is here and PC gamers have to update their computers". Well, that was exactly what happened to me. I tried to play NHL96 with my old PC, but after few days I went to computer store and got a new PC with Pentium processor and better graphics card.
  9. MS-DOS NHL Hockey & NHL Hockey 95

    NHL95PC is very close to Genesis/NES NHL94, but not quite. For example one-timers are requiring much more accurate timing. Thanks for reminding about that arrow icon, it only appears if you select mouse as a controlling device. Game is very hard to play with mouse, there is a totally new challenge now
  10. KOHL11

    KOHL11 starts on december, last day to apply for league is 14.12.2017 15:00 UTC+3 (Finland). KOHL is GM/coach league, games are simmed by NHL95PC. All games are proacasted by a video stream. If you have interest to join, send email to and I send you further info if you will get "license" to our league Please be sure that you have enough time and effort to coach your team during next 4-8 weeks from 14.12.2017 before you apply. Rules: Team selection: You can find us from Ircnet-channel #KOHL and from Discord: Some goals from season 7:
  11. I have an iso of NHL 96 PC

    marcus_nhl94 have not been logged in for almost 2 years. Maybe you can google it with "internet archive".
  12. MS-DOS NHL Hockey & NHL Hockey 95

    Hi, either one of DOS versions, NHL Hockey or later release NHL95, do not have fighting. Fighting came to DOS versions on NHL96. Those DOS versions do not have a goalie control, it came to DOS versions on NHL96. DOS versions NHL Hockey and NHL95 support only 2 players, but only on same computer, there is no network play support. You can find some discussion about those both versions on this site, under topic NHL '95. Mainly information and updates to NHL95, but there is few discussions about NHL Hockey also.
  13. Thanks for the answer, have fun with your league.
  14. Hi, is there possibility to trade players? Are GMs going to set lineups to games?
  15. NHL95PC Jersey Compendium

    Just one request, would you do current NHL-jerseys and logos first? (including Vegas Golden Knights)