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  1. Hamachi relayed connection

    Would this help? It is Hamachi client for linux. Although there is limitations like there is said: "the Linux client uses the command line and offers a relatively limited set of features." I quess you have installed this already and searched for command line options...
  2. NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    Look from CTLOGO.QFS
  3. NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    No problem, happy hacking
  4. NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    PenguinFan1985, seems that GFXPAK is missing. It is not included in all NHLinfo versions. You can download version 5.72 of WNHLinfo (Latest and same version I am using) from here:
  5. NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    Hi, just select "View all kinds of image files and replaces EA SHPI-images" when you have started NHLinfo. Then you should have that list.
  6. NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    Hi, you have to press enter to access "inside" that SRLOGO.QFS file. Like this: First select the SRLOGO.QFS file by scrolling down on list in NHLinfo: Then press enter and this will open: And then just scroll to team logo you want to access: I hope this helped you, happy hacking!
  7. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    If you are doing 2018 mod, maybe there is a good idea build it over original NHL95PC, not on Goodbyeccha's mod. You can still move jerseys and other stuff to original game. That would at least fix playoffs problem if it is caused by switching teams to other divisions. What does the game actually do when you pass from 1st playoffs round? You cannot find opponent on calendar?
  8. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    Your season worked fine, I advanced to playoffs and second round, no problem. Did you remembered to run "File->League Manager->Merge and Update Team Databases" after last game on regular season and after playoffs games too? Something might be wrong anyhow, because when I tried to check things on nhlinfo, it crashed. EDIT: I remember that Goodbyeccha switched teams around to different conferences. That might cause problems on playoffs. Maybe I just got lucky in my case when I was trying to test this, who knows...
  9. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    This is now NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion) and what rosters?
  10. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    Could you post your season directory here, so I can look at it.
  11. Running NHL '95 on your Hard Drive

  12. NHL94 Pc

    There is no NHL94 to PC. There is NHLPA Hockey 93 and NHL95. If you mean NHLPA Hockey 93, you can try to use same tools as for NHL95: At least WNHLinfo works.
  13. NHL '94 Sim League

    If you need GMs for this I can advertise this on KOHL channel. I would like to also participate, but I have to first figure out if I have time for this.
  14. KOHL11

    We are looking for a one more GM and season can start. Send me email to if you want to join our league.
  15. Have you also tried Waybackmachine?