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  1. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Thanks you for this one !! unbelievable !!
  2. Open NHL'94

    That a good idea !! The dream game !!
  3. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Thanks for this project you make my day !!
  4. Guess Where the KO94 II Will Be?

    For me Boston it's a good choice for the distance !
  5. Wow a game with no helmet fight and like NHL 94 ! For the fan ! Who will buy it ??
  6. Maitrefun video for the fun enjoy !

    Here my first video of the NHL 94 (91) Me vs Me
  7. I will post all my video of the game here ! Enjoy it !
  8. Do you still play against the computer ?

    Nice to see what you say ! Never play against the CPU it's more fun like this !
  9. Here a website who you control a team like a GM and you can simulated your game via the web browser very easy and very quick ! Here the link : Here the video of the game :
  10. For the fan of NHL 95 Sega Genesis

    My game # 5 sorry for the sound i will fix this for the next one !
  11. For the fan of NHL 95 Sega Genesis

    The #4 game i try to play and dance not easy !
  12. Do you still play against the computer ?

    It's easy i just need one controller, Fisrt, Configure your gamepad to be the player 1 after configure the keyboard for player 2. Second, Choose your team with keyboard and gamepad. After make the line change if you want and after your are ready to play the game change the configuration of the player 2 to your gamepad and after you control the two team. If you want see the result here me video i made with this :
  13. Do you still play against the computer ?

    For me i make the game fun ! I play me vs me with a emulator ! I control both team