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  1. 1) No. I think It is just the 3 jersey shoulder colors. I am not exactly sure how they work. Sometimes you can fix them if the logos are simple. This is the hardest and most frustrating part of editing to me. Maybe Raph or Smoz can give a better answer. I spend hours messing with this and have still not really figured it out. 2) Yes, Have at it.
  2. WBF + Check Bonus
  3. I have similar concerns about getting tickets and agree about the batch thing. But you would still have fun coming on Thursday Smoz Mikey? Halifax? any thoughts?
  4. Awesome! Great job Mikey, I'm stuck in the past with you! Thanks for posting this.
  5. Count me IN!
  6. Let me go through my old 93 stuff. I may have the rom you need. The problem is you can't edit banners/center ice in the Original. AND You can't play 30 team roms on the Everdrive. SO You may be stuck. Anyway I'll do some messing around and see if I can help you.
  7. #1 I have same issue with any 30 team roms of NHLPA 93 on the Everdrive. Strange and I have not found a solution. #2 No. NOSE is the only tool that works with 93, But you can do most of what Smozrom and EARE do with a Hex Editor (i.e. fix wt bug and number of teams, etc...) I can help you if you let me know exactly what you want to do.
  8. Yeah, I would like to do both of those. Last year of 21 Team Era and First year for the Sharks. I kinda like to focus on this type of year. 1952 was first year HNIC was on TV. 1967 last year of Original 6. 1970 last year of 12 Teams Expansion 6. 1973 Flames and Islanders first year. 1980 first year of WHA merger + The Miracle. 1987 end of the 80's, Gretzky, Islanders, etc... (I know he stayed one more year and Oilers won 2 more Cups but 87 felt like the end) I have partial work done on: 1956 1960 1963 1968 1976 1984 1990 1991 1999 Also Naples does very nice roms ( I steal some stuff from him) and he did a 1992. You can find his here. He did 1987, 1989, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999 I almost forgot about Clockwise 1991 edit. I can't find the link so I will just post the rom for you. Ratings are way jacked up IMO, but a very nice rom and one of the first full edits done. NHL' I am also reuploading my 1987 rom as I had some mistakes on Overall Team ratings.
  9. Your Bure/Vernon is Best All-Time.
  10. A complete mystery to me how this happens over and over again. What was that definition of insanity? Anyway thanks for managing this insane asylum so well Brutus.
  11. Dude, I love that rom. I've got it stashed in my secret archive waiting to re-use that Eddie the Eagle Splash (both of them). Your player cards are sweet, you've got to show me how you get the subs cards as well. EARE only does the starters.
  12. I just uploaded a completely redone 1987 rom. Ratings, Graphics, almost everything completely redone. As per Cutters request I will post all updates and changes here!
  13. Texas Sucks! especially for Hockey.Play Football! Besides the team (roster/ratings) in this game played in Minnesota not Dallas. Logos and jerseys are better! Penguins cursed themselves by going to robo-Penguin. I bet it was Bettmans idea. AND, I can't believe the Devils dumped the Green. How sweet would Marty et al have looked skating the Cup in those Uinforms. Y-Button goalie is the thing I tried to get rid of but do not know how to undo it. I posted earlier about this. But really shouldn't matter at least to me as I don't use it. Not sure if goalie can roam a little further to. Anyway I had fun making it.
  14. Smoz! Blitz 4. I've been looking for the right spot to use it. This, his Bure/Vernon one I use on WBF 93 rom, and my Gordie Howe check I use in Original 6 are my all-time favorites.