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  1. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    Cool Ideas Need to give a shoutout to Slapshot as well, as his roms are the base for mine. i like your ideas about solo play.
  2. NHL 94- 2018 edition Get an Everdrive. I may need to start making a commission from these guys.
  3. Premium Retro League 3

    Season is 59% complete. Regular Season Ends Friday December 1. Bailey Bobble Playoffs 1 v 3 2 v 4 Teddy Bear Cup Playoffs 5 v 7 6 v 8 Consolation Cup 9 v 10 Huge THANK YOU to @chaos for setting us up for saves, if you have games to upload please do.
  4. Online Etiquette Guide

    I actually could go for this in the PRL, season 4. Did you know until the 1955-56 season scoring a goal on the Power play did not let the guy out of the box, so you could literally score 3-4 goals on a single Power Play. AND, The Canadiens did. The rule was changed and known as the Beliveau Rule.. Maybe in Season 4 we will go penalties off.
  5. Online Etiquette Guide

    I know this has nothing to do with how changing the number in an actual rom works. I know all players are the same in 2v2. BUT, Whoever made the 2v2 rom knew that Dino was 20 in Minnesota and that is what he is wearing. AND, this makes me happy.
  6. Online Etiquette Guide

    The actual time out is fine. If you don't pause the music will play. There is a hard and fast rule. Now I know it. The PRL will have some exceptions to the rule in regards to retro guys and hockey history, but I will try and respect the rule when possible. Oh and as for the acronyms, I hate names on jersey. So the PRL would say no to acronyms.
  7. Online Etiquette Guide

    100% cool with this, annoying but cool. Playing Darko with LA is the worst, but again 100% cool with that.
  8. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    That one of yours is sweet Slapshot. I Love it and had lost it, so thanks for posting. A couple questions on it. Why the 55 Red Wings? 52 and 54 Wings were way better. 55 was also one of Gordie's worst years. No 50's or 60's Canadiens? 67 Leafs? Historic, but not he best team 62, 63, and 64 were all way better. 61 Blackhawks? Won the Cup, so I guess have to get the nod, but not the Best Hawk team from that era.
  9. Online Etiquette Guide

    Then why pause the game? You also love your timeout. (Which I am fine with) and your goalie change. I'll try and add fart noises to my next rom and give the Leafs pink uniforms since none of that matters. Actually I will completely remove the music from Maple Leaf Gardens. Harold Ballard would love this as he could have saved money by everyone just bringing their own music. Calling BS here. Yes. This is a good conversation and obviously matters and has different opinions, but I think a Fair Summation is, Don't Pause in Game! Exceptions would be to take your timeout. Change your line-up in classic. (which still gets annoying, but I get it) (example Montreal LW gets a penalty and you don't want Dionne in the game.) The jersey numbers should defer to the better the 94 player's number from 1993 in draft leagues. The Exception would be the Premium Retro League., Where hockey history trumps "the realm of 94" I will take your opinions into consideration, just as i did in Season 1 when KingRaph wanted Leetch to keep 2 instead of Doug Harvey. It pained me greatly, but since Leetch was a HOF guy as well, I let it happen. It is funny as I looked this morning at the NHL 94 players. Dino is about the only guy, that has the situation he does and if I was any team but Minnesota, I would have probably left him as 22 and been fine with that. Ray I will change to 77 moving forward as that is historically correct and makes you guys happy. However, In the PRL retro guys will mostly get their numbers.
  10. Online Etiquette Guide

    100% on your first comment and Sad. The PRL is about educating NHL 94 players about the history of Hockey....Look what you have learned tonight. That is not the rule in the PRL. As I said above, I respect your opinion as you are wicked good at 94, but I don''t get how you can't adjust to that. AND, You know the General rule around here for leagues is to allow slackers and have seasons drag on endlessly, I am trying to change some of those as were you before you walked away. I don't live in the realm of 94, I live in the realm of Hockey History and Dino was 20 when he was a North Star. Now you know!
  11. Online Etiquette Guide

    I like the ending of this. It is just bizarre to me as I know almost every guys number from every year, and I am Minnesota, and Dino was 20 in Minnesota. Ray was just as much 7 to me as he was 77. I guess we just differ, obviously you guys are way better than me at 94 so I respect your opinion, but it still kinda blows me away that you can't figure that out. The nice play flick is CHEESE. A cheap time-out. Again if you want to call your time out OK, but don't give me the flick.
  12. Online Etiquette Guide

    Also agree Splash Screens and Player cards are no big deal, but I do make a huge effort on them. So throw me a bone.
  13. Online Etiquette Guide

    The nice play flick is BS and I am saying, I don't like it because yes it stops the music that I like and works as a cheap timeout. If you want to say otherwise, I'll just call BS, but be prepared as I will give you a flick on every goal which is going to get really old for both of us. Most everything else, has to do with the fact, I never heard jack when I was going 1-19. Now that I am approaching.500 I am hearing its laggy, the numbers are wrong etc... I can't imagine what KingRaph and Icestorm hear or maybe people only need excuses when they lose to me. My main point again is that no one complained until I started winning a few. The number thing and what you associate is comical at best. All those brains and you can't associate a number with more than 1 guy? Again, I'm calling BS. Ray wore 7 almost as long as he wore 77. Dino wore 20 as long as he wore 22, and the whole time in Minnesota. BTW, Do you know why Ray changed? Answer: So the Bruins could retire 7 for Phil Esposito. Who also wore 77. Maybe I'll draft him next season and really screw up your mind. Also how does thousands of hours of playing Original 94 deal with these guys all on different teams?

    Happy to help, you will not be disappointed. I have the Everdrive MD (which I guess they don't make anymore) and it takes a mini-SD card. I just bought whatever from wal-mart and it has worked flawlessly. I can't speak to what would be best, but I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. I was a little worried buying it straight from Russia, but again it was a flawless transaction and arrived quickly. I would probably just get the cheapest Everdrive (X3) for what you want and then any SD card. 20% off this Friday. I would wait and get the SD card after it arrives as I can't tell if it takes a regular one or a mini. As I said mine takes a mini. EDIT: I may say get the X5 after reading a little more.