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  1. CoachMac

    Mighty Ducks Triology

    Nicely done, Seamor! I just checked it out. Really cool, we could combine with my Slapshot rom for a "Movie Rom" Everything is really well done. The 3rd Splashscreen is just outstanding! Things I would like to see added and be happy to help. #1 Player Cards #2 Probably in the minority here, but hate the white ice, this rom should have the original 94 rink. IMO. #3 Home/Away Jersey, some are hard to tell apart.
  2. CoachMac

    KC Scouts Hire CoachMac

    AngryJay drafted the Scouts roster and threw out the challenge of someone playing with them. I am taking that challenge. I am going to try and Exi a full 160 game schedule with the Scouts in addition to my Regular Team. I already have 3 exis done. I will post periodically on my progress. Here is the Official Press Release.
  3. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    HERE IT IS! Summer2018_v1.bin
  4. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    Premium Retro League used this setting. Season 1 Regular Season Home 28-21-11 Season 1 Playoffs Home 12--10 Season 2 Regular Season Home 43-35-12 Season 2 Playoffs Home 21-16 Season 3 Regular Season Home 39-36-9 Season 3 Playoffs Home 15-18 Overall Home Record 158-136-76 Detroit is really talented that is the road advantage. So when Detroit Strong Road (0) plays a team with Weak Home (0) there is no advantage and detroit is probably way more talented. Even against a Strong Home team Detroit will at worst give up a +2 on the road. The Ducks are guaranteed to give up at least a 3 and maybe a 5, plus they suck. I don't see how mathematically that setting is not the whole picture, but you probably got better math grades than me. YES!
  5. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    All 3 PRL were set this way and I believe it was about 50/50 or slight Home advantage. I calculated it at one point but never posted.
  6. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    We don't need more options! I am glad you are happy with the settings. I continue to think Choice 1 or 3 are the best, and 3 is my choice.
  7. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    Home Advantage can be from 0 to 5. Strong Home 2 vs Brutal Road 3 = 5 Home advantage Strong Home 2 vs Strong Road 0 = 2 Home advantage Weak Home 0 vs Brutal road 3 = 3 Home Advantage Weak Home 0 vs Strong Road 0 = 0 Home advantage Personally hate it, but the best setting to eliminate advantages.
  8. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    Kurri in that rom is 98 and has 6
  9. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    This is the best way to make no difference where you play. Road strong is a misnomer.
  10. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    YES! Do any of you Rocket Scientist with Cell Phones read anything! That is the difference between choice 4 and 5 in the Smozrom App. Skip must have used choice 5 and I did 4 which is what smoz recommends for online leagues. I use choice 3 for all of my Historic roms and would always be my choice. Which shows standard NOSE rating for everything but they are actually Hot and Cold and you have to feel it. Choice 1 is the Original Settings Choice 2 is Static.
  11. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    Great post Brutus. You summed up many people's feelings and why we have the roms done the way we do for most leagues except for mine. I am fine with that and have happily spent many hours building what I believe to be a great fun rom for this league. Even though it is not done the way I like. However, I will continue to beat the drum of why you, me and all love this game as opposed to Tetris or Pac-Man is the randomness and variation it provides. If the Original game in 1993 had been Static with all advantages equal, and all the randomness removed, I don't believe we would still be playing it. 1980 USA vs USSR, my one game HUGE upset win in Green Bay etc...... never happen with those parameters. I am headed out to coach Regional Track Championships. I would love to know who is Hot/Cold etc..., but I don't. Gotta feel it and figure it out. I am glad this year we have a gigantic Home advantage as the more talented Las Vegas kids gotta run at altitude and in cold snowy weather. Can't wait to get this thing started.
  12. CoachMac

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    Last day to post here as well. I would also appreciate a duplicate number check. I think I got them all.
  13. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    Summer18exi_v2.bin Update includes all trades and a NEW Vegas Banner.
  14. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    Summer18exi_v1.8.bin Latest AquaBallard trade. Savard for Bondra.
  15. CoachMac

    Official Summer Rom

    No need to check. That is what you got. Personally hate it.