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  1. World Junior Championship prequels

    Well done! Splash Screens! Host! Scoreboard Logo! I like your center ice dot. Have you looked at my Original 6 Playoff Draws? You could do something similar.
  2. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    With KingRaph posting a new quicker way to move teams around and Slapshot fixing my goal crease, I was finally able to create the rom I always wanted. The above roms are "NEW" Classic's as they should be, I find it difficult to play the Original Rom because it is lacking so many graphic enhancements. But, The Original rom is the best one to play. So here is what these 2 roms have. Classic Physiques. (WB and CB) *93 has B check enabled with Penalties OFF Ratings don't show bonus's, but they are there. All Advantages set just like the Original rom. New Awesome Splash Screeens (#1 KingRaph, #2 CoachMac, #3 Smozoma) Original Color Ron Barr New EASN Scoreboard and 3 Stars Logo that is hidden in the rom and obviously missing! New Awesome Player Cards by KingRaph and CoachMac New Improved Logos New Improved Uniforms Original Rosters, Lines, Ice *93 has some minor line changes Stick tape and Eye Patch 94 has Original Playoff Match ups *93 has 93 Divisional Playoff Match ups *93 does not have the Ducks or Panthers *93 has Stars back in Minnesota *93 has 91 Stars and Penguins logo
  3. HDMI TV's

    No big deal, I took a small loss. It was well worth it to not wonder anymore! I really appreciate your help and guidance. Yes! I have had my eye on a few of these on ebay. I am keeping that RGB cord, I bought for when i find one of these. I also have noticed a huge difference in CRT's. I have 4, but one is significantly better than the other 3. I am keeping the Mini Gens HD, just in case. But I think for emulation a lap top and Kega then gens are better.
  4. Bleeding Out - by Clint Malarchuk

    He was in 93. Lives in Minden, Nevada! Ex-wife lives about 3 houses up from me. Super nice lady. I've met him a couple times and he was a really good guy.
  5. HDMI TV's

    #1 Lag. #2 It just doesn't look quite right. I can't explain it but almost like people who get botox. Ya the wrinkles are gone, but it doesn't look right. Not the TV I had it set to Game Mode and I tried it at a Retro game store in town where the guy helped me. Again just my opinion, both are decent products, but i would be disappointed to play Live on either of these.
  6. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    I got the Gens and the NES HD versions from these guys yesterday. The Gens one looks very good and sounds very good, not quite as good as a CRT, but very close. The lag however is noticeable and unacceptable to me. Keep your CRT and Original equipment!
  7. HDMI TV's

    I tried the Framemeister. Then resold it on ebay. I tried the new Mini Gens HD from Gamerz Tec. Keep your CRT and Original Gens, there really is nothing comparable! Original Equipment is far and away the best! The next best thing is playing on Kega Fusion and then playing on Gens!
  8. In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    I'll post a list after I look at them. Happy they were found!
  9. REFERENCE: NHL'95 34 Team ROM Offsets

    Strong Work! Thanks for posting the info.
  10. This is HUGE! It will save me hours of time! I am so stupid for the way I have been doing it! Thanks KingRaph!
  11. 1977 World Junior Championships

    I highly approve of this thread. Love it! I will check out this rom when I get chance!
  12. This guide shows most of the tools that are used to make custom 94 roms.
  13. Live on the set of MSG Hockey Show!
  14. NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    Seek and you will find. It is not much harder using TM. If I can do it all you Space Age Dudes with Cell Phones, I-pads, Retro-Pi's, PS7's etc... should be able to figure it out.
  15. NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    Hit the Free Bytes button in the upper left corner. BOOM!