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  1. Ko94 II groups

    Tough Break for the KingRaph getting put I'm my group!
  2. Premium Retro League

    Season is On! PRLpatrick1.bin I have sent rom and asked chaos to set us up. Hopefully he will and everyone will thank him for all he does. Until then save states and post results. As stated before I would love to play King, Aqua, and Tex Live in Vegas. You will need USB adapter and a controller to do this. Play each team 4 times 2 H and 2 A. Only 1 deadline for Regular Season. It ends October 15. Playoffs will be done by Halloween. GL, and Have Fun
  3. Premium Retro League

    Pre-season Rom is posted on Discord. Players will be Hot/Cold and it won't show in Lines (Foster Hewitt will be wrong and Edit Lines will always show base ratings) So no need to waste time checking, you gotta feel it. Sorry Aqua. No y-button, Sorry Aqua. I need King and Ice Lines before releasing Regular Season rom. Hope to get that out very soon and then season can begin. No Overtime in Regular Season
  4. Premium Retro League

    Also FYI no overtime in this rom. obviously will come with a playoff rom when the time comes
  5. Premium Retro League

    I currently have the rom set to not show the bonuses, but they are still there and the players will be Hot and Cold.. I personally like the variation, but will yield to the majority if you guys want static ratings. 4 yes votes by 6 PM of static and I will make the change otherwise you will get Hot/Cold Players. Home is set to (Weak 0) and away is set to (Strong 0). Power Play/ PK same setting. This is the closest setting possible to making Home and Away not matter.
  6. Premium Retro League

    Hey, look what the cat drug in. Awesome to hear from you. Wish you were in. Expansion Team to Palantine? Surprise trip to Vegas?
  7. Premium Retro League

    I will have the rom done late tonight. I already put out an exi rom on discord through round 9. I just need to add round 10, fix numbers and lines, and put in Player Pictures., I also will plan to post Future Draft Classes, Retro and 94. All the retro guys will be on the back end of the rom for this season. Hopefully Chaos will set us up for stats on NHL94 online. I would like to play my games with KingRaph, Tex, and Aqua "Live" while we are in Vegas. So bring your USB adapters.
  8. Premium Retro League

    Tex takes Ted Lindsay Ice takes Rocket Richard
  9. Premium Retro League

    Jer takes Zubov Coach takes Langway
  10. Premium Retro League

    Round 1 1.1 Aqua = Mario Lemieux 1.2 Jer = Mark Messier 1.3 CoachMac = Terry Sawchuk 1.4 Tex = Mike Gartner 1.5 Ice = Esa Tikkanen 1.6 Raph = Mark Recchi Round 2 2.1 Aqua = Eric Lindros 2.2 Jer = Scott Stevens 2.3 CoachMac = Pierre Turgeon 2.4 Tex = Al Iafrate 2.5 Ice = Jaromir Jagr 2.6 Raph = Peter Bondra Round 3 3.1 Aqua = Tommy Soderstrom 3.2 Jer = Gordie Howe 3.3 CoachMac = Stephane Richer 3.4 Tex = Benoit Hogue 3.5 Ice = Dmitri Khritich 3.6 Raph = Kevin Stevens Round 4 4.1 Aqua = Kevin Hatcher 4.2 Jer = Pelle Eklund 4.3 CoachMac = Ron Francis 4.4 Tex = Claude Lemieux 4.5 Ice = Larry Murphy 4.6 Raph = Ulf Samuellsson Round 5 5.1 Aqua = Red Kelly 5.2 Jer = James Patrick 5.3 CoachMac = Fetisov 5.4 Tex = Kasatonov 5.5 Ice = Chris Terreri 5.6 KingRaph = Kjell Samuellsson Round 6 6.1 Aqua = Krupp 6.2 Jer = Barrasso 6.3 CoachMac = Cavallini 6.4 Tex = Beukeboom 6.5 Ice = Johansson 6.6 Raph = Beaupre Round 7 7.1 Aqua =Dineen 7.2 Jer = Hot Rod Brind Amour 7.3 CoachMac = Daneyko 7.4 Tex = Holik 7.5 Ice = Ridley 7.6 Raph = Leetch Round 8 8.1 Aqua = Lowe 8.2 Jer = Niedrmayer 8.3 CoachMac = Miller 8.4 Tex = Kasparitus 8.5 Ice = Kurvers 8.6 Raph = Zelepukin Round 9 9.1 Aqua = Turcotte 9.2 Jer = Zubov 9.3 CoachMac = Langway 9.4 Tex 9.5 Ice 9.6 Raph Round 10 10.1 Aqua 10.2 Jer 10.3 CoachMac 10.4 Tex 10.5 Ice 10.6 KingRaph
  11. Premium Retro League

    6.3 Paul Cavallini to Chicago
  12. Premium Retro League

    5.5 Ice takes Terrreri
  13. Premium Retro League

    Chicago takes Fetisov
  14. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Worth a call.
  15. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    I think you had to book by 9/7 to get the deal.