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  1. Yes! I have actually cleaned them both up a little and will use Dryden for 73 and Esposito for 1970.
  2. Yes, Good points. Please realize that I am insane. Usually it is very slight ratings tweaks or Graphical improvements. Unfortunately, I can't go back and remember, but I will do what you have asked moving forward. On the 73 rom I have really struggled picking and finalizing a cover so that has been the majority of the updates made on it.
  3. OH YEAH, you are right! Nobody ever goes to Las Vegas for big events or conventions! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely HATE Vegas. I am the one Nevadan around here, but it is 500 miles and another world away from where I live. I would have preferred Canada, or Chicago, or New York. Hockey Country! But I totally get the choice. just like Bettmans choice to put a team there and have awards there long before a team. VEGAS is Big! Your comments about the tournament are pointless, since you didn't come to Toronto and have constantly said you did not like or plan to attend these type events. I am actually starting to like you and believe you are spot on about online leagues, but you should stay out of this. Mikey and Halifax bust a-- making these things happen and deserve our support.
  4. Doesn't bother Gary Bettman!
  5. Just posted NHL Hockey Night 1973. The Rom has all 16 NHL Teams and the 12 WHA Teams from 1972-73!
  6. I am loving this Tool. I thought I would share some that I've made and get you guys feedback . PRO SET Default in the Game ESSO Oil Used in my Original 6 Roms Raph made this Coor's Light one for ETB.
  7. OK, I get it! Thanks Now, How do you make an IPS Patch?
  8. ? I don't follow this? I don't have an unmatched version with all my TM, NOSE, EARE, etc... edits. Am I missing something?
  9. Can you undo the Y-Button Goalie Patch?
  10. Classic! Cracks me up every time I read it! You ran a great league then quit! Why?
  11. I have been playing a bunch on my CRT TV with an Original Genesis. Last night we had a LIVE gathering and played my 1967 rom on 2 systems. 1 set up was an Original Genesis and an Everdrive. 1 set up was a Computer, Gens, 2 Original gens controllers, and the rom. Everyone agreed the game played better (slightly faster/smoother) on the Computer using Gens. We also played some games with the Original rom and Cart and found the same thing. Anyone else have thoughts on this.
  12. Any news on rooms? Should we go ahead and book?
  13. Cool Idea! Additionally, you could give them a different Historic or Current name. We could call Bourque Bobby Orr or Mogilny could be Ovechkin. Your choice. Same Attributes just a different name and player card. While probably not 100% accurate would be fun and prevent duplicate players.
  14. Charlestown