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  1. Can you give me the details on this @naples39
  2. Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

    Sandstrom 5/5 shot available. Sundin 4/5 maybe availble. Breaking my own rules here.
  3. Plablegs II Exi Roms

    Thru Atomic's Lines, Aqua acquiring Tatarinov, and Tex changing Desjardins number. I need guys to check duplicate numbers and tell me what you want. PlablegsTWOexi_v3.bin
  4. Welcome to Plablegs Deuce

    Thanks Brutus.
  5. Plablegs II

    Drop Olassson Pick up Foote
  6. Plablegs II Exi Roms

    Bump, will make changes later this is draft over final
  7. Plablegs II Exi Roms

    Draft Over Exi Rom. PlablegsTWOexi_v1.bin
  8. I will just second that the HHOF blurbs are priceless for what you want to do. My template has worked great and I am very happy with the results based on how those players played when used on our retro league. My template covers everything but skating speed and agility. Good Luck and Have fun!

    I would be happy to come play in a 3 day LIVE event but that may be a tough sell as we can't get everybody to a 1 day event. The second argument is ridiculous, The World Cup? The Olympics? are very small samples. In fact all major sports PLAYOFFS are small samples. Why not make the Presidents Trophy winner the Stanley Cup winner. It is a much larger sample of excellence. How about the 18-0 Patriots obviously better than the NYG, but the NYG are Super Bowl Champs and that is what matters.

    #1 King of 94 is awesome. #2 Very little drinking. #3 The hanging out together is great. #4 It is the Premier Event/Title you can win in 94. #5 It is kinda like a 12 year old birthday party (which is awesome) #6 What format would you propose for people traveling from all over the USA and Canada. #7 I would love to see you come to one as you are obviously one of the best players in the World. (For what that is worth)
  11. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    I updated my Slapshot 2v2 rom to enable B-checks.
  12. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    30 Teams (1952, 1956, 1961, 1966, and 1967 all on 1 rom) NHL1952-1967.bin or play each year Individually on 6 team roms NHL1952.bin NHL1956.bin NHL1961.bin NHL1966.bin NHL1967.bin WT BUG FIXED C/B FIXED B-check enabled with penalties OFF. 1 minute Penalties. No Overtime in Regular Season. Stick Tape and Eye Patch Applied. Player cards for all starters. ESSO as the Scoreboard and 3-Stars Sponsor. Music matched to appropriate teams. All Sim/Team Data set to reflect Actual Regular Season Points and Statistics. All player data reflects Actual Year Statistics. Year appropriate Scoreboards. 4 Team Playoff Brackets. Year appropriate HNIC announcers. Foster Hewitt, Rene Lecavilier, Bill Hewitt, Danny Gallivant
  13. NHL 18 Buy this. Get either or both of the 2018 roms off this site. Put them on it. Plus it will hold every other Genesis game created.
  14. As we finish up a successful season 2 of NHL '92, I am interested in getting some feedback on the differences between the 2 games and how they compare especially when speaking of cheats and or bugs. Here is what I know: '92 does not have the Weight Bug. (why? how did it happen in 93 and again in 94?) Pass Shots do not work in '92. Some things I would like to know: What about the b-check, c-check, b/c check is the same or different in 92? Could it help to know what is going on '94 like to help with latest hack smoz is trying? What attributes do you think matter most in 92 as compared to 94. (Same? Different?) Any other feedback about things you liked better or not as much about 92 as compared to 94. Other differences between the games.
  15. Evaluating 92 Compared to 94

    @deadmeowwas the original owner of and some other similar sites, and ran some Leagues way back in the early 2000's before I even knew what the internet was. I think he and @Evanwere friends, he may have even helped get going if I remember properly. I played in a couple of his leagues around 2013. Then I took over the site as he was in poor health and I had my leagues. I had all the team rosters, player pictures, records, etc... up on the site plus my leagues stats. After KO94 in Toronto my interest waned in 92 and 93, and I finally moved on to 1994. Did not renew the domain name when time came and so now it is gone. Here is Deadmeow's Forum, looks like he shut everything down in March of this year. I know he was really sick. And yes, the Penguins are stupid good, no other team in the rom comes close. It is like they are Chicago and everybody else is Florida. What always amazed me is no weight bug in 92. What happened? Did Mikey actually ever find out? How about the fighting story? What is up with Mikey and Pixelated Heroes? Still have lots of questions?
  16. Welcome to Plablegs Deuce

    Updated the post above with a new rom. the only change was an improved Don Cherry, courtesy of KingRaph. Please discard the previous Rom. Don Cherry, Bob Probert, and Tie Domi approved this No penalties Rom!
  17. Welcome to Plablegs Deuce

    RockemSockem94.bin This ROM was created by CoachMac using a template made by wboy and Naples. I am calling it Rock em Sock em 94. It includes all the Original NHL 94 teams except the All-Stars. The lines are set to "No Hassle/Building Lines with AJ" Best available sub will automatically come in on Injury/Penalty. The features and format were introduced by Premium/Plabax in the Spring of 2017 and were very popular. Here are it's features. Classic rules for weight (NO WEIGHT BUG FIX) C/B is enabled, just as in Classic. NO PENALTIES. They are OFF, normally when you turn OFF penalties, the B check no longer works. IN THIS ROM, B check is hacked to work with the penalties OFF. SO, B Check enabled, Penalties OFF. The delay in time it takes to switch to goalie is shortened, just as in the Blitz ROM. Y button enabled, allowing like in SNES, where you instantly switch to goalie after hitting Y button with no delay. The RANGE a goalie can extend to while in manual control is increased, as in Blitz. More freedom to move around. The ratings at the start of the game will be displayed ACCURATELY and will be STATIC (the same each time, in Classic, your players ratings can vary from game to game). Offsides OFF, Icing ON, Line changes OFF. All goalies not named Belfour or Roy get a boost as in Blitz. All Advantages are removed/equalized for every team.**** Overtime is set to 60 minutes.**** **** I made slight variations from the first rom here. The intent was to remove all advantages, especially Home Ice. The way Plabax set it up Weak (0)/Weak (2) actually give every team a +2 Home Ice Advantage. I made it Weak (0)/Strong (0) which makes the Home Ice Advantage ZERO for every game. 99 minute OT just looks stupid. 60 looks reasonable and ought to get it settled. I am also going to Post the rom with my other Historic Roms, which you can find here. After the Draft, I will make a League Rom, but this will provide guys an opportunity to EXI using this format And serve as BASE Rom moving forward.
  18. I think I found them At B632 change from 0024 to 0028 At B650 change from FFDC to FFD8 At B66A change from 00E7 to 00E0 At B674 change from FF19 to FF20 Is that correct?
  19. Bump for my info on Plabax Rom. Plabax, what were the parameters you used?
  20. Premium Retro League 3

    @Brutus and the Chicago Blackhawks win the Bailey Bobble! Boom Boom Geoffrion is the League MVP. In 1961 Boom Boom became only the second player to score 50 goals in a season. The pixelated Boom Boom was based on that season and matched it. 2nd straight season a Retro Guy is MVP. Andy Moog is the Best Goalie. Ray Bourque is the Top Defensemen. Many records are broken in Season 3. League record in Bold. Italics are Retro Players. League Awards and Superlatives Patrick 1 Adams 2 Norris 3 CHAMPION New York Rangers New York Rangers Chicago Blackhawks COACH KingRaph KingRaph Brutus MVP Mark Recchi Jacques Plante Bernie Geoffrion TEAM Bailey Bobble NYR (KR) 8-3 NYR (KR) 8-4 CHI (BR) 8-1 Presidents NYR (KR) 15-0-5 NYR (KR) 18-1-1 CHI (BR) 14-3-1 Goals NYR (KR) 116 NYR (KR) 125 MTL (TX) 96 Goals Against NYR (KR) 58 NYR (KR) 49 CHI (BR) 49 Checks/Game BOS (AL) 31.5 MIN (CM) 30.8 MIN (CM) 31.3 PIM’s BOS (AL) 35 NYR (KR) 37 PHI (CF) 33 Power Play MTL (TX) 31% DET (IS) 38.5% MTL (TX) 28.6% Penalty Kill NYR (KR) 89.3% DET (IS) 81.5% TOR (JR) 88% SKATERS Points Recchi (KR) 73 Sundin (KR) 84 Brett Hull (TX) 65 D Points Kasatonov (TX) 29 Zalapski (TX) 35 Harvey (KR) 23 Goals Gartner (TX) 45 Sundin (KR) 58 Geoffrion (BR) 52 D Goals Iafrate (TX) 9 Zalapski (TX) 17 Bourque (CM) 18 Assist Recchi (KR) 33 Bathgate (KR) 38 Probert (BR) 37 D Assist Kasatonov (TX) 25 Duchesne (AL) 22 Harvey (KR) 20 Checks Lindros (AL) 229 Bourque (CM) 252 Bourque (CM) 272 PIM Krupp (AL) 13 Bodger (CS) 12 Smith (OAK) 10 GOALIES GAA Beaupre (KR) 2.90 Plante (KR) 2.49 Moog (BR) 2.45 SV% Beaupre (KR) .693 Plante (KR) .766 Moog (BR) .733 Shutouts Beaupre (KR) 2 Plante (KR) 3 Moog (BR) 3 PLAYOFFS Points Recchi (KR) 36 Sundin (KR) 35 Geoffrion (BR) 40 D Points Kjell Sam (KR) 15 Kelly (KR) 17 Chiasson (NY) 13 Goals Stevens (KR) 22 Sundin (KR) 27 Geoffrion (BR) 32 D Goals Ulf Sam (KR) 2 Leschyshyn (IS) 3 Harvey (BR) 1 Assist Bondra (KR) 18 Kelly (KR) 15 Probert (BR) 16 D Assist Kjell Sam (KR) 14 Kelly (KR) 15 Chiasson (KR) 13 GAA Terreri (IS) 3.47 Plante (KR) 3.27 Moog (BR) 2.76 SV% Terreri (IS) .703 Plante (KR) .672 Moog (BR) .725 Shutouts Moog (BR) 1 ALL-STARS Forwards Recchi (KR) 73 Sundin (KR) 84 Brett Hull (TX) 65 Bondra (KR) 64 Sanderson (KR) 75 Geoffrion (BR) 63 Gartner (TX) 63 Neely (LZ) 69 Roenick (FC) 60 Tikkanen (IS) 56 Beliveau (BR) 69 Gilmour (KR) 58 Stevens (KR) 56 Lindros (AL) 69 Mahvolich (BR) 50 Lindros (AL) 55 Kamensky (IS) 60 Probert (BR) 49 Defense Kasatonov (TX) 29 Zalapski (TX) 35 Bourque (CM) 23 Iafrate (TX) 28 Murphy (LZ) 24 Harvey (KR) 23 Hatcher (AL) 24 Desjardins (JR) 22 Rouse (TX) 21 Johansson (IS) 22 Kelly (KR) 22 Smith (FC) 19 Goalies Beaupre (KR) .693 Plante (KR) .766 Moog (BR) .733 Terreri (IS) .683 Hall (TX) .726 Hall (TX) .711
  21. Premium Retro League 3

    Season 3 will begin next week. The Draft Pool will consist of the NHL 94 teams from the Norris Division (CHI, DAL, DET, STL, TB, TOR) and players from my 1961 Rom 1 Chefstar (Philly) (2 keepers) (Pat Lafontaine and Joe Sakic) 2 Flatcrusher (Oakland) (2 keepers) (Adam Oates and Glen Wesley) 3 CoachMac (Minnesota) (1 keeper) (Ray Bourque) 4 Brutus (Chicago) (1 keeper) (Andy Moog) 5 Lupz (St. Louis) (1 keeper) (Cam Neely) 6 Jer33 (Toronto) (1 keeper) (Mark Messier) 7 Tex (Montreal) (1 keeper) (Mike Gartner) 8 Aqualizard (LA) (1 keeper) (Eric Lindros) 9 King/Ice Loser (NY/DET) 10 King/Ice Winner (NY/DET) The PRL continues to lead the way in NHL 94 Leagues completing its second season with 100% completion in under 2 months. The PRL launch in Mid-September 2017 and has completed 2 seasons with 100% of the games played including consolation rounds in the Playoffs. The PRL combines a rotating NHL 94 Draft Pool with Historic Players from the past. Season 1 was the 94 Patrick Division Teams and players from 1952. Season 2 was the 94 Adams Division Teams and players from 1956. Season 3 will feature the 94 Norris Division Teams and players from 1961. EDIT: Regular season ends Dec 1, 2017. (From Discord thread)
  22. Premium Retro League 3

    Incredible Series with @aqualizard last night for the Teddy Bear Cup. Easily the most fun I have ever had playing NHL 94. LA (Aqua) took the first 2 games in Minnesota. Both games were tight checking and hard fought and both were 3-2 victories for the Kings. Down 0-2 the scene shifted to LA. Minnesota made a major shake up in their line-up. Dino moved from Center to LW, Shanahan was inserted into the line-up at Center, and Larmer remained at RW. Ruutu went to the bench and Bourque and Moose Vasko switched sides. It paid huge dividends as the NorthStars got a dominating 5-1 victory. Those dividends were short lived as LA responded with 7-3 shellacking in Game 4 and a commanding 3-1 lead. Down 1-3 Dino Ciccarelli took to Discord and posted what was happening and also guaranteed a North Stars Victory in Game 5. (not kidding) Aqua had come back from down 0-3 to Jer in the previous series, so I thought maybe put some pressure on him not to turn around and blow a big lead. And, I am not kidding Dino delivered with a HAT TRICK and a 4-3 victory. I also shifted my line-up again moving Larmer to Center, Shanahan on RW, and Dino still on the Left. Best Game of my life. The only down side was Steve Larmer's GWG came when Aqua and I's connection had gone screwy for like the last 2 minutes of the game. Not really a lag spike, just had been screwy (really fast) for like 1 minute. So now the series is 3-2 LA going back to the Great Western Forum and game 6 and a chance for Aqua to win the Teddy Bear in front of the Home fans. In a huge back and forth game. 1-0 (MIN), 2-1 (LA), 4-2 (MIN), and finally (4-4) at the end of Regulation. Bobby Hull scored with 1:37 to play to tie it for Aqua. Then Steve Larmer wins it at 1:51 of OT. The Crowd went silent in the Forum as the teams were headed back to Minnesota for GAME 7. NEW BEST GAME OF MY LIFE. GAME 7 in Minnesota all the Pressure is on Aqua and LA. I can feel him shaking. He is in his second straight Game 7. After coming back from down 0-3, could he really blow a 3-1 lead? to CoachMac of all people? The Northstars come out buzzing and quickly jump out to 2-0 lead. I can feel it. I've got my sword drawn and i am ready to finish him. I am dominating play. then with 10 seconds left in the first period Brian Bradley scores to make it 2-1. LA score 2 more in the second and leads 3-2 going to third. again I feel like I am dominating play in the third, but Aqua is making great saves with League Cover Boy Johnny Bower. With 1:23 to play Brian Bradley scores again (actually had a Hat trick) to make 4-2. I pull my goalie but just can't finish and Aqua and the Kings prevail for the Teddy Bear Cup. VGG's, Congratulations to Aqualizard! Total GF/GA 25-23 Aqua was 23-21 vs Jer Huge playoff for the Lizard Man to Game 7 Road Wins Total GF/GA 48-44 I am already sorry that we are not starting Season 4 today. This is what I want. We played this entire Playoff in less than a week. The whole season in about 2.5 weeks. 3 Seasons in about 75 days. The format made for a very balanced fun competitive league. Fast, Fun, Lots of drafting, Lots of Playing, Lots of Playoffs, Trophies. 100% completion in 2 Seasons. 1 guy away from 100% in the Final season. Huge Thanks to everyone who played in the PRL and @chaos PRL WILL BE BACK!
  23. NHL '92 Team Rankings

    We did 3 seasons. LABS won Season 1(with the Penguins, so that gets an asterisk) AngryJay won Season 2 FPB won season 3 We had some real talent in those leagues. KingRaph Brutus Jer Skeletor Deadmeow
  24. NHL '92 Team Rankings

    NHL '92 TEAM Stats (based on results from Deadmeow (1991-2013) and CoachMac (2015) Leagues.) All of these leagues used the default Line 1 except for Deadmeow's 2006 and 2013 league which allowed players to edit lines in NOSE. TIER 1 TEAMS W—L—T Win% Stanley Cup Final Appearances #1 Pittsburgh 129-42-2 .751 6 (5-1) TIER 2 TEAMS #2 Boston 81-37-3 .682 1 (1-0) #3 NY Rangers 99-56-1 .638 2 (0-2) TIER 3 TEAMS #4 Edmonton 91-72-2 .558 2 (0-2) #5 Los Angeles 56-45-1 .554 0 #6 Washington 53-45-1 .540 0 #7 Chicago 87-78-8 .526 1 (0-1) #8 Calgary 67-67-5 .500 2 (1-1) #9 St. Louis 55-55-1 .500 0 TIER 4 TEAMS #10 Winnipeg 26-27-3 .491 0 #11 Toronto 65-68-4 .489 1 (0-1) #12 San Jose 18-22-4 .455 0 #13 NY Islanders 17-27-2 .391 0 #14 Buffalo 21-38-4 .365 0 #15 Vancouver 15-28-0 .349 0 #16 Minnesota 49-94-2 .345 0 #17 Detroit 35-73-6 .333 0 #18 Hartford 31-63-2 .333 0 #19 Montreal 23-51-2 .316 0 #20 Philadelphia 16-50-1 .246 0 NO DATA New Jersey 0-0-0 .000 0 Quebec 0-0-0 .000 0 NHL '92 Team Ratings (Line 1 skaters and starting goalie/6) (* denotes teams back up goalie has a better rating than the starter) ((2) denotes Line 2 skaters and starting goalie/6) TIER 1 TEAMS #1 Los Angeles 79 #2 Chicago 78 #3 Pittsburgh 75 #4 Boston 74 #5 Calgary 73* #6 St. Louis 70* TIER 2 TEAMS #7 NY Rangers 69 Los Angeles (2) 65 #8 Montreal 67 Montreal (2) 64 #9 Edmonton 64* Pittsburgh (2) 62 TIER 3 TEAMS #10 Philadelphia 58 Chicago (2) 59 #10 Buffalo 58* Edmonton (2) 59* #12Washington 57 Boston (2) 57 #13 Minnesota 56 Calgary (2) 57* #14 Winnipeg 55 Buffalo (2) 57* #14 Hartford 55* NY Rangers (2) 56 #16 New Jersey 54 Minnesota (2) 56 #17 NY Islanders 51 St. Louis (2) 55* #18 Detroit 50* New Jersey (2) 52 Washington (2) 50 TIER 4 TEAMS #19 Toronto 49 Philadelphia (2) 46 #20 Vancouver 46 Winnipeg (2) 46 #21 Quebec 41 Detroit (2) 44* Toronto (2) 41 Hartford (2) 41* TIER 5 TEAMS #22 San Jose 37 Vancouver (2) 35 NY Islanders (2) 34 Quebec (2) 34 San Jose (2) 31 CoachMac Poll (these ratings are based on my experience playing in the 2013 and 2015 leagues against human opponents and playing and controlling every team in my Empty Net season) TIER 1 (In a league of their own) #1 Pittsburgh-- The Penguins are in a league of their own. No other team can touch them. Mario is the most skilled player (94) plus he is BIG. Tough to knock off the puck and good on D. Recchi is a quick darter on Mario's right with a good shot, Stevens is a bruiser on his left who is tough to stop going to the net. Coffey is the best d-man in the game next to Bourque with great speed and unlike the real Coffey he is physical. Larry Murphy is solid on D as well. Barasso is big and performs well in net living up to his 70 rating. Even the Pens second line is better than almost every other team. TIER 2 (These teams have an outside shot against the Pens) #2 Boston-- The Bruins are the closest thing to the Pens. Neely and Bourque are both beast and near or at the top of the league in skill. Andy Moog is a highly rated goalie. Dave Christian is a liability at LW if you could edit lines you would get him out, but part of the beauty of 92 is you can't so deal with him, he helped win the USA the gold in 1980. #3 Chicago-- Deadmeow will disagree with me here, but I like the Hawks. I did ok with them in his league and they were great in my control in empty net. Roenick is fast but not as skilled as he is in 93 and 94. Thomas and Larmer are serviceable on the wings, but the d-pairing is amazing. Doug Wilson is one of my favorite players in this game. Chelios is his partner. You gotta get the D involved to score with the Hawks. Belfour is ok but sure does not seem like he is rated 93. #4 Los Angeles-- Gretzky (92) and Sandstrom (91) are the second and third highest rated players in the game. Luc Robitalle got the shaft in this game. He should be better. The big problem for the Kings is they lack size and need to win games by outscoring the opponent. Again if you could edit lines and bring in Larry Robinson or Marty McSorley to pair with Duchesne (who is good) they could challenge the Pens. #5 Edmonton-- My team. I have used them the most and they are a fun good team to play with. Messier is fast and physical. He plays great d and has a nice deke. He lacks a good shot most of the time but you can tell when he has a hot shot and you should win the games when he does. Tikkanen is solid on the left wing and Joe Murphy gives you a good shot on the right though not much else. I wish I could sub in Anderson or Klima. The Oilers have a great bench/line 2 of forwards. The Oilers D is one of the best. Huddy and Smith are both beast and they can both provide more offense than their ratings indicate. Ranford starts in goal, but Fuhr is rated higher. I still like Ranford better for some reason. Nothing in the ratings would indicate he is better. Next season I am going with and sticking with Fuhr. #6 NY Rangers-- Great offensive team. Bernie Nicholls is slow with a great shot: Mike Gartner is fast with a great shot. The Rangers are slightly undersized. Super fast and talented D Leetch and Patrick. Richter is a good goalie. And then there is John Ogrodnick my favorite player in the game to play against. Craig Janney, Cliff Ronning, and John Ogrodnick are the only starting line 1 players in the game with zero fighting/aggression rating. These are not separated in 92 so it is just one rating. Anyway Janney and Ronning never seem to fight but ol' John is always willing to drop the gloves if you cheap shot him after the whistle in spite of his zero rating and you can drop him with one punch every time. #7 St. Louis-- Hull and Oates up front. Stevens and Brown on D. Good team. Reindeau starts in net Cujo is rated higher. #8 Calgary—Lots of speed,skill, and depth, but no size. Very similar team to the Kings. Mike Vernon (50) gets no love in this game. Wamsley is a rated higher at 57. TIER 3 (Competitive teams) #9 Buffalo-- I like this team. Krupp is one of the biggest players in the game and Andreychuk is big and tough to knock off the puck. Hawerchuk seems to have more skill than his 68 rating. #10 Montreal—small, small, small. Tough to win against a human with. Roy gets barraged and would probably demand a trade to Colorado if he could. #11 Toronto—suprising team especially if deadmeow is coaching them. I did ok with them in empty net. Nothing really stands out but they play above their ratings especially Peter Ing and Mike Krushelnyski. #12 Washington--- If you could edit lines and bring in Al Iafrate this team would shoot up the rankings. In deadmeows 2014 league I thought he was the MVP completely unstoppable. #13 Hartford—Can do some damage at times Zarley Zalapski is the man for this team. Fun team too as they like to scrap. #14 Minnesota—Great unis and emblem. I miss it. Love to play with them just for that. The team is very vanilla. TIER 4 (One horse wagons) #15 Detroit-- Steve Yzerman. That is it. I wish Bob Probert was on Line 1. Probert, Rob Ray, Mike Peluso, Gino Odjick, Craig Berube, and #17 for San Jose are the only guys rated 100 in fighting/aggression. None of them are on line 1. #16 New Jersey--- More great unis that I miss. Feed John Maclean. #17 NY Islanders-- You will go as far as Pat LaFontaine will carry you and he is little. I did OK against the CPU with them. I think it would be tough to win against a human. #18 Philadelphia-- Rick Tocchet. Fun to use fights and scores. Hextall is decent in net. TIER 5 (Weak teams) #19 Winnipeg-- Housley got shafted. #20 Vancouver—SLOW. Geoff Courtnall 66 speed? TIER 6 (Horrid!) #21 Quebec—Sakic almost moves them to a one horse wagon. #22 San Jose-- All the players are fake. They stink. Deadmeow's Poll (Deadmeow is the godfather of NHL '92) This is his subjective poll. TOP 8 POWER TEAMS MID RANGE 4 TEAMS LOWER 10 BAD TEAMS The Power 8 are divided into 2, based on toughness, each team scores well. MID RANGE TEAMS can make upsets happen, no real title chance BAD TEAMS are fun to use if you don't mind losing TOP 8 POWER TEAMS -------- TOP ELITE #01 PITT (high toughness and scoring) #02 BOST (high toughness and scoring) ~03 EDM (high toughness and scoring) ~04 NYR (can play tough, and score) -------- VERY GOOD ~05 LA (good team with short history, good scoring, medium toughness) ~06 CHIC (speed and shooting, although not tough) ~07 CALG (improves much with edited lines, decent scoring, medium toughness) #08 STL (Can win with the right person, not tough) -------- MID RANGE TEAMS -------- #09 WASH (consistent winners, but will never get to finals) #10 MONT (paper tigers) #11 MINN (not a bad team, but will never win a cup) ~12 HART (HART jumps up to a mid range with edited lines) -------- BAD TEAMS --------- #13 WPG (can beat bad teams) #14 BUF (can beat bad teams) ~15 TOR (can beat bad teams) ~16 DET (can score against low toughness teams) -------- worse teams #17 VAN (slow, you wil die from boredom) ~18 NYI ~19 NJ ~20 PHI #21 SJ (slow but agile, can only hit the post at close range) #22 QUE (super slow, team has some shooting ability if they can get near net) ------- # = solid ranking ~ = approxmiate ranking, could flip flop toughness = checking, resistance to getting checked Final Consensus Poll and Tiers W R M D Overall TIER 1 #1 Pittsburgh 1 3 1 1 6 TIER 2 #2 Boston 2 4 2 2 10 #3 Los Angeles 5 1 4 5 15 #4 Chicago 7 2 3 6 18 #5 NY Rangers 3 7 6 4 20 #6 Edmonton 4 9 5 3 21 #7 Calgary 8 5 8 7 28 #8 St. Louis 9 6 7 8 30 TIER 3 #9 Washington 6 12 12 9 39 #10 Montreal 19 8 10 10 47 #10 Buffalo 14 10 9 14 47 #12 Minnesota 16 13 14 11 54 #13 Winnipeg 10 14 19 13 56 #13 Toronto 11 19 11 15 56 #15 Hartford 18 14 15 12 59 TIER 4 #16 NY Islanders 13 17 17 18 65 #17 Detroit 17 18 15 16 66 #18 Philadelphia 20 10 18 20 68 #19 New Jersey NA 16 16 19 71 #20 Vancouver 15 19 20 17 73 #21 San Jose 12 22 22 21 77 #22 Quebec NA 21 21 22 86 This is an attempt to do a rating page for the teams in NHL Hockey (92) similar to what KingRaph did for the NHL '94 teams. I also tried to do some commentary like building lines with AJ. And provide some insight as to how they came up with the ratings and the game in general. The game is/was only available on the Genesis. The weight bug does not exist. The Sharks are purely fictional players. No player names just numbers but my web-site provides names and player cards for each team. No one-timers and no goalie control. You can not edit your lines. You may change your goalie. Fighting is rampant. Including after the whistle, period and game. I used 4 different polls to come up with my final consensus poll. #1 Results from Deadmeows League's dating back to 1991 and the league we just finished in 2015. #2 Using the Player ratings from the game. #3 A subjective poll by me (CoachMac) based on my experience with the teams. #4 A subjective poll by Deadmeow (the godfather of '92) Some notes about the player ratings: NHL Hockey uses a 0-15 scale like 93 not the 0-6 scale of 94. The players are generally one or 2 clicks lighter than they were in 94. Gretzky weighs 148 instead of 172 as an example but most are just one or 2 clicks lighter. Agility, Speed, Shot Power, Checking and Stick handling are randomly assigned and are very loosely based on reality. Some are crazy. Cam Neely 100 speed. Geoff Courtnall 66 speed. The 7 best teams (Kings, Flames, Blackhawks, Blues, Penguins, Bruins, and Canadiens) in 1991 plus the NorthStars are rated 100,80,60,40,20 in these attributes. The next 7 teams (Oilers, Rangers, Sabres, Whalers, Devils, Flyers, and Capitals) are rated 100, 93,73,53,33, 13 in these attributes. The bottom 6 teams are rated 86,66,46,26,6 in these attributes. The red Wings and Sharks have a mix of these ratings for some reason. So as an example a guy who was rated 4 in skating in '94 could be an 80, 73, or 66 in '92 based on how good his team was. OFFENSIVE AWARENESS PPG determined both forwards and defensemen offensive awareness rating. The 5 guys who scored >1.45 ppg were rated 100. 1.31-1.44 ppg = 93 and so forth. DEFENSIVE AWARENESS Plus/Minus determined a players defensive awareness. SHOT ACCURACY A players shooting % determined shot accuracy. This carried over to 93 and 94. ENDURANCE 100, 66, or 33. That is it most were 66. ROUGHNESS/SHOT BIAS This was based on the number of shots a player took. I believe in 93 and 94 it changed to goal to assist ratio. PASS ACCURACY This was determined by assist, but Forwards and d-men had different standards. FORWARDS > 1.48 per game = 100 (Oates and Gretz only) Defense > 0.90 per game = 100 ( 4 guys) Forwards then dropped off to 80 for 0.77 to 0.86. No one rated 93 or 86. Defensemen got a 93 for 0.51-0.65. FIGHTING/AGGRESSION Was just one rating and based on PIM. So some guys like Fleury who took lots of PIM's but didn't fight will fight in this game. 6 guys got a 100. Probert, Ray, Berube, Odjick, Peluso, and a fictional Shark. Goalie Rating are a complete mystery to me. Belfour is #1 at 93 and Roy is #2 overall at 90. I need to look into this more and why some lower rated goalies like Peter Ing seem to perform better than higher rated guys.
  25. NHL '92 Team Rankings

    Where were you Halifax, back in the day of my 92 and 93 Leagues? I refused to play 94 right up until KO94-1 in Toronto, because of no fighting. Oh all that wasted time.