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  1. I guess somebody does love 95! Pretty amazing turnout! What did we have in Toronto?
  2. Looks great Segathon! Have Fun! 53 is incredible!
  3. Thanks, Skip, I knew you would like this as you are a freak like me. I think the Music is one of the greatest features of the game and it is nice to get it right. The Islander thing was cool, because that slot is occupied by St. Louis in my 16 team 70's rom. I was stoked that that slot had its own goal song so I could get When the saints go Marching for Face off and Goal. BUT, Then I am randomly playing game with someone else and I also got Saints Marching In. Couldn't have that so they just get it as Face Off Music. Hopefully my post above will help other insane people get the music right. I wonder if the music will be the same in 32 team rom.
  4. The Islanders Goal Music is an interesting slot. Song #26. This song will always play when the Islanders (Team #14) score. AND It will be used randomly by many other teams when they score a goal.
  5. I got a ton of the songs and info updated from swos OP #7 in this thread. I think I have a pretty clear understanding of each teams Goal and Faceoff Music. Best Music in the Original Game easily goes to Whalers. Brass Bonanza for the Face Off and William Tell Overture for each Goal.
  6. I have tested and posted some more info in the post above this. There is not a pattern. Most teams have multiple shared Goal Songs. The Face Off Songs are what is unique to all teams and we had a good list of those already. Here we go Bruins is 2D29E not 2D6CA St. Louis, Buffalo and Chicago Face Off and Goal Music is the same and always play the same goal song. Calgary, Hartford, Los Angeles, Montreal, Islanders, Philly and San Jose also just have 1 goal song, but it is not the same as the Face Off Song. Calgary (2f222) and LA (33472) both have I said its your birthday as Goal Song but they are different.
  7. # (Hex) (Dec) (Hex) Description ----------------------------------------------------------- 1 02CEF2 940 02c708 Go!, Go!, Go! 2 02D29E 1068 02C70C Team #2 Boston Faceoff (Here we go Bruins!) 3 02D6CA 668 02C710 Charge! 4 02D966 976 02C714 Team #3 Buffalo PP music 5 02DD36 2500 02C718 Team #3 Buffalo Faceoff and Goal (Sabre Dance) 6 02E6FA 1220 02C71C Team #4 Calgary Face Off 7 02EBBE 1636 02C720 8 02F222 1304 02C724 Team #4 Calgary goal music (I said its your Birthday) 9 02F73A 1588 02C728 Team #5 Chicago Faceoff and Goal (Here come the Hawks) 10 02FD6E 1356 02C72C 11 0302BA 988 02C730 12 030696 1396 02C734 Team #7 Detroit Face off 13 030C0A 1132 02C738 Go Wings Go....Charge! 14 031076 852 02C73C 15 0313CA 1156 02C740 Team #8 Edmonton Face Off 16 03184E 860 02C744 17 031BAA 2052 02C748 Team #10 Hartford Face Off (Brass Bonanza) 18 0323AE 1596 02C74C 19 0329EA 1660 02C750 Team #10 Hartford Goal William Tell Overture 20 033066 1036 02C754 Team #11 Los Angeles Faceoff 21 033472 1620 02C758 Team #11 LA Goal Music (I said its your Birthday) 22 033AC6 1620 02C75C 23 03411A 1304 02C760 Go! Go! Go! 24 034632 1632 02C764 Team #14 New York Islanders Face Off 25 034C92 524 02C768 26 034E9E 1708 02C76C Team #14 Islanders Goal Music**** 27 03554A 908 02C770 Team #6 Dallas Face Off 28 0358D6 612 02C774 29 035B3A 1924 02C778 30 0362BE 1044 02C77C Team #12 Montreal Goal Music (Les Habitants) 31 0366D2 1148 02C780 32 036B4E 964 02C784 Team #12 Montreal Faceoff 33 036F12 1504 02C788 Team #13 New Jersey Face Off 34 0374F2 1420 02C78C 35 037A7E 1332 02C790 36 037FB2 1192 02C794 37 03845A 1052 02C798 Team #15, 27, 28 New York Rangers / All Stars E / All Stars W Face Off 38 038876 708 02C79C 39 038B3A 1252 02C7A0 Team #17 Philadelphia Face Off 40 03901E 1348 02C7A4 41 039562 2668 02C7A8 Team #17 Philly Goal Music Charge! 42 039FCE 1444 02C7AC Team #18 Pittsburgh Face Off (Lets Go Pens) 43 03A572 684 02C7B0 44 03A81E 1596 02C7B4 45 03AE5A 1908 02C7B8 Multiple Team Goal Song 46 03B5CE 2116 02C7BC Team #19 Quebec Face Off 47 03BE12 2044 02C7C0 Multiple Team Goal Song 48 03C60E 1572 02C7C4 Team #20 San Jose Face Off 49 03CC32 1892 02C7C8 Team #20 San Jose PP (Jaws Theme) 50 03D396 1688 02C7CC 51 03DA2E 1912 02C7D0 Go Sharks Go! 52 03E1A6 1704 02C7D4 Team #20 San Jose Goal Music 53 03E84E 1428 02C7D8 Song with Short Charge! at the end 54 03EDE2 2100 02C7DC Hava Nagila 55 03F616 2324 02C7E0 Go! Go! Go! 56 03FF2A 1188 02C7E4 Team #21 St. Louis Face Off and Goal (When the Saints go Marching In) 57 0403CE 1292 02C7E8 58 0408DA 1484 02C7EC Lets Go! 59 040EA6 1072 02C7F0 Team #22 Tampa Bay Face Off 60 0412D6 476 02C7F4 Charge (Very simple version like 1 horn) 61 0414B2 1212 02C7F8 Team #23 Toronto Face Off (Go Leafs Go) 62 04196E 1252 02C7FC 63 041E52 1436 02C800 Team #24 Vancouver Face Off 64 0423EE 712 02C804 65 0426B6 412 02C808 Charge! 66 042852 1164 02C80C Team #25 Washington Face Off (Lets Go Caps) 67 042CDE 1288 02C810 Go, Go, Go! 68 0431E6 1488 02C814 69 0437B6 1916 02C818 70 043F32 908 02C81C Go _____ Go! 71 0442BE 2132 02C820 Charge! 72 044B12 1384 02C824 Team #1, 9, 16, 26Winnipeg / Anaheim / Florida / Ottawa Face Off 73 04507A 7442 02C828 NHL '94 opening screen music 74 046D8C 9046 02C82C Game menu music 75 0490E2 9438 02C830 Matchups screen with Ron Barr music
  8. Those are the Faceoff Songs. Goal Songs are different. Sometimes. Most of the time.
  9. Neither was I. I didn't even own a computer. I still don't own a cell phone. Become a graphic guy. Many people are willing to help, but probably no one will do it for you.
  10. That is a ton of work. BUT, Fun Start with this
  11. This should help, you need to click on auto bytes in NOSE:
  12. Not much info on editing graphics in 96.
  13. NHL52.bin NHL56.bin NHL63.bin NHL64.bin NHL65.bin NHL66.bin NHL67.bin WT BUG FIXED and C/B FIXED Music matched to appropriate teams. All Sim/Team Data set to reflect Regular Season Points and Statistics All player data reflects that seasons statistics Player cards for all starters Foster Hewitt, Rene LeCavalier, Bill Hewitt, and Danny Gallivant as the Host ESSO sponsor of Scoreboard and 3 stars 4-6 Team Playoff Brackets
  14. I did some more testing of this and now I am more confused. The faceoff Music is pretty straightforward and easy using the list provided. However the Goal Music is very confusing. I just did the first 6 teams as that is what applies to my Original 6 roms. (Team in Original Rom) TEAM 1 (ANA) (2c824) At least 3 different goal songs (O6 = BOS) TEAM 2 (BOS) (2c70c) At least 3 different goal songs (O6 = CHI) TEAM 3 (BUF) (2c718) Goal Song is same as Face Off song (O6 = DET) (2c714 is PP for this team and plays sometimes after goals) TEAM 4 (CGY) (2c71c) Goal Song is Birthday offset is 2c724 (O6 = MTL) TEAM 5 (CHI) (2c728) Goal Song is same as Face Off song (O6 = NY) TEAM 6 (DAL) (2c770) At least 3 different goal songs (O6 = TOR)
  15. That list is just the faceoff music. I've got that down and had already made a similar one. I now want to do a Goal/PP list. And I only need 6-21 teams as that is the end of my interest in the NHL. Said to much is that we will soon have a 32 team rom.
  16. Slapshot67 One of the master editors/hackers along with wboy and smoz.
  17. I am intrigued by this. Did you ever figure out what is going on with this. Does this pattern hold true Face Off, PP, Goal for all teams except Buffalo? I had only worried about Face Off music but now may need to make some additional changes. What about Slot 1, 9, 16, and 26 where is there PP and Goal music.
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  24. NHLHN1993.bin WT BUG FIXED and C/B FIXED All Original Player ratings. Minor Line adjustments Music matched to appropriate teams. Smozomas best Splash Screen ever! King Raph Player Cards for all starters PRO SET as Scoreboard and 3 stars sponsor. NorthStars in Minnesota. No Anaheim or Florida Ron Barr as the Host Divisional Playoff Match-ups set to 1993.
  25. NHLHN1987.bin WT BUG FIXED and C/B FIXED Music matched to appropriate teams. All Sim/Team Data set to 1987 Regular Season Points and Statistics All player data reflects 1987 seasons statistics Player cards for all starters Tom Mees as the Host PRO SET sponsor of Scoreboard and 3 stars 1987 Divisional Playoff Brackets