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  1. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Amazing stuff man. 15 years since I originally hacked and updated this. Great seeing it get this incredible love shown to it. All the best.
  2. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Sent you an old one. Keep in mind it's from 2003 lol
  3. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    This is amazing. Keep up the great work guys.
  4. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    I am rooting for you so much man, good luck.
  5. プロホッケー

    Sorry to hear bro, hope you're alright
  6. NHL95 has a great theme song

    You always can But let's spread the love around. I love the series. Each game for different reasons.
  7. NHL95 has a great theme song

    This game is a gem. I believe the series went south in a lot of ways in 96.
  8. It's time for the World Cup boys!

    Great job man.
  9. Play this game with my sons. Very fun.
  10. NES Ice Hockey

    Hahahahahaaahahahahahahahahathat made my day
  11. 94 home crowd color hack

    Lol awesome man
  12. Nhl 95 genesis (09 roster)

    Still around. Always creepin. Will rise again one day lol. Love playing 95 on my raspberry pie on the big screen now. An update is def in order
  13. Round 2 Rangers vs Washington

    Refs have been bad both ways and in all series. They can really change the outcome.
  14. Round 2 Rangers vs Washington

  15. Playoffsbug

    Thanks guys for finding some solutions.