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  1. kylewat

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    I’ll take Hartford. I don’t understand the draft but i’m Sure i’Ll be fine.
  2. kylewat

    the great thing about nhl94

    I'm not sure what these posts mean, but here's to KG.
  3. kylewat

    Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

    Carson to Zep Damphousse to Aqua
  4. kylewat

    Checking Success and Weight

    Playing Uncle Seth led me to believe when in doubt CB. Be warned, missing a C/CB check when you are in your zone on defense (not sure if that is correct hockey lingo) often has disastrous consequences.
  5. kylewat

    Plablegs III Lineups

    LW Hogue C Carson RW 99 LD Housley RD Leetch
  6. kylewat

    Checking Success and Weight

    can someone explain how my guys get taken down from behind? I feel like I'm the one person who doesn't know how to do this. Is it a b check? CB? When I CB someone skating away from me it never works. I also have never witnessed that checking increases the odds of a CB. You'd expect some of the 1 checking guys to suck at CB checks, and I've never noticed that.
  7. kylewat

    Plablegs III Draft

    Muller- please auto draft for me.
  8. kylewat

    GDL Draft Strategy - 1st Round

    Wrong thread
  9. kylewat

    Plablegs 3 or ???

    I messed up I want the draft draft thing.
  10. kylewat

    2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Bud of the year doesn’t go well with persistent drama. I think you are often right, but it is part popularity contest. Right??? I have no idea what @slapshot67 did but thanks anyway! Edit: I didn’t realize we were talking about the runner up list. Plabax for runner up!
  11. kylewat

    How'd You get your name

    I feel like zeppelin55 is pretty obviously an old AOL name from 1996. It is the band and 55 which I think was my jersey number at the time. As for actual names, my parents couldn’t agree on a name, or they hadn’t picked one yet. Unfortunately for them, I was 5 weeks early. At the hospital, my dad runs into an old acquaintance Dewey Hodges. He was also at the hospital having a son, my dad asks what they are naming him? He responds, “Kyle David.” My dad liked the name. It kinda helps he was named David. Kinda. Last month a coworker comes up to me to tell me that his friend Kyle Hodges just had a kid days before me. He didn’t know the story, but knew we shared the same birthday (his brothers as well). As for the newborn, Ozzie is just an excellent name. My wife was very worried that I liked it too much since my taste is generally abstract and obscure.
  12. kylewat


    I will play. I can't promise my play will be good with a newborn and wife yelling at me, but I'll probably have a decent amount of non working time in the winter anyway.
  13. kylewat

    2017 Fall Classic

    I'd like to see @kingraphon the waiting list! @Premium didn't win many classics for reasons unrelated to his actual ability. He doesn't have to prove himself in anyway,
  14. kylewat

    NHL'94 speed runs

    The problem is even a bit harder than that in my estimation. There is a chance that even if you win the faceoff the skater occasionally bobbles it leading to a turnover (how my loss to AJ happened in Ko94 in OT :-(; it is a disaster because everyone moves into offensive position! ) That would lower the chances of routinely getting a 7 second goal.