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  1. How online leagues work... I've been here for years, and I barely know! We play using Gens, kailerra and generally hamachi to provide an IP. So the classic league is not running this spring, but the other leagues are kinda more you gotta find who runs it and get in. You need to get a test game before to show you know how to setup the game for online play. We also have a discord channel now. Don't really know how to get you there other than it is #nhl94 I think.
  2. Hate plablegs. will play whatever. That isn't an option.
  3. Good work FPB, obviously a couple easy goals given up by myself in Game 3 or whatever it was. My execution was a bit off and you see a couple missed opportunities, but really defending against Jagr and Sandstrom proved extremely difficult. Jagr's size, stickhandling, and passing to Sandstrom proved too much. I was terrified to leave to Sandstrom open for a second, and even if I did go to try to cover Jagr he was constantly doing a wobble instead of handing over the puck! As well both of them knocked my lightweights around. Good luck the rest of the way.
  4. So speed still kills, and NYR are still flawed. What is wrong with NYR? A chronic lack of accuracy. They become better, but still having the best shooting forward with 3 SHA is just hard to be elite. For the same reason, Detroit remains nasty. Buffalo belongs ahead of NYR IMO for that reason. Also the beezer isn't very good. I think you are leaving out LA which gets a huge bump up with Robitaille, Blake, McSorely, and most importantly Sandstrom goes from pretty good, to unbelievably good. Pittsburgh and Boston obviously get huge legs up. and Pittsburgh probably becomes the best team. I think Chicago goes down, down. Roenick suddenly has sidekicks, but being able to routinely take him down makes the combo less impressive than some of the others IMO.
  5. Thursday around 1:30 my time? Eastern US Time. so something like like 1930 I think local France time? Or I could do first thing in the morning.
  6. I'll make that work.
  7. I need Darko, KingRaph, and Brutus! Got FPB scheduled. I know Raph and Brutus like to play late, so let me know if one night works, or maybe this weekend. Hartford is on a roll and the Whale needs to eat! Also, Casey rocks.
  8. I very much like Brutus' quality over a 'consistent' number of teams. +1
  9. Plabax found the (laggy) PlayStation version of the game included on what NHL 2006? He enjoyed that and then found the forum I believe. As for the theory of 'slacking' causing dropouts. There have been a few cases of that namely this Ba55ist character. When i joined, I got kicked out of a league for 'slacking.' I probably didn't read the rules, but still expulsion didn't endear me to the community. I don't think I got a warning either. If you look back at couple years ago's classic results: there were to and C players! I think classic is the best way to get people interested. Even after playing classic, i didn't know there were other leagues and honestly if classic ran perpetually I'd probably just keep playing classic and skip the draft leagues. A draft league adds even more time to what is already a pretty decent time commitment as well as adding a learning curve.
  10. Obviously. The 5 hole slapper is so lame. Does it give you joy watching that weak dribble through the goalies legs? Agree 1000%.
  11. So I said I wasn't sure if he made a mistake; I said I would do it differently. He's in a bad position IMO that is unlikely to get much better. With all of his forwards on the same side of the goal, and the defense well positioned, skating across the ice inside the blue line isn't going to open up any passing lanes. It is simply an attempt to try to maintain control and get into a better position. The play that I really am pointing out is an aggressive (and obvious to a good player) play at the boards to create the break. My point in talking about skating across was to ask, "Is this just bad luck or is it preventable?" or even, "is it a something that creates an advantage? " So that is the situation that I retreat over the blue line and exit my own zone because when you are in that position, not much good happens. I'm really the only one who does this, so I understand that it isn't a mainstream viewpoint. It can also end the same way that it did as well, giving up a break.
  12. thank you. I think it is extremely hard to do. alot of the game comes from knowing how to put yourself in position. Depch gets extremely snake bit with both the goalie falling over especially the second time (the other was a good hard play.) Then Gilmour plays like he is cold as ice! One of the easiest pointers I see is at like 27:40; the puck is firmly inside the blue line which will pull the d men into the offensive zone, and then the loose puck headed towards the boards. Did Depch make a mistake coming across? Not sure. I personally would have skated backwards but I'm in the minority with that one. Plabax clearly jumps on the opportunity to create a pretty much insta break. Similarly the last Gilmour one timer at 28:06 is setup by the pass before the one timer. Anyway, I love watching these. Thanks
  13. C: Pierre Tugeon LW: Bure RW Russ Courtnall LD Brian Leetch RW Glen Wesley X Gagner Line2 C: Courtnall LW: Gagner RW: Miller LD Olausson RD Olausson X whoever is left
  14. Zep trades Bondra for Turgeon
  15. Kelly Miller please autodraft from here on out.