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    I will play. I can't promise my play will be good with a newborn and wife yelling at me, but I'll probably have a decent amount of non working time in the winter anyway.
  2. 2017 Fall Classic

    I'd like to see @kingraphon the waiting list! @Premium didn't win many classics for reasons unrelated to his actual ability. He doesn't have to prove himself in anyway,
  3. NHL'94 speed runs

    The problem is even a bit harder than that in my estimation. There is a chance that even if you win the faceoff the skater occasionally bobbles it leading to a turnover (how my loss to AJ happened in Ko94 in OT :-(; it is a disaster because everyone moves into offensive position! ) That would lower the chances of routinely getting a 7 second goal.
  4. NHL'94 speed runs

    Some of the rosters are much smaller than others. If you look in the instruction booklet you can see them listed. I believe the expansion teams have what looks to be about half the players of some other teams.
  5. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Alternative Facts!
  6. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Does the 5/4 shot exist?
  7. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Having read this trifle of a thread, I agree with FPB. I don't see how Gartner can be ranked so highly by Plabax and have Modano so much lower. IMO his modano rating is fine but Gartner is way too high. It seems to me Plabax prefers righties to the point that he minimizes Bure's greatness.
  8. NHL'94 speed runs

    So I can easily score consistently in 7 seconds using save states so I could get the record to 70 seconds of game time or 1:10. What that means in real time I don't know. The 2,3 second shot I may have only seen once or twice, and by accident. I've never personally, I don't think, done a 5 second goal. I have done the 6 second with a pass shot. Maybe it was 5. The only reason I did it was desperation though. In a speed run, with save states it could be a could way to go about it. If you are using save states, I'm pretty sure you can win every faceoff. Oh and as for Aqua's question with the deke, I don't think it can be done in 6 seconds. 7 for a regular shot.
  9. Surviving Summer League Rom This should clearly be the drink Pepsi is marketing!
  10. Surviving Summer

  11. How online leagues work... I've been here for years, and I barely know! We play using Gens, kailerra and generally hamachi to provide an IP. So the classic league is not running this spring, but the other leagues are kinda more you gotta find who runs it and get in. You need to get a test game before to show you know how to setup the game for online play. We also have a discord channel now. Don't really know how to get you there other than it is #nhl94 I think.
  12. Summer League

    Hate plablegs. will play whatever. That isn't an option.
  13. FPB vs Zepp Gametape (Round1)

    Good work FPB, obviously a couple easy goals given up by myself in Game 3 or whatever it was. My execution was a bit off and you see a couple missed opportunities, but really defending against Jagr and Sandstrom proved extremely difficult. Jagr's size, stickhandling, and passing to Sandstrom proved too much. I was terrified to leave to Sandstrom open for a second, and even if I did go to try to cover Jagr he was constantly doing a wobble instead of handing over the puck! As well both of them knocked my lightweights around. Good luck the rest of the way.
  14. WBF Team Rankings

    So speed still kills, and NYR are still flawed. What is wrong with NYR? A chronic lack of accuracy. They become better, but still having the best shooting forward with 3 SHA is just hard to be elite. For the same reason, Detroit remains nasty. Buffalo belongs ahead of NYR IMO for that reason. Also the beezer isn't very good. I think you are leaving out LA which gets a huge bump up with Robitaille, Blake, McSorely, and most importantly Sandstrom goes from pretty good, to unbelievably good. Pittsburgh and Boston obviously get huge legs up. and Pittsburgh probably becomes the best team. I think Chicago goes down, down. Roenick suddenly has sidekicks, but being able to routinely take him down makes the combo less impressive than some of the others IMO.