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  1. Version 7 is from here - same kaillera p2p site as before:
  2. Yep, typo'd the first post. Hatcher should be LD, Macoun RD.
  3. The test ROM has Hatcher at RD, Macoun at LD. Should be flipped. Thanks
  4. Will move 10 weight 4 spd Bobby Holik to upgrade D, or package in a bigger deal.
  5. What are you doing with the dpad when you press b for a pass shot? Taking thumb off, holding up, hitting direction and b together? I ask because randomly I get really slow moving pass shots and I don't know if it has something to do with the timing, deking, etc.
  6. An easy way to tell is to watch a 4 shot power player. If he winds up all the way his shot power that game is average to good. If he doesn't, his shot is more like a 3 shot power. But the edit lines screen has all 4 shots locked in at 72, I think.
  7. OK - I get you on the hot/cold screen, but the edit lines ratings don't match the in-game ratings. Not necessarily looking for a change, just clarification.
  8. How do the in-game player ratings work? I noticed that the edit lines screen has static numbers but in game they fluctuate. Any chance the edit lines ratings can reflect the fluctuations, do that we know who is hot or cold?
  9. LW: Linden C: Muller RW: Holik RD: Hatcher LD: Macoun G: Beaupre Xtra: Steen 2nd Line: LW: Linden C: Holik RW: Steen RD: Dahlquist LD: Dahlquist Number changes --> Holik 16 to 26 If possible I'd like Holik to replace LW Linden AND C Muller if either goes out by penalty or injury.
  10. Chris Dahl quist
  11. Slyvain Turgeon
  12. Thomas Steen
  13. Edn selects Don Beaupre
  14. So we're still waiting on Hartford?
  15. Edmonton selects Jamie Macoun