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  1. Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    I'm 3rd, I'll take Pittsburgh, and if BD picks them, Ill take Boston.
  2. Season 4 Line ups

    Team: Calgary First Line G - Curtis Joeseph LD - Niedermayer RD - Chiasson LW - Russ Courtnall C - Jagr RW - Selanne X - KamenskySecond Line G - tugnutt LD - Leschysyn RD - Schneider LW - Kamensky C - Hawerchuk RW - Gagner X - jagr
  3. Seaosn 4 Bidding

    I would like to drop Wayne Gretzky
  4. [Nov.12, 2016, Saskatoon, Sask.] King of '94 WEST III

    Awesome you are coming annatar.... should be a fun weekend. And bob, although your chances of winning this tourney have dropped significantly since last year, you still better come... 5% chance? Come on now.
  5. [Nov.12, 2016, Saskatoon, Sask.] King of '94 WEST III

    Glad you're coming again ! It would actually really irritate me if some Saskatoon guy won the Sega, and him thinking he was the best at nhl94 without playing you ha.
  6. Classic Spring '16 SNES Team Selection Draft

    I'll take WSH. Haven't been them yet.
  7. kingof94 to be replaced in SDL3

    Gorecki will take it if still available.
  8. Who would come to Northern Canada to Play NHL '94?

    I would likely be in for this!
  9. King of '94 West game day thread

    It was a fun day indeed ! All of this NHL 94 awesomeness that has been going on this past year is great. We even made the local global news for playing nhl 94 ha. Thanks Miley and Darrell. As the current jacket holder, and thus best player in the world, it was disappointing that Bob was able to squeak by me 11-4 and end my tourney. But definitely good to see him and AJ win!
  10. Season Three Lines ups

    Team: Calgary First Line G - Grant Fuhr LD - Matt Schneider RD -Steve Chiasson LW - Russ Courtnall C - Jaromir Jagr RW - Valeri Kamensky X - Wayne Gretzky Second Line G - Ron Tugnutt LD - Scott Niedermayer RD - Curtis Leschysyn LW - Dave Gagner C - Wayne Gretzky RW - Dale Hawerchuk X - Jaromir Jagr
  11. King of '94 West! January 16, 2016.

    I've recruited 2 for snes. Hopefully can get more. We will have fun either way.
  12. Fall 2015 Classic SNES Team Selection Draft

    Detroit Snes A