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  1. logged on for the first time in forever for this. I'm 30 mins away so I am going to try to make it
  2. Aqua - I'll be on tomorrow after 5pm EST, hope to catch you!
  3. In the case that more voices would help: I would love 6 person leagues. AAA baseball teams don't play single A teams for a reason. Half of my schedule in GDL is games I can automatically pencil in as a loss. There isn't much intrigue to a 24 person league, we already know the handful of guys who will be competing to win it all. If the size of the active playing community were larger this wouldn't be an issue. Do guys see this community existing in the next 5-10 years with the same subset of players? There should definitely be an attempt to foster growth. We gotta keep the new players invested. On a personal note, I'd be stoked to be in a small league with guys in my skill range like Aqua and JV. Those guys get their games in!!!
  4. sonoffett87

    GDL XVI Lines

    Philadelphia Flyers First Line LW - Borshevsky C - Lemieux RW - Steen LD - Brown RD - Chelios G - Potvin X - Khmylev Second Line: LW - Lemieux C - Borshevsky RW - Lemieux LD - Weinrich RD - Weinrich G - Potvin X - Weight
  5. sonoffett87

    S16 - GENS B: MattHurray takes over Toronto

    The champ is back! and starting off his season at 1-6!! Time to fire the coach!!
  6. sonoffett87

    GDL Gaming Schedule

    available most weeknights after 7pm EST. Weekends are hard to predict, but I imagine I'll be around a few times.
  7. sonoffett87

    GDL XV - Lines

    Philadelphia Flyers First Line LW - Thomas Steen C - Eric Lindros RW - Wendel Clark LD - Eric Desjardins RD - Ray Borque G - Ed Belfour X - Ron Francis
  8. sonoffett87

    GDL XV Draft

    PHL takes Ray Borque
  9. sonoffett87

    GDL XV Draft

    PHL takes Ed Belfour
  10. sonoffett87

    GDL XV Roll Call Complete

    Philly is in
  11. sonoffett87

    GDL XIV Playoff Vegas Odds

    Bet on Dex - big money
  12. sonoffett87

    "The History of NHL '94" - My latest YT video...

    I was thoroughly informed and entertained - thank you Jibba! I remember playing NHL93 at a friends house in the latter months of 1993 as a young lad... I knew right then that "Sega Genesis" and "NHL94" would be topping my Christmas list. I was always under the impression that NHL94 came out right around Christmas, but I sounds like it was released a few months prior since you mention late September. I suppose ignorance is bliss... if I knew it was already released, I probably would've been caught shoplifting like when Bart stole "Bonestorm"!
  13. sonoffett87

    B2 Conf Finals

    Just wrapped up the B title series. Thanks to JV for putting up some great games. I got to count my blessings as WPG got lucky a few times and was able to pull out the series.
  14. sonoffett87

    hosting on Gens

    It was a while ago so my memory is a little foggy - I just checked on Google. I think it was the following actions: Go to Device Manager Expand Network Adapters Right Click on Hamachi and enable it Let me know if this helps out!