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  1. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    You better be going KG! Just make sure you don't have any warrants out for your arrest there before you book! ;-)
  2. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Just booked my hotel room and I'm onto flights... looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  3. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    I'm just checking on one thing to make sure this doesn't overlap with my vacation at that time but when do you think our discounted rates will be locked in for the Downtown Grand? I'd like to book those as soon as possible. Thanks for coordinating, guys!
  4. The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    Hey Ozik, welcome to the community. I think you'll find a lot of guys with similar stories around here about how they got started playing '94. I stumbled across this site back in 2006 I believe (wow, that's been a long time). There's a great group of guys here that are knowledgeable and always ready to help anyone out. If you back to your fighting weight here (hey even if you pop in casually from time to time), you should definitely consider coming out to Las Vegas for the King of 94 tourney in September. I had a ton of fun at the first one in Toronto back in Sep 2015. Again, welcome and have some fun!
  5. 2016 NHL'94 Bud of the Year!

    First of all, congrats to AJ... he is an amazing player and ambassador to this game and community. I came here to post a new thread today and stumbled across this one excited to comment to congratulate AJ. However, after reading further, I didn't realize there was this level of negative sentiment running in the community lately. As playing a lot of FPS and knowing how toxic other online communities are, I've always bragged about this community as supportive and positive to anyone that will listen. While I haven't been around, I always enjoyed that I could come back here and see what the group I consider closest to "home" is up to. It's been a lot of the same faces consistently for over 10 years... that's pretty amazing and unique to itself. How many relationships in your life can you say fall into that category? While I know we get under each other's skin from time to time and we've been around long enough to know exactly how to push each other's buttons, everyone here is in a very select and unique family. It might not be the largest online community and it may not draw the most attention but everyone here is dedicated to one of the best games ever made and this is where that passion is shared. This site has been created and maintained by people more dedicated than ourselves. Out of respect to them and the continued pursuit to enjoy this game at its fullest, I hope that the fighting is simply competitive posturing and when push comes to shove, I hope we can all agree we have each other's back.
  6. Recent NHL94 Google alert

    Not sure if anyone else saw this but I found this pretty funny... 1. Saw this in my email yesterday. Well that sounds interesting lets check it out... "NHL '94" Daily update ⋅ January 15, 2017 WEB Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:2o6jx6j ... Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Umiejętności w Łodzi DOWNLOAD Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides). The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in ... 2. This leads me to audio book site ... I'm sure most of you go to Wiarygodna Szkola when you're looking for some audio entertainment on a long commute home from work. And if you look below, in case you didn't know, the Texarkana Gazette is the premier source of sports news and analysis. lol ... but check out the reviews in #3 Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:2o6jx6j lkui Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) Read Download PDF/Audiobook File Name: Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) Total Downloads: 1285 Formats: djvu | pdf | epub | mp3 | kindle Rated: 8.8/10 (64 votes) DOWNLOAD Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas. Download Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) News, reviews, previews, tips, and downloads for multiple platforms. Shadows Linger: A Novel Of The Black Company (The Second Chronicle Of The Black Company) To The Top Of Mount Everest (Great Expeditions) Neurosecretion And Brain Peptides Implications For Brain Functions And Neurological Disease Advances In Biochemical Using other people’s research or ideas without giving them due credit is plagiarism. Since BibMe™ makes it easy to create citations, build bibliographies and ... The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system. This is due to newswire licensing terms. Buy Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) android Ebook Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) buy cheap AXS.com brings you inside access to tickets, artist news, and exclusive stories on concerts, tours, sports teams, family events, arts, theater, and festivals ... Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) .doc download Furk.net is your personal secure storage that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately You can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC ... Find the latest sports news and articles on the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA college football, NCAA college basketball and more at ABC News. Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) PDF Download Ebook Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) kf8 download Winnipeg is the capital and largest city in Manitoba, and a major centre on the Canadian Prairies. About 700,000 people live in the city proper, with about 780,000 in ... A beautiful website starts here Weebly's powerful drag and drop website builder and guided set up get you to the finish line faster, no coding needed. Download Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) in PDF Download Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) ebook Buy Stephenson Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) ebook download Every Season Starts At Dick's Sporting Goods. Teams Sports, Exercise, Footwear, Apparel, Golf, Outdoors, Fan Shop and Clearance. Adres witryny: Previous 1 następna Ważne linki Rekrutacja Dokumenty wewnętrzne Tablica ogłoszeń Opłaty Harmonogram zjazdów Plan zajęć Dziennik wirtualny Dziekanat Szukaj na stronie Polubili nas na Facebooku WSIU na mapie Łódź - Bydgoszcz - Opatówek - Włocławek Aktualności Wszystkie Wydarzenia Informacje Szkolenia piątek, 18 marca 2016 16:26 JUŻ W TĘ SOBOTĘ! Dzień IT i ID - 2. edycja Największy technologiczny event w Łodzi! 3. Now I know I haven't been active lately but the NHL94 demographic has really shifted lately to a whole new audience. I'm really happy Jenny was able to finally get her hands on the NHL94 strategy guide. Please prepare yourself gents... I believe Jenny and Lisa will be top contenders by the time Kof94-2 rolls around. Jenny Martins Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these I can get now! Reply 1 Like Follow 1 hour ago Lisa Doran I was suspicious at first when I got redirected to the membership site. Now I'm really excited I found this online library....many thanks Kisses Reply 12 Like Follow 1 hour ago
  7. Everdrive

    I believe I have the same one as Raph. It's awesome. Even the load times on the older version aren't bad at all so that's something to consider if there is a price spread b/w the 2. My one tip to potential buyers is make sure you buy the correct size SD card. I know, probably something most people know but I didn't realize there were different sizes until I bought mine last year. Good luck!
  8. NHL'94 Tribute (from the domicile of EA)

    Hey fellas, Thanks to my dad whose held onto a copy of nhl94 for over a year now, he was able to track down JR at a charity event to sign a copy of 94 for me... xmas came early this year! Just to run this pic down for you from left to right: 1. Signed Chelios puck from a '94 tourney that I won in Chicago in 2013 2. My original copy of the first video game I ever owned -- Donkey Kong for Atari 2600 3. A signed copy of NHL'94 by the man himself, Evan 4. My newly signed copy by the beast himself, Jeremy Roenick. I just wanted to share this pic in a place where I know it would be appreciated most! Hope everyone is well these days!
  9. NHL '94 release date

    Not complete in box you can't... or at least you would be lucky. More likely around $10 for Gens complete. SNES complete would be >$10 but shouldn't be any more than $15. Actually, Sega CD complete I see selling around $8 pretty consistently. However, I see copies for both Gens and SNES selling for north of $20 all the time.
  10. I just saw this thread b/c Brutus commented on the Ko94 GB event thread. Man, I'm going to have to miss this one, I'll be out east that weekend but I'll be way down in S.Carolina. Have fun guys and looking forward to hearing how it goes!
  11. I'm interested. Wondering if any of the other Chicago contingent + Ice is planning on going.
  12. Favourite Videogames of All Time

    I bought Giga Wing last month... I feel I may have paid a little too much but it's difficult to come by these days. Looking to find a copy of GW2 but I'm not paying the going price of $250-$300 right now. I enjoy Giga Wing... more so than Mars Matrix which I found a little too difficult. I'm pretty much a schmups noob though. 1942 or Truxton is more my speed. ha Great comparison for Cannon Spike with FWorlds and Smash TV. I purchased that game back in Oct or Nov... although it is short, I do like the other Capcom characters in the game. Not having twin sticks for that game is a big disappointment though... the game is perfect for that set up and I'm not a big fan of the DC controller. I ordered a pair of DC arcade sticks this week but they'll take awhile to get here from Japan. Hopefully I'll have a better gaming experience using those instead. If you have any DC reccos, let me know!
  13. Favourite Videogames of All Time

    CWize, that list is awesome. I think we were cut from the same cloth when it comes to video game tastes. I've been trying to pick up a copy of Rez (J Version) for months now. I'm not ready to drop the >=$70 going rate at this point since I have it dl'ed to my 360 but I would love to grab a hard copy at some point. Have you played Giga Wing 2 yet? It's the last Capcom game I have to pick up for US DC and it's not coming easy... and I know it won't come cheap but was just wondering if it was a worthy title for the schmup genre. Also, since you have a lot of DC experience just based on your choices on your lists... if you had the chance to play it yet, what do you think of Cannon Spike?
  14. Favourite Videogames of All Time

    I mean, it's not as good as Racket Attack on the NES but then again, what is. yeah right. Nice match there, Jesus... You are a true Virtua Tennis beast! I don't want to hijack the thread here but speaking of the Dreamcast, what are you using to record your footage? Elgato Game Capture? Also, do you have any recommendations for a product to upgrade the resolution to HDMI? I've been doing some research, not sure if it's worth dropping $300 on something to do that but just looking for a trusted source like yourself that might know better. Thanks!
  15. Favourite Videogames of All Time

    I've been doing a bit of Dreamcast collecting these days and Virtua Tennis is a great call!