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  1. Attendance Wishlist at the next Ko94?

    Hey aqua, I'm little surprised as well. Thought there would be more of a response. I think I would have had Ice on my list but I was able to compete against him in Toronto. I used to play against him way back and he is a top competitor now. Also, Brutus was after my time but I got to hang out with him in Toronto as well and I have to say, he is as fun and great of a guy as you would expect him to be in person. A real asset to the community and I'm lucky enough to live around Chicago with him ... although we need to take more advantage playing in person together.
  2. Attendance Wishlist at the next Ko94?

    So this conversation came up a couple times in Vegas over the weekend... of all the guys, who do you want to see at a Ko94 tournament? OK, so first off, I wish every guy that has posted on this site was at every tournament but obviously that's not going to happen. So I'm limiting my list to people that have not participated in a Ko94 tourney. My active years on this site were many moons ago so my list will be from the old school group. In no particular order and my list comprises of people that I had the strongest connection with: 1. @HABS -- my 2on2 partner, one of the OG members on this site and a hell of a competitor. 2. @clockwise -- an established innovator who I wish had 48 hours in a day so he could dedicate time to build towards materializing just some of the ideas that were floating around when it came to 94. He is also one of the guys that helped me get set up on this site and really one of the nicest guys I've come across on here 3. @hokkeefan -- the original bad boy of the forums. You know, say what you want about hokkee, he played a lot of games in a lot of leagues and he was always up for exis. I think he would be a pretty compelling character to meet in person. @backhandfloater -- I met BHF through the forums years ago (turned out we lived a couple blocks from one another in Chicago) and we've remained friends since then. He would have made this list but we all got to meet him up in Vegas and he stuck around to watch the premier of Pixelated Heroes. Although, next time, I hope he will be able to participate in the tourney! Some honorable mentions -- gr8199, Dmitri, DaDonche, Carse, matthurray, tickenest, swos, the finland contingent, wboy (who I know has done so much for the site but I don't think I ever even played 1 exi against him even at my most active) Who would you want to see that you haven't seen at the next Ko94?
  3. King of 94 Tournament - Feedback / Improvements

    Agreed. I hope you can make it to one of these some time. I was actually on the phone with Mark Lesser a couple days ago and he asked me about younger guys playing the game. I brought you up (I called you Plabax but I'm not sure if that's what you go by today) and how you've not only had a huge impact with your ability to quickly learn the game but how you've helped to continually push the gameplay with newly developed tactics. He is always pleasantly surprised to hear about the devoted fan base to the game but it felt like he was even happier hearing that there are younger players who are playing this game as well.
  4. King of 94 Tournament - Feedback / Improvements

    Not sure if this is Kevin who I played 2v2 with in the lobby but if so, good to see you on here and great feedback. I really like the idea of forum representation providing demos to potentially new members. Great playing you in the tourney as well! Hopefully we can get some exis on here at some point soon.
  5. King of 94 Tournament - Feedback / Improvements

    GENS: 1. AJ is the big winner 2. Raph 3. EA
  6. Habs, wish you were at Ko94 II last weekend.  I was playing some 2on2 after the tourney and couldn't help thinking of my ole partner!  Hope to see you at one of these someday!

  7. King of 94 Tournament - Feedback / Improvements

    Great feedback by @CoachMac here, I think he nailed it. I would have like to see an actual printed out bracket at the tourney... maybe with sliding boards that fit into slots (could have been cool but that is a luxury wish list item and definitely not needed) The one thing I would like to add about wanting more of though is ... MORE GUYS FROM THE COMMUNITY. I'm not saying this because I'm disappointed, I'm saying this because, believe me, you don't want to miss out on these events. I can't begin to describe the energy of the live tourney. It's one thing to play each other online, it's a completely different experience to sit next to great guys like @corbettkb ; @jackandjose; @Evan to name a few and battle it out game after game. There is a respect for one another & genuine comradery that comes with playing in this NHL94 community, it's difficult to put into words. You will never see it displayed in greater fashion until you play at one of these tournaments with one another. So if you have to start putting money away right now to save up for the next one or as soon as you know when the next could be, start making plans... don't miss it. The two Ko94s that I've attended are experiences that I will never forget and it's the guys on this site that make them most memorable for me. I just want to say @halifax -- you are one of the coolest cucumbers around. For everyone else out there, you should have seen this guy. There was so much going on at any time and he was always calm and collect. He made time to answer any questions. If there was an issue (like not having enough CRTs; gathering groups to go over rules numerous times; bouncing between to the Downtown Grand staff, the commentators, all the GENS and SNES players just to name a few), he made decisions quickly to remedy any situation. I'm sure there were so many adjustments that needed to be made along the way and throughout the actual day but I never noticed a thing b/c the entire tournament was seamless in execution. Big thanks, Hali!
  8. King of '94 -WI III future date

    I missed out on the last one unfortunately so I'll be keeping a lookout for the details on this one. Thanks Troy!
  9. Tournament Discord channel?

    I deleted my king_of_94 room in case that was causing an issue
  10. Pregame Friday Fun

    Yes to all! Would love 2 get some live 2v2 in there.
  11. Pregame Friday Fun

    I'm not familiar with Discord. I created a Server with the name you specified. Let me know if you want me to delete it. https://discord.gg/EDyxTyv
  12. Pregame Friday Fun

    So what I think you're saying is we have 7am-8:30pm open to pregame? I'm hoping we can get together beforehand
  13. Pregame Friday Fun

    Hey Coach, I would really like to go with you but I promised the girl I would take her to a show on Thursday night. It starts at 7 which is exactly the start time of the game. But I'll try you guys afterwards!
  14. Pregame Friday Fun

    Hey Raph, my number is still the same. DL'ing Discord now... thanks for getting back so quickly.
  15. Pregame Friday Fun

    Hey guys, I was wondering anyone was getting together early on Friday to meet up somewhere or go back to catch some drinks/games at someone's suite (similar to what we did in Toronto). I'll be there Thursday but I'll be waking up Friday morning ready to meet up as soon as you guys are available. I've got a place at the Grand Hotel. Let me know if anything is going on. Can't wait to catch up with you guys!