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  1. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    We inquired but they would not extend it.
  2. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Yeah, once it expired on sept7th. They took it down.
  3. 1. Round Robin - Play 4 Games - must win 2 to advance to the playoffs (Since we don't have as many as we originally hoped for, I'm thinking of increasing this to 6 games for the round robin and having to win 3 to advance just to give guys more games for their money.) Any Forfeits (and I hope there will be none) will be a 1-0 score. 2. Players who qualify for the next round will be seeded. Tie breakers separated first by wins, then +/-, then by whoever registered earliest for the tournament. 3. There will be a best of 3 play in round to get to 16 teams. (with 32 players on a console, it works out to about 20 players qualifying.) The bottom seeded players will play in those B03 elimination series. 4. It will be a double elimination playoff tournament. 5. The winners side of the bracket will be B03. The only exception is if the remaining player for the loser's bracket beats the remaining player from the winner's bracket, they would play one more game only (instead of another BO3). (See N Below). 6. The losers side of the bracket is B01. So the day would look something like this: A. registration/explanation of rules (30 minutes) (there will be registration on friday night as well, which should take care of the majority of people). B. Opening round - two groups for sega, two groups for snes (90 minutes) C. Opening round 2 - two groups for sega, two groups for snes (90 minutes) D. Break to sort out seeding (20 minutes) E. play-in games (12 minutes) ** 16 players remaining once completed. F. Winners BO3 (35 minutes) ** G. Winners BO3 R2, Losers BO1 R1 (35 minutes) ** 12 players remaining once completed. H. Winners BO3 R3, Losers BO1 R2 (35 minutes) ** 8 players remaining once completed. I. Winners BO3 R4, Losers BO1 R3 (35 minutes) ** 6 players remaining once completed. J. Losers BO1 R4 (12 minutes) ** 4 players remaining once completed. K. Losers BO1 R5 (12 minutes) ** 3 players remaining once completed. L. Loser Bracket Final B01 (12 minutes) ** 2 players remaining once completed. M. Championship Final 1 B03 (35 minutes) ** N. Championship Final 2 (if necessary) BO1 (12 minutes) ** O. King of 94 Final BO3 final between SEGA and SNES Champions (Game 3 is one goal to win it.) (30 minutes) ** Extra time added for Dual System players remaining
  4. Open NHL'94

    The medium is the message.
  5. Ko94 II groups

    chaos has officially entered. boom!
  6. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    thanks for posting. it's only now i see my comedy of errors i said during the broadcast.
  7. Ko94 II groups

    Angryjay has officially entered. Boom!
  8. Play of the tournament. Glen Healy's Save. IMG_2723.MOV
  9. They keep this book in the jacket for all the tournaments they've had to compete for it.
  10. Rules Round Robin, no one can pick a team that's already been selected (this gets reset for the semis and final) Must win 2 games to qualify for the playoffs The rest is kingof94 rules. Round Robin - Home Vs Away 1.Tylerdeanhill - Pit 1 vs stheds2000 - Det 6 2. stheds2000 - Que 4 vs Tylerdeanhill - Mtl 5 3. the90jacket - Bos 1 vs Halifax - Chi 4 4. Halifax Buffalo 2 vs the90jacket - Win 3 5. stheds2000 - Van 2 vs the90jacket - Har 5 6. the90jacket - LA 6 vs stheds2000 -Tor 7 7. tylerdealhill NYI 6 vs Halifax NJ 5 8. Halifax Cal 8 vs tylerdeanhill Edm 5 9. Halifax Ott 3 vs Stheds2000 Ana 1 10. stheds2000 Stl 5 vs Halifax Dal 4 OT 11. the90jacket Was 0 vs tylerdeahhill Phi 7 12. tylerdeanhill TB 5 vs the90jacket Fla 4 Round robin standings 1.Tyler 4-2 2.halifax 3-3, win tie break on head to head +/- 3.stheds2000 3-3 4.the90jacket 2-4 Semi FINALS BO3 1. Tylerdeanhill PIT 2 vs the90jacket DET 4 2. the90jacket Har 4 vs tylerdeanhill NYI 3 the90jacket wins series 2-0 1. Halifax BOS 3 vs stheds2000 DET 8 2. stheds2000 CHI 3 vs Halifax TOR 2 stheds2000 wins series 2-0. FINALS BO3 1. stheds2000 PIT 6 vs the90jacket DET 1 2. the90jacket Win 4 vs stheds2000 WAs 3 OT 3. stheds2000 NYR 4 vs the90jacket MTL 3 stheds2000 wins the coveted NHL'94 Jacket 2-1.
  11. Just played an exhi with stheds2000 and of course I did not score a goal.
  12. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Looking forward to checking it out.
  13. AJ just texted me...$737 for a plane ticket here....likely not gonna make it...but awesome he looked into it.
  14. There's a rumour that @annatar , @chaos, @angryjay93and @kingraph will be in attendance.