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  1. Apparently you can go for a NHL'94 speed run world record. Fastest to 10 goals. https://www.speedrun.com/run/y97orenm The current record is around 6 minutes (as of april 18, 2017). I'm figuring someone on here could get this south of 3 minutes. Anyways...giver if you want buds.
  2. Sorry to hear bud.
  3. I assume this is for Sega, since I'd recommend some small fixes for SNES. - Fighting and blood back in. - Round robin/double or triple elimination tournament - 4 on 4, 3 on 3 options for game play or OT only.
  4. The genesis editing software is better overall, and there's more people that play the sega version. And no one interested(at the moment) in completing an snes rom.
  5. welcome to the site bud!
  6. boom i submitted my list.
  7. i registered bud...but it says "We’re just giving you a little extra time to think about your picks. The 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge will be live shortly." that was like an hour ago. not sure what the F is up with nhl.com
  8. It's been a while, but I noticed something from the game the other day that I didn't realize was in there. (or maybe it happened a long time ago and forgot it existed. Scenario from the game below: Chicago is down a man and then takes two more penalties. Three men now in the box thus 3:31 in PP time shows up. Boston scores 6 seconds later. Now in real hockey, the first penalty is over and it stays 5 on 3 but the time left would reduce to 2 minutes.....however in this game the time never changes. So he spends the full 3:31 shorthanded. Here's the video:
  9. That's awesome bud....I'd like3 of those please
  10. haha..yeah i only had $35 for the sega and i spent $25 on the trophy.
  11. This is another fun one.
  12. I think this is our goal of the tournament. @clockwise loves these.
  13. Big Shout to my friend Mark who looked after the stream for us. He did an awesome job. Here's the playlist below. First 4 games are Ice Hockey (NES), then it moves in to Sega next, and then SNES games at the end.
  14. The play off schedule is now up. http://www.nhl94online.com/html/playoffs.php?lg=43 brutus has stepped down. so I ranked everyone else by win pct. those above .500 are in the top group and those below are in the bottom group.
  15. Halifax tournament April 1st 2017. Sega - Daryl S. ($10) SNES - 1st - John M. (dangler) $60 2nd - Darrell S. (Halifax) $40 3rd - Jay R. $20.