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  1. Welcome to the site bud!
  2. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Awesome....bring back the shirt!
  3. Penalty Error found in the game.

    I didn't notice the delayed penalty (it appears so quickly and then disappears on the goal). Penalty Error....debunked
  4. Weird Rules Ideas for Tourney

    That video was great. Mort reminds me of Fenty in some ways. Pretty awesome to see the fellas out enjoying the game in the outdoors. The90jacket has an outdoor battle of goldeneye with a bunch of people out in the wilderness. Look fun all around. As for the rules, I'm kinda with coach on this one. Not sure I'd enjoy any of those suggestions bud. And you know I hold you in the highest regard, and then put another highest regard on top of that.
  5. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Hi Bud, As I understand it - food and drinks are not included, but are available for purchase. Your mom is the best.
  6. Vegas releases preseason schedule.

    doesn't appear to be a way of blocking more than 6 seats together. I was on last night and bought a block of 4 in the cheap seats.
  7. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

  8. 22 player tournament. They play single elimination. Early rounds is 2 periods only, then later rounds is a full game. etevans beat omega red in the final....it was a crazy finish...etevenas had a 2-1 lead with 2 mins left, then omega cam back and made it 3-2..and etevans scored the final two to win it 4-3. All the games are posted on "arcade mtl" on facebook. Omega on the left, Etevans in the middle and keeper of the belt!
  9. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    "once you finish booking, the confirmation email won't show the resort fee. "
  10. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Last day is september 7th you can get this rate (or, of course, if the hotel is booked). have you already registered for the tourney as well?
  11. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Additional note about the booking fee from downtown grand. "We normally don’t waive resort fees, so I can’t take the verbiage off the booking engine, however I added it into the pop-up message, and there is usually a piece in the confirmation letter notifying the guest of the $23 resort fee which I was able to take off from the group bookings."
  12. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

  13. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Hi Guys, I finally have a link for you so you can book your rooms. They've given us discounted room rates from Thursday to Sunday....and they gave a waiver on resorts fees (which they don't typically do). You must book by sept. 7th for these rates. https://reservations.travelclick.com/97332?groupID=2004264#/guestsandrooms
  14. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    Here's the link to book your hotel room! https://reservations.travelclick.com/97332?groupID=2004264#/guestsandrooms
  15. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    Hi Guys, Sorry this has taken much longer than I anticipated but I finally got the hotel rates. See below. They don't normally waive resort fees but they did for us this time. They've given us rates from Thursday through Sunday. (see below) The last day you can book these rates will be September 7th. I'll have a link to provide shortly so you can book.