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  1. I assume this meant for the vegas thread bud?
  2. Sega Group 1 Sega Group 2 Sega Playoffs SNES Group 1 SNES Group 2 SNES Group 3 SNES Playoffs
  3. ESportsEarnings page

    whoops...all fixed now bud...plus i had a couple other errors to fix.
  4. ESportsEarnings page

    @smozoma Vegas - SNES 1st - Jamil K. (Jammer) - $2320 USD 2nd - Bobkudelski26 - $920 USD 3rd - Kris Mack - $300 USD Sega 1st - AngryJay93 - $2320 USD 2nd - Kingraph - $920 USD 3rd - Eric V. (EA) -- $300 USD
  5. ESportsEarnings page

    @smozoma I'll get the Vegas ones for you soon as I can.
  6. King of 94 2 - Scores

    Please see attached spreadsheet. As you can see there were plenty of groups missing. I'm so mad at myself as I really thought I had grabbed all the scores. Apologies as they are loosely put in there and not in order of when they were played. Kingof94-2-scores.xlsx Sega Playoffs SNES playoffs SEGA - Group A SEGA - Group B SEGA - Group C SEGA - Group D SNES - Group E SNES - Group F SNES - Group G SNES - Group H
  7. ESportsEarnings page

    @smozoma Edmonton Tourney SEGA 1st Jeremy Klausner - $100 CAD 2nd Brian Raymont - $60 CAD 2nd 3rd (no third prize) SNES 1st Halifax $160 CAD 2nd Cliff Blyth $80 CAD 3rd Matticefire $40 CAD
  8. My NHL 94 Themes Tabletop Arcade Project

    @Bil I pimped this out on social media for ya bud. Someone will buy it I'm sure.
  9. SNES NHL'94 Top 10 all time goals!

    This NBA Jam style goal is my favourite.

    Now I know how Ralph Wiggum felt.

    do I make your top 10 bud?
  12. Congrats to @chaos and @kingraph for breaking the 2 player NHL'94 sega Genesis world record with 36 goal spread! http://www.twingalaxies.com/game_detail.php?gameid=6324&platformid=29

    Some great pics there bud!
  14. Yeah Chaos went out of his way to get the background shot as well (with Doug scoring the goal).
  15. The contact I have from the Canadian Brewhouse texted me last night and also wants to play of Sega. So I've added a Sega tournament as well.