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  1. You must be there. The world will be watching bud. Besides, you're the only person i know that can take a nap during a tournament and win it.
  2. boom!
  3. He knows about it bud. Hopefully he'll be there.
  4. So far Sega is kicking the pants off of SNES 9-2 for registrants. Smoz and Chaos are going for sure. I think Zepp and icestorm are in.....and of course mikey. I'm still hopeful on the saskatoon buds. They are maybes at this point.
  5. Registration is open for the tourney. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/king-of-94-ii-nhl-94-tournament-registration-33959801681 94 Buds going SNES 1.Halifax 2.Kingraph 3.Corbettkb SEGA 1. Evan 2.Addisonbr 3.Kingraph 4.Coach Mac 5.Coffey 6.Kevin Cabarello(He was at wisconsin king of 94s) 7-9. 3 other non forum buds. 10. corbettkb
  6. congrats annatar! champion du monde.
  7. This is our understanding 29th - $10930th - $119 taxes and resort fees waived. Block of rooms at that price are currently limited. We're meeting with them again this week to get more info.
  8. Coachmac signed up for both!...boom!
  9. I had texted Bob, he let me know he was away. I guess he got back thursday. I'll follow up with those buds again.
  10. Ola buds, Mikey has been focussing hard on his documentary to get it done. I'm coordinating registration and we looking to get it up as soon as we can. I think we are a few days aways yet. I was hoping by monday but we will see. I've been getting some help from quite a few buds, smoz, chaos, raph and evan in helping get things set up. The price to play will be $94 to include 4 guaranteed games (or $149 to play on both consoles)....with ~60% of players getting 6+ games. And you'll get to watch the premiere of the NHL'94 documentary "pixelated heroes". Stay Tuned!
  11. Apparently you can go for a NHL'94 speed run world record. Fastest to 10 goals. https://www.speedrun.com/run/y97orenm The current record is around 6 minutes (as of april 18, 2017). I'm figuring someone on here could get this south of 3 minutes. Anyways...giver if you want buds.
  12. Sorry to hear bud.
  13. I assume this is for Sega, since I'd recommend some small fixes for SNES. - Fighting and blood back in. - Round robin/double or triple elimination tournament - 4 on 4, 3 on 3 options for game play or OT only.
  14. The genesis editing software is better overall, and there's more people that play the sega version. And no one interested(at the moment) in completing an snes rom.