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  1. Ottawa meet-up this weekend? Sunday, April 22

    I might be able to make it bud...say about 0.94% chance.
  2. Any WHA roms

    WHA R.I.P. http://www.nhl94online.com/html/standings.php?lg=5
  3. its not too bad 3 buds show up...single elim...tourney is over by 10:25pm. go win that guitar bud.
  4. 2018 NHL'94 Playoff Simulation

    awesome work raph!
  5. Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    cant wait that long bud.....thunder bay april 16th, 2018
  6. 2018 NHL'94 Playoff Simulation

    one of the all time great buds right there.
  7. Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    Since I won this whole thing last year with my amazing nashville pick and the $500 bucks for first place...I'm entering again to take the title. i've got some real amazing picks this year..some great ones.....yuge.
  8. Jer's 2017 Play-off Bracket Challenge

    jer...you doing another bud? https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/
  9. NHL94 Pc

    This probably explains a Twitter encounter I had recently. Guy announce a few weeks ago that it was the 25th anniversary of 94. And I was frig off. And he was like true story. And I was like fake news. And he was like you’re fake news. In the end, I now know nhl94pc doesn’t have expansion teams. So perhaps he was correct. Although for me it was more like beta testing until they got it right for the console.
  10. Saskatchewan NHL 94 licence plate

    $75....but every province is a bit different. Vehicle is fine bud...just dirty...lol
  11. Just came in today buds.
  12. Saskatchewan NHL 94 licence plate

    Just got er plated today.
  13. [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    This is just incredible. Perfect!
  14. Hi Guys, As announced last night on our social media, as well as our live tv broadcast on KGBmanTV, King of 94 III will be in Vancouver October 2018! As always, we wanted to give lots of lead time. Mikey is really excited about it and, of course, so am I. I thought I'd just take a bit of time to clear up a couple items and if you have any questions, fire away! Venue: So at this time we have a place we're working on but until it's 100% confirmed then I'll leave disclosing this for now. Date: We haven't picked a date yet. There's some factors that play into this (availability of the venue and Canucks home games.) The NHL releases their schedule in June. I'm hoping that the canucks have a home game on a friday or sunday night so that those travelling may want to attend. (The vegas trip was a lot of fun for this). It won't be on oct 6th as that is Thanksgiving day weekend in Canada. Price: I believe it was aqua that brought this up on discord. $94 for Vegas was much more expensive for Canadians due to price of the dollar. But this time it's in CAD, so it'll be about $15 cheaper for the guys travelling from the US if the dollar remains the around the same. I don't think we'll change the price because we just like the $94 entry fee. Leaning towards the $50-$50 range now. Mikey wants more buds there. Format: I don't think we'll see too much of change from last time (subject to time available, number of stations and number of competitors available of course). I thought the 6 games in the round robin worked well and the playoff round worked well also. What's new: Players eliminated from round robin will be put into their own tier playoffs to play for prize(s). So everyone will have a shot to win something after the round robin. What's new: 2v2 tournament: This will be either free or maybe $5 a head. Considering: Allowing players that played in King of 94 I or II to choose the opening group the want to play in. This would be done by a pre arranged draft system(ranking those players 01 through XX). Then the divisions would be filled out with all the remaining players, taking into consideration their skill level (if known). Ex. Sega: Aj gets first pick...chooses morning group A, Raph picks second and chooses afternoon group B, Ea picks 3rd...and so on. I thought this might be something that could add a bit of fun to it. (Instead of me just deciding the final groups). Where I'll need help: Systems and tvs. Mikey has some consoles and so do I, but we may need more. And Tvs will be my biggest challenge. I'm hoping the vancouver guys I know will be able to help on the TV situation. Love you guys.
  15. [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    http://nhl94.com/kingof94/rules.html these rules may change a bit before the tourney but the in game settings won’t change.
  16. In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    @CoachMac can help.
  17. [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    He told me he’s going to try to make it. Good ol nova scotia bud.
  18. [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    Awesome. And yeah I agree I think snes is going to be even tougher this go around
  19. Welcome to the site! Lots of good people on discord to help out, so feel free to ask questions there. I think Hilite Reel Khalil might one of the best names I've seen on here. Glad to see you've taken interest in the King of 94 tournament. Feel free to pose any questions here
  20. Featuring @Jammer - KO94IIsnes and @McMikey and Cliff Ronning http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/nhl-94-tournament-comes-to-vancouver-for-iconic-video-games-25th-birthday The greatest hockey video game of all time turns 25 this fall. NHL ’94, the third game in EA Sports’ iconic and long-running franchise, was released in October 1993. A quarter-century later, it remains as popular as ever, even as every single skater in the game has since retired. (The last, 46-year-old Jaromir Jagr, played what was likely his final NHL game in January.) That popularity will be on full display at the third King of 94 tournament, which will be held in Vancouver this October. King of 94 is the brainchild of Mikey McBryan and Darrell Sampson, who connected through the NHL ’94 online community at NHL94.com. According to Sampson, McBryan was working on a documentary about the video game and he wanted a tournament to be at the centre of it. Sampson offered to help run it, and in September 2015, the first King of 94 was held in Toronto. “We had 128 entries,” Sampson said. “64 for each side on Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis.” Two years later, the second King of 94 was held in Las Vegas. And now, as the game approaches its 25th anniversary, McBryan and Sampson are bringing the tournament to its birthplace in Vancouver. NHL ’94 was developed at EA Canada in Burnaby, and it’s not difficult to spot the Vancouver influence: the Canucks boast the fastest line in the game in the trio of Geoff Courtnall, Pavel Bure, and Cliff Ronning. Bure’s speed makes sense, of course. The Hall of Famer is one of the speediest players to ever play the game, and his stats reflect that. As for Cliff Ronning, well, he knew a guy. “I went to school with the guy that started EA Sports,” Ronning told Yahoo Sports in 2011. “We were buddies. I think he thought it’d be comical if he made me 99 out of 100.” King of 94. HANDOUT / NHL94.COM Fittingly, the reigning King of 94 is a Vancouver resident as well. Richmond-born Jamil Karimani had only just recently rediscovered the game. After downloading a ROM on the NHL94.com fan site, he received an email about the tournament, and decided to buy a ticket to Las Vegas to try his luck with two of his friends. He wound up winning the whole thing thanks to an overtime winner from former Quebec Nordique Valeri Kamensky. “It was a magical OT kind of Game 7 finish with a huge celebration at the end,” he said. Karimani raved about the tournament, which boasted commentators and streamed live on Twitch, and the community, which was nothing but positive and encouraging — a rarity in the often heated gaming community. Little wonder, then, that Karimani plans to attend the Vancouver tournament to defend his title — although he’s not confident about a repeat victory. “I think I’m good for a top ten finish in Vancouver,” he said. Anything can happen. I will be there with my “A” game. But I’ll have a big bull’s-eye on my back.” “As long as somebody from Vancouver takes it home, it’s great.” That’s very likely, said Sampson. Karimani and his friends were three of the best players in Las Vegas, and Sampson has found, in his time among the NHL ’94 fan community, that Vancouverites are often standout players — at least on a particular console. “Literally the best players in Super Nintendo come from your own city,” Sampson said, offering one more reason Vancouver was selected as the site of the 25th anniversary tournament. The King of 94 tournament features separate brackets for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions of the game, as most players grew up playing one particular console or the other, and the gameplay has some major differences. Dedicated fans of NHL ’94 have a lot to say about them, but mostly it comes down to goaltending. “What differentiates the Super Nintendo version is the ability to control a manual goalie with a click of the button,” Karimani said. “But for Sega you have to hold down the button for two seconds before you activate it.” In other words, by the time you get control of your goalie in the Sega version, the puck may already be in the net. But that particular frustration is just about the only complaint NHL ’94 fans have with the game. Otherwise, they love it like no other EA release. “It just has that lingering passion surrounding it,” said Karimani. “These games turn over year on year, but NHL ’94 to this day, even EA sports would admit, it had the most lingering effect, that year, that game.” What makes it so special? In part, it’s the historical impact: NHL ’94 was the first hockey video game to be officially licensed by both the National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association — a landmark achievement in gaming. But that’s only part of it. “It was also the first time they had manual goalie, and the first time they introduced the one-timer into the hockey game,” said Sampson. “The replay value on it is kinda timeless,” Sampson added. For many, playing the game takes them back to a time when developments as simple as a one-timer were literal game-changers. Nostalgia is a powerful drug. Karimani pointed to the game’s primitive simplicity. In the quarter-century since, the graphics have improved, as has the artificial intelligence and the complexity of the game’s engine, but it’s only served to underscore how invitingly simple the 25-year-old game really was. “The new versions, the AI has a big factor,” he said. “There’s a lot of cheapness involved. It’s not as pure and genuine.” Sampson wouldn’t disclose where Vancouver’s King of 94 tournament will be held just yet, saying he wants it to be a surprise. Neither could be confirm the registration cost, although he did say it will be less than the poetic $94 the pair charged in Las Vegas. “We’re not in it to make a profit,” he said. “We don’t do it for that. We do it just because we love people to come out and play in these and see how competitive they are.” “People come from all walks of life. Obviously, the one thing that brings them together is that this was their favourite game growing up and it still is, 25 years later.” hmooney@postmedia.com
  21. What the NHL might look like in 2018?

    nice hoodie bud. Every time I see the cobra, I think of this guy.
  22. Toe Blake conference Roger Neilson division Vancouver Edmonton Calgary Winnipeg Los Angeles Anaheim San Jose Colorado Dallas Herb Brooks division Chicago Detroit Minnesota St.Louis Columbus Pittsburgh Philadelphia Washington Tampa Bay Dick Irvin Conference Bob Johnson Division Montreal Toronto Hamilton Ottawa Buffalo Boston NY Rangers NY Islanders New Jersey Pelle Lindbergh division Stockholm Helsinki Moscow Zurich Berlin Prague Bratislava Riga London
  23. great story @angryjay93. thanks for sharing bud.
  24. What the NHL might look like in 2018?

    There's still lots of time left in 2018. The NHL will make a big announcement expanding rapidly into european markets in August.