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    95 the year 2020

    welcome back!
  2. im buying like 10 for the game bud. they changed the yellow to gold...looks awesome.
  3. halifax

    95 the year 2020

    I think I'd rather organize it
  4. Early on in the day Colton Orr as playing another guy, then a glitch happened and both their nets disappeared.
  5. halifax

    95 the year 2020

    95 for SNES was unbelievably bad. Never played the sega version though. @segathan lol...love that graphic!
  6. made a couple mistakes in there. meant to say raph was "nhl94 sega world record holder"...not "snes sega record holder".. and the brewhouse is in richmond not burnaby. probably had some other errors...but it was fun nonetheless. @smozoma thanks for recording!
  7. @zippy. do you have results for the previous tournaments somewhere online?
  8. Don't play on crutches bud.:)
  9. Hi Guys, As announced last night on our social media, as well as our live tv broadcast on KGBmanTV, King of 94 III will be in Vancouver October 2018! As always, we wanted to give lots of lead time. Mikey is really excited about it and, of course, so am I. I thought I'd just take a bit of time to clear up a couple items and if you have any questions, fire away! Venue: So at this time we have a place we're working on but until it's 100% confirmed then I'll leave disclosing this for now. Date: We haven't picked a date yet. There's some factors that play into this (availability of the venue and Canucks home games.) The NHL releases their schedule in June. I'm hoping that the canucks have a home game on a friday or sunday night so that those travelling may want to attend. (The vegas trip was a lot of fun for this). It won't be on oct 6th as that is Thanksgiving day weekend in Canada. Price: I believe it was aqua that brought this up on discord. $94 for Vegas was much more expensive for Canadians due to price of the dollar. But this time it's in CAD, so it'll be about $15 cheaper for the guys travelling from the US if the dollar remains the around the same. I don't think we'll change the price because we just like the $94 entry fee. Leaning towards the $50-$50 range now. Mikey wants more buds there. Format: I don't think we'll see too much of change from last time (subject to time available, number of stations and number of competitors available of course). I thought the 6 games in the round robin worked well and the playoff round worked well also. What's new: Players eliminated from round robin will be put into their own tier playoffs to play for prize(s). So everyone will have a shot to win something after the round robin. What's new: 2v2 tournament: This will be either free or maybe $5 a head. Considering: Allowing players that played in King of 94 I or II to choose the opening group the want to play in. This would be done by a pre arranged draft system(ranking those players 01 through XX). Then the divisions would be filled out with all the remaining players, taking into consideration their skill level (if known). Ex. Sega: Aj gets first pick...chooses morning group A, Raph picks second and chooses afternoon group B, Ea picks 3rd...and so on. I thought this might be something that could add a bit of fun to it. (Instead of me just deciding the final groups). Where I'll need help: Systems and tvs. Mikey has some consoles and so do I, but we may need more. And Tvs will be my biggest challenge. I'm hoping the vancouver guys I know will be able to help on the TV situation. Love you guys.
  10. Damn. My 6 year reign is coming to an end.
  11. halifax

    Custom Table Hockey

    Those are great bud!
  12. halifax

    NHL player playing cards

    Yeah I remember my friend having a set of those growing up. Love those cards!
  13. Check it out!
  14. Hi Guys! First, the topic heading is not a typo. We were asked by the casino to change the date as there is a big event happening in Las Vegas during the weekend of the 23rd. The result of this means that hotel rooms will see a discount of 50% to 60% for us on Sept.29 and Sept.30th. This discount was significant enough for us to agree to make the change and save you guys money. We certainly apologize for any one that this may impact negatively. The tournament will take place at the Downtown Grand. http://www.downtowngrand.com/esports/ I've locked the other threads about this tournament that had the old date, so this thread can be used going forward. Mikey and I are extremely excited for this. We really think this event is going to be something special to be a part of. I know when I go to these, I don't have a chance to win it all, and I'm okay with that. It's the thrill of playing against many others, meeting you guys all again and just hanging out for a weekend playing my favourite game.
  15. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/king-of-94-iii-nhl-94-tournament-registration-47538592209 SNES online players confirmed Millertime_Van Koke Jammer Halifax (still need to register) Sega Genesis Online Players Confirmed LeifErickson Orangeblack Smozoma Coachmac Iamfleuryshipcheck
  16. Just wanted to Thank @smozomawho has started a 'results page' for king of 94. http://www.kingof94.ca/results.html Registration starts in about 7 hours from now. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/king-of-94-iii-nhl-94-tournament-registration-47538592209
  17. halifax

    2018 World Cup Pool

    Ola buds! I did this before in 2010....and then in 2014..... Back again! The winner gets $20....or a candle light dinner in Vancouver. As long as you signed up as a forum member before today, you can play! First download the excel file 2018 World Cup .xlsx.zip If you want to play, here’s all you have to do. 1.Post your interest in this forum. (That way I’ll know whom I should be expecting an email from.) 2.Make your picks on each game (winning team or tie game) 3.Rank your Teams in order of who think will win the world cup. Email the excel sheet to halifax@nhl94.com with your picks and place in the subject line: ‘(your forum name) picks’ by Friday June 8th I'll look after the rest! Here’s the rules. 1. There's a yellow column for you to make picks for each game. If you guess the correct outcome, you'll achieve the number of points listed for the county or tie. Example: In the first game if you pick Russia and they win, you get 1.33 points...If they don’t win, no points are awarded for you. If you picked the tie, and it finished in a tie, you would get 4.82 points, other wise you get nothing. And so on all the way down the list. 2.The player with the most points after the round robin will get be assigned their first choice of team for the round of 16! If there's a tie in points, tiebreaker goes to the forum member who emailed me their list first. 3.The second player will be assigned their first choice of team, unless it's already taken and they'll get their second choice, and so on all the way down the list. 4. If there's less than 16 people that sign up, then it will go back to the top of the list and I'll continue to assign teams until all of them are taken for the round of 16. I'll submit my own list, and if I win, @annatar and @Bob Kudelski and @Jammer - KO94IIsnes will retire from SNES forever. The World Cup bud list Halifax Skip Bob Kudelski CorbettKB Fiddz Annatar Smozoma
  18. halifax

    Angryjay 93: Youtube Channel Updates

    Thanks for doing this bud!
  19. halifax

    2018 World Cup Pool

    @smozoma vs @Fiddz for all the small marbles.
  20. no refunds bud...it's clearly stated.:)
  21. You can now view the rules, format and FAQs for the King of 94 III tournament. Questions? Let me know. FORMAT http://www.kingof94.ca/format.html RULES http://www.kingof94.ca/rules.html FAQ http://www.kingof94.ca/faq.html
  22. halifax

    2018 World Cup Pool

    only 4 buds left @kingraph vs @smozoma @Fiddz vs @Bob Kudelski
  23. halifax

    2018 World Cup Pool

    Yeah, I've seen some calls corrected. Makes it better overall I think.
  24. halifax

    NHL HORSE Matchups

    Love the idea bud. Please tell me more scenarios.