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  1. Remembering the good buds!

    Greg Smyth - February 16, 2018 - Calgary Flames #6, Rating - 29. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-journeyman-smyth-dead-at-51-1.1002643 Greg Smyth passed away on February 16th, 2018. While he is the lowest rated player in the game, it's always fun to throw him in from time to time. He was one of the toughest guys to play in the NHL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jik9jKX5ZGc
  2. Remembering the good buds!

    A tribute thread to those players that were in the game! This is the website I used to track these. http://www.sihrhockey.org/__a/members/deaths_by_year.cfm Steve Chiasson - May 3, 1999 - Detroit Red Wings #3 Bryan Fogarty - March 6, 2002 - Pittsburgh Penguins #33 Andrei Lomakin December 9, 2006 - Philadelphia Flyers #23 Peter Zezel - May 26, 2009 - Toronto Maple Leafs #25 Bob Probert July 5, 2010 - Detroit Red Wings #24 Igor Korolev - September 7, 2011 - St. Louis Blues #38 Brad McCrimmon September 7, 2011 - Detroit Red Wings #2 Shawn Burr - August 5, 2013 - Detroit Red Wings #11 Todd Ewen - Sept. 19, 2015 - Montreal Canadiens #36
  3. @Quetzalcoatlus won this tournament with the worst team in the game...I'll post more info later on!
  4. Yes....It's not 94....but I love this game and I think it is a ton of fun.. I know people on here won't be attending but I thought I'd post anyways for interest. I only expect people from Saskatoon to actually be here. I hope it'll tie nicely in with the olympics having all of the international countries. Here's a sample of game footage (It's just NHL'92 with countries)
  5. SEGATHON this Saturday

    The Chair incident from last year was the highlight of that tournament(if only the sound was on). I still feel like I can hear Jim Ross's voice commentating now. Loved that QB Browns is Putin.
  6. Welcome to the site bud. ARe you playing against other competitors on the emulator? Have you been able to get set up online to play others yet? awesome.welcome to the site!
  7. New World Record (Teammates)

    congrats on the new record fellas!
  8. I like the favourite Video games list thread that was already created. What are your top 10 favourite sports video games?
  9. This thread was initially created in July 2007 to recognize all active NHL players from nhl94 and what NHL teams they play on. It has since expanded to those players from NHL94 playing professional hockey anywhere. If you have any info in regards the players listed below or any from NHL94 not listed playing professional hockey...let me know and I'll update the list. Here's list of those active in/retired from professional hockey that were there in '94. Updated: October 06/16 Last Man Standing Jaromir Jagr - Florida Panthers RETIRED Tony Amonte Stu Barnes Jesse Belanger Ed Belfour Josef Beranek Rob Blake Peter Bondra Rod Brind'Amour Patrice Brisebois Sean Burke Keith Carney Chris Chelios Ed Courtenay Mike Craig Dallas Drake Sergei Fedorov Theoren Fleury Adam Foote Martin Gelinas Travis Green Bill Guerin Roman Hamrlik Dominik Hasek Derian Hatcher Bret Hedican Sean Hill Bobby Holik Slava Kozlov Curtis Joseph Darius Kasparaitis Mike Keane Igor Korolev Andrei Kovalenko Alexei Kovalev Dmitri Kvartalnov John LeClair Claude Lemieux Nicklas Lidstrom Trevor Linden Eric Lindros Richard Matvichuk Brad May Mike Modano Petr Nedved Scott Neidermayer Owen Nolan Teppo Numminen Michael Nylander Janne Ojanen Sandis Ozolinsh Robert Petrovicky Adrien Plavsic Mark Recchi Robert Reichel Mike Ricci Luke Richardson Gary Roberts Jeremy Roenick Martin Rucinsky Joe Sakic Geoff Sanderson Mathieu Schneider Brendan Shanahan Teemu Selanne Mike Sillinger Chris Simon Tommy Sjodin Jiri Slegr Mats Sundin Martin Straka Darryl Sydor Keith Tkachuk Pierre Turgeon Igor Ulanov Jim Waite Doug Weight Eric Weinrich Glen Wesley Terry Yake Dmitri Yushkevich Zarley Zalapski Alexei Zhamnov Alexei Zhitnik Sergei Zubov Feel free to post in this topic with any new info/corrections and I will make changes.
  10. Hockey Sauce

    I've been thinking about getting this for a while. let's have a battle at the next tourney bud.
  11. What an amazing experience for Raph! Awesome buddy!
  12. starts around 1:06:30....goes for about 2 minutes. nice find @Bob Kudelski
  13. View from the Booth (Dec 2017)

    Love the write up @jer_33. awesome stuff bud!
  14. NHL94 Twitter accounts

    Hi guys, If you have a moment, please post in this thread any players twitter accounts that played in nhl94. (and post your own personal twitter if you want). @nhl94dotcom Here's what I have so far. Doug Gilmour @MettleUnited Paul Ranheim@pranheim Gary Roberts@GaryRobertsHPT Cam Neely@Cam_Neely8 Ron Tugnutt@RonTugnutt31 Terry Yake@tyake27 Stu Grimson@asgrimson Theo Fleury@TheoFleury14 Wayne Gretzky@OfficialGretzky Ray Bourque@RayBourque77 Al MacInnis@AMacInnis2 Brett Hull@HOFBlues16 Jeremy Roenick@Jeremy_Roenick Cliff Ronning@CliffRonning7 bobby dollas@bobbydollas1
  15. NHL 94 Xbox Club!

    Thanks for the info Blake. Can this be set up for online player vs player? Or is it single gamer only?
  16. '94 SNES Hockey

    YES DAN! Congrats on the world record and proving to all us skeptics!
  17. As most of you are already aware, Jaromir Jagr is the only player left from NHL'92, NHL'93, NHL'94, NHL'95 and NHL'96. Gonchar did not make the pens this year. I believe in NHL'97, Shane Doan is the only other player in the game. (Patrick Elias played one game in 95-65 but I assume he would not be in nhl'97). I never verified through the game but only through 95-96 statistics and made assumptions. # Jagr2015.
  18. Ryder Cup 3 Way

    After seeing this before, I've thought about in putting it somehow. Not sure I follow the team selection though bud. any scores to report?
  19. welcome to the site bud!
  20. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    The 2017 NHL'94 Bud of the Year award goes to @slapshot67! Once the NHL announced that they would be expanding to 31 teams, many wondered what would happen to the existing 30 team rom. I think most thought one team would have to be sacrificed in the rom to make way for the Vegas Golden Knights. However, Slapshot67 took this on and seemingly made it look easy. The rest of us benefitted and we can’t thank him enough for the time spent on this. Additional buds who should be recognized. @naples39- created his version of the nhl18 rom @skip – assisted Slapshot67 with creating their nhl18 rom and ran VHL online league @Brutus – Ran Et tu Brute and then looked after the second season of Plablegs @chaos - continues to keep the nhl94online.com site going with updates and ensuring leagues are set up (set up 9 online leagues this year). Helped run tournaments in New York and Connecticut. He set a world record in co-op mode for nhl94 with KingRaph. @McMikey – screened Pixelated Heroes at Ko94 II after his last 3 years of hard work. @King of 94' WI - organized the king of 94 tournament in Wisconsin and continues to promote nhl94 with live streaming of games. @CoachMac - created some new roms and ran three online seasons of the premium retro league in a short amount of time. @kingraph – Constantly helping new people get started with online play and spent time not just helping the NHL'94 hacking commutiering but the NHL95 community as well. He also helped run tournaments in New York and Connecticut. He set another world record in co-op mode for nhl94 with chaos. Settle it on the Screen team – An amazing job on the King of 94 stream in Vegas this year. @smozoma – continued support of helping the online editing community. Previous Winners 2009 - Smozoma 2010 - Smozoma 2011 - Smozoma and @dan_lizhot 2012 - Smozoma and @DaDonch44 2013 - Kingraph 2014 - Chaos 2015 - McMikey 2016 - @angryjay93
  21. Welcome to the site! There's a few buds from Montreal here. Including @annatar, the best snes player in Quebec.
  22. Inspired by Dangler's recent meeting with JR, this thread is created for you to tell your stories of whom you've met, who you know or whatever the case may be to all those who have a connection with the nhl past or present. If you play in the NHL, please list that here also. I know chaos played 3 seasons with the Florida Panthers before he was forced to retire from a knee injury so he probably has the most prestige on the site. When I was 12, I went to a Mike Mcphee card signing (yes Mike McPhee was a big deal). I had my card in my hand but I was nervous I was going to bend it while waiting in line so I put in my coat pocket.....where....I ended up bending it...and Mike McPhee said "this is what I'm worth, a bent card?" He was just kidding, but other people around laughed. I was embarrassed. I hate Mike McPhee.
  23. Evaluating 92 Compared to 94

    Thanks for that Coach. Interesting to go through all of that. I spent some time and went through one of those league schedules. Out of approximately 200 games(and I removed the tie games)...the home team won 49% of the time...so there doesn't appear to be a home advantage. Unfortunately I don't have any answers to the questions you've asked for mikey's doc. Perhaps @McMikey will chime in one day on that.