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  1. The AJ Situation

    Yes, keep attacking me and other members of the community. Just brilliant
  2. The AJ Situation

    You are right, this is trash. We are both capable of writing messages and neither of us have since Dec. 1
  3. 2016 NHL'94 Bud of the Year!

    Thank you Halifax bud, I'm deeply humbled by you awarding me bud of the year but I politely decline. This has been an incredible time for me personally in the 94 world, especially when considering all the live events Ive been able to attend. It has been a pleasure to spend time with buds ranging from the creator of the site to the newst of buds, especially those in Green Bay as Trojan headlined an amazing group of new 94 players. I dont take it lightly that people have welcomed me in three different countries and at times have opened up their homes to me in order for me to attend tournaments, be a part of a documentary, or just to enjoy hanging out together.. I'm a very lucky individual and I really do hope to further the live scene to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, I'm completely disenfranchised with the GENS online scene and I feel like my negativity towards it regardless of how composed it may (or may not be) is something that I dont think reflects well on the online community and its attempt to grow stronger. I think we have many other buds who provide as much of a positive impact if not more to the community without the controversy that I can bring at times. All of the other buds that were also recognized along with so many others (including you Halifax!) I think are better candidates for such recognition. I hope the NHL 94 live scene and online community grows bigger and stronger in 2017. May the GA be with you.
  4. The AJ Situation

    I planned my most recent vacation in May, well before any fall season was confirmed. I knew my vacation could pose a problem as the season went on and I brought it up to Raph. Like it or not I was allowed in the playoffs, hell Id even go so far as to say I was encouraged to be in the playoffs despite my situation. I busted my ass before my trip to get my 2 snes series in and my 1 gens series in. I did what I could to get my series in with FPB but it didnt work out. I come back on the 16th to work two jobs, deal with the holidays and try to overcome jet lag after flying in from eastern europe. Granted, I didnt try to find FPB but on the other hand where is he? He has not shown up on the forums nor taken any time to communicate with me saying what his availability is. Yet somehow this is ALL my fault. I play my games and I play playoffs. My two issues occurred because I went to a live event which caused my opponent to throw the biggest hissy fit in NHL 94 online history despite the fact that we had a week left to play our games and he never tried to set up a time with me. The other time because I went on a trip planned well ahead of time and my opponent is awol/uncommunicative when I return. If you think Im giving you the finger bud, then I got another one for you. You guys treat me like this because you know Im not going to fly off the handle by going on a huge expletive filled tirade or act like some petulant kid. What I'm hearing in all this is I shouldnt go to live events nor should I go on vacations that I paid for and planned months ahead of time if they happen to interfere with any sort of online playoff series. Whether thats the case or not, I dont care. Once Im done in this classic playoffs, Im gone. The rest of you guys on Gens can deal with all the garbage that Im seeing here. Frankly, I dont have the energy to gutter snipe with you guys. Im done dealing with unreasonable people. Good luck to you Gens buds, youre going to need it.
  5. The AJ Situation

    What you mean is do whatever I didn't do so that you can be right and I'm wrong. This situation doesn't involve you, your comments are not productive and I don't recall you resigning from the same league even though you didnt play your season games because you "forgot" the deadline. Don't worry, your attitude has driven me out of all online leagues for the foreseeable future. Just do the community a favor by staying quiet and playing your games.
  6. The AJ Situation

    I brought up my situation to raph before the end of the season and he gave it the green light. Fpb hasn't been active on the boards since end of November and he hasn't sent me a message in any form since that same time. Not saying anyone is right or wrong among the three of us,but that's what happened. Next time you can do more research than none before you start typing
  7. The AJ Situation

    Sorry bud, been real busy this month. Here, talk to ricky, he's taking my messages since I'm so busy...
  8. GENS A - AngryJay93 vs FPB

    I'm back, just been fighting some really bad jet lag, working ot and doing holiday stuff. I'm just about back to normal and could play later this week
  9. Sounds like a lot of work. I generally don't like all that set up. I got a new internet setup at the house id like to try. If I can get it to work I'm in for sure
  10. I'm thinking Michigan? I don't understand the cap rules and I can't look at the actual rosters until I get home on Friday.
  11. What is the start date? I would consider this league
  12. Fall'16 GENS PLAYOFFS

    GG's to Ice. We had a good series with not a lot of room for anyone to operate. Thanks for getting them in early bud. Brut and FPB, I leave the country on Thursday and Ill be gone for two weeks. Id love to get our series in before that. If you guys could play sooner rather than later I would really appreciate it and I will do my best to play before I leave.
  13. I'll be around for our two tonight. Sometime after 11 est
  14. The AJ Situation

    Smoz I appreciate it but I advise you and everyone else to stop wasting their time here talking to plabax. He's a gutter snipe and it is his goal in life to bring us all down to his level so we can occupy his free time. Our best course of action is to ignore him. We shouldn't waste our time giving reasons to someone who will always fight them regardless of how much he contradicts himself. If the community wants to put up with him, so be it. It will continue to lose members who make positive impacts.
  15. Smoz, these uploads are fantastic and the audio captured between the participants seems loud and clear from what I've been able to see so far. Superb work, I cant say how much I appreciate you getting all of this set up and processed.