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  1. OmegaRed

    ***SNES Puck Dynasty ROM***

    It's all good on my end. Sorry for the delay
  2. OmegaRed

    SNES Dynasty Lineups

    LW-P.Stastny C-S.Yzerman RW-B.Hull #16 LD-G.Suter RD-A.Macinnis #2 G-M.Richter #25 LW-J.Juneau C-S.Nemchinov RW-M.Goulet #10 LD- M.Howe #3 RD- U.Kupp G- A.Moog #1
  3. OmegaRed

    SNES Puck Dynasty league

    I would like Québec
  4. OmegaRed New Stat Pages

    Pushing the NHL94 experience one step further, chapeau!
  5. OmegaRed

    The 20th Anniversary of NHL'94

    Sorry for the repost, havent seen it was there already...
  6. OmegaRed

    Wondered if it was possible... it is.

    Each goalie played a period, they got a shutout each.... i guess. My players point did not seem to affect the fact that the goalie had 100% save each. Also one game i did 13 goal with Lemieux and had the shutout. Lemieux had first star... So at some point a shutout is not enough.
  7. My buddy was not happy, but i did it.
  8. OmegaRed

    Spring 2013 season

    Sweeet... can't wait to redeem my miserable last season. I might also have 2 new recruits...
  9. OmegaRed

    Spring 2013 season

    Any updates or date on when it is gonna start????
  10. OmegaRed

    congrats to SNES B champ robsalon!

    Kudos, great player and classy bud. You got me good, i hope ill have my revenge next year.
  11. OmegaRed

    Fall'12 Classic Forecasted Playoff Scenarios

    Yeah im IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! Season sucked, i lost tons of game i should have won. Doesn't matter, just gotta win the cup. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.
  12. OmegaRed

    Fall'12 Classic Regular Season Ending Soon

    I think the best players of C should go into B and the best of B go into A. New guys arrive in C, if they are good make their way to B and A. Novice players would stay in C until they are good enough to promote. Lets say 3 best go up, 3 worst go down. I tought a system like that was applied. I arrived C last year, won, and made B this season. SNES B is going to be pretty hard to predict in playoffs, a few team could win it all. If i make the final and win it, as i intend to, i would expect to be moved to SNES A. If the buds in A are to much for me, ill do everything i can to stay in A until i win. Rating people to put them at the right level is hard to do, I would prefer if competition sorted people out. More fair. Mes deux cents...
  13. OmegaRed

    2012 Fall Classic teams assigned - SNES

    Some familiar faces in SNESB... people from SNESC last season. Fank and Etevans will surely want a revenge. I wont lie, aiming for the title again... I dont know those folks from SNESA but i hope to join them next seaon. How good can they be? Can wait to hit the ice!
  14. The Battle of Montréal We have to stop the Sabres attack, Mogilny will be a prime target. We are confident in victory.