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  1. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Finally took the plunge You've chosen to ignore content by tru.
  2. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Why do you really think he used a lag switch? Thats insane. He hates losing but would never stoop that low
  3. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    sounds like youre the douche
  4. Online Etiquette Guide

    haha yeah i think lots of people have different post-goal against habits. Whenever someones blowing me out and I start feeling defeated, I often stop checking after the whistle and just stand there. Im more of a checking after the whistle guy when im happy, not sad. Whenever i make a dumb manual goalie play i often spam the stick around looking in every direction making the goalie look like hes having a seizure lol
  5. Online Etiquette Guide

    cant believe you didnt know the pause and flick up and down was to signal nice goal brutus after all this time, thats hilarious. But I can understand, as I remember yearsss ago when i first started i asked raph if theres some sort of a morse code meaning to the pausing and flicking people do, so it wasnt intuitive to me either at first. Im surprised so many people find it annoying. Ive always felt respected when people give me the flick. Occasionally a player will pause and flick out of rage, usually they pause and immediately go into the replay and then immediately spam C and start or just double start to unpause. But interesting ideas about it quieting the crowd, never really thought about that. As much as I like the flick, maybe we should put a soft ban on it for league games or something. This is why we need ingame chat like snes gahhhhh
  6. nhl 94 Hall of Fame!

    where is the love
  7. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    Ah darn, that could be a dealbreaker
  8. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    i cant give up my fightcade account cuz i use it a bit myself. i tried it and nhl 94 works, its just the european megadrive version though, not sure if that makes much difference. My laptop runs 94 choppy offline on gens so i cant tell you how it runs, but i can say that nhl 94 is on there and it does work. It would be easy to connect to others if they had fightcade accounts
  9. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    this looks really promising. I have a fightcade account that works on fightcade2, but my connection is far from good enough to be the community tester lol. Fightcade is suchhhhh a good program. Even if you cant make savestates and lose out on stats, just having an emulator that runs nhl 94 smoothly and is super user friendly could be just what we need.
  10. Retaining A Guys

    Yeah. Moved back to my parents basement in the middle of nowhere
  11. Retaining A Guys

    my reason is and always has been - no internet
  12. 2017 Fall Classic

    wot u talkin bout lupz, pre-cb era was the golden age
  13. I Wanna Play NHL 94 At School

    minpind is alive o m g
  14. I Wanna Play NHL 94 At School

    this is how freydey and zalex started their careers when i was in high school the kids played downloaded flash games off of usb sticks mostly
  15. Open NHL'94

    Yeah, our sweet beautiful game looks like its reached the end of its incredible competitive lifespan. It could bounce back, but thats looking pretty unlikely at the moment as like you said, this has been 6 months with no pulse. Theres a whole lot of conflicting opinion drama regarding WHAT exactly killed 94s momentum, but to me it looks like a few different things caused a snowball effect of death. Some people lost interest because of 1 thing, others for something else, and then people lose interest because others are losing interest, and we end up with this. Its especially hard to motivate some of the more competitive people to play when the competition levels are at such a low level.