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  1. Open NHL'94

    Yeah, our sweet beautiful game looks like its reached the end of its incredible competitive lifespan. It could bounce back, but thats looking pretty unlikely at the moment as like you said, this has been 6 months with no pulse. Theres a whole lot of conflicting opinion drama regarding WHAT exactly killed 94s momentum, but to me it looks like a few different things caused a snowball effect of death. Some people lost interest because of 1 thing, others for something else, and then people lose interest because others are losing interest, and we end up with this. Its especially hard to motivate some of the more competitive people to play when the competition levels are at such a low level.
  2. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    haha i wish
  3. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    righttt intooo the danger zone
  4. The BS factor of 94

    Good discussion so far guys!! I agree with all 3 of you so far (not sure about the percentages, i really have no idea)
  5. The BS factor of 94

    As almost everybody knows/believes, in 94 (and in all EA sports nhl games) there exists some form of external influence that can and does have an effect on the outcome of games. Whether its momentum, ice tilt, randomness, nobody really knows for sure. Almost everyone agrees that something along those lines exists and has a big factor on wins and losses, with only the very rare wacklord believing in a truly fair and balanced game at all times. Getting to the point, I was having a discussion with plabax about whether or not you truly have a chance at winning EVERY single game if you played well enough. I believe that while in most games your play has a big influence on the outcome, occasionally there are games where it is actually impossible to win as long as your opponent is semi-competent. This is what im calling the BS factor. He agreed with me that this exists, and i asked him how frequently he thinks it happens. We both agree that this happens far more frequently than 1/100 games. My theory is that most games have SOME level of imbalance in regards to tilt/momentum/whatever, but most of the time it isnt heavily tilted 1 way. Like some games could be relatively 50/50, some 60/40, but every now and then you get an 80/20 or 90/10. Of course in most of those its possible to win if you outplay your opponent enough. This could explain why game 1 of a playoff series could be a 3-2 win and game 2 a 10-0 blowout loss. Of course theres more to it, but this is just a theory. Anyway, do you guys agree that games of 94 do exist that are relatively impossible to win against a semi competent opponent? If so, how frequently do you think this happens?
  6. looks like an awesome tourney guys good job running it and congrats tex! i want that trophy its so nice looking
  7. Cool concept about matchup cards. These would basically all be fine for noobs, but a few that stand out to me as arguably unfair are: MTL DET (montreal has weak offense and detroit is just way too powerful. DET is an A+ team whereas MTL is a B team imo) STL NYR (not trying to be biased here, but new york has a star center with decent wingers, that can speed by st louis' turtle speed players. The blues have brett hulls shot and nothing else) EDM NYR (edmonton is terrible other than klima and ranford, with bad home/away advantages. Especially hard for noobs to have to use guys like craig simpson as wingers, plus those fatass defensemen) HFD PHI (hartford has the lamest average joe fwds ever, they only stand a chance if you can utilize ZZ's beastly cb check. philly has a bootleg star in recchi with a good sidekick eklund, they at least have a decent offense) I would hate to be LA vs DAL but that's more bias than anything, its a fine matchup I would also recommend noobs to avoid the lower level teams as its hard for a noob to score with a team like washington or nyi. Plus its just more fun and fast to duke it out as chi det anyway my $0.02
  8. you having worked on the 2k series is pretty dang cool. NHL 2k8 is one of my fav nhl games
  9. Youve always been good at the signing up part, its just the showing up to play part that you struggle with we shall see
  10. My Greatest Strength

    Your competitive mentality. Like the amount of belief in yourself, paired with your fearlessness, and determination. Maybe thats cheating with too many answers but mentality is the word im choosing
  11. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    damn dude maybe i should look into dialup lollll
  12. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    welcome to my world aqua
  13. Surviving Summer

    Haha theyll never install it in this town. I wont have legit internet until i move out of mommy and daddies house, which seems like never Yeah thats true, but you know how finicky seth is about his exis. Like he will exi anyone, but if he doesnt get practice against top players in current leagues then he has mental breakdowns
  14. Surviving Summer

    Got fed up with the slowness of leagues mixed with nobody being around for exis most of the time