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  1. Hmm that seems strange cuz im almost positive i always aim up diagonal for most floaters. I see what youre saying tho, they do look like theyre on the ice. Maybe its just the way it looks? Cuz shooting low with floaters is wack As for your question Kurt, im not sure there's a better way to show them other than with a program that shows your inputs or something. Goal methods in 94 are a feel thing, as you can see in that vid all floaters are mostly the same, just slight variances in angle/speed/timing/whatever. You cant emulate those goals? Make sure youre using a player with at least a 4/4 shot or else it won't be very consistent
  2. Turning back into your own end when youre down late in a game isnt cheap. If you had the lead late then that could be arguable, but pushing forward for the sake of pushing forward aint usually the best strategy
  3. will you marry me plabax
  4. lol! thats gold
  5. hmm one thing depch, i dont think it makes sense to call people 'non b check players.' B check is an essential tool required to be good at 94 (at least in the pre cb days). To me thats like playing rock paper scissors and saying youre a non paper player, never playing paper lol. The b check was put in the game for a reason, so you have a way of defending a player that you are unable to check with the guy youre controlling. Cuz this game was designed with a weight fixed world in mind, without the b check this game would have had no balance. You all have lots of great points in this thread, im just here to say that i dont think it makes sense for players to consider themselves non b checkers
  6. no son, I just end up on autopilot after 3000 exis in 30 days against a cb whore
  7. Thanks for all the nice shoutouts lately brut! I kinda forgot that I made those a bit
  8. People always find something to complain about The new forum is great
  9. what happened to camkneely1?
  10. aj is a great choice for bud of the year. Having a skilled world travelling ambassador for the game is good for its health
  11. sdjfjsidnxc i read this whole thread thinking all the posts were from today, when i got to the end i felt like an idiot lol thx evan we love you
  12. Much love to you all for coming to my aid Raph - That's good to know actually, cuz that means it's not just an Acer issue. I think you're right now, def not processing power. Smoz - Thanks for confirming that it's not video memory. You're right, it must be a compatibility issue. But then again, I just did test some other emulators. I tested zsnes, and snes 94 looked a bit choppier than normal. I'm not very familiar with that game though, so it maybe it's not so bad, but def a bit worse than normal. I also tested nestopia and tester the original mario bros. It played alright, but definitely not quite perfect. There seems to be a bit of tearing or something when the camera is scrolling, also just not quite totally right otherwise. This is my main issue with how 94 runs, when the camera pans it's super choppy. I took your advice and tried changing power settings to performance, didn't make much of a difference (or one at all). I also tried running it using both the nvidia graphics processor, and the integrated one separately, nothin. Depch - Yeah maybe I'm just gonna have to buy an old pc to play this game. But the thing is, if this one can't run even a nes emulator properly then it's junk imo. I tried using all different kinds of combinations of compatibility settings, nothing fixed it. I think you're probably right about it being an OS issue, I could try installing windows xp, but honestly I tried that on my last laptop and almost broke it lollllll. Ive never tried a more modern game, but as long as it's not too new I'm pretty sure it'd run alright All in all, this has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth with this pc. Maybe I'd be smarter to buy a desktop anyway. Eh who knows, I'm the most indecisive man on this planet. Anyway, thanks again for the help everyone.
  13. Yeah I mean it isnt a total barebones pc I googled how to increase the dedicated video memory but it says with most laptops you cant change it. I went into the bios and theres no option to do so. I googled hard tbh And I still dont have internet cuz this town is too small, no fiber/cable/dsl/nothing
  14. I recently bought a laptop that wasn't designed for gaming, but I didn't expect it to be unable to run nhl 94 smoothly. It's no biggie if it can't run 94 anyway since I don't have internet still, but it's just annoying, and I feel like I may have well bought the cheapest laptop I could find if it can't even run this. Anyway to my question, what computer specs could be holding this laptop back from being able to run 94 smoothly? Could it be "Dedicated Video Memory?" Mine has only 128mb, and since it's a lame laptop I can't change that. Any help would be appreciated. I have 14 days to return it, and I'm probably going to end up returning it, but still