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  1. you having worked on the 2k series is pretty dang cool. NHL 2k8 is one of my fav nhl games
  2. Youve always been good at the signing up part, its just the showing up to play part that you struggle with we shall see
  3. My Greatest Strength

    Your competitive mentality. Like the amount of belief in yourself, paired with your fearlessness, and determination. Maybe thats cheating with too many answers but mentality is the word im choosing
  4. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    damn dude maybe i should look into dialup lollll
  5. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    welcome to my world aqua
  6. Surviving Summer

    Haha theyll never install it in this town. I wont have legit internet until i move out of mommy and daddies house, which seems like never Yeah thats true, but you know how finicky seth is about his exis. Like he will exi anyone, but if he doesnt get practice against top players in current leagues then he has mental breakdowns
  7. Surviving Summer

    Got fed up with the slowness of leagues mixed with nobody being around for exis most of the time
  8. Its okay brutus I understand. I guess I was more trying to say in hindsight that maybe we should have focused on vet retention all through the years more. But I know its neither here nor there as theyre all pretty much gone Yeah this forum does sound a lot like the real world rn. I mean I totally understand getting rid of the usage of "gay" "retard" etc as insults, as I even feel bad when I let one slip around the house. It's wrong and im fully on board with that I just want to be able to call someone a b***h when I feel its necessary / I want to
  9. Yeah im not sure whats casual about playing in online nhl 94 leagues. If you want casual, get a ps4 or xbox one and play new nhls there, theyre easily accessible. Using an ethernet cable and hamachi and a crappy emulator and setting up games on discord with a select few people to me isnt casual. Brutus, I know that 94 is dead right now. I dont play leagues but I still check into this site and see whats going on. Apparently im too negative though lol, if you associate yourself with plabax youre automatically a villain. Brutus the way you talk is that its totally dead, so just give up if thats the case. Also, if you need to pester people on their cell phone to get them to play their games then theyre not committed enough to begin with. Smoz, come on man not every post should have to be filled with rainbows of positivity. If you think my post isnt useful, it doesnt necessarily mean that its useless. Just let it be dude, being a moderator doesnt mean you should review every persons post for slight traces of negativity. I cringe when I read replies to my posts like this, but I cant force myself to refrain from speaking my mind on here. I still love you a-holes tho
  10. I think vet retention is more important than noob retention tbh. Lets be real it takes a pretty specific type of person to be interested in playing nhl 94 online, and chances are those types of people have stumbled across this site before. Yeah this site is wack and not easy for newcomers to understand, but if they have the specific genetic combination to wanna play this game online for years, then they probably will make the effort to google the site and figure it out. I believe we're putting more effort than what its worth worrying about attracting and keeping noobs. The vets are already here (or were before), we should be more concerned with accomodating the soldiers we have.
  11. Politically correct forums are no fun I dont think everyone comes here just for dry discussions about the game, and for setting up games / leagues Trash talk and banter is a big part of hockey in general. I'm not saying that F-bombs should be uncensored or anything, but I feel like every time I open up my mouth Im about to get a finger wagging lol tldr: I feel like I should be able to tell jballlicker he sucks if I want. I havent even played the guy before and we dont even like the same system, so this aint personal #freedomofvirtualspeech
  12. 1. Yes seasons are too long, it gets tiring 2. Yes 94 has enough lag issues playing just north american opponents, I know we gotta take what we can get but the added latency sucks donkey nuts 3. Similar to #1, if the seasons were shorter with stricter deadlines this wouldnt be such a problem 4. Okay cool guy, if you cant handle losing then we dont need you anyway 5. Aim is a thing of the past, discord seems to be working well

    shhhh youre supposed to be on our team
  14. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    but 6 5 skating is definitely better than 5 6 skating imo 6 5 skating gives you all kinds of agility to deke precisely in close quarters, while still giving you great speed. 5 6 skating is faster for sure, but considerably sloppier when it comes to any stop up, turn, or start. Even 5 5 skating is better than 5 6 skating in my books because its more agile aka gives you more skating control. 5 5 vs 5 6 I'm probably in the minority though. So while bure has yzerman beat in the speed department, i cant really count that as a plus cuz imo yzermans skating ability as a whole >>> bures It's cool though that there are so many different opinions on such important game matters. I like that we disagree fpb, you know, different strokes for different strokes and all that stuff