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  1. I agree about chicago brutus, and trudat zeppelin LA gets way better. Still hrudey in net tho, I could never win with that team lol In my books detroit is still the best team in wbf. Yzer Cicc and Feds can still dance and snipe on anyone. Sure they do take a bit of a hit in the wbf world, but their skating and shooting stats remain stronger than the competition
  2. In my experience plasmas are pretty solid input lag wise, at least my old one is. Still though I highly doubt it would be as responsive as a gaming monitor. To me emulation on my old windows xp pc with an old monitor feels totally as responsive as a genesis. On the cpu I used to play 94 with it was a laptop with its own screen, and it was solid but not perfect tldr: plasmas seem quite good input delay wise but id bet $$ that its not as responsive as a gaming monitor. I could be wrong tho! Trust google info more than tomkabs info
  3. you play 94 online on an LED tv aqua? you dont find theres a feeling of input delay?
  4. i dont think theres a way. As much as the 94 playing foreigners have fun personalities and add a lot to the community, its always a buzzkill to have to play eurogames. The extra delay totally changes the way 94 feels, and it especially hurts reactionary player styles. In my opinion theres nothing you can do about it, because even in nhl 17 euros arent allowed in the most competitive hut league. People from NA only really play NA opponents, and euros only really play euros, cuz there is just too much delay. I can say this with confidence because nhl 17 is on new consoles and doesnt have p2p lag issues like 94, yet this is still the case But I havent played 94 in years so dont listen to me lol
  5. im in and i picked toronto to win the 1st round fml gg
  6. its funny how opinions change over time. My 1 quote was when I hated on weight fixed roms, but after playing 1 blitz season I learned to really appreciate the weight fix feel
  7. Hmm that seems strange cuz im almost positive i always aim up diagonal for most floaters. I see what youre saying tho, they do look like theyre on the ice. Maybe its just the way it looks? Cuz shooting low with floaters is wack As for your question Kurt, im not sure there's a better way to show them other than with a program that shows your inputs or something. Goal methods in 94 are a feel thing, as you can see in that vid all floaters are mostly the same, just slight variances in angle/speed/timing/whatever. You cant emulate those goals? Make sure youre using a player with at least a 4/4 shot or else it won't be very consistent
  8. Turning back into your own end when youre down late in a game isnt cheap. If you had the lead late then that could be arguable, but pushing forward for the sake of pushing forward aint usually the best strategy
  9. will you marry me plabax
  10. lol! thats gold
  11. hmm one thing depch, i dont think it makes sense to call people 'non b check players.' B check is an essential tool required to be good at 94 (at least in the pre cb days). To me thats like playing rock paper scissors and saying youre a non paper player, never playing paper lol. The b check was put in the game for a reason, so you have a way of defending a player that you are unable to check with the guy youre controlling. Cuz this game was designed with a weight fixed world in mind, without the b check this game would have had no balance. You all have lots of great points in this thread, im just here to say that i dont think it makes sense for players to consider themselves non b checkers
  12. no son, I just end up on autopilot after 3000 exis in 30 days against a cb whore
  13. Thanks for all the nice shoutouts lately brut! I kinda forgot that I made those a bit
  14. People always find something to complain about The new forum is great
  15. what happened to camkneely1?