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  1. Adding the one timer to NHL 93

    Do you think it's possible to do?
  2. Adding the one timer to NHL 93

    I prefer Nhl 93 to Nhl94, but I do like the one timer that was introduced in Nhl94. Is there a hack which brings the one timer into Nhl 93?
  3. New Forum, with cart service

    do genesis games please !
  4. best 2013 sega nhl 94 rom ?

    is anyone working on getting blood into nhl 94 ?
  5. NHL 94 Ball Hockey Challenge

    cool rom !!
  6. best 2013 sega nhl 94 rom ?

    nice , do you know if they have blood when a player is injured?
  7. I'm looking for the latest nhl 94 rom , with updated rosters , weight bug fixed and goalie controls and possibly blood when players get injured , does such a rom exist ?
  8. NHL 94 on carts?! anyone interested?

    is this still going on ?
  9. Advantages?

    ya I always find scoring upwards is easier
  10. its in the GA interview series #2 Smozoma

    nice read thanks
  11. nhl'94 - greatest game of all time?

    looks like I opened a can of worms here lol
  12. How much money is worth?

    I dont mind seeing ads I'll just block them with adblocker
  13. nhl'94 - greatest game of all time?

    swingers was not a terrible movie
  14. NHL 13

    looks great!!, can't wait to play it