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  1. You can get kaillera to work on Linux, but I think it requires some vb libraries installed on Linux for it to run properly. You might want to check this post by wboy to get nose work where it's done. You can find other Linux information from below. Perhaps some Linux version run the casual gens normally but I had to use rerecording and they're 100% compatible with rerecording having some extra settings.
  2. This is exactly the same with some pass shots. To "fool" the goalie to follow a certain trajectory where the puck is expected to go from the players momentum and then do something that does not disturb the movement so the goalie does not fix the position. It helps a lot when you gain experience from doing these by repetition so you will be able to do them when when the goalie has just moved so it will be even harder to make a save by the AI. When it comes from the backbone and there is no need to think how you do it, then you've become efficient with them. Off topic: For pad vs kbrd conversation: This type of move is where keyboard is easier to perform with, but for me smooth deking is much harder with it and the skating seems somewhat bulky at times. But if you can do the floater with a pad then you can do certain pass shots as well, they just need to be done a tad faster with some more wiggle/deke moves-> more precision required. Advantages and disadvantages.
  3. NHL95 Looks fine, it was also probably more popular overall in Finland than 94 was, actually overall it was the first one to be a huge hit in sells of hockey games. I have one problem with the Genesis version of 95 though. The skating seems much more hectic and less precise than compared to 94. If that was not the case I think you could do pass shots in 95 effectively as well, but now it seems just so much more random and almost impossible to line up properly for the diagonal ones. Am I wrong here and is it just a lack of experience on the game or can you use skating skill to line up for great effectiviness for pass shots? The hectic style skating also looks like it's going to be real bad for high latency. It feels like the point for your weight is very high instead of down low. Looks fun for live events and low 1-3 frame latency games though.
  4. I'm posting the .krec here for those who want to view these playoff games in Gens. These are done with the new kaillera and you need the plugin to record or use the player in kaillera netplay to view the games. I'll add the links to those if anyone outside of the current community should ever want to check out the games. Just unzip the recorder plugin to your Gens/kaillera folder to be able to use the player from Gens netplay. Bin required: plablegsiFINAL.bin Kaillera: Recorder/Player plugin: Round 1 vs Zep: g1&2: 58a73bd40102.krec g3&4: 58a7403f0202.krec g5: 58a7464e0102.krec g6: 58a748780202.krec g7: 58a74adb0102.krec Round 2 vs Plabax: g1&2: 58abd7b90102.krec g3&4: 58abdc0f0202.krec g5: 58abe0720102.krec g6: 58abe2b40202.krec ps. It would be so much better if the match page on would be updated so the .krec files could be uploaded to there instead.
  5. That would be a smart option, but I would feel "cheap" doing that for some reason. Perhaps I could use that against players who would use that move themselves, similar to 5 hole passes. I thought Zep meant with Coffey, but that was impossible to stop.
  6. There was nothing to be done there. I switched to the D-man there, but Coffey was skating forward and the momentum just carried over, impossible not to commit. That was a good strip by Plabax before the situation and a prime example why I say it's defence that creates opportunities for offence. Some people just see the good offence or the possible result from that, but miss the play that leads to it, defence is super important. Overall I also was down 2 goals, I could not just be able to sit around late in the third. I'm sure there are mistakes out there from both sides to point out, even that did Plabax make a mistake in the aggressive play that lead to the open room for Gilmour at that onetimer, especially if you consider a passive passive D approach.
  7. I'm just gonna do these quick in a similar way that NHL96, NHL97 and NHL98 has. I'll quit after EA started to implement the EA Trax and pop music to the games, after that the menu experience just went flat and I know I'm not the only one there. NHL99 enjoyed even more success playing against other guys than 98. I think this was actually the first NHL game I also played IP to IP connected game as well over the internet. If I don't recall wrong you had to type something to unlock the internet option. The music is following more the theme of NHL96 and going for those heavy riffs and heavy sound again. NHL99: Intro: Menu 1: Menu 2: Menu 3: Menu 4: Loss: NHL 2000 did not enjoy much popularity in our groups at least for playing and that was a pity. I think NHL2000 offered a real nice and stable gameplay and you could have a real wicked good defence in this game for some nice grinding results. I liked Florida a lot because of Bure and my favourite D pairing was Simpson-Laus, they'd just sit in front of the goal and wreck everything while Bure would do the scoring. When it came to the menu the music took a new direction and I think Jeff Van Dyck did not co-operate here anymore and you could clearly hear it but you got used to these. NHL2000: Intro: Menu 1: Menu 2: Menu 3: Menu 4: NHL2001 was a dreaded game for me. Like you guys know my attitude towards NHL94 and the possible momentum this was a game that first introduced the momentum/emotion meter to the game. I could not grasp it then and still not. This game had a real strong momentum going on while before I always knew I could play the best players and give up a challenge in this game I had to bend, the first one I ever felt so. Damn you momentum! Menu world had some legendary tunes as well by Saki Kaskas especially menu 4. NHL2001: Intro: Menu 1: Menu 2: Menu 3: Menu 4: Menu 5: NHL2002 was super popular and players even got back to this game when NHL2003 was sucking loads, beginning of the end for PC era of NHL games, you would still come to see 5 more hockey games for PC. The menu music played in the background so much that some of these got to a legendary status. If I don't remember wrong, this was also the last NHL game that had some self made menu songs and not 100% the silly trax. This game also had momentum meter ^ n+99 -> BERSERK. Guys flashing and doing super shots when the meter was full. Kinda fun, but very arcade approach instead of competitive. The intro also sucked so I'm not even putting it here. NHL2002: Menu 1: Menu 2: Menu 3:
  8. One of my favourite NHL games ever. Also probably because we were able to make online leagues for this the first time. Set up your own web page, update trades during season, 20+ players constantly etc. I was once an idiot that kept my phone lines up for months so that deteriorated a relationship I had with a girl then. I must say that NHL came first and didn't think about others then, lael. I deserved all the crap I got afterwards. Legendary intro! Are you afraid of the masked man? I liked these menu tunes as well, especially menu 2, 5 & Loss theme.
  9. This game had some sick tunes for the PC version. Jeff Van Dyck offered some really heavy / industrial mixed tunes for the menu, I used these later on in some newer NHL games as well. Twas such a treat just hanging around the league menus and letting these songs play in the background. It was also the third EA NHL Hockey game for PC and the first that got away from the engine that was used in NHL94 as well. Sick intro! Intermission (could not be embed):
  10. This game was a bit let down. It was nearly impossible to defend certain types of players and a specific move. There was an absurd type of goal that you could score with always, I once scored 24 goals with Probert on all-star vs my friend who was a very competitive player as well. Yes, you just could not take those tanks down when doing a wobbly movement, talk about Blitz^n+1. Just a stupid game, but the intro & menu were ok in this one as well. Few legendary tunes, probably 1, 4 are my favourites from this one, but there were better games. Theme continued the same heavy/industrial type Jeff Van Dyke did in 96. We fell back to play NHL96 sometimes because 97 sucked so much on PC. What 97 did offer for me the first time is the first "online" experiences, well, not really online in terms of internet, but playing against the opponent on a dial up.
  11. The PC Version intro & menu music kicks ass! I actually like the 96,97,98,99,00,01,02 menu themes from PC as well, each of them have several of them. Should implement them here to a single thread here. Lots of great songs by Jeff van Dyck. I actually liked them so much that I modified the more modern PC menu soundtracks to have those oldschool songs instead.
  12. I will add my own commentary after watching this to provide better information for the insights that happened from my side as well. I just have to comment on the Coffey rush'n stop #2 @ ~5:00. I didn't try to do a slapper, I tried to pass it to Lebeau for onetimer, but Gilmour rushed in and took the puck so there was no onetimer and instead Gilmour skated it to the goalie then. Things to look from the defensive aspect of Washington. Looking at goals scored by Plabax. 0-1 I did make mistakes resulting on this goal. The first fail was on AI though, AI was skating forward with Coffey and carrying on the momentum to go for the puck, so I had to commit with Coffey for that and he just did not pick up the puck. We all have had these lapses happen to us. The mistake #1 was when I failed to CB-check Gagner with Fetisov. That is a situation that I translate to a succesfull check most of the time, but it did not happen there at all. The goalie play is just either aggression or try to guess it right and I failed on that one. - One AI mistake and 2 my own mistakes resulting for the goal. Easy goal for Plabax. 2-2 @ 17:00 I saw Rusty getting the breakaway pass so I was ready to take the goalie control, but when I saw him make a backhander I just switched it off. The AI goalie (Joseph) failed to make the save and there's a juicy rebound there. I sometimes try to do a rebounds from that position and it's possible Plabax tried that as well, if it was a failed onetimer attempt, then it was a lucky break for him. I don't see Plabax go for rebounds much usually so I'm guessing the latter one. It's a very opportunistic goal for Plabax, but good players find ways to get opportunistic. - Nothing I could change here, AI failed to make the save. A very opportunistic goal for Plabax. 2-3 The one thing that annoys me in NHL94 sometimes is that D sitting on place rarely happens for BOTH teams at the same time for a longer sequences within the game. When the other team has the AI D-men sitting down low, the other team has the D-men running around, usually. There are many things that could result to this and perhaps momentum is one as I'm guessing as you see later on. That is also one of the reasons I would like to find a way to eliminate momentum from the game or reduce it to a minimum effect at least or at least find the strict science behind it. @ 18:10, just look at those D-men lining up down low as AI straight from the faceoff. I know Plabax intercepts those passes effectively so I tried to not push my head to the wall with keeping to go for the diagonal pass from the corner so I skated back upwards to find some room to make a play, kinda like with Coffey earlier. I had an option for onetimer or snap it in with Lebeau. I just got real unlucky that Gilmour didn't pot that goal in and if that's not enough, getting double unlucky to give a bounce on a clear after making manual save with Joseph and trible unlucky that Coffey missed the puck, blocked the goalie and could not block the shot with the stickcheck like they sometimes are able to. Just everything going against me here, a terrible sequence in the game. Looks like momentum for Plabax in this situation for sure. It could be verified from the krecs and checking the crowd. - There is not much I could do differently here. I would make that onetimer 9/10 instead of the snap and I would also make that manual save with a goalie but the bounce is weird. I guess it's because of the sliding movement of the goalie that he makes that animation, just overall bad goal to give in. A couple AI failures as well. 3-4 @ 21:40 In my mind this is another goal that should not have happened. My AI D-men start to fall back, but when Plabax starts to rush the puck deep with L.Murphy, Coffey turns on his AI aggression all of the sudden and blocks Gilmour. Even after that negative turn of events Gilmour manages to hit L.Murphy even though it's not a 100% direct hit, but that's usually a hit that takes the player down near the boards. Here Gilmour just pushes Larry forward. Double misfortune here, first Coffey blocking Gilmour and then Gilmour failing the check to the boards, you can see the check making a contact with Larry especially when the focus is on Fetisov in the replay, see how Murphy gains lateral movement from Gilmour hitting him. - AI failed me here big time and there was the freak dodge of the check on Murphy as well. There is not much anything I could have done differently here but try to make a succesfull manual save with the goalie. 3-5 Good lateral pass by Plabax to get Jagr going from the wing. I try to block the route to make a move with Jagr and I get Jags down as well with my goalie but the puck slides in to the goal before getting shot. - I should have played that better with my manual goalie, I did the correct play with my goalie, but left the angle too wide for short side so the puck slipped in carrying on the diagonal movement from Jags. I felt like Plabs did not have to work much for the goals but could just stay opportunistic and look for counter offensive most of the game and the zone statistics tell the same 6:26 vs 3:49. Nevertheless a good game that broke my back in the series. I feel strong about going onwards with my game in top competition this year.
  13. I have to break down it to a few things first. There have been a few speculations going on how the home / away advantages go. Plabax has said that they'd be related to hot/cold aka the variation of player attributes according to the code in the game. And it's backed up by that you almost never see a player with 4 stickhandler toddle to b-checks at away, but it happens at home quite a few times for Muller for example at Montreal. Static rom cancels this out so there is no necessity to change home/away advantages in those roms if this is purely the case. Regarding the crowd. I've been taking a notice that whenever you have those open net misses or a several in a row the crowd is always at 90db or plus. I've also taken notice that it's usually the visiting team that has those misses going on for them, so I started to speculate that maybe the home/away advantages could be related to crowd as well. Like how easily the team can get that crowd bonus. According to the manual home teams are always at an advantage and the visiting team is always marked to have a "disadvantage". So "home crowd" theory was that crowd always is working for the benefit of the home team. This is not true though as is evident in the game Raph did go through and what I've seen from a small sample size of games in Brutus league as well, where the home/away are set to minimal (still does not necessarily make a difference, just probably been more observant there now). Crowd theory still seems to apply that the frequent misses happen at 90db+ but it can happen for either team at a time in a sequence within the game, not usually for both. So either team can wield the power of the crowd for gaining the "momentum". Fact is there are fluctuations within the games that are not explained by variance in user skill or changes in player attributes according to the roms. I would also think that I have enough observations of this to not make it out for it just being part of the randomness. Regarding the theory it's that perhaps home team can amass crowd bonus easier than the away team, but away team can still take control of it as well. Periods start at 65db and the normal play is carried around usually at 80db-89db where nothing out of the ordinary takes place. Stuff like that starts to happen when the crowd is at 90db+ db for either team. Regarding the science in the crowd I know for certain that visiting team checks & stickchecks constitute for a +1db to the crowd even during off play, but home team does not have the exact same result there to it. I've been too lazy to research it out. There could be some real science behind amassing the crowd and it could give you a hint do you need to change your style how you approach the game in some areas. Would it have any real meaning or results for gaming? I doubt that it would change anything much, but I know that at least you would not need to wonder about it in the games if it was 100% known and we'd have uncovered another "secret" that NHL94 still holds after all these years. Ps. Players say that momentum plays a much bigger role in SNES, that it's much more evident there. I'm fairly sure it's not nonexistant in Gens.
  14. That was actually nice to watch. Gilmour had a real bad game offensively there. Cutting some things down and I now understand why I felt so frustrated after the game. -I had one wonky goal vs Plabax 2 wonky goals -Me 3 "surefire goals", that resulted in missing the net and two of those resulted in counter offensive where Plabax scored vs 1 poor angle open net onetimer missed by Plabs -2 Posts vs none -Plabax run out of time in first period for a clear goal I did not like the way my AI handled the D either, was just rushing and no consistency on a low sitting D. On another time the score would've been very different and perhaps lead to a different result in the series as well. Next game was a blowout, I guess I just lost it mentally after this frustrating loss. Plabax GC & mental approach is top notch. And a good mental approach results in good opportunities. My "home crowd" theory does not apply here as it's clearly working against me in the latter part of the game, but the crowd theory in general still applies the misses dominantly happen in high 90+ db crowd for the other team. Thanks for doing this, was fun.
  15. FPB has dominated other A guys, but 5 losses vs B:s.
  16. Results for A vs B scenario: A Ott 8-2 A Tbl 8-2 B Buf 7-3 B Chi 5-5 A Fla 5-5 A Ana 5-5 B Mtl 5-5 B Det 3-7 B Van 3-7 A Sjs 0-10 Total: A = 26 wins B = 24 wins
  17. Cutting down my games with Ottawa: vs A: 3-5 (2-0 vs Smoz SJ, 1-1 vs Kingraph ANA, 0-2 vs Ice TB, 0-2 vs FPB FLA) vs B: 8-2 (2-0 vs Aqua BUF, 2-0 vs J&J VAN, 2-0 vs Coach DET, 1-1 vs Atomic CHI, 1-1 vs Jer MTL) I was mostly disappointed with losing both games to Ice & FPB. I expected to tie them up like with Raph. FPB gave me my biggest trashing in the season, but the second one was close one goal deficit. Vs Ice the second game I let him on for a huge lead, had to make adjustements and got the game to overtime but it was not enough. I expected to have most problems beforehand scoring with my players against Belfour and Roy and I got my losses from B guys against them. Predictions: I would say Ice dominated, he is 12-4 with 2 games to go vs Smoz and it takes a lot from Smoz to be able to win. So expecting Ice to go with record 14-4 and that a dominating effort with TB, at least in the manner of being able to grind the wins out, perhaps not as per dominating IN games. FPB has to face Raph and I'd expect a 1-1 series there which would make Ice the winner and FPB tying up the second place with two B guys and making me the fifth, but anything can happen. Fun experiment and should something like this happen again, I would recommend a fantasy type of approach but with Classic teams I would not participate (tiny perhaps with Anaheim). I'm sure players learned quite some from this as well.
  18. Gz to Plabax. I noticed that when I got more to a possession mode in games 5 & 6 vs him in the semis he went more to the turtle mode (krecs avail in other thread). I do not know was it me being able to push the game so much and forcing him to turtle or was it him baiting me to commit so he could find some open room from counter offensive (swos type approach). In more open end to end hockey I think I liked my chances in that series, but I was poor at reacting to the change and started to think about it too late, just had my focus on pushing the offence. Simply put he just had a better mental game. Accuracy is often related to crowd I see. High crowd tends to make the other team miss nets much more, there are a few other things I've started to guess it affects as well (when either player misses a lot or an open net, pause and check crowd, I'm sure you'll see it over 90db, the casual play is usually around 80-90 when that stuff doesn't happen, period starts with a 65db). Also as you guys have come to see I'm full of random theories, sometimes even closing to the to the state paranoia (never de facto unless proven) I also think that responsiviness can have an affect on how your AI reacts in comparison to the opponent, if response is not 100% even the other team has the advantage in initiative. Settings (esp. lag comp) can have an effect there, if the difference is clear cut. But I also think winning momentum/crowd plays a role and if the latter is bigger part of it and it's something your style can have an effect to. I would like to know the science behind it so I don't have to think about it in the games. I should have a lot of nice records of these as examples to show that can raise up questions, if I just ever find the will to go through them. For the sheer theory what I'd like to see in possible future plablegs is stopping the check counts after whistle at least so at least we can eliminate any chance of that having effect on play itself, the activity to keep yourself "warm" off play can still persist then. Also reducing the advantages & disadvantages to minimum as in Brutus league, I think I've seen home team miss nets more there during the small sample size. I'm still guessing they affect how the crowd affects the play, there are fluctuations within the games that are not explained changes in player attributes and the missing shots (open nets etc.) in general is related to the crowd.
  19. Excellent work by Chaos to get it up so fast after releasing the final rom, couldn't ask for more there.
  20. I have learned to spot now some of the effects better and I know that this has been used by at least by one player the past few years (perhaps a few, don't want to name anyone). As there is no way for a clear cut proof of any way to say if anyone is using it by version numbers or anything I can only see that it is serves the community to try to be as much open about it as possible so people will learn and force people to use them by using it yourself as well so no one will have the advantage of knowledge in this case. Settings I will be running during Et' tu Brute are the following: Gfx: Vsync = off Render = interpolated scanline (it looks quite bad, 25% is still ok) Full screen (you can change the render in full screen with F11-F12) Lag compensation = 4 (It's maxed out. I noticed I needed to up this from 3 when I use sound off or I'm seriously behind in team AI performance vs Habs & FPB at least) Sound = on, stereo 22050hz (I had to change this from having it off even with lag comp 4, leaving it on off just felt like it gave too much advantage to opponent AI initiative so I just put it to default settings, the game still feels very smooth with the low render even with this.) Explanation: The latency I usually get to play with NA guys varies from 100ms to 220ms so that is in between 4-7 frames of delay to your controls from latency alone. If you use added frames when hosting, then it gets even worse. People should not use added frames at all, just in the case of bad networks (jumpy ping) and majority of the networks today are just fine. When I play Coach I get 220ms ping to him, that equals a 7 frame delay to response, if I use a lag compensation of 4 it should equal to 3 frame delay, which is much better to play with. When I play Habs at his home I get around 180ms latency which equals to 6 frames, if he uses additional frames in hosting to balance out a jumpy network it's usually 7, which is quite impossible to do quick moves and fast pass shots with so lag compensation is highly recommended to make the game competitive and show what you can do. If only the other side uses lag compensation it's a really unfair advantage as he can skate circles around the opponent because of knowledge, not skill alone. Gens is also a very old program, so the code honestly said sucks. You know when you use Gens it's not as smooth as Kega or RetroArch when you test NHL94. When I decrease my sound settings and screen render I get a much smoother gaming experience, I also have an old laptop, but this was the same with my quite a good desktop unit a year ago so I think it's only the code in Gens. It also seems to have an effect on my opponent over online play. The gaming experience overall is much nicer for both. Kega netplay sucks for long distances and I think lag compensation offers a better online experience than Kega that way. RetroArch has not been tested online, but damn it's smooth offline. These alternatives come with the problem of not having the netplaysave in the form that nhl94online supports.
  21. This version of Gens emulator did not have it's own thread so it might be lost for MANY. If you are not aware, there is another version of the Gens emulator that is found on the site package. This is a Gens emulator that has much more options for recording movies and still has the very same netplaysave options that the basic one downloaded from the site What this Gens does have is the ability to change settings from Graphics menu -> Latency compensation You need to be aware that this can be of great help to balance your gaming out. It has been around for quite some time so several might have been able to take advantage of it and as it is compatible to the gens version found on site, you can never tell if anyone is using it to your advantage. It has been posted in this setup at least, so it's been available for at least 4½ years, I just found it out a couple of months ago and been testing it some in plablegs. It has helped me to improve my timings on B-checks and goalie control that I was struggling with previously. The version without netplaysave has been around for much longer. Theoretical: I think the faster response also helps with the AI play, but I cannot confirm this. But it "feels" like it provides better initiative for your players that they can be all around the opponent players. If it feels like you're getting hopelessly run over by your opponent and your guys are not doing anything, this could be the case. Try this out then. Perhaps things like this could support even the move to Kega if it emulates the play better compared to original Genesis version and is closer to live experience, if only it could have the netplaysave option and in similar forms to gens so the data can be read easily for reporting.
  22. Updating Boston lines: Line 1: C: Hogue LW: Reichel RW: Ronning LD: Bourque RD: Fetisov X: S.Young G: Burke Line 2: C: Ronning LW: MacLean RW: Semenov LD: Konstantinov RD: Konstantinov X2: S.Young G2: W.Young Basically just swap Bourque to LD then roles for Fetisov & Konstantinov from current ones and Marchment over McCrimmon.
  23. FA Stuff: Boston drops McCrimmon and picks up Marchment (change to #3)
  24. FA: Boston drops Daneyko adds McCrimmon
  25. We currently have Plablegs still running thas had filled that void to a degree. We're also currently kicking off the Brutus league that will last at least 2-3 months from now. After that it's summer time when it's quiet anyways. I don't think there are enough people or interest for any large leagues during the summer time. I'm willing to take part on a possible GDL after the summer, but if classic is coming back in fall, which I hope then perhaps even closer to late fall/early winter. I'm fine if they're run at the same time, just don't prefer them to start at the same time.