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  1. That was a real good read- especially for those of us who live in the Sun Belt locales and grew up with these franchises trying to make their mark in the NHL. I remember going to Lightning games way back in the early 90's and hearing people say things like "shoot the dang thang!" It was painfully obvious a large majority of people had no clue about hockey. A far cry from where the game is now... a true salute to those players and organizations for growing the game in these markets the way they have.
  2. This is awesome, well done; full marks for Sin City! Also of note, the Vegas Golden Knights will probably be playing their exhibition schedule at the TMobile Arena during this timeframe, maybe something to think about for a group outing...
  3. Fall'16 GENS "A" Vegas ODDS

    Which casino sportsbook can I find these odds? Planet Hollywood? Aria? Bellagio? If only we could organize a real-life NHL '94 tourney in Sin City... Doesn't somebody fairly active in the community live in Vegas? kgman? jrodimus?
  4. Did a Drunken night with Theo make the Weight Bug?

    Haha, wow, that is awesome! Definitely has his years mixed up for sure, as you guys mentioned, Tampa only had the All-Star Game in 1999. A solid story nonetheless, Dollhouse is still here and certainly functioning, back then it really would've been a wild place and in it's prime. Nowadays, Dollhouse would be down on the list behind Scores, Penthouse and the must-go if you're a tourist, Mons Venus. Not that I have ever been to any of these establishments. If I didn't feel so guilty about it, I would post some stories about NHL players and teams nightlife exploits here in Tampa. They are not a shy group when it comes to getting out for a good time!
  5. My hitlist

    That guy was a trip. I wonder where he is today.
  6. Jokinen just traded to the NY Rangers.
  7. I had Ian White in the list of Calgary defenders. Hagman has some history with Jokinen as well, I do agree with your comment about him helping. I always liked him from his days in Dallas. Not sure if everyone is "useless," will be interesting to see how Stajan plays. The big question is that the Flames now have 15 forwards on one-way deals. I wonder if Calgary is working on something else...
  8. Phaneuf requested a trade out of Calgary, Flames didn't have much choice. Hopefully this trade gives them some balance offensively, honestly, their defense is still pretty good- Bouwmeester, Regehr, Sarich, Giordano, White, Pardy, Johnson. Plus Kiprusoff in goal. They just need to score some goals nowadays.
  9. Player presence in leagues

    When I first started visiting this website/participating in leagues, I thought about this frequently. You had a handful of people that were always available and played their games, a handful who were somewhat available and got in some games, then some folks who were never available and didn't play whatsoever. It was always a nuisance to have those stragglers, but I've come to realize that's just the way it will always be. When people have careers, work, kids, busy schedule whatever...an online hockey game is going to take a backseat. It's unfortunate because when I had the time and availability, I was always one of those guys who wanted a 30-team league with a full 82-game schedule plus playoffs. Could you imagine how long that would take? That was before I realized how hard it is to get everyone on the same page.
  10. Any word on Montreal's availability? Last team that I have on the schedule to get to 40 games. Haven't seen you online yet, when are you normally on and able to play games? Big thanks to Vancouver yesterday for getting our games in. Good games man!
  11. Vancouver and Montreal, can you guys post the best times to try and reach you for games?
  12. Nifty goal by Steven Stamkos

    Great goal. Even better was the fight in the stands after the game- when Scott Niedermayer tossed a stick over the glass to some fans.


  14. Genesis B - Calgary

    Hi everyone from Genesis B. I've added all to my buddy list. Usually my schedule is pretty wacky, but if you see me online, I can play a game. Looking forward to kicking off the season! AIM- hockeyman1983cgy