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  1. Steveyzerman

    Tile Molester Not Working

    Hi, Could be one of two things, Firstly if I remember correctly Tilemolester was written in Java, check you have the right version of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed, The other thing it could be the language files for some reason havent been copied over correctly, to check this go to your tile molester folder and go to your languages folder and then ensure you have file called Let me know if this helps!
  2. Steveyzerman

    I am back! .... Been about 5 years!

    Sure, What sort of project do you have in mind?
  3. Hi Guys, Its a been a fair few years since I have logged in to this forum and to my amazement my account is still active :0! Only differences now is that I am professional programmer but still share a passion for hacking Roms
  4. Steveyzerman

    nhl faceoff 98

    I think I have this game somewhere! The faceoff series was awesome!
  5. Steveyzerman

    IIHF '94

    I was playing this ROM, this morning, It is pretty awesome!! I will be releasing a newer version of NHL 89 soon!
  6. Steveyzerman

    Player Indicator Number

    I take it you mean the number underneath the player star (For example Steve Yzerman's jersey Number is 19, so underneath the player star it would display 19), I once changed the number to black by fluke, I changed the wrong Hex Value while trying to edit the Ice colour! I will expirement with NHL 94 and I will get back to you on changing the player number!
  7. Steveyzerman

    NOSE feature request thread

    Oh right!! Well I hope 1.3 happens! I just wish I could be of assistance but I don't know VB very well, I am more of a Java man myself!
  8. Steveyzerman

    NOSE feature request thread

    I don't know how difficult this is to implement in VB but is there any chance of adding a player card previewer, if the hex address of Steve Yzerman picture was typed in, then the program could use TM or TLP to decrypt the picture! Also changing colours of teams on the start up section, so for example in my current ROM that I am making, I have the Alberta Oilers but when I go to select them, they have Anahiem colors, if NOSE had a way of changing the colors with ease that would be great! Anyway thats my recommendations!
  9. Steveyzerman

    70s,80s,90s,00s roms

    I did NHL 89 a while back, if you need help with editing the rosters or anything let me know!
  10. Steveyzerman

    NOSE for SNES?

    Hey Mike, If you need help, then let me know, I know VB & Java!
  11. Steveyzerman

    Chicago owner Writz died today

    Wow! I cant believe it Writz is dead
  12. Steveyzerman

    WHA 78 NHLPA93 Hack

    Awesome, I have always wanted to play a WHA hack!
  13. Steveyzerman

    NHL '94 cardset

    Were these cards released in the UK because I am an avid card collector
  14. Steveyzerman

    NHL 89! Finally released

    Try using Kega Fusion! lol, Thanks, I love the colour green by the way!