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  1. Coach, all better but now on vacation with family. Back in a few days and hopefully available for games again early next week.
  2. If you search Expedia for the weekend of April 14th you'll find prices for the Downtown Grand are only $74 per night. There are no holidays or big conventions for the weekend of September 29th so I assume we'll eventually see similar prices.
  3. Here's another video that might be helpful.
  4. Southwest Airlines tickets just went on sale for September(unfortunately not October though so can't buy return flight yet). I didn't see any good prices from NY or Denver, but I did see a $68 one way from Chicago (however there is a layover in Omaha). The Downtown Grand for September 29,30 has come down to $147/night.
  5. Corson + FIset for Holik + The Don
  6. Team: Washington Line 1: C:Modano LW:Dineen RW:Bondra LD:Kasatonov RD:Manson X:Clark G:Fiset Line 2: C:Bondra LW:Bondra RW:Corson(10) LD:Feathrston RD:Feathrston X2:Modano G2:Whitmore
  7. I think my team is handicapped too
  8. Confirmed
  9. Here's some pass shot goals from my Et Tu, Brute exis. Not as good as ice's but different.
  10. Habs 11.20 picks Cullen Habs 12.1 picks Jablonski I'll take Whitmore. Jer takes Pivonka Lupz takes Chris Joseph (D) Pearate gets Stauber Raph goes w/ Louie DeBrusk
  11. Greg Adams
  12. Smolek
  13. I'll take THE ICE WALL Stephane Fiset!
  14. I agree. An A will finish first, second and probably third.