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  1. NHL 2018 by naples39

    This is literally the exact NOSE software folder I us e. It doesn't need to be installed, just run from this folder anywhere on your PC.
  2. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Thanks for the tip! Fixed and re-upped in first post.
  3. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Check first post for updated version!
  4. TBH, I hate messing with rink/tile graphics and I haven't done it in a while, so I don't remember the hex sections of the ROM to do so. Basically, the technique is finding the sections in the ROM that designates the tile graphics and layout, and just copy/pasting the whole big block of hex values. You'll have to go back through guides on these forums regarding rink graphics to figure out where those sections are. The best I can do for you now is that once upon a time I made a bunch of ips patches. Just apply the IPS patch with an IPS program like Lunar IPS to a 94 genesis rom and it will apply that set of graphics to the ROM and change nothing else.
  5. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    It's a Genesis/MD rom. It can only run on Genesis emulators, and cannot be altered to SNES emulators/hardware. If you hack your SNES classic to run Genesis emulators, you could play it that way.
  6. My "Deadline" Roms

    If you're using HxDen like I suggested, control+G to 00BB88. You'll see in the hex table that you are at row 00BB80, and going across the table to column 8.
  7. My "Deadline" Roms

    It's very simple. Personally I use this software, Then it's just a matter of finding the right address in the ROM and typing in a few digits.
  8. My "Deadline" Roms

    Not at the moment, but you can change it yourself by simply changing 4 digits through a hex editor:
  9. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Thanks for the corrections. Don't plan on releasing updated version any time soon, but I will correct them for trade deadline update.
  10. NHL 2018 by naples39

    You're free to and it could be cool, just watch out for breaking the center ice logos (if you edit uniforms) or breaking player portraits when messing with lineups. Also, please note a version number/date somewhere inside the rom (opening credits?) to prevent confusion.
  11. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Re-upped v 1.1 with some minor fixes! See top post.
  12. NHL 2018 by naples39

    I haven't noticed that, but it might be a problem with the 32-team rom. I guess the moral of the story is stay away from player portraits in the main menu for the last few teams!
  13. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Thanks! I will correct and re-post in a few days.
  14. NHL 2018 by naples39

    UPDATE: I'm dropping an updated version of my ROM rosters as of 12/15 (ish). I've been picking at the rom continuously, and this mostly a ratings update for how certain guys are performing this year, with updated starting lineups/ photos as well (some teams like Vegas, STL really needed updates!). So I've hardly any time to test, but the time is now for release. Details: -All 31 NHL teams with up-to-date logos/uniforms/lines/ratings (thank you slapshot!) -player portraits for all no-line-change starters -custom/anniversary center ice logos for teams that use them this year (CAR, DAL, TB, DET, NYR...) -Weight bug fix -speed burst at 75% of original rom -accurate arena music per team (default in slapshot 32-team rom) -ice/bench graphic hacks (default in slapshot 32-team rom) -known bug with 32-team rom -- GAME WILL CRASH IF CYCLING THROUGH WPG (TEAM 31) PORTRAITS ON MAIN MENU Please let me know if you find any bugs or errors. Enjoy! EDIT: Re-upped v 1.1 with minor roster/player tweaks and corrections. Barring any major problems, this is final release. NHL 2018 by naples39 NHL94 NHL 2018 1.2 by naples39.bin
  15. NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    Nice work!