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  1. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Whoops, I mis-read upload as update. The World Cup rom is still here:
  2. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    I'm not sure what that 'update' would be. The World Championship is over and done, and the 2018 Olympics are entirely different uniforms, teams, and rosters. I am definitely not interested in making a ROM based on this Olympics that I didn't watch with a bunch of players I've never heard of.
  3. NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    Thanks, I appreciate corrections because there's no way working by myself I'm gonna get every player number, uniform detail, arena name, etc... correct. WSH is a tough call. #3 is the most 'accurate', but I think #2 comes off better...hmmm
  4. NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    The ROM crashing on WPG player cards is a known bug in the 32-team ROM. There is no fix for it.
  5. NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    1) I will correct the Caps arena name if I do an updated release of this ROM. 2) It's impossible to accurately re-create the Caps current jerseys in NHL94, so it's more art than science about what feels right. I'm open to changing it, but there's no right answer. Here's 3 different looks that I could do (one on left is in the current rom). 3) That's likely a bug in 32-team rom. Vegas is team 29 in this rom, Caps 30, 'Peg 31 (32 unused).
  6. Alrighty folks, I'm gonna put this up. It should be good to go, please let me know if you find any bugs! NHL 2018 1.3 by
  7. Updated rosters post trade deadline?

    I am also working on updating my ROM for the trade deadline, but it will take me at least a few more days.
  8. NHL 2018 by naples39

    It's not so much a bug as it is an unsupported feature. When you edit a rom, the playoff matchups have to be set manually. I simply didn't take the time to set them!
  9. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    I often like making things like this (did World Championship last fall), but I just don't have much interest in this tournament. Also rating all the unknown players would be a nightmare and arbitrary. Doing trade deadline update to NHL rom will keep my busy enough, I think.
  10. NHL 2018 by naples39

    I haven't tried it, but I would fully expect it to work fine.
  11. NHL 2018 by naples39

    This is literally the exact NOSE software folder I us e. It doesn't need to be installed, just run from this folder anywhere on your PC.
  12. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Thanks for the tip! Fixed and re-upped in first post.
  13. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Check first post for updated version!
  14. TBH, I hate messing with rink/tile graphics and I haven't done it in a while, so I don't remember the hex sections of the ROM to do so. Basically, the technique is finding the sections in the ROM that designates the tile graphics and layout, and just copy/pasting the whole big block of hex values. You'll have to go back through guides on these forums regarding rink graphics to figure out where those sections are. The best I can do for you now is that once upon a time I made a bunch of ips patches. Just apply the IPS patch with an IPS program like Lunar IPS to a 94 genesis rom and it will apply that set of graphics to the ROM and change nothing else.
  15. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    It's a Genesis/MD rom. It can only run on Genesis emulators, and cannot be altered to SNES emulators/hardware. If you hack your SNES classic to run Genesis emulators, you could play it that way.