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  1. Only 2 uniforms per team, one for home and away. There is nothing I'd like more than a true re-make of NHL 94 with no limits on number of teams. I've made like a dozen custom roms for different seasons--it would make me so happy if I could put them all in the same ROM. Choose a team, choose what year's roster, choose from 10+ uniforms...*tear* For instance, here's the Kings in my '87 rom which I think are the uniforms you like. And WIP for outdoor rom. The center ice logos will take some tweaking though:
  2. Absolutely no chance of other leagues. I can do an outdoor ROM alt version in an hour or 2. Doing an entirely new league ROM is AT LEAST 40 hours, and probably much more. Not to mention I really have no interest in it, anyway.
  3. I kind of like having things to tinker at, so I may give it a shot!
  4. Changing the pre-game arena names is very simple. Changing a few uniforms also not hard, but gets messy because of home/away conflict. For instance, the Flyers away for outdoor game was black, but all other home teams in rom would be dark or black, so you would black v black games unless you make other accommodations to avoid the conflict. Changing the center ice logos varies in difficulty, and really depends on how intricate the logos used were (I have no idea at this point).
  5. I don't mind the comments. The thing about making custom ROMs is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Obviously I'll never make a cent off doing these, and I'm never going to please every one, so I choose to make them along the rough guidelines of the original rom. I feel it's an important part of the game to have real separation between the big stars. More important however, is not every team being jacked up to the overall quality of the best 2 or 3 teams in the original. Most teams will put out a NLC lineup of players in the 70s in my ROM. The Crosby, Ovechkin, McDavid will be 90s. The excellent-but-not quite there will be 80s or thereabouts. Playing the original ROM with mortal players just plays different, and I don't want every game in my ROM to feel like a game with the allstar teams in 94 original blend where nearly every skater is 80ish. Some things that do separate my ROM player ratings from 94 is that defensemen skate better and hit less, and the goalies are better. I feel this is a fair reflection of how the NHL has changed since the early 90s. This generally leads to fewer goals too, which also seems fair. Either way, a team in my 2017 ROM wouldn't be out of place in original 94. For instance, you look at Skip's ROM with a team like the red wings. They have 5 FWs 76 or higher, 2 77 dmen, and 2 goalies in the 70s. That would be one of the top teams in the original ROM. This year in real life, the Wings are a last place team, and guys like Dylan Larkin are looking at a 30-point season, yet is a 78 in that ROM. NOT IN MY HOUSE BROTHER. I suspect the approach of skip's rom is more popular for some whiz-bang gameplay, but that's not the way 94 was designed to be played. Neither approach is "correct", but I really like the idea of keeping original gameplay feel and team/player differentiation. Playing with last place teams should play quite differently that first place---not just slightly less good but still all-star quality players from the original 94. Again, otherwise I wouldn't bother make a ROM that just does the same thing as Skip's because there would be no point!
  6. My goal is to try to keep the range of player ratings from the original rom where only solid allstars get into the 80s rating range and if you're not first line or close to it you're not in 70s either. This will result in slower play than ROMs like skip's where his ratings result in about +10-15 overall for every player compared to where I rate guys, and nearly every team has several guys in the high 70s and higher in his ROM. Way too many 5/6 agilities/speeds IMO! I guess that affects player AI too? Different strokes for different folks! I also think it's good to have different approaches, otherwise there's not much reason for skip and I to be doing the same thing!
  7. Alright, I haven't tested this as much as I usually do, but hopefully first time's a charm! Please let me know if you catch any problems/errors and I'll do 1.1 or or whatever.
  8. Working on it now. Probably in a few days.
  9. Thanks! I do try to get the little things right, but some things inevitably slip through the cracks. I really like doing the accurate center ice logos every year, even if I had to crop and simplify a few slightly (Flyers and Pens 50th this year).
  10. I'm excited to see a meeting of the minds for a 32 team rom! It's beyond my expertise, but I'll be puling for you guys to figure it out. If there is a viable rom that is NOSE-editable, I will definitely put out a 31-team 2017 rom next fall!
  11. Arizona, Columbus, Buffalo, New Jersey are the worst teams. Columbus still has decent goalie and D, NJ has Schneider and Hall, and Buffalo has some decent players. Arizona probably the worst overall team and Ekman-Larsson is only real standout
  12. Alright boys, the world has gone long enough without an NHL2017 rom. I'm sure there's mistakes in here, but it's time to put it out there. The usual features: -Current lines, logos, and uniforms -Player pictures for no-line-change starters -Checking bug fix -Graphic hacks for benches, faceoff boxes, crease, trapezoid -Anniversary center ice logos for PHI, PIT, STL, NYR, LA I'm sure there are mistakes in there regarding rosters and numbers, so feed back is welcome for fixes for a 1.1 release.
  13. I'll release an NHL 2017 rom (for 16-17 season) a week or 2 after the season starts. The graphics and stuff are already done, but I'm waiting for teams to finalize their rosters, have some semblance of lines....
  14. 31 teams next year troubles me greatly.
  15. Haha, awesome!