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  1. However, imo, guys play WBF draft leagues, and play Classic, where the ROM is NOT WBF. So, re-ranking the WBF of TEAM's, instead of players, does hold a lot of value to most guys I see asking for exi's or that play with me.
  2. For Chicago, I've not played w/ them WBF, only their players in a WBF league with a draft in place. However, Eddy & Steve Smith are a real, real strong start to a defense. The second option is a middle weight, 6 defensive awareness Chelios. That's still one of the top defenses when you include goalie. I think Chicago's non-JR forwards are still not at par even in WBF, as the weight isn't high enough to put them above the standard with their average speed and even less exciting shooting skills. BUT, JR can still dance, and shoots with a 5/5. With a STRONG home/away setting, if the advantages are no set to zero, I'd consider Chicago a top team in WBF. No longer the top team though for sure.
  3. So, tradition is 2 month long seasons for leagues 20-24 coaches in size. It's the obvious reason for this setup by me. i was unable to get enough people to 56 games to finish the league ahead of schedule, so I did not shorten the season. For my part, as a participant, I've finished my team minus Zep. I've finished half another team's games minus 2 X Ice. But as a commish, it's hard to scream at people who are still within standard setup guidelines laid out at the season's beginning. So, I can easily agree that a one month or month & half schedule is better. But changing rules mid stream is never a good idea. We know next time. Coach & Plabs are the few openly campaigning for short seasons before the seasons start, so the other banter sounds foolish to me given it wasn't there when I was creating the setup. I have signed up & played in both your guy's leagues in the past so I'm not opposed to your ideas. I did not think with Spring Break & Easter that we would be sitting so close to completion at 3-4 weeks in. If I had, I'd have made it 5 week season. Hindsight 20/20. I do believe the 4 X your own conference & 2 X the opposite has been a very successful formula, so that's a plus going forward. An easy way to mix A & B together without too much brain damage. i also thought Skip's VHL was dead since it took like 3 months to finish the playoffs, but given he just started that up again, I did not want to run the shorten B version of this league (~10 coaches NOONE month scale) like I originally discussed. i also am not doing DNP's, but just not re-inviting the guys who don't play. Maybe next season we might have 9 in A & 8 in B. I will likely put more emphasis on league quality over even schedule/stats. both chef & cbk were needed to get us to 20, which is a small number & we had 2 drops!! Most of us don't want to play in a 6 man league or we would already be doing it, over & over & over by now. so, I'll discuss with all the active coaches for next season we run & see who is welcome back.
  4. Tuesday night is TONIGHT you MOFO's. Darko, Chef & CBK all need games, so maybe you guys could knock out your 4 x 4 x 4, and that would put you all up 8 games each and back inline (somewhat).
  5. Hey guys. Sorry my schedule didn't work for most of you. I was the low man on the totem pole for games played, which is weird for me, because I normally finish my games plus help out with another team. I was around almost every night but Sunday night for those who could stay up past their Grandma's bedtime, but no dice Seriously, going forward, I'm dropping out of SNES. I prefer Gens anyhow, but my gaming schedule does not match with hardly anyone on the SNES format, so it just doesn't make sense for me to join these leagues and be able to complete half my games. Best of luck to you guys in the playoffs! Fedorov on the free agent market next season.
  6. FYI, Skip's ROM is a Blitz based rom. Blitz enables 6 buttons for Y button goalie control. If you don't have 6 buttons enabled (even if you only have a 3 button joystick), it will desynch.
  7. Coach Mac will take over for Winnipeg. Winnipeg is NOT playoff eligible. Hopefully, he can get them up to speed and enjoy the extra games for the pure GA of it. SIMILAR to Lupz's situation, it is a personal, REAL life issue dragging down Atomic's availability and can only offer our hopes & prayers going forward for his family and himself. As I told Mr AtomicRaven, he is welcome to rejoin any league that I'm involved in in a future date.
  8. It's working fine for me.
  9. FOR rest of season, NY Rangers VS A, under control of Brutus. VS B, under control of Tex. In order to make this easier, B teams that the Rangers play vs Tex need to upload their games. If this becomes an issue, Tex can send me the games, and I'll upload them. Cherio.
  10. In the mean time, I will fill in & play his games for him. His team will not be playoff eligible, regardless of my record.
  11. Lupz texted me last night that he is dealing with a family situation & it will prevent him from finishing his season. He had previously been extremely sick so what would normally be one of the early finishers has turned into our first casualty. Lupz went into further details in his text & he will be fine. Don't want to sound alarms & worry anyone about our buddy, but it's not my place to speak for him/share his private details. He will be welcome back I future seasons.
  12. I actually get annoyed with this stuff. I realize some guys get out ahead of other guys in their games played. Season set for 56 games and 8 weeks. We are 16 days into the season, and we are at 49% of games completed. Basically 6 weeks left, and I'd say we are well ahead of pace. If we get to mid April, and it's the same guys still behind, I get something like this. If you are PM'ing a guy, messaging specifically that player on Discord (AIM in the past), and also calling them out on the forum, and they are NOT responding to you with any response, then please forward this information over to me. I will get them to reply or replace them. AGAIN, just showing up when we are available, asking for games, and announcing it dead isn't accurate. For those trying to finish their season EARLY, the following guys are going to be hard to play right now: J&J was sick and then on vacation. Scheduled to return March 19th. Lupz is dying and might not ever recover! (He's been laid up in bed for 2-3 weeks now. All jokes aside, get better bro.) Ice has been traveling for work and backed up. The few nights he was clear for lots of games, noone was around. Atomic is dealing with a computer issue that is causing his league games to be lagged beyond. Pearate is dealing with something similar and might be part of his lower participation rate. Darko is in France and is a f&cker. PM him when you know you will be around on a weekend, and he's normally good to find games> CBK does not OFTEN log into the AIM/DISCORD setup. I find sending him a PM in the past was the best way to get games with him. CHEF is generally up really early in the AM and as such, goes to bed really early. Guys looking for games with him who DO NOT find themselves on closer to 6 pm to 7 pm eastern should consider trying to set up via PM or Discord a private conversation when you could schedule a game.
  13. Not saying Slack isn't better, but Discord is WAY better than AIM, and we already had guys converting over to Discord in a previous attempt, and it certainly seems to do everything this site would need of it. Plus, AIM was ending end of the month for some guys as an option, so we needed to get something done. This will do for now. We can always figure out if there is a better option at a later date once we have everyone OFF of AIM. Maybe revisit the debate mid to end of summer. For now, it's Discord.
  14. Guys, AIM is f-d up, and is going to change how it works end of the month. Several members are having issues with it and several more will not be able to use it END OF MONTH. So, we are switching to discord for Et Tu Brute. It's REALLY easy. Download from here: Invite for NHL 94 general Discord chat: There is a sub-channel for Et Tu Brute in it.
  15. This forum is not so easy for me to navigate these days. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the ROM for Genesis NHL '95 last night. Anyone able to upload it here, or the link to it?