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  1. Brutus

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    Ok my ? would be, how if my router or provider is "throttling me" so I not have the lag when I connect to someone else. sonetimes they are further, sonetimes they are closer, but I've had 3-4 hour exi sessions where I played lag free vs say 5 opponents, but the 6th guy, who wlso just had no lag with the other players, now has lag with me. numerous times when we both then continue playing with someone else again with no lag. the continuous clean play vs other opponents both before & after & verified experience by the guy I have lag with. so, if one guy is causing everyone lag, him being throttled makes sense. If I didn't have lag, then had lag vs everyone else for the rest of the night, again throttling would make sense. to me, I don't understand how it could be throttling if it is only vs one opponent & not the others.
  2. Brutus

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    Port forwarding only fixes the home games, and in leagues, you need it both ways, but I have always been for this. I actually plan on doing a walk through with someone later this week to set mine up. Also, more than a few are not able to use port forwarding because they play on their laptops and it leaves the house with them, so they can't have static setup for IP address and switching back & forth is a bit much for some guys. And some guys play from work, making port forwarding not an option for league mandates, or I would have done it years ago! I don't understand how if the same software is being used, in terms of Kaillera p2p, and I have no lag with a guy for 6 months, and all of a sudden for 2 months, we have horrible lag that this would be related to the game code because the game code/connection code is not changing. And other guys are having this random switching of guys who they can play with lag free only to have it pop up as suddenly lag hell, ie right now, Aqua & Atomic, both local in Toronto, having played lag free for years, suddenly have crap connection. The software being used, PC's and distance of who/how we are playing is not changing. What's weird was that switching to old Kaillerra vs Zep worked to remove the heavy lag, but that only worked vs Zep, not so much vs others, and it still wasn't a great connect. Again, I don't see how it's not tied to Hamachi. I thought about pointing to my Comcast provider say but that didn't make sense because I can play lag free vs 2 players from different areas, and then when I play vs someone who also just was playing lag free with players from other areas, when we play each other, we have lag. We give up playing each other and go back and play again with other players and have no lag. So, my internet provider is not noticing I'm connecting to Hamachi, but Hamachi is relaying me to Baltimore, instead of Toronto, and causes me lag, but when I switch back to play the guy from Colorado or even Toronto again, I'm allowed to be lag free. The main thing changing then is Hamachi, as I have to give the Hamachi IP address to connecting to different areas, different connection servers and those relays, depending on where you are connecting to, rely on different networks/servers. The PC being used to play on, the internet provider and the software running GENS are not changing, but the results are. I could be wrong, but I would prefer someone to explain how it's NOT Hamachi in this circumstance. Further break down. Back in January, using Kaillera p2p through GENS and my Comcast connection from my PC in Chicago, I connect lag free and play NHL94 vs J&J in Colorado, Lupz & Raph in New York, Aqua in Toronto, but try to connect to Zep in Baltimore, and it's LAG city. Go back to anyone from before, and I'm lag free. Zep, using same new Kailera p2p, same computer and internet provider from Baltimore, connects LAG FREE w/ J&J, Lupz, Raph & Aqua, but not w/ me in Chicago. Aqua using the same Kailera p2p, his same computer & internet provider in Toronto he always does, connects LAG FREE w/ everyone, including Atomic in Toronto. And so on. AND THEN, 3 months later, I can now connect with Zep lag free, but not w/ Tex, and suddenly, Aqua & Atomic can't connect for crap even though they are close by. Zep now has lag with someone else not named Brutus, etc. Guys are all experiencing random LAG issues with different opponents. Maybe old Kaillerra performs better under heavier lag/ crappy connection than new Kaillerra, but I don't think Kaillerra has anything to do with these random heavy lag connects Hamachi is giving us between two users.
  3. Brutus

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    I think it's Hamachi related. because about a year & half ago, my issued had become playing J&j. No change in CPU for either of us. then, about the same time I stopped having issues w/ J&j, I started having issues with Tex. i used to almost never be able to play w/ Zep, and he's Baltimore to my Chicago. We ended up playing on server a few times even. FOR some reason, switching from new kalierra to old one would get Zep & I to be able to play. Our normal connect would literally be like 4-5 second pauses during the game , unplayable. With old kalierra, it was not idea, but at least playable games. both Zep and I would play lag free vs other opponents several games before & after a/ out lag, or without lag spikes, so the only thing changing from "good" to "crap" at those times is the Hamachi connection. Thats why I believe we need to finish up an alternative connection option like Retroarch.
  4. Aqua makes a good option. when in disagreement, X is default but both options still on table to play & load save states. if not too much work for chaos & not somehow contributing to others not upgrading to a preferred process, I think this is a logical request.
  5. It's my opinion we should have this setup by the weekend as a viable way to play and setup the leagues to enable uploading save states using Retro. To me, only question remains if the leagues moving forward should allow being able to upload a save state from either Retro game, or Hamachi, or just Retro. I think in J&J's Summer League, obviously guys started the league using Hamachi, so you'd want it to take both forms. But moving forward, it's probably easier to have the ability to DO both, but might cause issues if one guy wants to use Retro only, and his opponent only wants Hamachi, especially come playoff time. AND we all know, especially come playoff time, how c&nty some on this site get, so I'd probably have only one option in any league I ran.
  6. Update for my Retro experience. Still going to do a full write up after the weekend, but a couple of things. #1 I doubt anyone who is not computer technical can set this up first run without a little help. SAME could be said for Hamachi & finding games on Discord, etc. Good news is it doesn't take that much time to do AND there aren't 100's of us. #2 If setup properly, using it is very easy to use once you get used to the different layout/verbage. For example, we are used to saying "ROMS" in conversation all the time, but anyone not into emulators will look at you like you've got a 3rd eye if you start talking about you are making a ROM, or editing a ROM, etc. Same for this program, it uses words like "CORE", "CONTENT", "RELAY SERVER", etc., foreign to us now, but easily picked up. Once you have it set up (takes maybe 10 minutes if you follow directions, 30 if you are CPU slow), getting a game is really easy. AND, if you have someone experienced play a set of games with you, with you hosting, them hosting, back and forth a few time, it should be locked in within one night, two max, for you to be able to play without issues going forward.
  7. I found that as someone who already went through a lot to setup and play NHL94, I "SHOULD" be more patient with a different setup, and this clearly is that. It's 100% something foreign to anyone experienced at Hamachi and Gens as the way to play/connect. That said, Hamachi has been way worse in that last year, and even more so in the last 6 months for more than one pair of players trying to connect. Finding a different method to connect to each other to play a stable game that is stable for everyone open and doesn't have desynchs should be worth full effort. Which is why I found my setup painful because I was tired & late, but not overly difficult to at least get "into" it. Getting something you have no idea how to use to work properly requires patience. After the end of this week, I will update how I found this software to be && tips I learned, things to avoid.
  8. I am more than willing to help test this stuff out, but won't be around till later tonight, late Wednesday night. I think it's 80% of why we lost people going from the low B levels. Guys would get aggravated with lag & desynchs and just lose interest if it was too much work to connect with each other. I think most people are willing to grind out to get your first taste of online playing an old favorite game, but don't want to keep grinding every time you go to play. BUT, even if it's harder to setup but ends up easier to play, I think it's a WIN long term for sure, especially come playoff time!!!
  9. Brutus

    Official Summer Rom

    SO, in OPTION 5, it states ALL attributes will either be HOT or COLD. FOR me, it surely seemed that the number of times a guy is COLD and more specifically WAY COLD seemed to be much greater than any other combo. That's why I'd rather have it where each rating is randomly plus or minus 8 points, because then you can still find some use for a partially cold player. Just my take on it. Maybe there could be an easy fix where speed/agility are tied together, Shot Power/Shot Accuracy tied together and Stick Handling/Passing tied together, but not all of them, so if a player is COLD shot, he might have a HOT shot! That'd be way more fun than all cold or all hot, imo. BUT, I can't code crap.
  10. Brutus

    Official Summer Rom

  11. Brutus

    Official Summer Rom

    I remember hearing this before now that we are re-discussing it. I'd rather have speed 74 & 69 agility instead of 69 speed & 69 agility. It's not that much of a difference. SO, I don't remember HOW it went to make it "all cold changes the same", but TO ME, it seemed to be more like a much stronger version of being cold than what I'm seeing with Coach's ROM here. FOR EXAMPLE, I just fired up another game, and here is Reichel's ratings (normally ALL 4's, or 72) Agility 73, Speed 79, Shot Power 63 Shot Accuracy 80, Passing 67, Stick Handling 74. NOW, I prefer static, BUT IF we are using HOT/COLD, then I definitely prefer this instead of him being 67's or 63's across the board. I'll settle for an occasional wonky Speed/Agility combo over the entire guy being cold/useless. ***AND of course, Hull was cold again. He's always cold, 90% of the time. *** REMEMBER, we only draft 5 guys these days, so subs/other options are really limited, not there.
  12. Brutus

    Official Summer Rom

    Well, this is definitely better than when a guy is cold, all his ratings are cold, especially when it seems to be way more often the guy is EXTREME cold in this option more times than not. And, I NOW remember, but it's been at least 3-4 years since I've looked at Smoz's settings for applying the hack, so I actually forgot that was an option. Either way, this looks like a good setting for us.
  13. Brutus

    Official Summer Rom

    My ? is, is there something Skip could have been doing to make the hot/cold more extreme or to display everything all as one extreme? Because I've never seen guys with different hot/cold on different ratings in the same game (which is actually much better!).
  14. Brutus

    Official Summer Rom

    SO, I've been thinking about this. The only ROM we've been using that was not-static for a while is Skip's VHL Rom. I just loaded up Coach's ROM, and it's the first time I found HOT/COLD ratings to not be universal straight, "YOU ARE COLD, YOU ARE s**t". In Skip's ROM, the AGILITY & the SPEED where both always both dropped and BOTH way cold. So a guy who is normally Speed 92 was coming in the low 80's every time. OH AND OF COURSE, Brett Hull was ICE ICE COLD!! lol
  15. Brutus

    Official Summer Rom

    Yeah I get it. I know in your leagues how the settings are going to be upfront, and I draft my team(s) accordingly. Using NHL94 ratings, there are a LOT of guys who I'd drop in my draft rankings if I wouldn't know if they are hot or cold, because the entire player changes based on this for certain types. For example, Brett Hull. He's a 5 stick handler and a 6/3 shot. That shot is awesome when on. But, if he's cold, now he becomes SLOW and loses his ability to "toggle" B checks, as his 5 stick handling drops down below the "toggle" level. His 3 accuracy, which is tough to handle when normal, becomes unbearable. So a guy about speed 3 with 4 stick handling and a 5/2 shot is barely above Brendan Shannahan for this game. As a result, for this game, Hull can't play center. You have to move him to LW/RW and make other arrangements to score with, and if you drafted Hull, you normally drafted at least one setup guy, so your scoring options just got even more limited. But figuring out a guy is COLD isn't always a one shot experience and you instantly know. It can take several bad plays to figure it out. Another example is a guy like Muller. He's all 4/4/4/4/4/4/4's across. But, he's fat. So, if he's cold, he can't shoot from afar because his shot is closer to 3/3, can't skate at his weight with 3/3 skills and generally, is way below a bugger in terms of value. I'd rather play with Bob Bassen than a cold Muller. Even IF Bassen is cold, he doesn't lose his weight/ check ability, and with his weight and speed burst, at least stays a defensive dominant forward. And here in lies the conundrum. IF the goal is to feel out who is hot, who is cold, etc, and work through who to play, I'd be ALL for it, if you change the game time to AT LEAST 7 minute periods. 5 mins x 3 is not enough time to figure it out and not be behind the 8 ball the rest of the way. This randomly gives a huge advantage to one opponent without enough time to adjust for it. Because remember, by the time I figure out Hull is cold, I still don't know if the bench player I bring in for him is cold as well! ALSO, if I know up front I won't know till the end of the 1st period if Brett Hull, Muller & one of my other players is worth having in the lineup, I'd draft guys more immune to this. Guys like Ray Bourque lose some of their offensive prowess if cold, but they can still C/B check like a monster and stay aggressive checking as CPU. Goalies like Eddy, even cold are still dominant. SO, if you know up front it's going to be BLIND and random, then I'd at least adjust accordingly. That's my long explanation on WHY I prefer to know the ratings if the HOT/COLD is on. I get wanting it to be more like real hockey where you don't know till you play the games, but even with a guy like Hull in static mode, he's a 6/3 shot. There is already a lot of random results with nothing guaranteed build into the video game, imo.