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  1. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I knew I'd get a book out of Plabs on that one!! Seriously, there is a video of Plabs vs someone in some finals using CB and it's obvious the other guy doesn't know WTF is going on. I think it's Frey, but I'm old and my memory is not what it is. Still, one of those titles comes with an asterisk in my book. Online, dudes definitely use any edge to win. I've often enjoyed taunting the kid for it, and shortly after I did, the lag spikes vs him stopped Not sure if he ever did when he was way more competitive/ jonesing for titles or not. Clearly, not at the end. That said, I've never been half as good as him, and he clearly drafted a lower ranked team and also never tried to create a super team. Big kudos for his work on finding CB, big kudos for setting up Plablegs and the non-penalty league. I've never held his jockstrap in this game. He still puts up the WORST WORST WORST arguments on any forum I've read. Horrible logic pattern in that head.
  2. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Don't let the nerd push you around! Also, for those not aware, Plabax used to use a LAG SWITCH, which greatly increased his playoff winning percentages. It was after this was discovered, and his controversial retirement that suddenly, his greatness has been put into question. AND, the guy who FOUND the C/B trick is Plabax, and he used it for over a full season and won a title before sharing it, but part of his "glory" was with a clear advantage I think Frey? didn't know about. I mean, 1 million kudos to the kid to finding a bug in the game 20 years later that noone else had and using it to his advantage. BUT in the debate of straight skill, Plabax was more like Belichick, using all the edges to win, but they become tainted. Can't take away the trophies though, or the lack of class
  3. Online Etiquette Guide

    This is why I gave you a comment, because you are always an arse. For you to throw your comment at Coach, a guy who does a lot online & actually plays online, compared to a guy who never does but just trolls, it's a full earned... STFU
  4. Online Etiquette Guide

    In some sense, I feel like a noob. I've been on here a long time, but not nearly as long as a lot of the "A" crowd, && I've never known it was a signal of nice play type thing by the vets !! lololol. Somehow I missed this in intro section. and I don't believe it stops momentum, just gets rid off he noise/ displays a temper tantrum. i could be wrong. Obviously.
  5. Online Etiquette Guide

    I think Coach's comments need to be put into perspective. #1. It's HIS retro league. He mixes players from his roms w/ '94. So, I understand number changes that go with retro. Its also wbf w/ no c/b so we already make mental adjustments. It DOES cause mental delays. I sometimes pause game during a stop to go re-look at a roster to see who is who. So, it would make sense for the guy doing all this retro work to want it his way! I understand Raph taking the gamer's point of view that Plabs laid out. From a gaming point, it is an extra distraction but I'd not imagine Coach not using the numbers he did given the league/format. #2 There are some annoyances with playing the same game OVER & OVER & OVER. One of them is intros, music repeating & delays. That said, I've always found it a-hole like to pause the game after i score. Raph does it the most. I've mentioned it before. I know there is a lot of old school 94 that is considered standard behavior, but to me, it was always such a slap in the face. If we were in person, I'd punch you in the balls for sure if you tried to buzz kill my momentum. I agree w/ Coach on a 2 week season, we could stop to enjoy his work a little more. #3 I don't think Coach is used to winning, so he's not used to all the crap guys do when you beat them. In this site, tend to get more excuses when someone loses. Sometimes, the excuse is real. Could be why you won. Still, it's generally low class to not take your defeat like a man. i always say GG, win or lose & get some goofy lag at times vs you but I never complain. Happy to have the games & it's the same on both sides, lag wise . ps tru STFU
  6. Premium Retro League 3

    Blackhawks C Geoffrion LW Mahovlich RW Probert LD Ludwig (backed up by Quintal) RD Harvey (backed up by St.Laurent) XX Graham G Moog Quintal gets a new number.
  7. Premium Retro League 3

    1.9 Ice takes Paul Coffey 2.1 Chef takes Chelios 2.2 Flat takes Steve Smith 2.3 Coach takes Dino Ciccarelli 2.4 Brutus takes Frank Mahovolich 2.5 Lupz takes Russ Courtnall 2.6 Jer takes Dave Ellett 2.7 Tex takes Glenn Hall 2.8 Aqua takes Johnny Bower 2.9 Ice takes Fed 2.10 Raph takes Gilmour 2.11 Raph takes Bathgate 3.1 Chef takes Plante 3.2 Flat takes Potvin
  8. Premium Retro League 3

    Brutus will be back.
  9. Plablegs DEUX

    Still need more sign ups. IF you are in , but need a later start date, state as much here & will only be considered with this stipulation in mind.
  10. Plablegs DEUX

  11. Plablegs DEUX

    EVERYONE invited to join, INCLUDING Dickon. Anyone committed to finishing draft in timely manner and playing all their games is IN upon request (minus Mav)
  12. Plablegs DEUX

  13. Plablegs DEUX

    Ok. I am aware that there is Classic, and VHL, and Coach's Retro league running. And, while they are all resource potential hogs to the chance for another league, they also all fall WAY behind interest in doing a large, bring your A game, DRAFT style league. SO, with that said, F- the competition! It's time to roll. First off, it will be a slow roll, in all reality. Need to give space to the other leagues to slow down, despite my previous verbage. Looking at finishing ROLL CALL mid November, AND AND AND a Draft Video, for those who make the league. Assume draft runs end of November, and season doesn't start till some time slightly before Xmas. LOTS OF PRE-SEASON ROMS & TRADING moving draft back closer to Mid December. That said, depending on league size, will affect start times && season lengths. TRUE GOALS: 16 coaches, schedules weighted for A & B levels. 1 month if late start, 2 months if early start (early being beginning of December, late being Xmas time) Draft to run end of November AFTER Thanksgiving. Moving draft back PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME &&& PREFERRED team if interested. ABOUT Plablegs league. It's NO PENALTIES edited ROM where B check still works, FAST action, and NO WEIGHT BUG FIX. ALL HAIL JR.
  14. Uber is Awesome

    UBER UBER UBER!!! Ignore Mr Nerd. Uber is your best chance to get where you need to go, and MAYBE also a slight raping on the side. I had my scariest ride in a long time later at night last summer downtown Baltimore with an Uber!
  15. Keepers and Parity

    I think if you get a super team & get to keep super players for multiple seasons & then get into the finals, it's worth having to start over. i like the idea of eventually losing your keeper team if it gets too strong to beat. i understand your pints clearly. They were well articulated with excellent analogies! i just disagree.