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  1. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    ^^^BUMP We are STILL OPEN for sign up for this league. Sitting at 14 coaches. Would prefer to get to an even 16, but good with a solid 14.
  2. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    KG SOBER!?!? Glad to hear you are trying to conquer your demons, and glad someone can live vicariously through my videos.
  3. I think if we were a true A/B, this might work a little better than just one team having more/less salary cap to spend. Ie, giving Mogilny type player to an A coach is WAY crazier than to a B coach, so I could set his A level salary 3 times higher type setup. But, we are more of an A- league w/ some A guys, and a few B guys. So, since it a short league setup & more of a trial run, I'm going to leave it as ONE salary for all players, and adjust TEAM SALARY caps to weight the league accordingly. Keep the ideas flowing, cause I'm going to work most of the final details out this weekend likely and try to have it all setup before end of the week.
  4. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    I'll take Chicago
  5. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    Until someone offers to do the custom ROM, we are only selecting NHL94 teams please. IF we get to custom teams, I'll lock you in at Hamilton Tigers. But in the mean time, please re-select.
  6. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    *bump* I updated the rules/draft settings for now. I will continue to discuss this further within Discord, and make everything final by Sunday. Maybe drafting mid August, so time for pre-season, where add/drops/trades will be allowed as long as you stay within salary cap for your team.
  7. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    So far, we've got 13 coaches "IN". Let's start selecting teams from the NHL94 Team List to play with. And if someone ends up volunteering to do custom work, we can work on switching team names then. #1 Brutus - Chicago #2 Icestorm - Buffalo #3 Aqua - LA Kings #4 Seamor -TB Lightning #5 MikeGartner - Northstars #6 AJ - Edmonton #7 AtomicRaven - Montreal #8 Corbetkb - Dallas #9 Lupz - Rangers #10 Jwebber - #11 Skip - Quebec #12 Flatcrusher - Jets #13 Boston Boy - Boston? #14 Zep - Hartford #15 Chef - Philadelphia #16 Chaos - Toronto Team selection will go by first come, first go, and again, only NHL94 teams for now, unless someone offers to do the customization work for the ROM, and we'd switch then.
  8. I was going to get some help to put together a decent size player pool, come up with a salary cap number that would yield a strong team, an average team and a weak team, and then try to back into what a top 5 type player needs his salary set to, then a tier the rest of the guys and make some tweaks based on position (Forward, Defense, Goalie). I was then also going to get a few vets to privately review the pool/salary set up and help make adjustments/comments. BUT MAINLY, me. IF the league is a success, high interest, it would serve as a good spring board into some different type of league setups and hopefully spice up some new interest. At this time, I'd probably then be able to tweak the salary per player and team total salary caps better as well.
  9. Just to clarify, there will be a LARGE pool of players from mostly Coach's ROMS, and NHL 94, and some of the modern ROMs. ( I will likely reach out to Coach Mac to help me put the player pool together!) Each player will be given a salary based on his skill/value. There will be no duplicates. Once a coach selects a player onto his roster, the player is not available to other coaches. SO, if Chef picks Lindros and fits him into his team's salary, BIG E is off the board for all other coaches. Depending on WHO joins the league, I will determine if it will also include a DRAFT, or just rank each coach, and let them fill in their complete rosters in order of ranking (gay but simpler) While not as fun as a draft, it will still enable every team plenty of choices to make, and once we have a league with an established player pool, player salaries, salary caps, ETC & a core group of coaches that now have experience using it..moving forward would enable some pretty great league ideas. My big fear with doing a draft is like when we did an auction in SNES and guys had to keep dropping players to fit under the cap. My other big fear is NOT HAVING A DRAFT!!!!!
  10. Nothing too crazy. Would have to be an agreed upon number based on the number of entrants. Assuming 2 x each coach, maybe 3-4 times vs a small set of guys who are grouped together as guys who play at the same time/similar talent level.
  11. Brutus

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    I will update the rules, games, etc here as soon as everything is finalized. For now, Blitz style ROM for weight bug fixed, NO C/B, Check rating added into Check Factor like in previous Blitz ROM's. No boost to goalies, Classic style for goalie range & control switch controls (no SNES instant switch or shortened B switch controls) Classic Hot/Cold on, except displays of in game ratings will be accurate. 5 minute periods, Offsides Off, Icing ON, Penalties on, but reduced to 45 seconds. Overtime set for 10 minutes. (Nothing better than an OT battle around the 4 minute mark after a few great saves!) 5 Forwards, 4 defense, 1 Goalie Player Pool to select your team will be a combination of Old Time Great ROMs, NHL94 ROM, and some of Skip's modern ROMS. There will be some form of a snake draft, with salary restrictions PER round based on your team's overall salary cap & total salary. I will work out some type of settings, but WITHIN the Google Doc for the draft, each UNDRAFTED slot will show average salary available to be spent per starting slot using, and per bench slot, and you won't be allowed to spend above a certain range without commissioner approval. (IN other words, on a rare occasion, a coaches selection might require to delay the draft while we review with you that you really want to leave the rest of your team stripped to the bone type thing) League to start September 1st, through September 30th. If we have sufficient games played to end season on the 30th, cut off for loading games will be Monday, October 1st @ 10 am central. Playoffs will have A Playoffs, with Playin series for lower seeds, and B playoffs for bottom 6-8 coaches, if they are interested. Will set a MINIMUM games played to be playoff eligible, but seeding will be based strictly on WIN PERCENTAGE. DNP's will not factor into playoff standings. Just a one set, minimum games played.
  12. Summer League has come to a limping end, but as it was designed to exactly do, it floated us through the Summer, where not many of us are online to play at the same time. Figure about a month for the playoffs to finish in the Summer League, and the whole "Back to School" month of August to end as well, and we should be ready for a solid group of buds to join in a league. This will be a short league, running for ONE MONTH, then depending on league size, a quick playoffs. It will be a great test for the state of affairs for a bigger league to setup come October, but if you won't be around in September to play your games, don't sign up. Guys with high DNP's won't be invited to future leagues. Sign up in this forum with your best version of "IN!" below here. ROM RULES: Weight bug fixed Blitz style (check rating added into equation), shortened penalties, Classic style "Hot/Cold" ratings but with accurate displays in game, 5 minute periods, Icing On, Offsides Off, Regular Goalie Delay plus no Y button instant goalie. So, the ROM itself should play just like Classic, except it will have 45 second penalties and the weight bug will be fixed, so fat dudes will hit better and skinny dudes will be wimps, or for those around back in the day, play like the Blitz Rom except the ability to switch to goalies won't be faster. Now, for the fun part: ROSTER RULES/ DRAFT SETUP: There will NOT be a standard draft in this league. A roster pool of eligible players will be created from All Time rosters, including 1994 Classic rom and posted on a Google Doc. Each player in the pool will be given a salary based on his skill/ratings. Each team will have to fill their roster with players they pick from this pool & fit their total salaries under/up to their ASSIGNED Salary Cap. Each Team's Total Salary Cap's will be based on each Coach's overall talent/previous records &&& his own desired handicap. HOWEVER, it will NOT be designed to have lesser coaches with all superstars, and top coaches w/ garbage. SINCE IT IS SALARY CAPPED, each team will have to make choices on whether to spend their money on one great player, 2 good players, a solid team, spend money on elite goalie, or save some money for a solid bench. THE Higher your Salary Cap is, the more good players you will be able to fit on your team. This will make it very easy to allow top coaches to control what level of handicap they want to play with (including AJ!)
  13. I'd assume that's Hal & Fett. Congrats on the W
  14. Brutus

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    Ok my ? would be, how if my router or provider is "throttling me" so I not have the lag when I connect to someone else. sonetimes they are further, sonetimes they are closer, but I've had 3-4 hour exi sessions where I played lag free vs say 5 opponents, but the 6th guy, who wlso just had no lag with the other players, now has lag with me. numerous times when we both then continue playing with someone else again with no lag. the continuous clean play vs other opponents both before & after & verified experience by the guy I have lag with. so, if one guy is causing everyone lag, him being throttled makes sense. If I didn't have lag, then had lag vs everyone else for the rest of the night, again throttling would make sense. to me, I don't understand how it could be throttling if it is only vs one opponent & not the others.