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  1. Ok, season is well under way. Originally setup as a 6 game a week pace starting on Jan 2nd, this is how it was set up. Monday Jan 8th, 6 games Monday Jan 15th, 12 games Monday Jan 22nd, 18 games Monday Jan 29th, 24 games Monday Feb 5th, 28 games (actual deadline is Sunday night at 3 am eastern, which is technically Monday Feb 5th). I will log in Monday morning and post the DNP's and playoff standings. As of the time of this post, no coach is behind schedule, and Tex is of course already finished! As for PLAYOFFS, they will start on that Monday. I will post separately about the actual format that will be used in the coming days.
  2. It's Jan 16th & zero games played. Given that Classic ended with a ton of DNP's, Labs started season under warning, so I've given this as much leg as I can. Love my Labs, but I've got an obligation to the league as a commish. Look for Raph to alter the playoff settings for sure!
  3. VHL6 Roll Call!

    Give me the Sharks please
  4. Plablegs 2 Final ROM

    This is the ROM that was sent to Chaos. USE this for SEASON GAMES. Season starts January 2nd. I'll do a write up later on. Plablegs2_Final.bin
  5. Plablegs II

    Rosters are LOCKED. JMJ Atomic Dicion Tex Quetz Trojan Aqua Lupz Labs Chef Skip ANH CGY CHI DAL EDM HFD LAK NYR PIT PHI QUE D. Ciccarelli D. Hawerchuk P. Bure M. Gartner W. Gretzky T. Fleury A. Mogilny P. Klima J. Sakic A. Oates J. Roenick M. Recchi P. Turgeon L. Robitaille G. Courtnall P. Bondra T. Sandstrom C. Ronning E. Tikkanen S. Makarov E. Lindros D. Savard A. Kovalenko G. Sanderson R. Courtnall S. Lebeau B. Hogue M. Sundin D. Drake M. Messier A. Zhamnov C. Neely P. Eklund J. Carson D. Khristich T. Linden J. Nieuwendyk W. Clark N. Broten E. Davydov V. Damphousse S. Thomas K. Muller T. Donato L. Murphy C. Chelios J. Lumme N. Lidstrom P. Housley J. Daigneault B. Leetch S. Stevens V. Konstantov Z. Zalapski G. Wesley R. Blake S. Chiasson A. Iafrate G. Murphy T. Numminen M. Schneider D. Wilson A. Kasatonov D. Kasparitis S. Smith S. Cote J. Brown J. Macoun S. Duchesne E. Desjardins S. Zubov Y. Racine P. Brisebois G. Suter S. Bautin K. Hatcher B. Driver M. Tinordi A. Gusarov R. Smehlik C. Giles E. Weinrich A. Foote M. Tatarinov D. Lidster V. Fetisov I. Kravchuk M. Howe S. Burke P. Roy R. Hextall B. Essensa T. Cheveldae T. Barrasso B. Ranford G. Fuhr E. Belfour T. Soderstrom F. Potvin Brutus J&J Jer Flat STL TBL TOR WIN M. Lemieux M. Modano S. Yzerman T. Selanne B. Bradley P. LaFontaine J. Juneau S. Fedorov J. Jagr N. Emerson R. Reichel S. Larmer V. Kamensky S. Richer D. Gagner N. Borshevsky R. Bourque A. Zhitnik D. Sweeney U. Samuelsson P. Coffey P. Svoboda J. Patrick D. Manson C. Russell G. Hynes T. Sjodin K. Lowe M. McSorley T. Pederson C. Leschyshyn V. Malakhov J. Casey C. Terreri C. Joseph A. Moog
  6. Plablegs II

    Link to the Draft: PLABLEGS II DRAFT LINK ROUND 1 1 Jeremy Roenick F QUE Skip 2 Dino Ciccarelli F ANH JMJ 3 Alexnder Mogilny F LAK Aqua 4 Steve Yzerman F TOR Jer 5 Pavel Bure F CHI Dicion 6 Mike Gartner F DAL Tex 7 Doug Gilmour F SJS Kevin 8 Theoren Fleury F HFD Coach 9 Teemu Selanne F WIN Flat 10 Mario Lemieux F STL Brutus 11 Petr Klima F NYR Lupz 12 Patrick Roy G CGY Atomic 13 Ed Belfour G PIT Labs 14 Mike Modano F TBL J&J 15 Wayne Gretzky F EDM Quetz 16 Adam Oates F PHI Chef
  7. Plablegs II

    Updated all the trades/drops on the Google Doc. Working on finalizing ROM. GRANATO is FA on the block, in case there was confusion on that.
  8. Plablegs II Lineups

    POST YOUR LINEUPS HERE, as your roster fills up. THERE ARE NO PENALTIES, so sub options not needed. Only in an injury, and you'll only have one backup. POST if you know of # doubles and your suggested fix.
  9. Plablegs II

    Brutus adds phousse, drops granato.
  10. Plablegs II

    Coach Mac has dropped out, due to technical issues (his CPU died). Trojan is stepping in and taking over.
  11. Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

    Ignore prevoius posts/comments about Sandstrom trade. I've unwound it as a result of Coach not being able to play Plablegs II, and will set the team back to their drafted lineup and work on a replacement.
  12. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Thx Jer but I'd already made the list
  13. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    In case I ever come across as anything other than a guy willing to bust balls, laugh, have fun && an open door, please know that's all I am about. Ask anyone who showed at Toronto. Anyhow, if Plablegs ran in '17 the entire voting structure is under SUSPECT!!
  14. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Ok I'm must be losing my mind if that was this year. I ran Et Tu Brute AFTER & then thought we had the failed Summer League. also, I bust tru's balls & think he's paranoid & a forum troll, but I promise you, if was EVER in his neck of the woods, I'd be sure to ask for an invite. and while I'm in the holiday spirit, I'd like to remind those guys passing through Chicago in 2018 to do as Raph & Ice both did & meet up for a beer!
  15. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    @kylewat I agree last year he deserved to be nominated, as that's when Plabs 1 was run. 2017 he played zero leagues, creator of dunk & got in even less drama than normal.
  16. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Yeah plabs, I'm not arguing against your never included on a list argument, because as a champion of numerous leagues, creator of Plablegs, discoverer of C/b for Gens & constant poster, it's hard to not give you a mention in previous years. i don't put you guys together & aside from being not held in favor by forum admins, I find that's where your similarities end. That said, this year, you only brought the part of your contribution of being a pain in the balls
  17. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    I'm a dude with a very little brain indeed && as such, I can't afford to get dumber, but I feel every time I read one of your rants I somehow manage to become so. Troll somewhere else . There is no club. It's just you by yourself because you have to be the biggest douche I've ever crossed. Congrats to Slapshot. Always appreciate the "work" you guys do that enable me to play the game online with people from all over the world. Bud of the year, this "buds" for you
  18. Plablegs II

    I'll get in on this drop action, but no need to update the rom now for me. Drop Yush & grab me some Marty McSorley please
  19. Welcome! Here is the list of our coaches. Those looking to join from here on out, are welcome to put their name on the wait list. #1 Brutus St Louis Blues #2 Lupz New York Rangers #3 Skip Quebec Nordiques #4 Tex Dallas Stars #6 Dicion Chicago Blackhawks #7 Labs Pittsburgh Penquins #8 Chefstar Philadelphia Flyers #9 J&J Tampa Bay Lightning #10 Jer33 Toronto Maple Leafs #11 AquaLizard LA Kings #12 Atomic Raven Calgary Flames #13 Quetzalcoatlus Edmonton Oilers #14 Flatcrusher Winnipeg Jets #15 CoachMac Hartford Whalers #17 Kevin77 San Jose Sharks #18 jmj Anaheim Mighty Ducks This ROM was created by Plabax. Here are it's features. Classic rules for weight (NO WEIGHT BUG FIX) C/B is enabled, just as in Classic. NO PENALTIES. They are disabled, EXCEPT normally when you disable penalties, the B check no longer works. IN THIS ROM, B check is hacked to work with the penalties OFF. SO, B Check enabled, Penalties Off. The delay in time it takes to switch to goalie is shortened, just as in the Blitz ROM. Goalie ratings also will have the additional Blitz league boosts to goalie ratings of +1 to agility and glove upgrades for every goalie except Roy/Eddy. Y button enabled, allowing like in SNES, where you instantly switch to goalie after hitting Y button with no delay. The RANGE a goalie can extend to while in manual control is increased, as in Blitz. More freedom to move around. The ratings at the start of the game will be displayed ACCURATELY and will be static (the same each time, in Classic, your players ratings can vary from game to game). Offsides OFF, Icing ON, Line changes OFF. The static, goalie switch & goalie range are things that Blitz used and Plabax chose to put them into his ROM for Plablegs 1. Given we are naming the league Plablegs 2, I am going with his same setup on the rom. RULES: There will be no divisons, just one league. Play each man 2 times, one at home, one on the road, for a total of 30 games. Season length yet TBD, but assuming 3 1/2 weeks for now. I will post cut off deadlines for slackers, etc after everything is finalized. PLAYOFFS: Currently, I am thinking of this setup. Top 6 teams make playoffs for certain. The rest, is going to be based off of participation of the league. SO, IE, if everyone plays all their games, we will setup up a Winners/Losers Playoff setup. If there are some hard core slackers/DNP's, instead of scrambling for replacements, I will likely just go with a 6 team playoff and enable a few play in series for anyone BELOW 6 seed. Maybe 7 vs 10, 8 vs 9, and winners make up 1-8 playoffs. MOST IMPORTANTLY, playoffs will not linger on long. 3 weeks MAX.
  20. Welcome to Plablegs Deuce

    ALSO, special thanks to Tex, Skip & Lupz for helping with the Google Doc/forum/posting pics, etc. If anyone else helped, it went unnoticed so pound sand And a big thanks to Coach for his ROM work. Coach is a coach, and not an order taker. He's putting his personal time & effort into the ROM. We have completed an 8 round draft and I ran an auto pick round to prevent any unusual scenarios if someone managed to get like 3 guys knocked out in one game. These players will never play, as penalties are off and you don't sub in your 4th best defender ever for anyone unless you had to due to penalties/injuries. WITH THAT SAID, from this point forward, aside from updating trades, Coach has final say on any changes to the ROM, uniform changes, music, colors, names, players added/deleted, whatever you can think of, aside from a trade, he's got final say. Big thank you to that man.
  21. Welcome to Plablegs Deuce

    TO UPDATE: Draft is over. We are in the pre-season stage of our season. FIRST OFF, great draft. Finished in 3 days (started Wednesday afternoon, finished Saturday). Everyone made themselves plenty available and put in the extra effort. Thank you from the commish. Second, currently VHL & Classic are still running, and also have PLAYOFFs coming up! Third, the HOLIDAYS are coming. Enough of us travel/spend extra time with our families to make it hard to start a season. SO, for now, I'm setting this up to start on January 2nd. That leaves a few weeks to make trades/exi your hearts away, and get all the pre-season kinks ironed out.
  22. Plablegs II

    9.1 CHEF D Igor Kravchuk 9.2 Kevin77 D Calle Johansson 9.3 JMJ D Mark Tinordi 9.4 Coach D Fredrik Olausson 9.5 Quetz D Eric Weinrich 9.6 Flat D Vladimir Malakhov 9.7 Jer D Curtis Leschyshyn 9.8 Labs D Vachslav Fetisov 9.9 J&J D Norm Maciver 9.10 Aqua D Marty McSorley 9.11 Atomic D Alexei Gusarov 9.12 Dcicion D Richard Smehlik 9.13 Lupz D Doug Lidster 9.14 Skip D Tom Kurvers 9.15 Tex D Sandis Ozolinsh 9.16 Brutus D Dimitri Yushkevich
  23. Plablegs II

    DRAFT IS OVER. IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT Of multiple injuries, to prevent CPU subbing in created players, or Forwards at Defense type thing, I'm running an auto round using auto pick for defenders. IF these guys play more than 2 minutes total combined for the league, I'll be surprised.
  24. Plablegs II Lineups

    Blues LW Bradley C Mario RW Jagr LD Ray Ray RD Coffey G Casey X Drake