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  1. Ok. Season is under way. Try to use this thread if you are having a hard time finding people OR if you will be away for a few weeks, drop a NOTE here so guys know to not be looking for you. Also, keep your PM's clear enough so you can receive a PM requesting a game, and DO respond to AIM messages or PM requesting games even if you can't play. A simple, not this day/night, week, but I will be around here during these slots. AND FINALLY, DO NOT tell people you will be around in a few hours & not check in at all. Guys come into the AIM chat group, see your message, wait around, and get mad. It's bad sportsmanship guys. IF something comes up, that happens to all of us, but try to get to back to AIM to update your message that you won't be around.
  2. Coach Mac will take over for Winnipeg. Winnipeg is NOT playoff eligible. Hopefully, he can get them up to speed and enjoy the extra games for the pure GA of it. SIMILAR to Lupz's situation, it is a personal, REAL life issue dragging down Atomic's availability and can only offer our hopes & prayers going forward for his family and himself. As I told Mr AtomicRaven, he is welcome to rejoin any league that I'm involved in in a future date.
  3. It's working fine for me.
  4. FOR rest of season, NY Rangers VS A, under control of Brutus. VS B, under control of Tex. In order to make this easier, B teams that the Rangers play vs Tex need to upload their games. If this becomes an issue, Tex can send me the games, and I'll upload them. Cherio.
  5. Lupz texted me last night that he is dealing with a family situation & it will prevent him from finishing his season. He had previously been extremely sick so what would normally be one of the early finishers has turned into our first casualty. Lupz went into further details in his text & he will be fine. Don't want to sound alarms & worry anyone about our buddy, but it's not my place to speak for him/share his private details. He will be welcome back I future seasons.
  6. In the mean time, I will fill in & play his games for him. His team will not be playoff eligible, regardless of my record.
  7. I actually get annoyed with this stuff. I realize some guys get out ahead of other guys in their games played. Season set for 56 games and 8 weeks. We are 16 days into the season, and we are at 49% of games completed. Basically 6 weeks left, and I'd say we are well ahead of pace. If we get to mid April, and it's the same guys still behind, I get something like this. If you are PM'ing a guy, messaging specifically that player on Discord (AIM in the past), and also calling them out on the forum, and they are NOT responding to you with any response, then please forward this information over to me. I will get them to reply or replace them. AGAIN, just showing up when we are available, asking for games, and announcing it dead isn't accurate. For those trying to finish their season EARLY, the following guys are going to be hard to play right now: J&J was sick and then on vacation. Scheduled to return March 19th. Lupz is dying and might not ever recover! (He's been laid up in bed for 2-3 weeks now. All jokes aside, get better bro.) Ice has been traveling for work and backed up. The few nights he was clear for lots of games, noone was around. Atomic is dealing with a computer issue that is causing his league games to be lagged beyond. Pearate is dealing with something similar and might be part of his lower participation rate. Darko is in France and is a f&cker. PM him when you know you will be around on a weekend, and he's normally good to find games> CBK does not OFTEN log into the AIM/DISCORD setup. I find sending him a PM in the past was the best way to get games with him. CHEF is generally up really early in the AM and as such, goes to bed really early. Guys looking for games with him who DO NOT find themselves on closer to 6 pm to 7 pm eastern should consider trying to set up via PM or Discord a private conversation when you could schedule a game.
  8. Guys, AIM is f-d up, and is going to change how it works end of the month. Several members are having issues with it and several more will not be able to use it END OF MONTH. So, we are switching to discord for Et Tu Brute. It's REALLY easy. Download from here: Invite for NHL 94 general Discord chat: There is a sub-channel for Et Tu Brute in it.
  9. Not saying Slack isn't better, but Discord is WAY better than AIM, and we already had guys converting over to Discord in a previous attempt, and it certainly seems to do everything this site would need of it. Plus, AIM was ending end of the month for some guys as an option, so we needed to get something done. This will do for now. We can always figure out if there is a better option at a later date once we have everyone OFF of AIM. Maybe revisit the debate mid to end of summer. For now, it's Discord.
  10. This forum is not so easy for me to navigate these days. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the ROM for Genesis NHL '95 last night. Anyone able to upload it here, or the link to it?
  11. I'm a 5 hole specialist from even back in my original days of '94 on my Genesis with my brother. Slapshots from behind the blue line also go right through the goalie's legs if aimed correctly, if my memory was correct, and it's why my brother & I had to stop playing '95 and go back to '94, cause he couldn't figure out how to stop it. I'm going to fire up the '95 ROM later tonight when I get home and give it a test. This whole thread has me wanting to try a version of the game I haven't played since 1995! Nice.
  12. Puppa!
  13. Brutus availability schedule: Mon: after 10 pm central till usually 1 am Tues: after 10 pm central till 1 am Wed: can be around during day and after 10 pm central Thur: can be around closer to 8 pm central & later Friday: after 10 pm central till 1 am Saturday: rarely around, some times LATE at night Sunday: rare during morning/day, but can be with pre-set schedule. Normally only come end of season or playoff time for this Sunday night: usually after 9 pm central till 1 am This is WHEN I am on. Doesn't mean I am always on during these times. If you look that over and notice you almost never find yourself on during those times, try to get me a PM/aim message/text message, so we know up front to try to find somewhere in the next 60 days to get our games in under a different window
  14. Tex is at 26 games already before even the end of March 3rd. Amazing. Ice, Zep, J&J, Lupz, Jer, Pearate, Chef, Cbk, & Darko are all at zero games. I know a few are traveling/sick, but let's all try to get some games in the first few weeks to get the ball rolling!
  15. You see!! I consider the dump tactics of Seth the most lame, the rebound goal easily the most "OMG, did you really get that desperate??" in my mind for goals/tactics. I think since the blue line only works with guys hitting 5 shot power or higher, and needs to be timed right, and it exposes you to getting KO'd easy, to have risk/rewards tied into the goal AND always thought of it more as manly, like the blast through the goalie style shot. Hull & Ray Ray are the only 2 I consistently ever score this with. It's just another example that we ALL seem to have our own opinion on what is & is not cheap. Therefore, I've moved into my mind of everything goes as the best way to play online. Forget what is cheap or not cheap. In fact, I've taken to enjoying it if I know it bothers you now Quite a change from when I used to consider myself more like Depch, in trying to be fair, etc, but when fair is so subjective, what's the f-n point of it.
  16. Having played so many exi's vs JV and his 5 hole pass, Zep w/ his rebound goal, Ice & Raph with their B shots, Seth with his Dump & Chase, Plabax with his lag switch and hearing guys byatch about my Blue Line 5 hole bombers, I've come to terms with it's an anything goes type site. I try not to be a guy people don't want to play against, but no longer think, "OH, don't score like that." There are too many guys doing extremely well at such a variety of cheap ways, that it's hard to consider not using them all.
  17. Nice work Raph. Thought the break down was "on the fly" but very accurate. F- Dougie Gilmour. If he shoots accurately, that's a 6-4 Depch lead. Enjoyed & look forward to more of these. Would DEFINITELY be interested in a Raph coverage of one of his own games, to get a little more of "inside" intel. Perhaps even on an exi/just league game, with a chance for counter commentary or duel cast commentary. Either way. Enjoyed.
  18. I thought the point was A guys w/ bottom teams vs B guys with top teams. I'd have thought you wouldn't have mixed the schedules (A vs B only), so the results would not be mixed together then. Just seems to be me then the winner is the guy who did best against the opposite setup, not against everyone. For example, perhaps someone in B group was better head to head of the B guys but worse vs the A guys, or vice-a-versa. To me, the winner would be the guy who performed better against the opposite setup. Anyhow, not knocking it. I'll be interested to see the break down of how A vs B exclusively went.
  19. Start your engines. Site is LIVE. Get your GA on ladies.
  20. Feel free to use this to try to schedule games if you will only be around for specific time slots this week.
  21. Team Line 1: C: LW: RW: LD: RD: X: G: Line 2: C: LW: RW: LD: RD: X2: G2:
  22. ***bump*** update your lines if you made a trade. Final rom coming later today.
  23. Confirmed
  24. Post your trades here. I EDITED/REMOVED the confirmed posts to keep the thread on one page. KEEP confirming trades in the future, but once they are known to be finalized, I will delete them to keep it under one page, (if possible)
  25. MAD MAD props to the Mad Hatter, the Seth meister. Captain Caveman, the clown. Taking the Raph meister down. For ALL of us who got our skulls crushed in by King Raph this season, it's nice to see someone stand up to the bully and take down that beanstalk. 4 games to 1. Hope there is no controversy in these kills here, as it really looks epic! Love making fun of "my clown", but always mad kudos to his game. If he starts yanking down championships, will have to start tolerating his split persona