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  1. The guy setting it up is Mikey & his main interest is his movie, so it would make sense for him to pick a venue / location that helps promote his movie. It also makes sense he would do it where/when he wants to, as he's the guy making it happen. There are several other tournaments throughout the year. The big reason they aren't called King of 94 is they don't have Mikey's prize money behind it. I think in the future if we as a community all got together and setup a date/location, we could have a great time. Imagine, we setup up a 2 day event somewhere with a LIVE draft, and run a World Cup style qualifier prior to a tourney or something? Also, enabling keyboard/joystick to try to get say a full 24 coaches for something like a GDL Live event, etc. It's all available to us if we wanted to pool our resources. I don't like the poo-poo on another guy's event he set up and invited us to play. He didn't set it up for us, nor should he be expected to. Thanks Mikey & Halifax for setting this up. Minus a disaster, I will be there. Debating how many days I want to make out of it now.
  2. Based on a previous poll I did a few weeks back, there is enough interest to have a summer league, but being honest here, there is NOT enough coaches who selected "IN" to do a draft league. So, unless there is some HUGE surge in interest to turning this into a draft league, here is what you are signing up for: Surviving Summer League The most MAJOR RULE: You can only use a team ONCE for the season. Logs will likely be kept via a Google Doc sheet. Due to the complexity of choosing a different team each game, I am not sure we will be able to have the stats for each game logged onto a site like NHL94. If possible, we will keep stats for USERS. Classic Rom with a few small tweaks: Penalties reduced to 1 minute, instead of 2 minutes. All teams will have their lines edited to reflect AJ's Lines, reducing the start up time. In addition, the substitutions in the event of a penalty will default to a preferred sub. This will prevent the need to SETH edit your lines or play with some 4th line bums because you didn't want to pause the game. SO, it still will have the following: WEIGHT BUG, NON-STATIC, INACCURATE RATINGS in game menu, HOME/AWAY advantages. In other words, the ROM will play/behave exactly as the Classic Rom will come Vegas in the fall, minus the penalty adjustment and not having to edit your lines to avoid a disadvantage. 2 Conferences: A & B You will play each opponent in your conference 4 times, and opposing conference 2 times. Season will last 30 days, starting June 1st. Everyone who puts in a real effort will make the playoffs from each conference, but there will be NO A VS B in the playoffs. IN THE PLAYOFFS: Best of 7 series, each series, you can only choose a team once. *we may change this to one use for the entire playoffs instead of a series, depending on how many teams we end up with*
  3. The poll is the best way to start: WHO IS AVAILABLE??? LOCKED SETUP: Classic Rom. The back drop: I'd planned on possibly using Google Docs to run some form of a Survivor style Classic league this summer, where we would log scores, not stats. So, you would not have a Draft, but would pick which team to use vs which opponent. Given some like to play more than others, I also figured I'd come up with a ranking system to enable some reward for heavy action, and some reward for higher win percentages, and do like a tourney based on your ranking at the end of summer. Figure, June, July, August is finals. Would be a great lead into Vegas. ANYHOW, COMPLETELY open to running some form of a Plablegs style league or what not if interest is high enough. Not running ETB back till Winter, as Vegas does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT use Weight Bug fixed rom, and so, I won't be using that ROM till after Vegas.
  4. IF YOU ARE IN, just do as I am below: IN! Good to start on June 1st, and no scheduled vacations in June. (If you will be gone during any real stretch of time, just list it in sign up so we know upfront)
  5. For some reason, two of the more active players have not played Having already forfeited B finals, I'm trying to have at least one finals be played!! Since we weren't running ETB 2 again till post-Vegas/ KING NHL94 2, I didn't put time limits. Figure Raph, Depch, Fpb & Ice were top 4 & always active/long time vets, & it wasn't necessary. Hopefully they knock it out this weekend, cause it's a buzzkill for all following along to have an intermission right before the end of the movie.
  6. So, after messaging with several coaches, I guess Pearate's connection is total crap for most. Skip tried but was not able to get a respectable connection vs him. As a result, I am forfeiting Pearate for that series, and declaring Skip the Et Tu Brute B finals champ. I thought of subbing in, etc, but the league is over, the season is over, the playoffs have dragged on long enough. Skip would be the heavy favorite in any other scenario I could lay out. Congrats on a solid season Skip. Sorry it didn't end with an epic Game 7.
  7. Pearate, appreciate your post. I wasn't comfortable with how I ran things & it left you in the awkward position of not experiencing lag & winning but actually losing ?!?! Easily a frustrating spot. My apologies. If I was going to allow questionable connections in the league, I owed it to the other league members to further check on things as the playoffs approached. i think if I wasn't going to do that in due diligence, I should have taken Plabax approach and not allowed questionable connects into the league. As it stands, your connection is total crap, completely unplayable & it turns out guys like you on a personal level, so much, they don't complain. I seem to have a solid connect vs you so feel free to reach out to me for games/exis anytime.
  8. HOLY CRAP!!! The biggest problem would be that the guy who probably would have made him ineligible for the playoffs had almost no issues playing him. Still baffled that my connect w/ Pearate was solid
  9. Yeah, you were against both him & Darko. Darko was able to play all his games, had a successful draft, and was a solid contributor to the league, so not all of it ended bad here. Out of the 20 coaches I let in, 4 of the last 20 were questionable, but there was NO WAITING list, no one behind them. I felt it better to start the season with 20 coaches and a few question marks, than to go with your formula of 16. THE FAILURE came at some point in time when Pearate's connection became total crap, I, as the commissioner, failed to find out & acknowledge the problem. I should then have booted him from the league or at least not allowed him into the playoffs if his connection was not "WORTHY". Letting him finish the season, but not put into the playoffs would have been the best course of action. For whatever reason, my connection to him in Chicago is playable, so I assumed most others had the same experience. Perhaps a combo of me not listening or others not wanting to be the byatch, but it didn't pop up on my radar as an issue until the finals. But clearly, it was there the whole time to most others Not being sarcastic, but that is a mark against me for sure. And, I am glad, despite being retired, you took the time to point it out
  10. To be clear, I am not the end all of knowledge on this, and it's been a few years since I researched it. Icecow is attempting to use a Gens USB adapter that enables you to play with original style Genesis joystick, not a Gens USB direct joystick. This adapter usually works for 90% of folks in the form of plug & play. About 10% of us (and I was one of the unlucky ones), end up where all the buttons work just fine, but you can't skate in diagonal directions on the joystick, basically rendering the joystick worthless. The only fix I found was using Gens+. Icecow struggled with Gens+ (obviously), so if ANYONE knows of a different fix for the guy, don't let my previous post discourage you from trying to help out with this issue.
  11. My understanding from our conversations on Discord where that Gens+ was working for your Gens controllers with that adapter but the Gens+ (or GensPlus) menus were foreign to you and not displaying properly. I know ICESTORM was very familiar with GensPlus menus, as we used that emulator when we played lived and he knew all the hotkeys. I've NEVER had an issue connecting to Gens with Gens+, or vice-a-versa. They are different versions of the same emulator but both use Kalierra still to connect, so it doesn't matter. Maybe in your updates, switching in/switching out, you have an old version of Kalierra or something in one of the wrong spots, but you should have zero issues connecting to anyone using Gens+, regardless of what joystick you use. Given you are trying multiple versions of Gens as an emulator and trying multiple joystick configurations, I would imagine you are going to have some possible "mix ups". ANYHOW, TO MY KNOWLEDGE, I was not able to get Gens Controllers with the USB adapter link to work in regular Gens. I had to use Gens+ to get the diagonal directions to work. Even more oddly, the joysticks that worked in Gens, on the same computer, gave me issues in Gens+! So, when Icestorm did come to play live, we had to both use Gens joysticks through Gens+, or both use my USB joysticks through Gens.
  12. For those new to the community forum, and you are reading this, let me give you this to chew on. IF Tom Brady spoke/acted like Terrell Owens, then you would understand Plabax better. This kid won almost all the championships, but has some strange personality defects for online play/banter/posting, etc. TomKabs93 came on to the scene, and flashed that Michael Jordan type talent, but suffered a career ending injury after he won the slam dunk contest! He beloved by all, and one of the few who befriended Plabax. He's created a video compilation of deke moves to practice that is probably the best thing I can point anyone too in order to upgrade your offense. The participation level of this site used to be really high. About 2 years ago, it dropped down for a while, and then picked back up. It's not a normal game/site. It's from 1994 and the participation goes up and down. I wouldn't be surprised to find 50 plus guys playing on this site 2 years from now, and then again, wouldn't be surprised to also see it down to 10 at some time. Best thing I can say is if you are interested, follow the yellow brick road to Discord, where guys are on live most nights to help get you setup and get some exis in.
  13. Blowback against you TK is not intentional & I do feel there is a hyper sensative forum going on at times. But that would fit in with the world in general right now
  14. I'm careful to word it like this, It's slow right now, dead in action. Which is why I've joined in of late in trying to help some new buds come in. i joined in against your statement of focusing on vets because there aren't enough to form a league. How you going to retain guys if you don't even have enough to keep a league running. Just seems illogical to be defensive about vets when there aren't enough to even run back Plabax 2.0, much less even Plabax cause he quit too. The rest is just garbage. Plabax points about strict rules are not invalid but as usual, he displays a clear flaw/gap in his logic, and takes it to some extreme. Most of us read his post & its glaringly obvious, but not all. Spending time arguing with someone who is only posting to argue is a waste of my time. I just put up an initial disclaimer so newer people to this forum know we aren't all dumb a-holes/pricks.
  15. But, as long as you need to plug into a modem to play the game, and it also requires that no one else in your house using Netflix, etc, it's TOUGH to schedule games. Hell, Plabax used to have to wait till like 2 am to play me while waiting for his Dad to goto bed. I mean, he didn't mind, and I didn't mind, but I'm sure it made it tough for the kid to just pop on and play some exi's. The harder it is to pop on, and play say 2-3 games and then get out, the harder it is to make the whole "online" thing work.
  16. Um, there are no soldiers left. Sorry but you aren't playing right now, or you'd know this. You can't get to 16 solid vets to do a league right now. I'm the guy with 95% of the guys who have been active on the site in the past 2 years cell phone numbers. I'm the ONLY GUY that anyone seemed comfortable giving this to. There exist a reason for it, and you two wouldn't know it if it smacked you upside the head
  17. I also firmly believe the site is set up terribly for a newcomer. I mentioned this when I first came across this site a little over 4 years ago. If any of the admins are interested in changing it, feel free to reach out to me. It would require a lot of mental work on my part to lay out how things should be, but it is utter chaos to anyone who stumbles across this site to try to catch on to what they need, what is new, what is old, what is a league, what is active, what isn't. I never said much but if those in charge were hoping to catch on to Kingof94II for more action, a better setup would be one of the top things I'd list. There is just too much information coming at you in an order that barely makes sense to me as a vet, much less as someone new. I remember being like half way through an hour read into some league's forum pages when I first got on the site only to realize the dates are from WAY back and the league was now dead. I know we've updated some of the forum/league info, but I'd take a large wager on a poll to the last 15 guys who've joined the site being STILL confused somewhat
  18. So, there is a lot of talk about what needs to be, does not need to be, what ruined, what didn't ruin, etc, but clearly, it is in a real down state. I KNOW for a fact that at least 3-4 guys dropped because of Plabax (going back a few years to get above 1, being AJ). I disagree with it being a valid reason, but it was the reason given to me more than once, so AT TIMES, player interaction can drive someone away. To me, I find it weird to have 1/3 of the site naming guys like Plabax for the decrease in player volume and then on the flip side, Plabax talking about it like ONLY strict rules are to be blamed. It is a little ironic to have the kid state the ONLY reason for drop off is due to lack of tight rules while being one of the "other" reasons listed if you were to track down all the guys who left and took a poll on "Why did you leave?" I've run more leagues than most of late, and I feel my opinion weighs more for knowing the reasons for dropouts, and they aren't based on the players or the rules of the leagues. #1 Modern gaming for online play/competition in other forums is too easily accessible. If you disagree, you haven't been gaming anywhere else lately. You can play 6 vs 6 with HD quality graphics in hockey, walk by a TV when someone has Madden or the Show on, and you'd swear they are watching a real life game. And to play these games onine, you just turn them on and play. #2 Having to PLUG into your modem and not play wireless greatly reduces the times dudes are able to be available to game. Most of us have to wait until the wife/kids are in bed/out of the way before we can plug in & play. On top of having to be plugged into the modem, the wife/kids/roommates can't be streaming Netflix while we try to play our NHL94. #3 A large chunk of the crowd got older, and real life knocked them out of the habit. I used to play D&D games online back in college but I've never went back. I used to play Madden with my brother. I used to play the latest baseball game with him as well. Once I stopped doing them, going back to them requires too much mental re-affirmation for my mind to handle it. I think once someone gets out of the habit of doing anything, there exist a strong chance they don't come back. I'm not trying to poo-poo any efforts to grow the community, help new guys come in and join the fun, create cool leagues, etc. And, I'm not trying to place blame anywhere. I've had some great experiences playing NHL94 online and in person. There are times in my life where things got too hectic and I stopped playing for a while. If say NBA2k was more entertaining for me online, or the MLB the Show's server wasn't crap, etc, I probably would not have come back last year, and I run some of the leagues!
  19. Whenever you play someone head to head, whomever is hosting might have a FIREWALL setup. Even basic computer setups usually have the Windows Firewall up. You need to enable the Gens program to be allowed through the firewall. It's the most common reason I find someone can't host. Usually, a new player is able to connect to a veteran's game via Hamachi, but struggle to host it the first week. 2 new guys is almost a guaranteed struggle. Follow the steps to be on Discord so you can be talked through it while you are actually trying to host with your friend. Have both of you on, and you both can be chatting inside the NHL94 Discord forum and one of us will usually be around to help.
  20. Ok. SUMMER is approaching, and some of us will enter the Summer League I'm making up, but NOT ALL. The Summer League will also be a Classic Rom. For those wanting to still play with this excellent work created by Raph & Coach, but are getting fatigued with your roster, here is an alternative: Goto the Draft: DROP any player on your roster and pick someone up that is drafted LATER. For example, Mario is drafted 1.1. I can drop him and pick up Ray Bourque, at 1.3 . I now need to make an additional move to even out my defense/forward ratio. You can make up to 3 total moves or less. The key here is we might end up with some teams having the SAME players. This is Ok. There will be no duplicate teams, and it is ONLY an EXI ROM for FUN, but you cannot trade with other coaches. Only drop down and pick someone else up that you could have just drafted in that slot. There will be no official site, no official schedule. Once everyone has posted their changes, I will post an update EXI ROM, named ETB_SUMMER.
  21. The Finals for both A & B are set. (2) Depch vs (3) FPB & (1) Skip vs (2) Pearate I know FPB & Depch have been in contact, so hopefully, they get their series in shortly. I'll privately message Skip & Pearate. I would like to see both A & B done by end of this week.
  22. Playoffs are setup. Here is the break down: In A, we had 9 coaches make the playoffs. So, #8 Seed & #9 Seed (Tex & JJ) had a play in series to see who faced off with the #1 Seed (Raph). After applying forfeits, there was a 3 way tie between FPB, Ice & Brutus, and after applying 2 forfeits to Zep because of not being able to play CBK, Zep moved up from the 7th seed to the 6th seed. Given I beat Ice head to head, FBP beat me and Ice beat FPB, there was no ESTABLISHED set of rules for picking top seed. I went with the simplest, GF/per game, which put FPB #3, Ice #4, & Brutus #5. Over in B, it was WAY simpler. CBK has been a non-participant for most of the season, and lagged way too far behind on his games to allow him into the playoffs. He won't be invited back. Nice guy, plays solid, and responds to my texts, but doesn't schedule games enough or get them in or whatever. Not going to try to make it personal, because it's not. He's just off the list. That left 8 coaches, and added or not adding forfeits did not change the rankings much, so 1 through 8 was fairly locked. No need for a play in series.
  23. Congrats to both FPB & Depch on making the finals for A. B side is lagging behind JUST a hair, as Pearate seems to be holding things up!! Come on Frenchy! Skip waits in the B finals.
  24. Right now, we've got: Ice, Aqua, J&J, Tex, Habs, Raph, Jer, Brutus, Zep, Skip on the vet side. Bearhops & Tunowash are newcomers looking to get into the action. That's a 12 pack for now. I'll message out some other guys and see where we end up, and make a final determination.
  25. Find a coach and get him to vouch you are able to play online. ANYONE from the site. We use Discord, NHL94 to chew the fat and setup games.