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  1. Premium Retro League 2

    5.5 Chicago (Brutus) selects F John LeClair.
  2. Premium Retro League 2

    4.5 Chicago (Brutus) selects Andy Moog.
  3. Premium Retro League 2

    3.5 Chicago (Brutus) selects F Maurice Richard.
  4. Premium Retro League 2

    2.5 Chicago (Brutus) D - Doug Harvey
  5. Premium Retro League 2

    1.5 Chicago (Brutus) selects F - Jean Beliveau
  6. 2017 Fall Classic

    I signed up. Saw a few old surprises too!! Hoping we get full participation

    If we have enough dudes, I'll be happy to run GDL. If we don't have enough for GDL, but do have enough post-classic, I'll privately chat with those 12-16 coaches & set up the rules we most agree upon. If there is enough interest, but not enough consensus, then I'd go with Et Tu Brute Season II, since those rules are already setup. My order of preference would be GDL, GDL, GDL.
  8. Since the topic came up a few weeks back, the discussion of upgrading GENS drew interest from a few GENS players, as well as myself. The idea of pooling some community money to get a better emulator is one that would greatly upgrade this online experience. I have ZERO idea what this project (if even do-able) would require in man hours, and as such, would be impossible for me to know what it would cost to hire someone to do it, even if at a discount by a community member. Either way, the question is NOW out there. I'm sure if the price is not too unrealistic, we could find enough guys to chip in. Anyone know first, IS THIS something that can be upgraded? And, HOW MUCH time would that take?
  9. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    I'd be willing to help setup/arrange a Chicago tourney, because of the central location/ cheaper air tickets, I'd think we'd find it easier to land more people. I'd also be willing to find my way to New York if it came to that. I'd also prefer something like around February before the family spring break stuff hits everyone's schedule. I do recall something about a Green Bay tourney scheduled around then though, so I wouldn't want to interfere there, but I think more buds show up for a Chicago tourney to be honest.
  10. GDL??

    Yeah, that's kind of the number I figured & thought that it would not go well with Classic & Mac's league, so I was going to look at polling end of October for a December draft in Et Tu Brute. If Classic lags, stutters out of the gate, we could try for earlier, maybe mid November. I think for sure I'd want it to start after Mac's season 2 cause I'm probably going to play in that too
  11. Open NHL'94

    Let's just say, in your analogy, most doctors agreed that trying chemotherapy on a patient too weak to survive it wouldn't work and that trying an alternative medicine, while likely to fail as well, was chosen. Highlighting only the points you want to see is a fools gold approach to anything. Seth was quitting if he had to play in any format not exactly how he wanted it. He had become the MOST difficult member to placate of late & his constant byatching I feel helped drive turn out down. You were quitting out of boredom, as numerous times stated by you. Your constant negative post/comments certainly didn't help, IMO, but your total efforts as a whole I'm sure helped more than not for sure. Several coaches in the league had privately messaged me that they enjoyed Plablegs ( no penalties & fast paced) occasionally but would not want to keep doing it multiple seasons consecutively. In Plablegs, you had several owners not finish/cancel/forfeit/replace as well, similar to all previous leagues. Given you were OUT of your own league, and I didn't see even the SAME number of available coaches willing to replay Plablegs 2, how is not running a 12 coach Plablegs what killed Nhl 94? i mean if 3-4 years ago, not using your league format was the reason for the decline, I can read that argument & state, I might not 100% agree with it, but it's harder to argue against it, S there were 40-50 coaches at times, and 20 active at all times, so a no nonsense approach with replacements /forfeits would have room to keep moving. But last year? When the site was under 20 TOTAL active coaches. Lolololol Thsts just using clown talk cause you miss your crying partner Seth.
  12. GDL??

    Thanks Aqua. Appreciate the words. REALLY wish I could have made Vegas. I don't mind putting in the time to run the draft/setup a league. I hate trying to get enough guys to have a full season & then worry about getting a playoffs that a)finishes & b ) isn't half filled w/ forfeits. We simply didn't have enough guys willing to play & have had zero replacement level activity. If it's an 8 team level league, always felt Coach had them down to a science, so if just join in whatever he had going. if you ever feel there is enough head count to do a league, I'm always open to texting/ email me. Still the best game out there IMO.
  13. Open NHL'94

    I still get a laugh that you log in & talk to yourself about yourself while making sure to apply some flawed logic to everything you go on & on about. Easily one of the biggest doucheags of all time. brutus killed Nhl 94.
  14. GDL??

    The reason I started Et Tu Brute was because we didn't have 24 coaches in GDL & enough of those who were willing to play stated quite clearly that GFD needed to be 24 coaches to be GDL. The last league I ran was no fun for me because I couldn't get enough people to join/finish their games. If Classic doesn't yield enough coaches, Mac's league might be the lone warrior left! (If we only have 8-10 coaches, I don't see the need to run a third league to go along w/ classic & his league)
  15. Premium Retro League

    No Vegas for me Coach. I'm backed into a corner with no reprieve in sight for a while between family & work. i wish I had my schedule from last year as the Madden tourney is in Vegas the 23rd & nhl94 the 30th, so I'd have made it a week plus trip & knocked out all kinds of fun. Ill be sure to check in on this league to see how Coach & Aqua are doing.
  16. Premium Retro League

    Great to see a league of Coach's up & running! Put in a hidden team of fatties & I'll try to pop on & exi with you guys from time to time
  17. The BS factor of 94

    I think it's a lot closer to 10% of the time, and it doesn't last the entire game but maybe 1 out of 20 games where it just seems the momentum can't be turned. And now that I read other comments, it reminds me of something. When I played in some of Coach's leagues, including '92 & '93 leagues, he loved have momentum ramped up for the home team, and ALL of goofy tilt would hit you way more often. TO ME, it's 75% having/not having the momentum that gets things going the right/wrong way. I find I RARELY get these type of games vs an opponent who is not as aggressive, say like Zep, who is passive style player, and as a result, doesn't end up with huge momentum advantages (or disadvantages!). More importantly, in a 10 minute window, it is entirely possible to have every random event go the wrong way, and to have it happen where the AI (which often is making random decisions), makes ALL the wrong decisions EVEN WITHOUT MOMENTUM being against you. To me, this happens maybe once every 20-30 games. The rest of the wackiness I attest to the actual coding of the game related to momentum and random variable.s
  18. The BS factor of 94

    I do agree there is randomness involved in the game, and the games only take maybe 10 minutes in real life to play. That's actually fairly short time frame to try to have all the random factors "even out". ie, Number of total shots per user range around 10, with some coaches taking more "bad" shots and getting closer to 15. Given half of the shots you take are going to be by a player with a less than optimal rating for shot accuracy, I'd expect the results of these shot attempts to have the statistical ability to have a user feeling "tilted"/"cheated", whatever it is we feel when it's going the wrong way. The ratings ARE 100% random, and are NOT accurately displayed, so just in this sense, you'd expect game to game to have a variance that the user would experience even with the same talent/experience being displayed, where if your team's best players are cold and his players are hot, it's going to be an uphill battle. BUT, straight talking about the "tilt" type games, regardless of ratings, I 100% have seen this. IF you play long enough, it's just undeniable. Now, it's probably not actually in the code. Go to a casino, and watch a craps table or a roulette table, and eventually, you will see the "impossible" become reality, and more often than we'd like to admit. Also, you tend to only remember the illogical, so if something happened 1 out of 10 times, but it was crazy/wild, then it'd feel more like 25% of the time.
  19. Hey. I've been away for a while dealing w/ a lot of personal drama, but while I was on vacation leading up to the end of the scheduled season's end, July 5th (prior to all my drama), I was checking in & I did notice that basically, ASIDE from Tex, no one really played this season. Basically, the participation even with me texting some guys/pushing along, that it became pointless to keep posting/updating, as for the June/July part, it was dead. SO, any of the players of the league still want us to try get enough series played to make a playoff setup for around mid August? It would be a solid practice / exi for both the NY tourney and the Vegas tourney. IF we get enough buds posting here they will actually play more games, then I'll work on following up. IF not, I'll work on doing something post Classic, which is likely to run post Vegas, I'd assume.
  20. My Greatest Strength

    Lag switch
  21. Surviving Summer Website Feedback

  22. Team Groups A vs B, A cannot use Group 1, must choose from Group 2 & 3. A vs B, B can use any team from Group 1, 2 & 3. A vs C, A cannot use Group 1 or 2, must choose from Group 3. A vs C, C can use any team from Group 1, 2 & 3. A vs A, it's a free for all, any team available. B vs C, B cannot use Group 1, must choose from Group 2 & 3. B vs C, C can use any team from Group 1, 2 & 3. B vs B, it's a free for all, any team available. C vs C, it's a free for all, any team is available. Group 1: Detroit Chicago Buffalo Vancouver Boston Minnesota in this rom (Dallas in Classic) Montreal NYR Calgary Winnipeg LA Group 2: Toronto Quebec Philly Edmonton Hartford St Louis Pitt NYI New Jersey Washington Group 3: San Jose Tampa Bay Florida Ottawa Anaheim ***If playing a 7 game series, and you get to game 6/7, alternates for Group 3 become NJ & Wash*** Default is 5 games, and the only time Group 3 class restrictions is used is for A vs C anyhow.
  23. Surviving Summer - Team Groups

    Per Jer's request, all of them on one page. I left the other threads the way they were, as others prefer them in separate threads.
  24. Surviving Summer - Team Groups

    Surviving Summer League Rules Classic Rom with a few small tweaks: Penalties reduced to 1 minute, instead of 2 minutes. In the ROM, the teams will have their lines edited to reflect more accurate lines, reducing the start up time, and leading to better subs coming in during penalties/injuries, reducing the need to pause the game. Less likely to have the "Seth effect" during exi's/regular games. SO, it still will have the following: WEIGHT BUG, NON-STATIC, INACCURATE RATINGS in game menu, HOME/AWAY advantages. In other words, the ROM will play/behave exactly as the Classic Rom will come Vegas in the fall, minus the penalty adjustment and not having to edit your lines to avoid a disadvantage. Coach has posted the ROM below. Schedule You will play each opponent ONE series. The ONLY thing that counts on your record is if you own or lost the series, and that's what will go into the standings. Default is BEST OF 5, but if both coaches agree, they can go for Best of 3, or Best of 7. You can only use a team ONCE per series. Based on your level of rank, your choice of teams to select from might be limited, depending on your opponent. For A level coaches vs A level coaches, or B level coaches vs B level coaches, or C level coaches vs C level coaches, there are no limits on team selection. For A level coaches vs B level coaches, the A level coach can pick from Team Group 2 & 3. The B level coach has no restrictions. For A level coaches vs C level coaches, the A level coach can pick from Team Group 3. The C level coach has no restrictions. For B level coaches vs C level coaches, the B level coach can pick from Group 2 & 3. The C level coach has no restrictions. The visiting team will always pick their team choice FIRST, then the home team selects. EACH player will be individually ranked to start the season, and for the regular season, will be the ROAD team in a series. (IE in a Best of 5 series, it goes 2-2-1, so the higher ranked player is handicapped as the lower seed. Thus, they are on the road for games 1,2 & 5.) Logging Games We will use Aqua/Atomic's site to log each game and the scores/stats. We will use a Google Doc sheet to track who won which series, and your overall standing. However, more games means you will have more stats to look at Season Length/Start Date Season will last 30 days, starting Junes 5th, and end July 5th, after American holiday. Everyone who puts in a real effort will make the playoffs, and be seeded according to talent/effort. IN THE PLAYOFFS: Best of 7 series, each series, you can only choose a team once, with the same handicaps for levels, except the higher seed won't be on the road in the playoffs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Over half of the league will be HARDCORE mode, looking to play every opponent, and be competitive on best series records, etc. However, about a third of the league will likely be CASUAL players. They might play 15 games, they might play 20 games, they might play 30. The ONLY RULE REQUIRED TO BE IN THE LEAGUE is you FINISH ANY SERIES you start. REPEAT< FINISH ANY SERIES YOU START > After the season ends, the guys who played enough series will be in the playoffs. The others will be viewed as guys who enjoyed a casual summer league and had some great games. I also will ask guys as the playoffs approach if they will be available to participate in the playoffs, and only guys who can/will complete their games will be put in the playoff tourney.
  25. Surviving Summer - Team Groups

    Coaches & Ranking. For regular season, HIGHER SEED is road team in Best of 5 Default (or Best of 3 or 7, depending on what you agree upon). For playoffs, I will re-edit rankings based on performance and games played. #1 Raph (A) #2 Ice (A) #3 Habs (A) #4 Brutus (A) #5 Zep (A) #6 Tex (A) #7 Skip (A) #8 Lupz (B) #9 Probob (B) #10 Sicarius (B) #11 Sonoffett (B) #12 JV (B) #13 Aqua (B) #14 Jer (B) #15 Atomic (B) #16 Chef (C) #17 Flatcrusher (C) #18 Tunowash (C)