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  1. Rules for ROM: Static, Classic (no wbf & C/B enabled), penalties off but B check enabled, no home/away advantages based on team, no Y button for goalie, juiced goalie stats for all goalies not named Eddy or Roy, Blitz style faster control of goalie via B button & Blitz increased goalie range, hack enabling correct check count (removes post whistle checks from final count). FOR SCHEDULING, league will have 3 Divisions. Play your division 3 games, and opposite divisions 2 games for a total of 32 games. Deadlines set for 7 games per week, 5 week season. Season starts Monday March 19th(currently up for vote, might be earlier) Season ends Monday April 16th. SEASON ENDS MONDAY APRIL 23rd in the AM when I log on to check final standings. ALL games loaded after LATE Sunday night are subject to commission refusal. Playoffs Top 10 teams from BOTH divisions will make the A playoffs (after DNP's assessed, tie breakers posted later) Play in Round 1 for A, w/ #7 Seed vs #10 Seed, #8 vs #9. RE-SEED for each Round. Round 2, #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5 Round 3, #1 vs #4, #2 vs #3 Round 4 Championship B Playoffs will be bottom 8 teams (some teams might be in both playoffs, but this will be by invite and optional) Will set up B playoffs after invites responded to at season's end.
  2. Plablegs III Rules/Layout

    Slacker list: Brutus is at 17 games, but got 4 in Tuesday night, scheduled to play J&J on Wednesday and Lupz on Saturday night. If I can find Ice before the weekend ends, I could be at 24 games played going into the extended time. HOWEVER, the commish of the league can't be sitting at the bottom. It's setting a bad precedent to you slackers! I need Lupz, Ice, Chef, Dick, Adam, Jer & J&J. Let's GA. Lupz is away till Saturday night, and at 12 games played, is not eligible to make the playoffs the way it sits. Look for him this weekend if you need games with him, and late at night next week. Hopefully, he gets a Tex style run of games in. Ice is at 16 games, and suffering. NEED to get this guy to 100%. Made all kinds of exceptions to add him and then noone has been around when he has. Decent amount of activity for this low of games. Maybe guys in need of Ice & ICE himself can start scheduling via PM/Discord privately. Dcicion is at 17 games. Aside from an occasional mid afternoon/early evening asking for games, I've not heard much from him. NEED more effort if you are going to want to be playoff eligible. I'll be reaching out myself to schedule our games hopefully this weekend. At this stage of the season, just asking for games when we are available on Discord isn't going to get anyone left to 100%. Chef is only at 19 games. Chef needs dick, zep, brutus, lupz, ice & jer. That's mainly the slackers this season, but Chef is a previous slacker offender! PLEASE reach out Chef and find your fellow slackers. Jer is only at 18 games. Rare to find Jer on this list, but HERE WE ARE!! 18 games is not getting it done bud. He needs dick, chef, Adam, Brutus, Lupz, Zep
  3. Plablegs III Rules/Layout

    UPDATE: Season was supposed to run through April 15th, Monday. There are several coaches slacking their games, myself including. Each guy has his own excuse(s), but we need to get much closer to completion by Monday the 15th. Due to the heavy inactivity during Spring Break (basically lasted 2 weeks, as half the guys seem to be off the first week, and the other half the second week), I am going to extend the season one more week, through April 23rd. ANY games uploaded after the 23rd will require commissioner exception to be allowed/not deleted. Please use either the forum, PM or the Discord to find your needed opponents and let's all try to kick in and get some extra games in. Brute
  4. Plablegs III Rules/Layout

    Scheduling: 5 holers: Winnipeg (Ice) 2 games home vs Blues (Brutus) Winnipeg (Ice) 2 games home vs Dallas (Tex) Blues (Brutus) 2 games home vs Vegas (Raph) Blues (Brutus) 2 games home vs Hartford (Zep) Hartford (Zep) 2 games home vs Winnipeg (Ice) Hartford (Zep) 2 games home vs Dallas (Tex) Vegas (Raph) 2 games home vs Winnipeg (Ice) Vegas (Raph) 2 games home vs Hartford (Zep) Dallas (Tex) 2 games home vs Blues (Brutus) Dallas (Tex) 2 games home vs Vegas (Raph) Crease Cutters: NYR (Lupz) 2 games home vs CHI (Dcicion) NYR (Lupz) 2 games home vs LAK (Aqua) CHI (Dcicion) 2 games home vs Min (Skip) CHI (Dcicion) 2 games home vs COL (J&J) COL (J&J) 2 games home vs NYR (Lupz) COL (J&J) 2 games home vs LAK (Aqua) Min (Skip) 2 games home vs NYR (Lupz) Min (Skip) 2 games home vs COL (J&J) LAK (Aqua) 2 games home vs CHI (Dcicion) LAK (Aqua) 2 games home vs Min (Skip) One Timers: CGY (Chaos) 2 games home vs HAM (Atomic) CGY (Chaos) 2 games home vs PHI (Chef) HAM (Atomic) 2 games home vs TOR (Jer33) HAM (Atomic) 2 games home vs PIT (Adam) PIT (Adam) 2 games home vs CGY (Chaos) PIT (Adam) 2 games home vs PHI (Chef) TOR (Jer33) 2 games home vs CGY (Chaos) TOR (Jer33) 2 games home vs PIT (Adam) PHI (Chef) 2 games home vs HAM (Atomic) PHI (Chef) 2 games home vs TOR (Jer33) Play in division 3 games, 2 at home and 1 on the road = 12 games (4x3). Play everyone out of division, 1 at home and 1 on the road = 20 games (10 x 2). Total games = 32 games.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm new around here, and I've spent a lot of my free time curiously catching up on your last 6 years or so of your forums. Half the time it's because I was looking for the answer to a question, and had to sort through a 5 page topic thread to see if the question is ever answered. I think the site has several topics pinned to the top, so it's easy enough to get the basic grasp of things, but the true guts is not laid out in a friendly, non-nerd way, like the initial page of "getting started" is. If someone is looking to expand through the base use of this game aside from joining a league or playing exihibition games, you'd need to be pretty proficient in computers to do it. Most of my "computer" code type talk is so far behind me I don't remember any of it, as I never use it, so I can "read" along, but I can't actually figure out how you would do some of the real cool things. I once learned how to read binary, how to program C++, etc, but after not using it for 15 plus years, it's but a fuzzy haze to me! Anyhow, I am but one guy, and have invited 3 friends to the site within 3 weeks of finding it. None have opted to play online through the site, as they seemed overwhelmed by it, yet all downloaded the programs I told them to, and play me/each other on occasions either direct or via Hamachi. Being able to upgrade the casual experience would only bring more and more people back to the NHL94 game, and in turn, bring more and more competition, members to this site. Inevitibly, old blood leaves, and new blood is needed to fill in to keep leagues going, so even without being a contributor to code, helping those have access to things has a long term benefit to everyone who plays here. For example, #1 How I would say set up my own offline draft that would look cool like in the GDL, especially sorting through weight, speed, etc as you can in the drafted section. You'd need some file downloaded I'd assume to do this, doesn't have to be the GDL file, as those guys might not want to "share", but if the site had a base one, it'd be a bonus. Right now, we'd be doing an email draft at my house, and logging onto GDL's site to sort through guys! #2 I've read how to save the stats, and I have created the savestat.file, and IF I were able to join one of your leagues that have already started, I could easily upload the game onto that league's site. However, if I wanted to keep some stats from exhibition between myself and any friends, well I wouldn't know what to do with the savestat.file. I can use an excel spread sheet, and have imported data before, but this one is amiss to me, even after reading 2 hours of various threads. So a downloadable stat extractor would help guys run offline leagues. I never did Madden Online, but I've heard from non-programming type video gamers how much fun they used to have setting up online leagues. In the case of NHL94, most guys loved tournaments 20 yrs ago, so having the ability to see up things offsite to keep records during tournaments, etc would really get the old NHL94 mojo meter running. #3 Classic, Weight bug, classic draft, survivor draft, etc. for leauges, and how "often" are games played. By this I mean, how long does a season take, and what is the average wait time to get into that league. The reason I post about this is I feel the mass confusion deters others away, and when you log in, league play is at the bottom. I still haven't put myself on a waiting list because I would hate to join a "dead" league, and can't figure out which ones have ended, started, etc, other than GDL seems to have just ran it's draft. For the record, I'm not complaining. I don't expect anyone to "give" me anything like I'm owed. I'm not a paying member. And in addition, several people are helpful in making sure files are downloadable and with good directions. But, if you take a step back, log into the forum as if you had fresh eyes, you might see the chaos I'm describing. Either way, I look forward to playing some more NHL94, and joining a league soon.
  6. Draft Team Ranking(s)

    I do...I do.
  7. Draft Team Ranking(s)

    This year, after the trade deadline is finished up, going to get everyone's private votes on ranking the teams #1-15 on a few categories via forum PM. And then, I'll post all the results here. Should give us some entertainment.
  8. Vote on season starting date

    Trade deadline this Sunday night after no one is awake! As long as people are awake, trades can be made. Come Monday morning, I'll lock rosters & have crash finalize a rom . Let's give a FULL day Monday to review rom & check for errors. Get this final rom to Chaos & get site live Tuesday some time, Wednesday latest. Official season deadlines won't start till the following Monday, the 19th. So, this enables the early birds to get their GA in, but please be respectful of guys like Zep, who prefer to pace their season every over their 4 plus weeks. that said, summer is approaching & id prefer it to drag the league longer than necessary. ill be messaging you guys privately about your votes for teams/rankings/etc
  9. Ok, based on a very fast start of the draft and an even faster run draft, and early trading, I think most of the teams are settled in. Still might have a few trades out there working, but nothing that couldn't close within a few days. SO, I set up a poll to figure out where the league is at. I'd LIKE to bump the start date up so we can get one more league started before the summer gets here. Right now, I'm leaning on Wednesday start date, with trade deadline Sunday night. Going ALL the way till next Friday seems extreme, even by my standards!
  10. Plablegs III Draft

  11. Post your trades here, and they aren't final till confirmation has been made either here or in Discord.
  12. Plablegs III Rules/Layout

    I updated league structure. 3 DIVISIONS is strictly for scheduling (home/away will be determined by coin flip sent to Chaos) In division is 3 games per guy in division, or 12 games. That leaves 10 teams from other 2 divisions to play x 2, or 20 games. Same total of 32 games. Top 10 coaches make the A playoffs. B playoffs will be determined by invite from the bottom 8.
  13. Checking Success and Weight

    Take a minute pre-game to look at your opponents roster, look most carefully at the player's jersey #, then goto the weight. I find staring at the #, then reviewing the weight, given all the various leagues, roms, drafts, re-numbering we go through, helps me see who I will be trying to c check or C/b check. Looking at the name (which disappears come game time) is not as effective for me. I need to look at the jersey number, the slot/position he will starting in, and then look at his weight. I flip one time back and forth between my roster and their roster, because it displays weights not in Weight 3, 8, 10, etc, but in 172 lbs, 212 lbs, etc, and if you are tired asf, even converting the pounds into actual ratings can be a challenge!!! I literally have nights I'm so shot after 14-15 hrs of work, plus putting wifey/kids to bed, that I could barely mutter my own name, much less calculate what the rating of 196 lbs vs 212 lbs is into ratings while looking at someone else's roster. I need to see it on my team to recognize what the weight means to the rating, then convert it. As an older dude who excels at nailing most of my c, c/b & b checks to which opponents, I confess to needing a minute between start of games to look or I'd get lost during the game for the 1st period. So, given I've been playing a LONG time and still need to think about who is what weight at times if my brain is shot, if you find yourself in the same boat on a given night, spend 30 seconds and study before the game the #'s & the weights and see if it helps you too.
  14. Checking Success and Weight

    ALSO, for those wanting a FUN experiment, I recommend getting to NOSE and editing a team with these guys. Ray Bourque & Scott Stevens for defense. LW Lindros C Messier RW Tikkanen You can also sub in Joel Otto as well here for Tikkanen if you wanted the full FAT effect. Ray's check is 6. The others are all 5's. If you play against this lineup, just watch the carnage more than bother trying to play against it the first try. Guys laid out every where. ALSO, I recommend do this with penalties OFF or using Plablegs rom if you don't want 100 delays!
  15. Checking Success and Weight

    I look at CHECK rating as another CPU controlled rating, like Offensive Awareness & Defensive Awareness. The higher your guy's CHECK rating is, the more you will see him checking while under the CPU control. Psychopaths like Ray Bourque will literally clear out areas as the CPU. Some times as you are skating back after missing a goal, and trying to get back on defense, you'll find yourself just FLATTENED by the CPU as you pass him by way away from the play. If you were playing against your average defender, say Phil Housley, you'd have a ZERO percent change of experiencing this. IF you happen to have the misfortune to have it be Ray Ray as you skated by, the odds are very high he'd be taking you out. MOST believe this type of behavior leads to more penalties being called, as the player is involved in more checks & has more chances to crap out on those dice. How this word "CHECK' effects your actual checking ability while under your control? If it's a B check, ZERO. If it's a C check, ZERO. IF it's a C/B check and you are over 2 weight fatter than the guy you are trying to flatten, ZERO. IF you are say weight 8, and your opponent is weight 7 or greater, then you are not 2 weight heavier, the math is not automatic. SOME believe that "CHECK' rating can push you over the edge here on a close call when trying to C/B. But again, at this stage, most guys are trying to use B check or something else. Only the very stubborn are trying to C/B guys they shouldn't be.
  16. Checking Success and Weight

    Yeah I doubt I'm right about this because I think both Raph & Plabax look more closely at this than I do. im actually fairly meticulous about knowing everyone's weight & rarely try to c/b a guy I'm not 2 weight higher than, so maybe maybe I don't see the check rating play a role because it doesn't unless you are trying to check a guy same weight or within 1.
  17. Plablegs III Draft

    To wrap up the draft, Dcicion goes W. Young. Zep gets Puppa brutus takes Roussel
  18. Checking Success and Weight

    Also, while you are shooting and IF you just are receiving a pass can alter the rules greatly. I regularly time my hits as you are getting a pass, and it normally lays the guy out regardless of weight. It's also where you see most of the KO's
  19. Checking Success and Weight

    SNES has much higher momentum swings, so you find figure out the checking in that version even harder to figure out, as players just randomly go in beast mode. You DO see this from time to time in GENS. So, it can skew what you perceive as the rules of checking. The more you put stock in the "rare" event, the less you'll nail down the straight truth. Plabax mentions the momentum changing the stick handling rating, and that's important to understand. As your team gains momentum or loses it, your team's player's ratings go up some & down some. High stick handling makes a guy resist B checks and SOME C checks, aka think about fat Mario taking checks all game as long as he turns away from it. So, the angle of the check is what enables a guy to use his stick handling to resist SOME of the c checks. There are plenty of C check angles that high stick handling does not help. Direct hits from the side, front or behind or anything as Raph mentions along the boards. I had no issues checking w/ Coffey in C/b. I've not witnessed Raph's perception of better C/b with higher checking. As for C checking (not c/b), same weight or within one weight I find bounces off 80% of the time if I had to put a number on it, UNLESS you skate straight at a guy. Fat defenders regularly will flatten even JR if they have a good amount of speed going straight at him. SO, final variable for me is speed. The faster you are traveling, the better you check, regardless of weight, imo. It's something not talked about as often.
  20. Plablegs III Draft

    10.14 Brutus welcomes back the Bassenator to the Blues. Fear for your souls byatches
  21. Plablegs III Draft

    Given you helped w/ the ROM and picked about as late as a guy can pick all draft, I think we can work with you here.
  22. Plablegs III Lineups

    Blues C Lindros LW Zhamnov RW Bure LD Konstantov RD Bautin G Ranford Sub Sundin on Forwards Sub Hatcher on Defense
  23. Plablegs III Draft

    *** noted *** anyone else wanting to go auto pick, post here in draft thread and I'll update google doc accordingly
  24. Plablegs III Rules/Layout

    PlabLegs III Divisions 5-holers Vegas Golden Knights King Raph St Louis Brutus Dallas Stars Tex Hartford Whalers Zep Winnipeg Jets Icestorm Crease Cutters Chicago Blackhawks Dcicion Minnesota Northstars Skip NY Rangers Lupz Colorado Avalanche J&J La Kings Aqua One timers Hamilton Tigers Atomic Toronto Maple Leafs Jer33 Calgary Flames Chaos Pittsburgh Penquins Adam Philadelphia Flyers Chef
  25. Plablegs 3 or ???

    Ok vote in/out & then one of 4 options Plablegs 3 is a draft based off of nhl94 rosters, no wbf, static, no penalties w/ B check still fully functional, boosted goalies & quick goalie switch control w/ increase roaming range. We just finished Plablegs 2. Et tu Brute is a draft involving players from all eras mixing up draft pool of players each season w/ nhl94 & other older roms/newer roms, supposed to be a keeper league, & is WBF, static optional, no goalie boosts, . Ideally anyone playing in this is committed to several seasons. Last time, it ran great but we lost over half the league by the time it would run again, so it would be a fresh restart with no keepers from season 1. THIRD OPTION is a new idea similar to an old league. First we run a draft of teams. After each coach picks his team, each coach then picks his starting lineup from the team. All remaining players PLUS all players from teams not selected will be dumped into a draft pool. Draft order for 5 rounds will be based off of coaching talent plus team selection (if you have Detroit, you will likely not be picking first!!). After this, trades will be allowed. IF this league is selected, we would use NO WBF, penalties w/ reduced times, static optional, no goalie boost to ratings. 4th league is the old idea, the Dynasty league. It is an AUCTION based league, where you bid on players instead of draft them. It's keeper based with a salary cap and each season player's ratings change. Season starts with 1990 ROM, where whatever players are in that ROM and their ratings is what will be used for Season 1. Then, in season 2, it goes to 1991 ROM, where if your guy retired in real life 1990, he is no longer available on the 1991 ROM, so no longer on your team. Any NEW rookies in the 1991 ROM plus any free agents would be bid on again in the off season before Season 2. And then repeat all the way say to 1997. These ROMs/Ratings would be posted well ahead of the auction, and a salary cap system, contract length based system would be used.