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  1. Weird Rules Ideas for Tourney

    So just played in the Fabeled Burning Mort where you play Tecmo Super Bowl but they have weird rules, see crazy vid below Some of the rules they played with were: - Playing with Controller Upside Down - Slappies - Once per quarter you can slap the controller out of the other persons hands - Playing in the reflection of a mirror - Only can Kick, so Punt, Kick Off and Field Goals only Wondering how to apply it the the NHL 16 Bit Relm and looking for ideas Thinking most of these would have to be played on Auto goalie No C'sies - You can't hit c the whole game (probably tape button down) Can only score with pass shots and poke check and hold. No B'sies - No passing or switching guys. Biggest drawback would be when goalie gets it play would be whistled dead Only can score with "X" - onetimers, defenders, perhaps just Tie Domi etc.
  2. Weird Rules Ideas for Tourney

    Maybe I phrased this wrong. Probably should call it an Experience like Buring Mort did rather than Tourney. It's a tourny but for fun, rather than pure compettion. Each rule only lasts for one round and then a new rule is assigned for next round. What's great about it is everyone has a chance to win with weird rules. When you play a certian game for so many years with the same group, you can mostly write in before hand where the people will finish in standings. The bottom half of guys lose interest when their life time record is like 10-79. This kind of tourny gives Stella her groove back...
  3. Brand new, Hello!

    Good to see another 95er on the boards. The newest 95 I know of his here, its 2013 and its genesis.
  4. NHL95 Genesis Update

    You think you could get 32 teams in 95? IF thats a possiblity I would help with some grunt work. That 94 update is a work of art, love that deadspin is doing simulations for the Stanley Cup.
  5. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Make sure you promote locally in Vegas as well. We had a ton of locals show up to Tecmo Madison because those guys did a great job promoting the event. Really packed the place up. Keep up the great work.
  6. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Really hoping to go, but won't know until late summer. Thanks to Mikey & Halifax for making this happen its a TON of work.
  7. Nhl 95 genesis (09 roster)

    @tecmodell42 somebody got the 95 Fever? There are some great 94 updates, but no 95 gens stuff. You could probably take the 94 update and copy and paste in NOSE to get player names and ratings, but I think it would take some time. When the Lions are in the Superbowl this year (which is in MN) you and Lucky can crash at my place and we can get a SEGATHON going...
  8. Another set of updates for NHL95

    This is for PC version that looks more like 94 than 95 on Genesis.
  9. Big Tourney just 4 Days away. Here's my favorite game winning goal video to get you guys pumped.
  10. NHL'94 article about the buds that play online.

    Just connected Bob Kudelski to your Adam twitter account. Did not know you are one of the same.
  11. NHL'94 article about the buds that play online.

    Loved the last line
  12. It's like Beatlemania but instead of young girls its Middle Aged Nerds....
  13. I'll be sure to pimp It's the big tecmo tourney that is bringing them in, but guys are really pumped to play JAM & NHL. Getting a little worried we may have to cap the number of participants, two game tourneys running on a dozen segas in 4 hours time frame could turn into a shitshow. Have an APB out to all Segathoner's to search boxes in their garage for sega stuff,
  14. Here are the rules. Pretty similar to other tourneys. Sign up Here for NHL 95 or here for NBA JAM DOUBLES Entry Fee & Time $10 per player Tournament starts at 6:30PM, Friday, April 7th. Registration Comment on this post Comment on the FB Group Post Show up in person with $10 before 6:30PM Tourney Double Elimination Bracket Bracket seeding will be done at random Settings Play Mode: Regular Game Per. Length: 5 Minutes Goalies: Manual Control (goalie auto defends unless you switch into them or have puck, penalty shot) Penalties on, NO offsides User records: OFF Penalties: On, Except Offsides Line Changes: OFF Team Selection Only Can use each NHL team Team once. Team Declaration: Before start of game Players will count to 3 and then yell at top of lungs their team at same time There can be mirror match ups (Wings on Wings) CONTROLLERS Team 1 or 2 Selection – Play paper rock scissors, flip a coin, Winner get to choose either the controller or Home/Away Team 1 is Home and goes up twice, Team 2 is Away and only goes up once There will be a mix of 6 buttons and 3 buttons controllers Don’t unplug controllers. Talk to Sega (Nick) if you have a controller issue OTHER NOTES If there’s a system malfunction, then the game will restart with that score and play the number of periods that were remaining (a partial period you replay full period) (NOTE: player injuries, penalties won’t carry over from the previous game) If a game is still tied after overtime is completed, then the game will be reset, and play will continue until someone scores. (NOTE player injuries, penalties won’t carry over from the previous game) Changing goalies: Goalies may be changed before the opening face-off and during play stoppages. You cannot change goalies during a face-off, or when a penalty shot is called. Editing lines: Lineup changes will be allowed at the beginning of the game, when there is an injury to a player, during intermissions and when a timeout is called (by either team). If you would like to make a change at intermission, please notify your opponent that you wish to do, so they can allow you the time before the start of the next period. And try to be quick Don’t pause during game, if you have to pause do it when you have puck in your own zone No banned scoring moves, but you always have to try to score. If you are up you can’t skate around behind your own net to kill time
  15. I have amassed way too much Sega Genesis Hardware over the years. And as the price has gone up here is some knowledge if you are thinking about owning sega hardware. Prices have went up quite a bit in the last 10 years. Hard to find a deal on EBAY anymore. Sometimes Craigslist you can get a steal but the resellers normally gobble them up first. Those chain Goodwills know the prices on these as well and sell them online instead in stores. If buying on EBAY "No cables to test sega, as is" means it doesn't work Gamestop has went back into retro sales and their prices are competitive if you want to buy now instead of searching for a deal. Try to stay with OG Consoles, Controllers, adapters etc. Most third party stuff is crap The 3rd party 2-1 Consoles I bought was horse poop. couldn't play all the games and controller pad broke after 1st week. Think the brand started with a "y" Main 3 party offenders These Controllers break within the 1st hour these 3 in 1 adapters won't power up a Sega Genesis 1 even though they are sold that way A Nintendo AC Adapter will power up your Sega Genesis 1 but it runs on different current and will eventually fry your sega Sega 1 Power AC adapters and Sega 2 POWER AC adapters are not interchangeable, same goes for TV hook ups. These TV hookups are great! Much better than the COAX for picture quality New Flat Screen TV's play the game faster than a CRT. I'll post more as they come to me and others feel free to put tips here as well.
  16. March 25th, 2017 King of '94 WI II, Pucks Out For Harambe

    Is there a stream so I can live vicariously through you guy on Saturday?? Good Luck on the Tourny. Hope there's not a fight that get's broken up by so guy air humping the other dude....
  17. Period Slut

    Unfortunate Swedish Translation for the word "Final" in Elitserien 95 the Swedish Port of NHL 95
  18. Period Slut

    David Carradine knows how to party...
  19. March 25th, 2017 King of '94 WI II, Pucks Out For Harambe

    Don't put him in the same group as GATS
  20. 53 people posted as going to Retro Night so far. Come join the fun...
  21. Buying Original Genesis Hardware

    I'd say the Orignal Gens 1 AC Power are closter to $16 online now. Have not found a good 3 party yet (those 3-1s don't work) I just bought a couple of these and was dissapointed. Cords too short and have to tape in the part that plugs to gens as it's loose. It does power Sega though.
  22. March 25th, 2017 King of '94 WI II, Pucks Out For Harambe

    Macs coming! awesome. wish I could make it. But the wife would change the locks on the doors if I did 2 weekends of video game tourneys in a span of 3 weeks.
  23. Playing on servers

    Trying to get gens going again and kept getting errot not on game list. Any ideas what problem is
  24. Playing on servers

    Thanks for insights, for some reason when I DL the ROM it put an extra space in the ROM title. Once we named them the same we were good to go.