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  1. GREAT idea man! I am in the kiddie/Halloween party boat but MAY be able to get down to Palatine on Sunday.
  2. Guys, I am on this week, please look for me to get games in - PLAB: I will be caught up by Checkpoint2. Been slammed with work.
  3. Guys, please use this ROM moving forward (until Plabs has actual ready) to build new ROMs. I had to re-update the changes I made to Buffalo after Ice fixed KG's roster using the ROM prior to mine last evening. This version has Buffalo AND KG's updates Ice made on his behalf. THX gdl13-aug13.bin
  4. New ROM with roster/line updates to BUF attached. gdl13-aug12.bin
  5. 1st/NCL LW - Wayne Gretzky C - Alexnder Mogilny RW - Evgeny Davydov RD - Doug Wilson LD - Gord Murphy G - JVB X - Joe Mullen 2nd LW - Evgeny Davydov C - Wayne Gretzky RW - Joe Mullen RD - Doug Wilson LD - Jamie Macoun X - Alexnder Mogilny
  6. I'm taking B. Marchment for Skip
  7. 11.3 revised -- Petr Nedved
  8. Ahh s**t. Was entering as Judd snuck in. Hold please
  9. 11.3 BUF F Chris Kontos
  10. 10.22 BUF D P. Stanton Edited to update pick. Galley available
  11. 10.19 Skip will take G Dom Roussel per his list UPDATED: I needed to refresh doc. Take Fiset here
  12. BUF took the Hot Rod (Brind'Amour) @ 9.3.
  13. 9.3 BUF Brind'Amour
  14. BUF 8th rounder is J. Macoun
  15. Confirmed