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  1. 5/4/13 New Jersey - SNES NHL94 Tournament

    I will be posting a player list of the entries next week. It will have the player names and location
  2. 5/4/13 New Jersey - SNES NHL94 Tournament

    The entry fee is to cover the venue fee, food, prizes etc. There will be a bunch of food for all participants plus it has a bar to hang out at. Win or Lose its all about fun and playing a game that everyone loves and grew up on. There will be atleast 16 SNES consoles but may change depending on player list. Most important its gonna be a lot fun!
  3. 5/4/13 New Jersey - SNES NHL94 Tournament

    Offsides or too far which one is it? I'm always open for suggestions. The majority of the people I asked so far either want it off or don't care. I can put a poll up for this as the settings still can be changed if needed.
  4. 5/4/13 New Jersey - SNES NHL94 Tournament

    It will use a Round Robin Format where we put everyone in groups of 4. You play everyone in your group once for a total of 3 games. Then you get seeded into a single elimination bracket. Everyone is guaranteed atleast 4 games. We ran the Tecmo Super Bowl tournament last month this way and it turned out real well.