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  1. GDL 13 Start

    Glad to see the league is still alive and thriving. Good Luck to all the coaches going for the GDL Cup this season!!
  2. Changes For Next Season

    On a side note, stream the draft lottery (if there is going to be one), and (TRY, because getting 24 guys together would be difficult) to stream the DRAFT on Twitch.(At least for the first round or two). I think it would create even more excitement and buzz like the real NFL Draft does. You could have someone host the show and create overlays to show draft selections and there would be a chat room for interaction while its going on. Just a thought. I'm dabbling in streaming on PC and XBox and I immediately thought this would be sweet for the draft.
  3. GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

    NYI: BUF:
  4. GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

    Alright, so I have to adjust BUF and NYI. Any other changes??
  5. GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

    Hey Jagr, yeah that's not a problem, I'll switch them to the original sabres after skip finishes the rosters.
  6. GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

    DET: HAM: Pink Shorts??? LAK: Darker Jerseys
  7. GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

    Thanks Raph, I'm just glad I can help keep things going.
  8. GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

    Logos have been changed on the draft site and will be on the ROM too. Here are the uniform changes so far. If you need any other alterations please let me know. California: Edmonton: Hamilton: Minnesota: Pittsburgh: Quebec: Vancouver: Winnipeg:
  9. GDL XII Official Trades

    TexasPachyderm (NYI) trades the (3.17) and the (4.8) picks to Brutus (CHI) for Pierre Turgeon (3.15) and the (5.6) pick.
  10. GDL XII Official Trades

    Sicarius (STL) trades Esa Tikkanen (3.5) to LABS_66 (PIT) for the 3.16 pick.
  11. GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

    I know it hasn't been mentioned yet, but will come up. If anyone has any logo or uniform changes/requests, please put them here. Thanks!!
  12. GDL Draft Start Date and Misc

    Thank you Sir! It's good to be back.
  13. GDL Draft Start Date and Misc

    The draft site is up and running. Sorry about the delay, I was adding some pages on the backend to help with making updating easier. NOTE: The available players tab works, it will just take a minute to load (about 20 seconds). It does a bunch of calculations to get the info for the ADP (Average Draft Position). Also, another tool is the Trade Evaluator. I never opened it up to the public, but it give a bunch of info that may or may not be useful.
  14. Extracting Stats

    Has anyone ever found the offset that keeps track of player status? i.e. Player on ice, injured for period, injured for game...under the Team Roster I think it would be a cool stat to add. We already track the "Injuring" penalty, but it would be nice to track who gets taken out the most. The only drawback would be we could only keep track of game ending injuries. I would imagine the flag would reset after an injury for a period.