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  1. Game Log Mistake

    Today Etownbio and I were playing our two remaining games (WSH @ CHI) and after the first game there was some confusion on who would upload. We both uploaded the same game to the two remaining games on the schedule. We played the final game and I have the correct file to be uploaded, but we need one of the WSH @ CHI games cleared so we can get the correct file logged. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Having a problem hosting

    Got it fixed. In my firewall settings only half of the GENS application functions were checked as "allowed". I manually set the firewall to allow the rest of them as well and it worked like a charm. Thanks Raph for your help last night on this issue.
  3. For some reason I can't host a game. I'm doing everything right (according to several people) and my firewall is turned off. When I attempt to host a game, my opponents cannot see them. The ports are correct and the rom is confirmed to be correct as well. A little help will be much appreciated!
  4. GENS Spring'13 Classic Buddy List

    Well how'd you do it? lol.
  5. Saving?

    whoops... found it... Silly me, search bar ftw.
  6. Saving?

    If I'm currently running a playoff vs. the computer, can I exit the game and come back with my progress saved? Don't know if there's something special you have to do to save.
  7. GENS Test Game Requests

    Think I have everything set up correctly, and I'm looking for test games. Hit me up on AIM:
  8. Welcome New Coaches

    Brand spankin' new. Hope to have some good fun! I'm Clay from Las Vegas, NV and relatively new to the entire game.
  9. NOSE - NLC Line Combo?

    Ah I see. Thanks!
  10. Hello!

    Just been playing against the computer with my customized team and good lord... I'm a bit rusty I guess lol.
  11. NOSE - NLC Line Combo?

    I've been making a current Red Wings Roster with NOSE, and while doing the lines I noticed a line combo titled "NLC". What is this combo for? In game you can choose from SC1, SC2, and CHK (unless in penalty situations), so I'm wondering about this NLC one.
  12. Hello!

    Was looking into it. Just got NOSE working so I'm exploring some hacking bits.
  13. Hello!

    Hi there everyone... just got into this after seeing's recent celebration of NHL94. Used to play when I was a little kid, but I've never used the Emulators before. Looking forward to some fun. Just a friendly hello to the community. Peach Las Vegas, NV