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  1. Team: Soviets First Line G - Felix Potvin LD - Rob Blake RD - James Patrick LW - Tony Granato C - Mike Gartner RW - Mike Modano X - Russ Courtnall (extra attacker when goalie pulled) Second Line G - Jon Casey LD - Brian Leetch RD - Alexei Zhitnik LW - Russ Courtnall C - Jari Kurri RW - Alexei Kovalev X - Mike Gartner (extra attacker when goalie pulled)
  2. IIHF World Championship Project

    Changed the link, have fun
  3. Pens On/Off Discussion

    Thought exactly the same thing: imo gives some tactical diversity to the game (plus as u said some benchwarmers will get some ice time )
  4. Spring '15 SNES Selection Draft

  5. 2014 Fall Classic League Registration

    :D :D Was thinking about signing up for A after the succesfull Dynasty League but i think at the moment im still a bit underskilled for A. First wanna win B then comes the A challange!!
  6. Who is your favorite #17?

    Jari Kurri rocks! An often overlooked sniper (not a surprise when you can pick players like Carson, Sandstrom or Luc) but in a good hand he is a beast... especially when he is on ice with a Carson-Sandstrom supporting/scoring crew Plus his off/def intelligence comes really really handy at turnovers. A true veteran.
  7. Fenty's IIHF system looks really good. Plus the players who tend to drop wont be a problem because they will be always (or at least most of the time) B or C tier players
  8. New York vs. Los Angeles

    Kings in 6
  9. NHL 13 Fantasy Draft League Sign-Ups

    Yeah a 14 one would be awesome!
  10. Post the names of your reamaining opponents and your availability pls!
  11. NHL'14 by Clockwise ROM

    Thanks. It was weird because in SNES there isnt stat like that, bias is at the stick left rating