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  1. VHL7

    Hey guys, due to the huge demand by ~3 guys, we'll be doing VHL7 before the summer. We've been running it with 12 guys that are dedicated to finish the whole season to 100% completion, but I am open to adding new guys if it make sense to do so. Please reach out to me if you want to join. VHL7 will be approx. 22-27 game season and regular season will be ~1 month long. Current GM's (12) - Lupz (champ), Tex, Brutus, Dcicon, Jack&Jose, Flatcrusher, Jer33, AquaLizard, AtomicRaven, AdamWoodrow, Chefstar88 & Skip. Expansion/Replacement Coaches - Jwebber64 Schedule (tentative) Draft Lottery - March 30th Draft - April 4th thru April 9th Begin Regular Season - April 12th Reg. Season Ends - May 13th Playoffs - May 15th Rosters - 5 fwds, 4 dmen, 1 goalie for 10 total rounds of drafting. More to come...
  2. Bleeding Out - by Clint Malarchuk

    I remember that play when it happened, and I still worry when you see guys go down in the corner with 3 other guys there, or a goalie in the crease with a huge scrum for a loose puck. This whole story though, wow.
  3. Hey guys, I'll definitely add a playoff ROM update once we get to end of reg season. I want to make sure we have the updated playoff tree :-) As always, please let me know if you find any errors or have any questions.
  4. Plablegs 3: Official ROM

    @kingraph Sakic on the cover screen....yes!
  5. NHL eSports Article

    “Console gaming is just now starting to take off,” said Mitchell, who also teaches esports at Emerson College in Boston. I went to Emerson, so I am particularly upset this guy thinks console gaming is "just now starting to take off." WTF??
  6. Checking Success and Weight

  7. Plablegs III Lineups

    Just added an edit to North Stars starting lineup C Lemiuex LW Makarov RW Selanne LD Svboda RD Suter G McLean
  8. I use Nose and EARE for ROM editing. Other programs are used for the graphics stuff but I don't do that myself.
  9. Plablegs III Draft

    Lupz selects Yushkevich
  10. Plablegs III Draft

    Kjell Samuelsson
  11. Plablegs III Draft

    10.13 Zep takes Darius Kasparitus from his meeting
  12. Plablegs III Draft

    10.9 Kingraph selects Sergei Zubov 10.10 J&J selects Tom Pederson 10.11 Lupz selects Mark Tinordi
  13. Plablegs III Draft

    10.4 Dcicon selects Steve Chiasson 10.5 Aqua selects Tommy Sjodin 10.6 Skip selects Sylvain Cote
  14. Plablegs III Lineups

    EDITED North Stars C Lemiuex LW Makarov RW Selanne LD Svboda RD Suter G McLean Sub Donato on Forward Sub Cote on Defense
  15. I couldn't fit him on the team since they only had 2 goalies to begin with. I'll add him if he plays a ton before playoffs for a playoff ROM, but I'll have to remove (likely) Neuwirth