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  1. Good stuff man, and I totally agree on HFD. Nice work dude. ---> Also interesting find on the NYI tune.
  2. I still think this is accurate when you look at all of the code, so if you can find the Faceoff Music, the Goal music should be right after the PP music. " also the most confusing slot. It seems to usually go Faceoff Music - PP Music - Goal Music, in that order, by the list in the earlier thread (see: Calgary). But, Buffalo (Slot # 4) uses their Goal Music as their Faceoff Music, which is why their Faceoff Music (hex 02C718) follows their PP music (hex 02C714) - because it is only identified as the Goal Music, used as Faceoff Music. So, for the Bruins, who occupy that spot in my updated 30-team ROM, we have to use the same Faceoff and Goal Music "Here we go Bruins, here we go..." (music code 02D6CA) for Faceoff and Goal."
  3. yeah, I told you they weren't great notes. But that is what I have for notes so you should be able to look at the actual code and see what comes next/before it, and trial and error each team one by one. Those positions are accurate as far as my teams and what I have in that offset.
  4. Here is what I have for notes for the goal songs. They are pretty rudimentary notes so I tried to grab all of the info that would help. The order I posted previously should work for most teams, just be aware of teams that use multiple tones for goals/faceoff (ie. Buffalo) and multiple slotted teams (ie. ANA, CBJ, MTL, TBL). This is from my 2017 30-team ROM and should be accurate to what I have, so you can use that as a guide. GOAL MUSIC Team Position (Alpha) Offset Song New Team Orig. Team Replacing 1, 9, 16, 26 02C824 036B4E ANA, CBJ, MTL, TBL ANA, FLA, OTT, WPG 2 02C70C 03554A ARI BOS 02D29E 3 02C718 03D29E BOS BUF 4 02C71C 02DD36 BUF CGY 5 02C728 02E6FA CGY CHI 02F73A 6 02C770 031BAA CAR DAL 037A7E 7 02C734 02F73A CHI DET 037A7E 8 02C740 03B5CE COL EDM 03184E 10 02C748 02E6FA DAL HFD 02F73A 11 02C754 030696 DET LAK 0313CA 12 02C784 0313CA EDM MTL 0431E6 13 02C788 044B12 FLA NJD 02F222 14 02C764 033066 LAK NYI 03411A 15, 27, 28 02C798 0414B2 MIN, TOR, VAN NYR 033AC6 17 02C7A0 044B12 NSH PHI 036F12 18 02C7AC 036F12 NJD PIT 034632 19 02C7BC 034632 NYI QUE 03845A 20 02C7C4 03845A NYR SJS 035B3A 21 02C7E4 044B12 OTT STL 02CEF2 22 02C7F0 038B3A PHI TBL 037FB2 23 02C7F8 039FCE PIT TOR 04196E 24 02C800 03C60E SJS VAN 041E52 (?) If not 03C60E, Use 03CC32 (whichever is Jaws music) 25 02C80C 03FF2A STL WSH 29 ? 042852 WSH AS1 30 ? 044B12 WPG AS2 NHL94GoalMusic.xlsx
  5. I haven't checked back, but I am pretty sure I have it figured out. Buffalo is the first team with a different structure, because is uses the same music x2 (goal and faceoff). I know there are a couple of teams that use the same slot...HOWEVER... And this is the key: use Slapshot's list because it has to be accurate. And, keep your eye on that youngster out of Saskatoon...he has something in the works that is going to blow the doors off of the known NHL94 world. I've already said way too much.
  6. Same here, I should be around @CBK26
  7. In so far: Skip, JV, J&J, Tex, Jer, Pearate, CBK, Darko, Chef, Aqua (?). Lupz is unfortunately out. This is going to end up being a team draft because having 10 All-Star teams will be kind of silly. What I have for a draft order (whether it is just for a team or a player draft) is: 1. CBK 2. Jer 3. Darko 4. Aqualizard 5. Chef 6. JackVandal 7. Pearate 8. Jack&Jose 9. TexasPachyderm 10. Skip I am still accepting new teams until Wednesday!
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for a few more guys to join a league with this ROM. We have 9 solid guys signed up so far. If you're interested, please PM me or check out this forum: I am extending the entry deadline to mid-week this week. Goal is to get to at least 12 teams for a player draft, otherwise we'll do a team draft. Thanks!
  9. Good stuff guys, noted all of you. Welcome back JV! for Pearate, the CB check is disabled (we use the Blitz ROM, where CB check was taken out).
  10. If anyone notices any errors, please let me know!
  11. Hey everyone, welcome to VHL4! ***Registration will remain open until March 26th*** VHL is a WBF draft league where we draft from the 2016-17 rosters. The excel files shows the draft pool. Last season's final went to Game 7 OT! We'll need to have at least 14 teams for a draft. If we cannot get 14 solid guys, we'll go to a regular team draft (classic style). **Notes for VHL4** We will continue with a ~40 to 48 game season. This is mainly a B league, but all are welcome. Draft will not be a snaking draft. Instead, we will continue to use a true NHL style draft where we start from #1 pick again in Round 2, etc. This should allow for better competitive balance, while also rewarding players who play all of their games. Draft will be determined prior to the new league season. New players will be added to middle of draft (A guys to the back of draft). Playoff seeding will be separated from playoff qualification. We use playoff system where win % determines your seeding. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. My pleasure guys! Enjoy!
  13. Hey guys, here is the 2017 Trade Deadline ROM! I hope you like it. Slapshot67 - Thanks for everything! Updates for 2017 ROMs - All are WBF (Blitz style) ROMs -Player Cards for every starter on every team -Added Anniversary logos for Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Los Angeles -Bench Graphics (backup goalie, coach) & Bench Carpet -Goal Light -Net Fix -Ratings changes for teams & players (excel file w/ ratings in zip folder) -Added a few playoff matchups based on this year's current standings -The Excel file will give you all of the player ratings, with an extra rating that shows how likely a check will be successful with a player. It uses weight + checking rating to give a "checking ability". Somebody figured out that a check is likely to be successful if they check a player with a weight a full digit lower than the checking ability. For example: PK Subban has a 8.9 checking ability (slightly abv average for a Dman), Shea Weber has a 14.1 (really high), and Erik Karlsson has a 5.4 (pretty low). If Subban attempts to check an 8 weight, he may have some issues, but he will usually knock down a 7 weight. Weber can knock down anyone 13 weight or lower, so he is the beast. Karlsson will have trouble knocking over anyone who isn't Johnny Gaudreau (not literally, but he will not be a C checking player). NHL17TradeDeadline.bin
  14. Hey dude, sorry I missed this. Next time!
  15. Trade deadline being posted now!