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  1. I just added a Playoff version of the ROM. Has the real tree for anyone who likes playing against the CPU.
  2. I tried to replicate that issue but could not. Sorry dude!
  3. Thanks for the heads up bud, I'll look into this.
  4. Sorry dude...that sucks. Is this the same game? -->
  5. Hey guys, Here is the ROM. I'll make an announcement on Discord when the league page is ready. We'll go for 6 weeks once the league page is up, which'll bring us right up to the summer time. This would be a good time to accelerate our games played early on. VHL4season.bin
  6. Anytime guys - glad you like it! Matthews is definitely in the topic for cover star...but so is McDavid! I've usually chosen either the Hart Trophy winner or the Cup winning captain...but we'll see! Maybe we'll do a vote haha
  7. I'm in for GDL whenever we get going again, happy to help as well.
  8. V2 had an error, use this one please VHL4_exisV3.bin
  9. Boston Bruins Line 1: C: Pastrnak LW: Marchand RW: Bergeron LD: Weber RD: Chara X: Foligno G: Rask Line 2: C: Bergeron LW: Foligno RW: Marchand LD: McQuaid RD: McQuaid X2: Krejci G2: Khudobin
  10. V2 below
  11. Holding spot to post your lines - format: Team Line 1: C: LW: RW: LD: RD: X: G: Line 2: C: LW: RW: LD: RD: X2: G2:
  12. Boston Bruins Forwards: Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak, Foligno, Backes, Krejci, Stafford, Spooner, Moore Dmen: Weber, Chara, Krug, Carlo, McQuaid, C. Miller (#16) Goalies: Rask, Khudobin
  13. Please list your final rosters here: 9 Forwards, 6 Dmen, 2 Goalies If a player has a duplicate jersey #, please list the one you'd like changed - your choice! Thanks guys!
  14. That's Flabs style
  15. 1.1 - Boston selects Shea Weber