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  1. skip

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    Minnesota North Stars C - Lemieux #66 LW - Fedorov #91 RW - Sanderson #8 LD - Svoboda #7 RD - Wesley #26 G - Cheveldae #32 X - Donato #21 1st Fwd sub - Donato 2nd Fwd sub - Kvartalnov #10 1st Def sub - Konstantinov #16 2nd Def sub - Fetisov #2
  2. skip

    Summer Draft Thread

    Ghost selects Tinordi, Nolan Skip selects Kvartalnov
  3. skip

    Summer Draft Thread

    North Stars select Vlad Konstantinov
  4. skip

    Summer Draft Thread

    North Stars select Fetisov
  5. skip

    Summer Draft Thread

    North Stars select Geoff Sanderson Dcicon selects Duchesne
  6. skip

    What Nhl Jerseys Do You Have?

    I bought a few of those $25 Shanghai Specials a couple years back, can be good sometimes, but absolutely terrible most times. I got a great Joe Sakic road Nordiques jersey, but a terrible Ray Bourque 1980's home Bruins jersey. The Bourques isn't even the right style. Also got a pretty bad Bergeron Winter Classic jersey where the "A" was some random A they found on the ground somewhere. And another road Bergeron that has the lettering more of a gold than the yellow/gold the Bruins use. So Shanghai Specials are 1-for-4 for me, though my buddy got a sick road Canucks Bure jersey when I got my Sakic roadie. My classic is an older Joe Sakic home Nords jersey that I got back in ~1995. Some fleur-de-lis are falling off but I still love it! My gf has a Zdeno Chara alternate jersey she wears when we go to games :-)
  7. skip

    Genesis Summer Draft League

    Nice, another New Englander!
  8. skip

    Out of play but not???

  9. skip

    2018 World Cup Pool

    You did the right thing!
  10. skip

    Kaillera Recorder

    cool, thx @aqualizard!
  11. skip

    2018 Olympic Rom?

    Me, Kazzar and Slapshot67 are working on an International ROM. It will include all the countries that competed in the 2018 Olympics (with NHL players) and a couple additional teams, as well as some classic teams. I'll release more details as it comes to completion, we're about 40% done. This will not include the "B" teams Canada, USA, Sweden and Finland put on the ice for the Olympic tourney, but the roster for South Korea will be the same as Olympics team. Some others will be pretty close to the same anyways.
  12. skip

    Kaillera Recorder

    After you record, what program do you use to open the recorded game files?
  13. skip

    2018 World Cup Pool

    In! Edit: As soon as Group Play begins, I'd love to see everyone's playoff predictions!
  14. skip

    Genesis Summer Draft League

    I can set 1 min penalties...I think lol. What ROM are you using @jackandjose?
  15. skip

    Issues with NOSE: Only 30 teams show up

    ah nm