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  1. Playoff ROM - VHL4

    Sorry guys, man I fucked up. Playoff ROM here. VHL4playoffs.bin
  2. Question for next year: 31 teams

    Not sure, probably right before the season begins so the rosters are finalized. I'd like them to be accurate in the ROM. Slapshot will add all the player cards, too, but it takes some time. @Slapshot - you're the man!
  3. Question for next year: 31 teams

    The new ROM will have 32 teams. The extra team is NHL All-Stars.
  4. Hey guys, here is the 2017 Trade Deadline ROM! I hope you like it. Slapshot67 - Thanks for everything! **EDIT - I added a playoff version of the ROM. Has a few changes to rosters (tried to get all players playing in the playoffs right now), but it also has the real tourney tree instead of the projected tree, as an option. I made penalties 1 minute long (except for double-minors). Enjoy! Updates for 2017 ROMs - All are WBF (Blitz style) ROMs -Player Cards for every starter on every team -Added Anniversary logos for Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Los Angeles -Bench Graphics (backup goalie, coach) & Bench Carpet -Goal Light -Net Fix -Ratings changes for teams & players (excel file w/ ratings in zip folder) -Added a few playoff matchups based on this year's current standings -The Excel file will give you all of the player ratings, with an extra rating that shows how likely a check will be successful with a player. It uses weight + checking rating to give a "checking ability". Somebody figured out that a check is likely to be successful if they check a player with a weight a full digit lower than the checking ability. For example: PK Subban has a 8.9 checking ability (slightly abv average for a Dman), Shea Weber has a 14.1 (really high), and Erik Karlsson has a 5.4 (pretty low). If Subban attempts to check an 8 weight, he may have some issues, but he will usually knock down a 7 weight. Weber can knock down anyone 13 weight or lower, so he is the beast. Karlsson will have trouble knocking over anyone who isn't Johnny Gaudreau (not literally, but he will not be a C checking player). NHL17TradeDeadline.bin NHL17Playoffs.bin
  5. Making a ton of changes for 2018 ROM, additional teams aside. I'm gradually trying to get to a more slowed down game, not as much brutal checking, and not so many elite players/goalies. It should be a fun ROM! Will update as soon as we have something to update, but I will be doing a lot of work on the 2018 roster updates in July/August to have it ready for September! I did a lot of work this week and right now, I'm down to 10 skaters (7 fwds + 3 dmen) and 3 goalies have a 90+ overall rating.
  6. They'll be in the 2018 ROM!
  7. Question for next year: 31 teams

    Me + Slapshot's ROM will add Vegas + NHL All-Stars
  8. Surviving Summer

    I'm in, I don't have any vacation planned for the next 2.5 months
  9. Summer League

    I feel the same way, exactly. But I'll be around for whatever.

    Here ETB_Playoffs01.bin
  11. I just added a Playoff version of the ROM. Has the real tree for anyone who likes playing against the CPU.
  12. I tried to replicate that issue but could not. Sorry dude!
  13. Thanks for the heads up bud, I'll look into this.
  14. Hey everyone, welcome to VHL4! ***Registration will remain open until March 26th*** VHL is a WBF draft league where we draft from the 2016-17 rosters. The excel files shows the draft pool. Last season's final went to Game 7 OT! We'll need to have at least 14 teams for a draft. If we cannot get 14 solid guys, we'll go to a regular team draft (classic style). **Notes for VHL4** We will continue with a ~40 to 48 game season. This is mainly a B league, but all are welcome. Draft will not be a snaking draft. Instead, we will continue to use a true NHL style draft where we start from #1 pick again in Round 2, etc. This should allow for better competitive balance, while also rewarding players who play all of their games. Draft will be determined prior to the new league season. New players will be added to middle of draft (A guys to the back of draft). Playoff seeding will be separated from playoff qualification. We use playoff system where win % determines your seeding. Let me know if you have any questions.
  15. プロホッケー

    Sorry dude...that sucks. Is this the same game? -->
  16. VHL4 Season ROM

    Hey guys, Here is the ROM. I'll make an announcement on Discord when the league page is ready. We'll go for 6 weeks once the league page is up, which'll bring us right up to the summer time. This would be a good time to accelerate our games played early on. VHL4season.bin
  17. Anytime guys - glad you like it! Matthews is definitely in the topic for cover star...but so is McDavid! I've usually chosen either the Hart Trophy winner or the Cup winning captain...but we'll see! Maybe we'll do a vote haha
  18. VHL4 Lines

    Holding spot to post your lines - format: Team Line 1: C: LW: RW: LD: RD: X: G: Line 2: C: LW: RW: LD: RD: X2: G2:
  19. GDL??

    I'm in for GDL whenever we get going again, happy to help as well.
  20. VHL4 Exi Rom

    V2 below
  21. VHL4 Exi Rom

    V2 had an error, use this one please VHL4_exisV3.bin
  22. VHL4 Lines

    Boston Bruins Line 1: C: Pastrnak LW: Marchand RW: Bergeron LD: Weber RD: Chara X: Foligno G: Rask Line 2: C: Bergeron LW: Foligno RW: Marchand LD: McQuaid RD: McQuaid X2: Krejci G2: Khudobin
  23. Please list your final rosters here: 9 Forwards, 6 Dmen, 2 Goalies If a player has a duplicate jersey #, please list the one you'd like changed - your choice! Thanks guys!
  24. VHL4 Draft

    On the Clock: Complete! Google doc: Team Draft 1 Jer - Washington Capitals 2 Darko - San Jose Sharks 3 Chef - Philadelphia Flyers 4 Trojan - Chicago Blackhawks 5 Mavs - Edmonton Oilers 6 JackVandal - Minnesota Wild 7 Pearate - Los Angeles Kings 8 Jack&Jose - Dallas Stars 9 TexasPachyderm - Pittsburgh Penguins 10 Lupz - Tampa Bay Lightning 11 Skip - Boston Bruins Player Draft ROUND 1 1 Skip - Shea Weber - D 2 Lupz - Carey Price - G 3 TexasPachyderm - Dustin Byfuglien - D 4 Jack&Jose - Vladimir Tarasenko - F 5 Pearate - P.K. Subban - D 6 JackVanadal - Erik Karlsson - D 7 Mavs - Auston Matthews - F 8 Trojan - Oliver Ekman-Larsson - D 9 Chef - John Tavares - F 10 Darko - Henrik Lundqvist - G 11 Jer - Ryan Getzlaf - F ROUND 2 (Overall rating = 82 or less) 1 Jer - Nick Holden - D 2 Darko - Ryan McDonagh - D 3 Chef - Aaron Ekblad - D 4 Trojan - Gabriel Landeskog - F 5 Mavs - Justin Faulk - D 6 JackVandal - Jonathan Huberdeau - F 7 Pearate - Mitchell Marner - F 8 Jack&Jose - John Gibson - G 9 TexasPachyderm - Johnny Boychuk - D 10 Lupz - Niklas Kronwall - D 11 Skip - Nick Foligno - F
  25. VHL4 Final Rosters

    Boston Bruins Forwards: Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak, Foligno, Backes, Krejci, Stafford, Spooner, Moore Dmen: Weber, Chara, Krug, Carlo, McQuaid, C. Miller (#16) Goalies: Rask, Khudobin