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  1. add me to the mix as well
  2. Yeah the first game we played you had discord opened and it was super laggy but than after we reset and you closed it our games were fine. I keep discord closed when I'm playing any league games and use the app version on my phone mostly.
  3. I play with my laptop hooked up to a LED tv through HDMI....with no issues. But when i play PEARATE its god awful to the point where its blindingly painful to even follow the puck most times.
  4. I'll take Aaron Ekblad
  5. I'll take Jonathan Tavares.
  6. I'll take team philly flyers.
  7. ok Ill join up....sounds like a solid league to me. chef
  8. Team : Vancouver Line 1: C: eric lindros LW: rod brindamour RW: steve larmer LD: larry murphy RD: don sweeney X: craig janney G: chris tererri Line 2: C :craig janney LW :paul ysabert RW: joe mullen LD: sylvain cote RD: sandis ozolinch X2: craig janney G2: arturs irbe
  9. confirmed
  10. ill take that sutter boy.....Brent. Chef already had 6 forwards. He switches to Ozolinsh
  11. sylvain cote for moi
  12. Joe Mullen is my next pick.
  13. Paul Ysabert is in my camp.....because when he's on the ice its like nobody else is....
  14. I'm taking Don "sweet sweet" Sweeney as my next pick in draft. He's cereal.
  15. And my next pick is......... Mats Sundin.....IMA comin' for ya PunkZ!!