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  1. Fall'17 GENS Team Selection Draft

    I guess it's CHICAGO for me then
  2. Someone should do this!
  3. Game 1: Game 2: Game 3: Game 4: Series results (JMJ presented as "Tex", did not have an account at the time of upload) Almost the same # of SOG, but Chicago & JR was held at 11.0% shooting % aqualizard: that is the lowest I have ever seen in a series! and against JR, no less well done! JMJ: I guess you didn't utilize J.R. enough!
  4. GENS B - Round 2 - JMJ vs Aqualizard

    Yeah! 11 am EST on saturday is just perfect!
  5. I'm will be online available to play: 12/6 - 1pm - 6pm GMT-5:00 12/7 - 3pm - 6pm GMT-5:00 12/8 - TBD 12/9 - TBD Using US timezone & formatting above
  6. Yeah! I'd love to play but it seems we're never online at the same time. I've been throwing all kinds of propositions to Monkeyjuice. The only answers I've received are here: Dec 1, 2016 5:34 AM monkeyjuice1702 u around? Dec 5, 2016 3:29 AM monkeyjuice1702 hello As you can see from the timestamp, I'm rarely awake at those times. Instead I've been trying to propose some times: Dec 3, 2016 7:49 PM i'm around today Dec 4, 2016 8:52 AM i'm available Dec 4, 2016 6:09 PM maybe today then? Dec 4, 2016 6:09 PM it's been two weeks since the playoffs started Dec 4, 2016 9:49 PM still here for a while
  7. Montreal (jmj) - Toronto (chefstar88) 5-1 - 28.10.2016 Toronto (chefstar88) - Montreal (jmj) 1-6 - 28.10.2016
  8. If you have Win 10 you just need to 1. open up Xbox app 2. select program window you want to record i.e. Gens and press Windows + G 3. the first you do this, it asks "do you want to open the Game bar?" in which case you tick the box "Yes, this is a game" 4. then hit the record button or use shortcut win + alt + r
  9. I've been testing out the Win 10 Xbox application. Really easy to record gens emulator with it. Check it out -> Then edited with iMovie 10 on Mac. Montreal (JMJ) vs Chicago (aqualizard) 3-2 JA Chicago (aqualizard) vs Montreal (JMJ) 2-1
  10. Fall'16 GENS Team Selection Draft

    Detroit, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Buffalo
  11. GENS Test Game Requests

    'sup, new coach from Finland looking for a test game. My AIM is jmj / Hook me up and please add me to the AIM group.