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  1. Welcome to the first ever Euro Classic '94 GENS team selection draft! I'm gonna quote kingraph's post from last classic team selection draft post. Below is the randomized draft order. Murjaani (Finland) - Chicago Darko (France) - Detroit Flanders / SunPhinx (Finland) - Boston Jwebber64 (Taiwan) - Buffalo jmj (Finland) - Winnipeg IceCow (Germany) - Los Angeles Meka (Finland) - Vancouver Pearate (France) - Montreal KurtVogel / Vestu (Finland) - Calgary AholaGM (Finland) - Quebec When it is your turn, reply to this thread to choose your team (or hit me up on Discord). You can choose any team that has not already been selected in your league.Deadlines start tomorrow Monday at 18:00 GMT in ~1 hour increments from the last pick. Let's hope we do not need them, but if you miss your deadline, your turn will be skipped and you will be given best available team at the end of the draft based on the default list.You can also post your draft list in this thread, or PM me your list if you don't want to post your team selections. Default draft list (Links take you to AJ's recommendations) 01. CHI02. DET03. BUF04. MTL05. CGY06. VAN07. BOS08. DAL09. WPG10. TOR11. QUE12. LA13. EDM14. NYR15. PHI16. HFD17. PIT18. STL19. WSH20. NJ21. NYI22. SJ23. TB24. FLA25. OTW26. ANH
  2. I've just played a few test games with 2 new players and it's looking good. Will post the draft thread later this week.
  3. Seems like we have settled for "Gens Default NHL '94 "No Hassle" modification with 99 min overtime". You can find the ROM attached. Thanks to @seamor for modifying the OT for the rom. Now I'm waiting for @Pearate and @MrSandman to confirm they are still in. Then we can proceed to team selection. NoHassle99MinuteOT.bin
  4. Check and vote for a rom you'd like to play!
  5. Anyone tried RetroArch?

    Anyone tried Retroarch and NHL 94 lately? Just installed and played one game against CPU. Would be interesting to try netplay with it.
  6. Hello and welcome to Euro Classic '94 league setup poll inquiry! I've listed a few options and I'd like hear what kind of rom gets the most votes. My personal favorite would be Gens Default NHL '94 "No Hassle" modification with 99 min overtime Second option for me is Gens Default NHL '94 with 99 min overtime and third option just the default rom. If you are not familiar with "No Hassle" rom, please check this post. Quote: I haven't created any custom roms ever but I think and hope we can get help from the community to create one. The easiest option would be to use the default rom with 5 min overtime. Then again, "No Hassle" kind of setup would minimize setting up games for newcomers.
  7. Hey, we have a new Discord channel for European players & the league EURO94 channel, plz join
  8. Fellow newcomer posted this link on Discord the other day: Check it out
  9. Update: we have 6 confirmed and 1 maybe. Looking forward to fill the 8th slot, that'd be good amount for a league I think. @Jwebber64 let's have a exi soon. If the ping is alright and you're willing to dedicate yourself for european timezone, then it's all good.
  10. Database of .krec Files

    What's the benefit of using .krec? Probably explained somewhere within forums.
  11. Plablegs 3 or ???

    I'm going to invest in the upcoming euro classic league. Might be interested to join in as backup if somebody fades. So count me in as a backup.
  12. @IceCow Maybe you could ask those couple of players to leave a msg in this thread, to confirm participation? Still looking for a couple of players. I think 8 would be quite good to get the league running.
  13. Would be interesting to play without weight bug. I'm personally so used to it & use it succesfully and have never even played Genesis / Mega Drive NHL94 without it. It's a big fix since it throws the balance upside down. Goalie control button I'll endorse totally. We were going to have that too on ongoing Plablegs season 2 but some players had problems with it & we had to discard it. Let's run a poll for these things too. For me, every bug that's in the game is integral part of the charm!
  14. I was thinking Classic, unedited ROM since it's probably most familiar to newcomers. Probably gonna put up a POLL to get input how to organize draft and which teams to use though.
  15. Thanks! I just sent DM to those inactive players mentioned since they are not on Discord. Pearate & Darko I've played & they are also on Discord.