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  1. THANK YOU to all, it has been fun

    Thanks guys, I plan on coming out of retirement one day... Lemieux like haha
  2. All good buddy, sorry I am just bummed out, I love this game and I wish I had more free time to play and become great at it like everyone else has. I didn't mean to get snippy lol
  3. Thank you everyone for the experiences I have encountered here. I'm sorry, but its just not there for me right now. I barely get on and I can't even compete playing rusty all the time. I would rather let someone else eager to step up play. I hate saying this but it wasn't fun for me anymore, was like a chore and I played games just to shut people up who were calling me a slacker. Thats not fair to anyone. Maybe one day I will be back, we'll see. Good luck to all, and a special thank you to Raph,Skip,CoachMac,and Brutus for the great work you have done running leagues and its been fun meeting all of you guys. GA on
  4. Good luck to Tex! And congrats on your 2 "handily won" wins Aqua
  5. Fall'16 GENS Team Selection Draft

    Dallas Stars for me
  6. 2016 Fall Classic League Registration Begins

    I'm in, keep forgetting to register lol
  7. VHL3 Line Changes

    I honestly don't knownwho I want actually yet so I will be fine with editing before the game, sorry about that
  8. GDL Schedule Game Windows

    I have a fantasy football draft tonight at 6, then I will be home to play. Off tomorrow so big window for me tonight. Hopefully be on around 10-10:30 till ?
  9. VHL3 Trades

  10. 8.11 Pittsburgh selects Olli Maatta
  11. 7.11 Pittsburgh selects Milan Lucic
  12. 6.11 Pittsburgh selects Gabriel Landeskog
  13. 5.11 Pittsburgh selects Niklas Kronwall
  14. 5.8 Pittsburgh selects Zdeno Chara