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  1. too much zbattle and ucp connection problems....i have been able to play some...but others I cannot play and it will just be too much of a hassle...guess someone needs to take over...hopefully future play will be avilable
  2. hello i can play, but it is important the box is unchecked and z battle is connected too directly...if anyone knows what that means..if their behind the router there may ne problems...
  3. EloonMillz


    Hello..after trying to play games with numerous players, and z battle, zbattle seems just to not work...I tried all the things on the site too....SO i guess boston will need a new coach...sorry for the confusion
  4. EloonMillz

    zbattle problems

    after adding my emulator and rom to the ports..i click connect and it says cannot connect to same IP twice...what is the deal
  5. EloonMillz


    TEEMU SELLANE...be winnipeg and just understand how effing sick he is...most underated super star no doubt
  6. EloonMillz

    Your Best NHL moment

    TIT GAME: BRUINS VS FLYERS...My roomate was up 6-2 heading into the 3rd...he was so cocky saying..well for this period im just going to try slappers...well raymond j borque and adam oates took over..scoring on lefts rights constantly and then i tied at 6-6....my roomate scored and it was 7-6...mark rechii..i was hurt..but with 30 seconds left..donny sweenys break away goal made it 7-7 and we went into OT... OT session ended in a tie although joey juneau hit the post on a one timer which made everybody so deep...but still...in teaches humans not be cocky animals...
  7. EloonMillz

    nhl 94 on ea sports nhl 2006

    IT SUCKS and we all were so deep
  8. EloonMillz


    Currently I play on the SNES system, after all the hoop la i heard how genesis was better i went out and purchased the entire console....well after playing the game i was very dissapointed..the graphics were worst and it just seemed choppier....why is it that everyone loves sega more? SNES VICTORY!!!!!
  9. EloonMillz

    New Season

    are peeps signing up for snes season 2k5?
  10. EloonMillz

    Best player on 94?

    K SNES version best player....in my opinion there is no question its RAYMOND J BORQUE... secret player on boston if sweeny/raymond get hurt....glen wesley...he is so agile... moginly is good..but mario lemiux is up there...best goalie from when i play is tommy barraso..even over p roy
  11. EloonMillz

    Penalty Shot Error

    heres a glitch and a first time...so i got the beep which meant as you no i had a breakaway..but as i was checked and should of been rewarded a penalty shot the time expired...so i go oh sheot am i not going to take the shot...well at the start of the 3rd i got to take it..but as soon as i touched the puck, the whistle blew and i wasnt allowed to shoot....very very awkward..the creators probably never envisoned that awkward scenario
  12. EloonMillz

    Who wants to play

    someone tell me how to play you over the emulator...then lets go toe to toe
  13. EloonMillz

    over 250 body checks?

    who got this record. Sounds like its a load