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  1. Lupz27

    Summer League Availability

    Next 2 nights after 10 PM eastern, June 14th-20th after 10 PM eastern possibly earlier, July 12th-18th same times, August 9th-15th same times.
  2. Any hope for being able to play 2v2 with 4 players on Retroarch?
  3. They have the date wrong in the post, it should say Friday the 22nd as the link says Friday.
  4. I think @kingraph and @chaos are about an hour away with no traffic. But that Friday afternoon summer traffic is a b***h. I’m about 2:00-2:15 away I’d have to leave around 11 AM to avoid it not being a 4 hour trip. Hmmmmm I am off that weekend if some of the other NY buds make that trip maybe I will also.
  5. Lupz27

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    Rangers LD Coffey RD Stevens LW Gretzky C Gartner RW Jagr X Dineen G Soderstrom Line 2 LD Schneider RD Schneider LW Jagr C Gretzky RW Verbeek X Dineen
  6. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

  7. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

    Lupz trades Suter and Zhamnov to @MikeGartner22 for Gretzky and M Schneider.
  8. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

    Lupz trades 3.11 and 5.11 to Chaos for 3.6 and 6.11
  9. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

    Lupz trades 2nd 6th 7th to Brutus for 3rd, 4th, 5th.
  10. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

  11. Lupz27

    Genesis Summer Draft League

    Sign me up, won’t be very active next 5-6 weeks to play, but can do a draft, and can most definitely find time to play 20 games minimum during the week I can play in May, and sure I’ll get the itch to play after a break like usual. Rangers if available.
  12. Lupz27


    I’m not 100% sure I can do this, I’m gonna be MIA besides maybe 2 to 3 days from April 22nd-May 13th in terms of being able to play games.
  13. Lupz27

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    If you zoom in on the picture on the box of the console it looks like it is OEM controller compatible!
  14. Lupz27

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    Maybe on day someone will release one of these with an Ethernet port, and WiFi capabilities that can hook up to a retro gaming network so we could play online h2h.
  15. Lupz27

    NHL eSports Article

    If I could buy EA sports, or whatever company owns EA first thing I’d do is release the original 94 game with zero changes except online h2h on whatever platform that would allow it.