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  1. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    If you zoom in on the picture on the box of the console it looks like it is OEM controller compatible!
  2. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    Maybe on day someone will release one of these with an Ethernet port, and WiFi capabilities that can hook up to a retro gaming network so we could play online h2h.
  3. NHL eSports Article

    If I could buy EA sports, or whatever company owns EA first thing I’d do is release the original 94 game with zero changes except online h2h on whatever platform that would allow it.
  4. Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    When can I order one of these? Only see the non HD version on the website.
  5. Plablegs III Lineups

    Edited to reflect my trade.
  6. Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

    Lupz trades Yzerman to Chaos for JR.
  7. Vote on season starting date

    I also voted for Sunday trade deadline gives guys the weekend to see if their team is good, weekends usually the time guys can find the time to play more exis. Waiting till next Friday could cause exis burn out for some, and, or trading because the exis burn out.
  8. Checking Success and Weight

    If your not able to do the math on the fly extremely quick while identifying the player your controlling, and the player your trying to check then def take Raphs advice, and keep it simple.
  9. Plablegs 3 Static ROM Properties

    I don’t think I’ve ever played a Rom without them, it seems it’s just something that can’t be edited out of the game.
  10. Plablegs III Lineups

    Edited to reflect expansion draft and my FA pick up.
  11. Lupz picks up Brian Bellows to replace Richer who was taken in the expansion draft.
  12. Plablegs III Lineups

    LD Coffey RD Murphy LW Messier C Yzerman RW Ronning X Bellows G Soderstrom Line 2 LD Tinordi RD Tinordi LW Jagr C Bellows RW Jagr X Yzerman?
  13. Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

    Lupz trades Eklund to Atomic for Messier
  14. Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

    Lupz trades Zhitnik and 7th rounder for JJ’s 5th and 6th rounder.
  15. Plablegs 2: Semi-Finals (Lupz vs kingraph)

    Thank you Raph!