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  1. NHL '94 Sim League

    Do you have some stat extractor program?
  2. NHL '94 Sim League

    Ah yes its difficult without money. Maybe you should try to do salaries like maybe overall * base amount salary lets say 1000 So base salary of 73 overall player would be 73,000 maybe you can even different the salaries example 90+ ovr players 90,000 * 1,5 80-89 80,000 * 1,4 70-79 70,000 * 1,3 etc. And some floor salary lets say 50 overall and less have all 50,000 salary minimum The just calculate some salary cap maybe, so if you have 70 ovr player his base salary would be (70 * 1000)*1,3 and you cant sign him lower than his base salary.
  3. NHL '94 Sim League

    Is this cpu vs cpu league? If it is i would like to coach team in your league. And the FA bidding should be a silent bid everyone get list of FAs and sends bids and highest bidder get the player
  4. Another set of updates for NHL95

    Thanks for the update Koppe! These are great, but Patrik Laine is missing.
  5. NHL15PC (NHL95PC Conversion)

    Kiba, I think you will find that editor here: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/3385-nhl-95-forever/?p=15905You should find a file called nhl95ed2.exe.
  6. NHL 94 EASHL Style

    Ok. Thanks smozoma for the information
  7. NHL 94 EASHL Style

    Smozoma what about position lock is it possible or playing only goalie?
  8. NHL 94 EASHL Style

    I was thinking that 6vs6.
  9. Is it possible to play NHL 94 online like EASHL in modern NHL games?
  10. NHL16 Trade Deadline ROM

    Sure i can send it to you. But it may take a while because limited freetime.
  11. NHL16 Trade Deadline ROM

    Hi skip. Can i try to translate your roster to NHL 95 pc? And you have done amazing work!