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  1. det vs nj

    I do in fact confirm these scores. GGs!
  2. NJ vs QUE

    QUE: 3 @ NJ: 0 NJ: 4 @ QUE: 3 (OT) GGs!
  3. HFD vs NJD

    Confirmed - GGs!
  4. NJ v CGY

    Confirmed - GGs!
  5. BUF vs NJ

    this losing streak is starting to depress me... GG's Wags - confirmed!
  6. BUF vs NJ

  7. Pitt vs NJ

    Mario opened up a can on me... GGs!
  8. Toronto vs. New Jersey

  9. CHI vs NJ

    confirmed - GGs!
  10. GENS - Fall 2008 Classic League Signups!

    Team Preference 01) Buffalo 02) Tampa Bay 03) New Jersey 04) Hartford 05) Winnipeg 06) Quebec 07) Anaheim 08) Vancouver 09) San Jose 10) Boston 11) Chicago 12) Montreal 13) Detroit 14) Washington 15) St. Louis League Preference B League
  11. Welcome New Coaches

    If I'm playing in the capitalism league with no problems, do I still have to play a test game?

    No need to gloat, now. Haha --2&B
  13. Let me just ask this again...

    If the pinned topic at the top of this forum is any indication: Obviously the site isn't up yet so I assume we'd either keep them saved and upload them later. But maybe this will change given the state of the site... --2&B
  14. 70s,80s,90s,00s roms

    I had started work on a NHL 75 rom a while back but hadn't gotten very far and have since put the project on hold since school has started... What can I do to try to help? -2&B
  15. League Night

    Sunday! --2&B