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  1. could you limit the regular season menu to the five teams and still have a full playoff with other teams?
  2. how are you forcing the four games? very interested....
  3. Technical differences (not gameplay)

    schooled? there wasn't a solid fact in any of that. it was implications of personal insults covered in speculation with a side of unsubstantiated claims. yay? read the whole thread again without sucking up the clear bias against me that plagues this place to its own detriment.
  4. Is the sega cd verison anygood?

    that project would be rad.
  5. Online Etiquette Guide

    it is really almost all "competitive etiquette," so don't let yourself get riled up by my agreeing with you in a thread with the term "online" in it. no need to be a jerk. or maybe there is -- maybe if enough people get worked up and nasty I will be banned from more sections of the site in which I previously enjoyed conversing about the games. is that your goal with that stupid jab? I had better check my account for the demerits you deserve, right? the freaking cool kids club here is awful. this crap is counter to the push for more active members. why don't you report this post so I can have further disciplinary action taken against me for other people's inability to stay civil?
  6. Online Etiquette Guide

    the excuse that killing momentum is to give the other guy props is a cruel lie perpetuated needlessly. cut that out. it is not "good game" unless spraying glue in a race is a way to say "I forfeit," and defecating on somebody's pillow is a token of deep respect.
  7. Online Etiquette Guide

    valid point was about music, running fools over, momentum. rest was nonsense stuff, at best.
  8. sorry I misunderstood and forgot about the workaround product. I have set in my mind my own preference for cartridges which I wasn't thinking beyond.
  9. find a seller on Etsy that makes them. send over a ROM and sticker image. pay a lot.
  10. Are simulated playoff winners random?

    what I can add is that if you don't like what is about to happen in a highlight, press a button and it seems fifty-fifty rather than the 80% or so likelihood of being a goal that each shot in highlights seems to have. I built a playoff tree to the same results as the actual 2011 finals, game by game, save and play/simulate until achieved.
  11. Your SNES programming Questions

    rereading my post above about hitting posts....I feel pretty solidly that Genesis vacuum nets are weird and that SNES posts are perfectly balanced. "gluchunk!"
  12. I am in Maine and interested.
  13. SNES NHL'94 Top 10 all time goals!

    tested linking so the videos would show, but this new site is garbage, so it didn't work.
  14. I failed wondrously and shall rely on the work of others for these in the future.