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  1. you were gone? for a full decade? wow. wow.
  2. I love threads like this. that is all.
  3. I'm posting to agree. thank you, everybody!
  4. is Royameadow still around? if that member doesn't log in anymore, would a staffmember be willing to trim that insane signature down to an inch or two tall instead of a foot?
  5. what? are you serious or teasing me? that is absolutely absurd, if real.
  6. can we go back to the old forum, with unruined avatars, intact signature images, a manageable "view new content" option, less wasted space, easier to view and navigate menus... you know, stuff that worked. why was it necessary to break what was working?
  7. it seems that I now come to get frustrated trying to navigate, use, read the message board. this forum downgrade was a terrible idea.
  8. could you add Smyth to that chart, please?
  9. I'm shocked! I can't believe Hokkee is bailing on commitments! underprecedented! I think this is only like his seventeenth time doing this.
  10. damn. I was hoping you were a SNES guy. well, welcome and have fun!
  11. damn. I was hoping you were a SNES guy. well, welcome and have fun!
  12. of course include that action. what's the chain of text at the end of the post above mine?
  13. it's not worth it -- spend that money elsewhere. that was an absolutely terrible scene in a somehow worse movie.