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you guys are clowns.  our ages must average forty -- who still abuses message board power like this?  I hope Naples, Skip, Evan, Chaos, Smozoma, Raph, Cosmic, PenguinFan, Plabax, Aqua are all seeing it play out.  I believe a playful sports rivalry should pit Nofriendo players against Genesissies, but when I was asked many years ago to drop that teasing, I did.  now I post factually and those terms aren't used.  I changed.  lovers forgive.  what I do not accept is the type of restrictions I am still hit with out of a clear continued expressed bias against me by Halifax, IceStorm, Clockwise.  they justify infinite jeopardy and pursue unjust actions that degrade the place that centralizes our community.  I am just one of y'all, but you would rather the SNES ROMs dry up than have me around being gentler than Plabax in his criticisms of things seen as advancing goals toward spreading fun.  betterment belittled breeds embitterment?  who feels good doing this stuff?  be a better human, seriously.  my goals are positive.  spite isn't healthy.