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  1. oh, he doesn't mean human players...!
  2. Favorite Goal?

    flip from behind the net is fun, but isn't this part of every member profile already?
  3. maybe build that into a new game, Open '94 or whatever. not happening in ROM/NOSE work.
  4. MS-DOS NHL Hockey & NHL Hockey 95

    DOS '94 is rad. underrated by most.
  5. I really don't think I am doing another Ninety Flow any time soon, but I would be willing to split the work on a 2018 SNES thing with somebody willing to actually put in work. it is a lot of work. a lot. it is a very rewarding project, selfishly. the residual rewards in spreading the love are a solid bonus aspect. but... it cannot pay, so it has to be its own reward. you don't need to be an established member, but you would need to demonstrate an ability to run the necessary programs and be willing to conspire through most of the drudgery before branching off into separate projects or finalizing a joint gig like those Genesis dudes do. I am sorry to have not continued into infinity with my project, but the loss of took away key data and my time has been of too much value to devote the full month of solid attention that these take me WITH that crucial source being up. blah, blah, blah -- I am not officially retired, just needing a partner. holler if you aren't too shy.
  6. but as to other content, it is mostly titles, which are done for clarity. the worst is when I defend myself eloquently only to have my words deleted. bullying is cool until I can explain why it is not. then it is my response that seems to "require" the action. that pattern is tiring, but I am steady.
  7. it is just the constance of needing to brace against the tide of staff action. if you want to see a real problem, I can see that at least Smoz has seen what another staff member did to bully on my profile page. that is not okay. I have saved screenshots because I fully expect it to be swept away.
  8. yeah, late reply. not mad at Smoz, here, guys. well intentioned, mostly.
  9. it is not an accusation. it is a fact. this is not an issue anymore. it was done with mostly good intent and it helped me to clarify BECAUSE I SPOTTED IT. the guy who did it is not one of the problems around here. the title had been changed to include the word "my" in reference to a proposed collaborative ROM project. not the end of the world. not worth investigating. we can edit our own titles and I am receptive to suggested changes. derailed by my reputation from a decade ago again! a less vigilant/intelligent/deliberate member may have been bullied away long ago. y'all wish that was me! ha?
  10. I want to collaborate more than dictate, but, because I have the experience, I can lead based on what somebody is willing to do. I don't appreciate having my words changed without consultation. it is especially tough when the edit changes implications from intent and paints the posting party with attributed words not used by the member. others see not the actions of the overzealous staff (trying to help but letting bias creep in), leading to further failures in communication. the patterns of staff involvement in my account are representative demonstrations of the concept of overkill. many of the actions are unnecessarily punitive and based on reputation. others are just mean outbursts of evil. I understand that this particular example came about not from ill intent, but from wanting to help others decipher my logic. I have edited the title of the thread. if it needs to be further changed, please communicate. how many other words of mine have been filtered through the biases of an overly assured editor not quite understanding the original intent?
  11. yeah, maen... I don't know... any of it. could be simple like using the editor to move, reweight, renumber players, overwrite retirees with rookies. could be data/opinion collection and math for certain ratings. maybe setting lines based on current games, once the thing is close. working that keyboard and mouse, running the editor, nothing major except the time and effort commitments. I have used my baby's momma to math and roster in years past. somebody not as immediately here to collaborate would need to commit proper chunks of time to bust stuff out. 40% of the work would probably suffice. thank you for asking and forwarding the conversation -- I appreciate it. it would be awesome to get back into making games.
  12. Why no SNES ROM love recently???

    find me somebody to split the workload with.
  13. Building The NHL'94 Community

    I burned out after seven years of a high pace. I have other games stalled as demos. well, yeah -- be the revival. I seriously support your drive. get it!
  14. Building The NHL'94 Community

    damn, dude. got a gofundmeth site we can contribute to so you don't come down from this driven level of passionate effort?
  15. NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    wow. yeah. just move on. um, constant revisions are fun. we are lucky to have your devotion. I find it most efficient to halfass the ratings in the first ROM of the season using mostly rookie scouting (and a whole lot of carryover players, adjusted only for weight, really). hopefully by November guys have enough data to do a proper "now." and then after the trade deadline. and as many for the playoffs as possible. damn. that is a lot of work. hehe. you are crazy and we benefit.
  16. NHL 2018 by naples39

    Aozora, those corrections are awesome -- I am appreciative. little stuff like that makes a difference.
  17. Bringing TVs to Events

    any bigger than 15" on those old clunkers is a hefty endeavor. 13" is pretty damned small, but it shows a pretty smooth resolution for 16-bit gaming.
  18. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    Portland, Maine Boston, Massachusetts
  19. Issue

    I used DarWINE with success. gotta have some support files available, if I remember right. it prompts with a message, search for the file it mentions and drop it into the folder from a download.
  20. Issue

    you know... never mind that for now. your first attempt is going to be a confusing mess no matter what. I think prerequisites may be watching some youtube hex hacking tutorials and reading then rereading the three main ROM editing sections of this messageboard. we would probably be spinning some overkill until you poke around at your own pace a bit more.
  21. Issue

    might we see a screenshot of your trouble spot?
  22. Guide for New Members

    oh, word. I was wondering why I couldn't see the ROMs list. good stuff. I would suggest a revision that trims excess words at some point. thanks for taking this on.
  23. with a few new SNES folks discussing the ability to hack the game, I am here to recommend the ROM mapping thread(s) in the SNES editing section. a lot of thick stuff is stacked there. bring a knife, but there is plenty to do once it starts to click. the editor is easy to use as long as your lines don't call for deleted player slots to load -- that crashes it. welcome and PLEASE help to revive SNES work.
  24. it was exactly on track and to your point. one can mean well and work for positive change while pointing out the problems. I know you mean well. people assume I do not. I do. I always have. I want this place to continually improve.
  25. newbie, oldbie... they don't care. there are multiple staff members with serious bullying issues which they refuse to grow out of. these are presumably 40-year-old men in 2017, still being horrible, negative, nasty humans. and they lead, here. this place must overcome those simple hurdles, first. my welcome back from some time away was a message on my public profile from a moderator. was it a friendly "hey, content producing member, please come back" message? uh... no. it was evil. probably my fault, though, right? after all, I used to stoke a playful rivalry that made this place fun for me. people took it poorly. I apologized and rebranded my persona for more pleasing interactions. this was years ago. staff still actively flames the hate. I invite you all to look at the site staff here. it is 50/50 with well intentioned folks/just straight-up jerks and negative people. there is a lot of discission about the death of this place. don't blame Halifax, Smozoma. neither of them has any love for me, but they are at least no longer gunning for me based on my well-articulated opinions about games. they do positive community outreach. this place should purge the problems from positions of power. I am taking bets on if/when this text is removed out of spite.