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  1. you were gone? for a full decade? wow. wow.
  2. I love threads like this. that is all.
  3. I'm posting to agree. thank you, everybody!
  4. is Royameadow still around? if that member doesn't log in anymore, would a staffmember be willing to trim that insane signature down to an inch or two tall instead of a foot?
  5. what? are you serious or teasing me? that is absolutely absurd, if real.
  6. can we go back to the old forum, with unruined avatars, intact signature images, a manageable "view new content" option, less wasted space, easier to view and navigate menus... you know, stuff that worked. why was it necessary to break what was working?
  7. it seems that I now come to get frustrated trying to navigate, use, read the message board. this forum downgrade was a terrible idea.
  8. could you add Smyth to that chart, please?
  9. I'm shocked! I can't believe Hokkee is bailing on commitments! underprecedented! I think this is only like his seventeenth time doing this.
  10. damn. I was hoping you were a SNES guy. well, welcome and have fun!
  11. damn. I was hoping you were a SNES guy. well, welcome and have fun!
  12. of course include that action. what's the chain of text at the end of the post above mine?
  13. it's not worth it -- spend that money elsewhere. that was an absolutely terrible scene in a somehow worse movie.
  14. I love you guys.
  15. he can't do both? why not?
  16. I'm in agreement with KinGraph and Smozoma in here.
  17. I have to ask: why have you always insisted on typing it as "Keka?"
  18. f'real. I wish there was a way to convince him to take on any more SNES hacks that seem to come so naturally to him. when he got so annoyed by unpolished attempts to have defense control default to active, it seemed to take him zero minutes to find the simplest fix. I'm SURE that the SNES dude could employ so many of the awesome hacks that the Genesis folks take for granted if we could just flail and fail dramatically first to trick him into swooping in like a caped hero.
  19. good stuff as always. thanks for doing this!
  20. in Genesis ROMs, that is often caused by incorrect player-card image pointer action. (in SNES, I'd assume there is punctuation in a starter's name.)
  21. and of course the post is now gone. what size ARE those clown shoes?
  22. dude, guy... please admit that you are lying about the part about "consistent attendance....and always got along with 99 % of you." you consistently attended the message boards to rant about why you were bailing on yet another league or how literally just about every person was cheating and being awful to you. I've been here since day two, too, and I have seen your dozens of threads about rage violence, personal disagreements, quitting leagues because of rules/rulings, quitting leagues because of player strategy annoyances, quitting leagues because of substance use issues, quitting leagues because of job interference, quitting leagues because of family issues, quitting leagues because of interpersonal player disputes, quitting leagues because you broke your gear in much drama! you should just admit that you thrive off of the drama that you (try to) create. I know this is just another thread that'll be gone next week, so there is little evidence to prove this stuff was real, but anybody who has been here the whole time could feel right about agreeing with this post, despite it coming from the second most hated member of the boards. that typed, I'm continually impressed by the leeway you are given. when I nicely asked to be forgiven and allowed to not be punished for deeds of years gone, I was banned. you? you get to call the moderators and administrators all sorts of names they don't deserve. you get to let your palpable rage boil over time and again. you get all of the fresh starts you request afforded to you, despite being cruel and rude and spammy and whiny and....well, anyway...welcome back! I hope your life is how you want it. good luck with this thread and I look forward to your next one within the next six months. you are predictable to the point that I don't doubt that you get tired of playing people around here who have come to know you -- your next move is already known!
  23. whoa. nice. good luck!