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  1. I ll be around today to start my games and i m free next week,no work for me.
  2. Good job Guys. Really Nice!
  3. For Detroit sc1 C:Yzerman LW:Kristich RW:Robitaille LD:Macinnis RD:Smith G:Vernon X:Ridley sc2: C:Ridley LW:Ridley RW:Ridley LD:Niedermayer RD:Niedermayer
  4. I wanna pick my 8th round. After that i ll try to leave a list or being around. If i am not autopick. rd 9 D rd 10 F rd 11 F rd 12 G Thx Just in case i want a D in rd 8
  5. For once you do something good with your f***** hands dude!!! Good job!
  6. Happy hollydays to all my 94 buds! Such a good place to have fun!!!
  7. Haha yeah! I think each time we are both in Classic we meet in the playoffs!Crazy thing!!! Another revenge of our past series my friend!
  8. Dude this is awesome!!! I tried 2 games last night to see and it's pretty fun!!! Thx for sharing that. C'est génialissime!!!
  9. I played sometimes for training. Use a team for my Classic league or GDL to make line change or other things.
  10. I agree. And why JV and PIT don't make it too. He played 32 games and has a 50% record?
  11. Not bad dude! You had to spend some time to do this. Thx for that.
  12. Ok guys. I am free this week so i can stay awake late or wake up early to play games. It's time to schedule something. I need NYR,VAN,LA,PHI,EDM and QUE. Please PM me to give your availability. Thx.
  13. I hope not but tough to find some players especially for me!! But thx Skip for all you do for us.