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  1. Hey if Naples did his so called remake then there would be a good damn reason to pay, Maybe a worthy reason to pay but for now whats wrong with donating? Also yea bit of OCD?
  2. Your funny my last post also still stands, But ill ad this you diss everyone. Else but what you know about programming? Thats what I thought your just like everyone, Else out there I rest my case still a good rom though. Also on your next rom few tips please make the rom not lag every so often or stutter I have tried 3 emulators and does same on all.
  3. Well i think saying you have a team and then, Going back and having others say I cannot believe these stupid idiots buy this is a dick move also. Specially when these stupid idiots offer to help what a bunch of dicks that support stupidity. Ill give your rom credit though but not the stupidity.
  4. I love Naples no joke, Me and my bro play all the time. Cannot wait to see your new rom wil be amazing all of it Any haters should be banned and if you need audio done i am your man.
  5. Also let me get this right you redid the ROM in unreal engine for sega genesis or separate? Also will it run on DX9 and up? Me and my bro are really stoked.
  6. Naples I can do audio like no other man. Dallas Stars Goal Horn V1.mp3 Dallas Stars Goal Horn V2.mp3 Tampa Bay Lighting Goal Horn V2.mp3 Tampa Bay Lighting Goal Horn.mp3
  7. Not possible or is it and not, All stadiums are foot ball some are baseball yup. Proper arenas for proper teams would be nice. Also blue ice sucks and makes no sense for outdoor at all.
  8. I think the ice needs to be, Tweaked as well maybe white?
  9. That would be cool to see, When can you do that?
  10. Easier said than done all they need to do is graphics i am doing rosters and teams really.
  11. I am not a graphic guy I can do the rosters and stuff, Well if anyone is willing to help.
  12. I have done this i believe and still, Some names are cut off. Also how do I add hockey teams?
  13. Well I can do a 94 edit then if so it, Will be a update from 2005 if you all don't mind that? I just need updated graphics done and proper ice logos and stuff and main screen graphics and player graphics.
  14. Any one looking to help with graphics let me know, I am working on rosters and stuff using NHL 96.