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  1. Open NHL'94

    The access to competitive NHL '94 has to involve or it will die out. Emulators and desktop/laptop are dying as well. I haven't played a single game of NHL '94 online. So I'm no expert on that process but until you can play NHL '94 on a tablet or phone (with a USB controller or keyboard) you will, of course, see a decline. I have tons of experience with network television and there biggest threat and what will kill them, in the end, is streaming services (NETFLIX). In a way, has the same problem. What worked for to play 94 five to ten years ago is becoming obsolete. There are thousands of people out there that want to play NHL '94 but the access is limited as you have to have computer knowledge to play. If this game was on the PlayStation network and playable though modern consoles, you would have almost unlimited competition and the talent of players would be insane. So the answer might be as simple as to convince EA Sports to re-release the game online. A simple might be all that it takes to get the puck rolling. This might sound stupid at first but at least this is a free option. It's not the game that's dying its the medium at which its played on. Resist, M
  2. Open NHL'94

    I think premium is right. The only thing I would add is the ability to host the game in the cloud. So you play with a browser (not with an emulator). Then you get rid of lag and it would be easy to connect online, even play with your phone (if you wanted to). NHL '94 game server that can host online tourneys and keep track of players stats automatically, just like any game that is made new today. So then aqua is also right... build the exact clone (or use the normal code as much as possible) and make it work on a modern engine to run it on a server. The game is so small and straight forward compared to today's online games.
  3. Hey Guys! King of 94 II Registration is now LIVE!! This will be beyond epic as they are letting take over the casino! A lot of work has gone into making this all happen. As a Bouns I have decided to also screen Pixelated Heroes at the event as well so hold on to your hats as this is going to be Crazy! Click on the link to find out more! EVENT LINK HERE The movie is coming along great! I'll try and get a new trailer soon. I can't wait for you guys to see it!! I'm in the editing suite all next week. We just spent three full days filming a 1 min segment that I hope you guys love. The local Government has given me grant to hire local people to work on the movie and it's making the whole project 10 times better! Cheers, Mikey
  4. Hey Guys, Well, the film is coming along very good. We are a little bit under budget and a little bit ahead of schedule. The editor and I have spent the last week turning the rough cut into our first Fine cut. That means the film is in a state now where there is nothing really missing and it's in the order we think is the most logical/entertaining. We have some cool animations and "cutaways" that were made by local artists up here and really gives the story a lot of humor. We have 8-bit animation, 3d style diorama sets, and some classic cartoon animation. Also, we have 4 versions of the Sega theme made to put throughout the film (think of the sad version of "America, f**k Ya" in Team America. My question is a need some footage ripped from NHL 2003. It's some specific shots and I'm wondering if anyone here has the tech to do it. Send me an email if someone can help out. I need only a few seconds of it. Anyhow, I hope everone is enjoying summer and the playoffs. I'll update more as the film progresses. Cheers, Mikey
  5. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Yes kgman, you gotta come. Hopefully, someone here can split a room with ya! You gotta be there to watch the movie with us.
  6. Buying Original Genesis Hardware

    I buy all my stuff from Fall Out Games in Pheonix AZ. Even tho it's crazy far away from me, its the cheapest and best quality. It's where I got all the systems for KO94 (7 Gens / 7 Snes) and all the cables and controllers all pre-tested. Scott Doss who is a manager there is a huge NHL'94 fan and has been helping me out with the doc from the early days.
  7. "Given the dates, my guess is that that was a game for Sony since Park Place was out of the EA fold by then and had been signed by Sony for a bunch of titles for the early PlayStation. A disaster, that's another story." From Michael Brooks
  8. Interesting I never came across any info on this game when I was reaching Park Place Productions. I sent out some feelers to my contacts to see if they have any more info.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm back in the editing suite this month. (had to take Jan/Feb off due to the editors schedule). I'm Just throwing this out there. I have a list of NHL '94 and NHLPA '93 gameplay shots I need for the film. Mostly 5 to 10 seconds of specific in-game events. For an example "Gretzky's head bleeding" and "Glass Breaking" kind of shots. I was hoping someone on the Fourm here could help out. The footage can be dumped with the use of an emulator and in as high resolution as possible. I can provide a shot list and the timeline I will need them by is about 4 weeks. As payment, I can offer you something very very special a signed copy of NHL '94 by Mark Lesser also IMDB Credit and your name in the movies credits. If anyone can help with this just let me know in the thread or email me at Cheers, Mikey
  10. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    The Casino Quoted us 29th - $10930th - $119 The 23rd was $279 THIS IS NOT SET IN STONE YET
  11. HOST CITY Reveal KO94 II

    Live on air I will reveal the Host City for KO94 II Where: I will be on Facebook live with Twin Galaxies at When: Friday night, Jan 27th Time: 10 pm EST / 7 pm PST The show is called "Settle it on the Screen" SO TUNE IN FRIDAY NIGHT!!!
  12. HOST CITY Reveal KO94 II

    VIVA LAS '94
  13. Check out this live video I did from my Facebook Page
  14. My NHL 94 Themes Tabletop Arcade Project

    I'll double halifax's price. Seriously. Would you sell it?
  15. Guess Where the KO94 II Will Be?

    oh and to be clear the city that is going to host KO94II is on in fact that list.
  16. Guess Where the KO94 II Will Be?

    I voted for boston lol But maybe its not

    It's a very easy place to get to. Non-stop flights from almost any major airport.

    Hey Guys, halifax and I are just waiting to hear back on a couple small items before we say what our plan is. But the wait will be worth it. I wanted to at least say it was in the US so any "foreigners" can get passports if needed. But I promise by next Friday night the whole details will be released.

    Yes we are hoping. The film is planned to be done in the summer, So that gives lots of time for wiggle room. Now I feel bad because that's an even more amazing plan!!! KO94 III Maybe lol

  21. Worst player in this game.

    OMG DID YOU LOOK AT HIS WIKI PAGE!! "After he retired as a hockey player, Caufield made a brief appearance as the Penguins' goalie, Brad Tolliver, in the hockey-themed action film Sudden Death" Amazing
  22. If you could release a patch to fix problems or make things better in the Genesis version of NHL 94 what would you do?
  23. 3rd Week of editing

    Hey Guys, Almost wrapped the 3rd week of editing. We have two bonus days (Mon/Tues). The editor and I have spent most of our time cutting smaller scenes together. Now with only a few small scenes left to go, we have started piecing the movie together. This is what is called the "rough cut" and is a very big step! The flow of the movie so far is a lot more fast paced as I first thought. This is good news because some stuff that is scheduled to possibly be cut may not have to be. There is a few cool twists and turns in how things worked out, which adds some cool story elements. You will defiantly have to watch the movie at least twice to catch all the hidden messages. The one praise I say over and over is "if I have never heard of a Sega Genesis (or Hockey), would this make sense to me". For example, "One Timers" means nothing to someone who has never watched hockey. So the phrase "I love one timers" sounds like a dude that likes having one night stands lol. So I have to make sure I show a one timer or group that slang into context or I risk constantly explaining things to the audience and waste screen time. Anyways that's my week 3 ramble. Thanks for listening M
  24. 3rd Week of editing

    Hey Brutus! Thanks for the idea. I was thinking of doing that but decided against it because of story flow. What you are referring to is a 4th wall break. Other examples are Farris Bueller's Day off, Flight Club, any Mel Brooks film and Deadpool. That story device works best when you have cheeky main character in a fictional comedy. Stopping the flow of the movie to remind the audience they are watching a movie. Works amazing for those films but not so much in this, as the purpose is to immerse the audience. Keep the movie flowing. It's tough but we are working on it. We got 90 mins to tell the full story so I'm stuck to about 30-45 seconds to explain little things in a dynamic way. But saying all this there is one point (maybe twice) in the movie where I do break the 4th wall.For emotional reasons not so much educational.